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TAC Toolholders for Super High Feed Turning

Turning X
Significant Reduction in Machining Time through Super High Feed Capability

The 7 mm thick insert can withstand the high load at high feeds.3mm/rev) Work material: Mild steel (JIS SS400) Turning X (Vc=150m/min ap=2mm f=2.5 Unique cutting edge geometry 0. realizing a highly rigid turning tool. ML type chipbreaker Letter “L” is marked on the rake face of left hand inserts. allowing easy distinction of the hand of inserts. Unique cutting edge geometry Disperse the cutting load in a wide area.9) (0 Thin and wide chips contribute to good chip control 8 times the productivity!! Amazing super-high feed .5mm/rev) Work material: Mild steel (JIS SS400) .FEATURES Double clamping Double clamping mechanism through the clamping screw plus clamp secures the insert firmly.3 2 2 Conventional toolholder (Vc=150m/min ap=2mm f=0. ML chipbreaker provided with both low cutting forces and high impact resistance. Produces thin chips Thin and wide chips contribute to good chip control Super high productivity ●Comparison of cutting performance Conventional toollholder Turning X 2.

250) 0. ● ● T9015 ● ● For continuous cutting at medium to high speeds.250) 150 (100 . XWXPR/L2525M09 XWXPR/L3232P09 XWXPR/L4040S09 32 40 32 40 170 200 40 50 WPMT090725ZPR/L-ML CSY-20 CSPB-5 IP-20T INSERTS T Insert Cat.5 . No.250) 150 (100 . etc. Also can be used for interrupted cutting. ● Result: 340 Compared to previously used CNMG type inserts with wiper edges. r ε B Accuracy Honing T9015 Stocked grades T9025 AH120 Dimensions (mm) A B T Notes: There are left and right hand inserts. S25C.35 mm/rev. For details. APPLICATION AREAS First choice T9015 Cutting speed Vc (m/min) STANDARD CUTTING CONDITIONS Work material Insert grade Chipbreaker Cutting speed Vc (m/min) Depth of cut ap (mm) Feed f (mm/rev) Mild and low carbon steels (JIS SS400.) < 300HB Stainless steels (JIS SUS304.5mm Coolant: Water soluble type (External supply) ● Result: When using a previous tool.TOOLHOLDERS External turning and facing XWXPR/L XWXP R/L f L1 20° 0° 0° Cutting edge style b h X Stock Dimensions (mm) L ● ● ● h 25 b 25 L1 150 f 32 R ● ● ● Applicable inserts Clamp set Clamping Wrench screw Toolholder Cat.5 . SUS316. ● Excels in chipping and impact resistance.3 ~ 0. etc. etc.5 11° WPMT090725ZPR-ML WPMT090725ZPL-ML M With ● ● ● ● ● ● 9 15 7 ● T9025 T9025 For low to medium speed machining.) <250 HB Gray and ductile cast irons (JIS FC250. if chipping or breakage occurs.) < 180 HB Carbon and alloy steels (JIS S50C. T9025 T9015 T9025 T9015 ML 150 (100 . Care should be taken not to confuse the hand of inserts. contributing to dramatic increase of productivity in roughing. etc.5 1. And the tool life was equivalent to those of previous tools or somewhat longer than them.2. FCD400. the machining cycle time could be reduced by 40 %. the feed could be increased to 2 mm/rev without chatter occurrence. use AH120. By switching to “Turning X”. Excels in both wear and impact resistance. φ 78 φ 87 φ 60 φ 80 A r ε 2. No.5) . (Complementary grade for stainless and mild steels) AH120 Depth of cut ap (mm) ● AH120 In machining stainless and mild steels.5mm/rev Depth of cut:ap=1. see the instruction manual. the feed has been limited to f=0.2.) MACHINING EXAMPLES Toolholder:XWXPR3232P09 Insert:WPMT090725ZPR-ML(T9025) Work material: Carbon steel (JIS S45C) Cutting speed:Vc=160m/min 1500 ∼ 2000 Feed:f =2mm/rev Depth of cut:ap=2mm Coolant: Water soluble type Pipe (JIS S45C) (External supply) Toolholder:XWXPR2525M09 Insert:WPMT090725ZPR-ML (T9015) Work material: Carbon steel (JIS S45C) Cutting speed:Vc=160m/min Feed:f =2.5 (0.250) 150 (100 . SCM440.

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