I’m not too sure how to begin this. Perhaps I should just let my mind have free reign while the true Me, the Spirit, steps back and observes. But therein lies the paradox. How can I record and relay the ideas my Interpreter (mind) explores without engaging those perceptional filters? Can the true essence of Me be separated from the processing and interpreting aspects of my Triangle of Body, Mind, and Spirit which makes up the total form of me in this dimension? I must allow, somehow, for this to occur and trust what I write. Thus the following is my manifesto. I am a Pagan. Or perhaps, more accurately, I am a Neo-Pagan, as the Paganism of my ancestors and mentors bear little, if any, resemblance to the Paradigm I strive to make a living, breathing way of being now. I do not concern myself with potential past awarenesses, as time is a lie, and all is in the Now. I respect those who have explored their “past lives”, however, I am concerned with the perceptional Present, since that is what I can only be responsible for. I am a Pagan, that is, I live a life of awareness of connection to all that is around and within me. This is not merely an intellectual assent, as in, “Of course, I’m connected to everything”. It is a living active process in which I strive to participate in on a conscious level every day. The key is “participate”, not just merely agree with others of like mind in a somewhat vague mental exercise. Nor is it the newest “jacket” or “hoodie” to wear when I’m with others of the path to identify myself with some subsection of society in order to feel unique and “different” from the “Status Quo”, only to return to the everyday ideas and perceptions that we are taught to make the priority in our everyday thinking, the second we leave the festival, talk, workshop, discussion group, etc. I am a Pagan, that is, I strive to live a lifestyle of awareness, expressing and exploring without the usual “fluff” and the “Fuzzy, Pink veneer” that obscures the clarity of self-perception. “As within, so without” and “Perfect Love and Trust” are not merely words or “passwords” to the “Speakeasy” of the path, they are precepts. Frankly, if these words upset or “step on toes”, I could care less. What’s that saying, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention”? If this “strikes a nerve”, then ask yourself “Why?”. This is my perspective. If, by chance, you find relevancy in these words and they enhance your outlook on the path and your own life, so be it. I am a Pagan. I am a standing stone in the circle of those who have gone before, my feet firmly on the Earth, my head held high, my eyes uplifted in infinite awe and wonder. I am a Pagan. I use non-conventional processes that are frequently outside the accepted “norm” of agreed and “average” spiritual expression to explore this path and my personal relationship with it. I have little use for organized religion, but seek that which honours and expresses Spirit. I am a Pagan. I am not a member of a secret society, nor am I a part of an exclusive “club”, my path is a perception, romance, philosophy, and way of looking at things that enhances the world and my day that I participate in, and sets me back on the path of Wonder.

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I am a Pagan. If that means “heretic” or Anti-Christian, as so many definitions of this path that I have found online seems at some point in their writings indicate, then perhaps this is not me. Besides, there are many “non-Christian” constructs that do not consider themselves “Pagan”. What about Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc.? What about those who are labeled, “ChristoPagans” (though I don’t see what frying in deep fat has to do with anything!). These are folks who have found balance and congruency within the fusion of the two ideologies. Whereas I consider myself a Christian, not in just religious form, but in perspective, the path I walk does run parallel with and converges at many points with Pagan constructs, as I understand them. I am a Pagan. This does not mean that this path I have chosen is the latest “fad”. Nor is it an “accessory” to an alternative lifestyle, like “Goth”, were I have seen so many of that group wearing the trappings of the path, without an active understanding of it. Nor do they appear to want one. This is not me. Nor am I seeking, on an unconscious level, some misguided empowerment of myself in response to social rejection, either by society in general, or by my so-called “peers”. I am not involved in a pseudo- adolescent “rebel without a clue” construct. I seek clarity and direct involvement with the appropriate perceptions that my age and experiences have offered me. I am a Pagan. Though I may not agree with all variations of the path’s expression, as such expressions that do not resonate within and with my own Spirit, I can, for the most part, “Agree to disagree” with respect to those who follow that “drumbeat”. I am a Pagan. I am not “politically correct”, perhaps a little diplomatic….deal with it! I am a Pagan. I strive to “unconditionally allow” all that I find on the path to be what it is; a manifestation of the Universe and Divine in my perceptional field. I am a Pagan. I strive to raise my standards in everything I do. I seek to challenge myself to be the best I can be in a realm of infinite possibilities and resources. I also recognize that I must “Lead by Example”, as deeds, not words are what I will be evaluated by. I am a Pagan. Since the Devine Duality dwells within me, I seek to bless and bestow grace and connection with all I meet, Human or otherwise. I am a Pagan. While there are those that I’ve met that do not consider the Magyckal Lifestyle to be a part of their path, I actively seek to understand the connections to all things and the relationships that ensue. I understand that “A shift of consciousness with the intention of creating change” is an interactive way of being. It is also the simplest definition of Magyck, and at the heart of it. So my path is magyckal. I am a Pagan. I am a follower of the “Olde Ways” in a progressive and modern expression. I am a Pagan. It’s a way of being, not just a good idea! I am a Pagan. My heart and Spirit soars and sings at the sight of a full Moon.

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I am a Pagan. I see all women as manifestations of the feminine Devine, not property to be possessed or fought over, nor chattel. They are Nature incarnate as should be treated as such, and stewarded the best we can. I am a Pagan. And I am polyamourous in the truest sense of the definition. Love is connection. I am a Pagan. Nature is my playground, and “all acts of love and pleasure” are the rituals I participate in. I am a Pagan. I have been on the path long enough to say while I still have much to learn, I don’t “Practice” it, I strive to live it fully! I am a Pagan. And I’m one hell of a cook! I am a Pagan. I am aware of my connection and involvement with Nature and the Universe as a whole. I strive to recycle when and where I can, I garden, use solar lighting and I have animal companions in my care. This is simply my stewardship of what has been given to me. Though the traditional and older definitions would place me “outside the city walls”, I do not live an exclusively agrarian or farmer lifestyle, (More’s the pity). Hence the “Neo-Pagan”, if a label is required. (Perhaps, in this modern age, “Techno-Pagan” would be more accurate). I am a Pagan. I strive to live as fearlessly as possible in a fear-based society. And as I am aware of the perceptional fears that are instilled, taught, and re-enforced, I simply chose not to engage them in my everyday perceptional filters. I am never a victim. No one is out to “get” me. Since I am sufficient and complete in each moment, I lack for nothing. Therefore, I am free. (Price is negotiable at times, though Coin of the realm is most appreciated, but barter works as well in some cases!) I am a Pagan. I fear no Pentagram or the displaying of it in Public within or outside of Pagan events. I am a Pagan. I observe and strive to practice and participate in what “manners” and social “graces” have been given to me. I don’t excuse periodic lapses as jokes (“Standard Pagan Time”), as the lack of expressing these concepts shows a lack of connection, stewardship, and respect. I am a Pagan. My word is my bond. Honour above all. I am a Pagan. I am the Web of Life and a Weaver of that web. I choose, therefore, it is. I am a Pagan. I choose every aspect of my perceptional reality. Thus, I am a participant with the Devine as a Creator and carry the weight and ultimate responsibility of that creation. I am a Pagan. Where some see a polytheistic expression of pantheons and varied gods, I see multiple aspects of one Creative Duality (God and Goddess) that expresses itself as sentient energy dwelling with in my body and all things at the quantum or sub-atomic level. There is no separation betwixt me and the Divine, overtly or subliminally. It is an active “partnership” where ultimately my reality is what I choose, and the responsibility is strictly my own.

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I am involved, every minute, of every waking day in a relationship with all the manifestations of my expectations, conscious and unconscious, and in an enhancement of such. And if there are those who share My perceptions and walk the path, by whatever means, to the same destination, then I am part of an actively growing community. Therefore, I say again, I am a Pagan and this is my manifesto. In the words of James Thurber, “You take it from here, I’m going to bed!” Written by Stan Moréy II, a.k.a. “Stormfyre”. © January 28, 2013 Used by permission, any resemblance to persons alive or dead is just too darn bad! Results may vary, some assembly required, batteries not included!

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