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Phillips is clean. Because of a variety of issues, I ran a hormone profile on him. I don’t run a standard IOC drug test because any guy with any smarts can cheat that test. So I have doctors runs test on LH, FSH to see if anything is depressed. WL: I always wondered why they didn’t look at that. CP: Yeah, because that’s actually what weightlifting does. The cleanest sport out there is actually weightlifting because weightlifting chose years ago to do hormone profiling and not compound testing. The reason they did that is to clean the sport, and it’s obviously working because their weight performances are not what they used to be. The trend in other sports is to get something that is not on the list. But that is not an Eastern list. It is a Western list. That’s why there has never been a positive Eastern on record. Look it up. Why? Because actually at the ‘92 Olympics I had a friendly discussion with an Olympian and he basically said,‘We were always 12 steroids ahead of the list’. So you know they would take a steroid that they are testing, say oxandrolone, and add a chlorine ion to modify it so the test couldn’t pick it up. Compound testing doesn’t work. WL: So this was a somewhat recent conversation? Can you tell me more about what he used to do. CP: The Wall had fallen by then and the athlete was competing for unified Germany. He said when he was an East German, he took anabolics for 20 years. He said in the original days, he used Deca Durabolin, maybe 12 weeks out, but would switch to different compounds for testing. He would use Turinabol and he knew how many days to go off, and then he would take non-steroidal anabolic compounds to prolong the affects of the cycle. They basically used injectables and then switched to orals and then they would get to a closer and closer period with the orals. They felt Turinabol was the drug of choice because it maintained gains when they went off; there wasn’t such a drop in performance.Both males and females were on it. The difference between men and women back then was basically the time they would spend on Dianabol. They were onto other stuff before the Wall fell too. Basically, the drug program was run by the state security, which is equivalent to the U.S. Secret Service. It’s maybe more equivalent to the KGB or CIA. WL: The Germans definitely had the most in-depth doping system, judging by a lot of the documents released the past 10-15 years.What about China? How do you think they played into the Eastern doping system? CP: The drug program basically set out to make the Eastern sports system the one to beat. There was also cooperation with China. In the 80’s, the Germans were shitty at diving, and the swimmers in China were terrible, so they swapped coaches. So they sent Eastern swim-

techniques of the old East German Olympic doping machine, as well as the current state of drug culture in professional sports,including football,basketball,and hockey.Charles also gives us a little more detail about what it is he does with his elite clients at his Poliquin Performance Centers. Our interview took place shortly before the 2004 Summer Olympics.
WL:What do you say to the person who says that you can do a lot of things to build muscle and improve performance, but nothing is ever going to bring it to the level that steroids do? You must take anabolics to be a world-class athlete. What do you say to that person? CP: I think that’s bullshit really because I coach a lot of people who don’t use anabolics. The only place it’s going to make a world of difference is in bodybuilding. Even in track, a guy I coach, Dwight


n Part II of our hard-hitting interview with Charles Poliquin, Charles delves into the taboo issue of drug use in competitive sports. He discusses the evasion



. you wouldn’t . That is probably where designer steroids first started. cycling. because there were countries that could actually beat the East Germans with anti-doping control. I’d get sued. yyyeah”. so we’ll just adjust the training. and now suddenly the Chinese start to dominate in swimming. Correction. and then after that there is more and more to help you outside of steroids.and they gave them the anabolics to support the East German training system. and two weeks later the swimmers were all sick. Look. CP: Do they use big dosages? No. I think there is one country doing it as an organized system and if I said it on the record. and they popped them for DHT. there are more drugs. WL: Yes.probably the worst offender for steroids is tennis.And then they got smarter with testing.And they were like “um. So like in weightlifting it is pretty much gone. in tennis.they knew the deal. So they started to show the Chinese the East German training techniques.And the Chinese sent diving coaches to East Germany. swimming.So ok. we can’t do as much.The difference is they just didn’t follow the East German training methodology. where there is money and profit. Right now Canada is doing very well in swimming. So I don’t really agree with that statement. just enough so the guy can recover and play and make money every weekend.bodyofscience. to spite no doping. But track. They said. WL: So what do you think going into the Olympics this summer? Who do you think is going in using? Do you think there is a lot with organized doping and designer compounds? CP: Not as an organized country anymore.Poliquin Performance Inside the Poliquin Performance Center ming coaches to China. But anyway. It took the guy about 10 minutes to realize the Chinese doctor had no clue about anabolics. so the East German doctor and the pharmacist show up. So they asked if there was a chance it was because testosterone levels were low. tennis . But that’s where the argument that anabolics are a requirement is bullshit. Do they use stuff like Anadrol? No. (which is)not well known by the general public. The cleanest sport out there is actually weightlifting because weightlifting chose years ago to do hormone profiling and not compound testing. but I have seen it myself. It is an individual thing. But they use small doses of designer stuff.They said they would bring in these two guys from East Germany. WL: Without mentioning any names. I think it was truer in 1996. what technologies do you 40 Summer 2005 BODY OF SCIENCE www. well.

inhibiting the conversion of arachidonic acid to active prostiglandins. I know they developed it. CP: So would I. CP: They’ve been able to do that since 1994. WL: That’s really interesting. The gut is your second brain. say go 28 days on this compound. So like calciumd-glucurate. They’ll use what they basically call “pushers”. But you got to realize. Now they’re saying they can test for GH but I’m not sure what’s going on with that. They’ll find. And also. Guys definitely stick with other botanicals. there is a trend after they go off steroids to use detox protocols. but I haven’t heard they’ve implemented it yet. Some people get depression because they have a gut pathogen. WL: Can you explain what you mean by a detox protocol? CP: They use a program to get rid of the metabolites. 14 days on another. they will test themselves to see how many days you need to stop before a test to come back clean. which are large injections of detoxing compounds. WL: I also know that milk thistle has an anti-inflammatory effect. WL: Yeah. and they use mainly botanical liver detoxifiers that don’t mess up the androgen sites like milk thistle. the test can pretty much pick anything within 28 BODY OF SCIENCE Summer 2005 41 . I would have thought that the transdermal would have had a small delayed action effect. WL: There’s also a test that they have to identify if the testosterone in your body is natural or synthetic. this guy had bodyfat of less than 4%.They also use botanicals to increase free testosterone during the detox or clean-up phase. 4 years ago. CP: I think they will implement it this year. This also would be a negative for muscle growth. For some reason.With orals now. www. But they’ve had the technology forever. milk thistle is not popular. CP: Yeah. which will actually decrease steroid absorption.bodyofscience. some guys were doing 8-10 days and they would use cream form. they want the cream. Like one medallist I know used an oxandrolone cream and he tested clear in 8 days.see right now? CP: Self testing. I would have thought orals would have been a little bit better.

I can correct those through natural means.. WL: So you drug test people when they come to work with you? You won’t work with an athlete if they’re using gear? CP: I’ve got too much money in there (referring to his state-of-the-art training facility). we can give him liquor shoot to raise it so that he has more energy. if there is a problem with the hormones. And they test 16 hormones. In hockey. In the NHL. CP: I think in the NHL. cheese puffs. and they don’t give a shit. her pre-race meals were double-cheeseburgers. Especially in the field events and the Shorts. and nobody would be interested. I fixed her diet and instantly. DHEA. That’s mainly from over-training. and we used to laugh. She basically had the 7-Eleven Diet: microwave hotdogs. and they do an RIA at Georgetown so every sample is tested twice with two different methods. I have to do the testing here to protect myself. people will be more interested. Alcohol and golf are more interesting to them. and it makes me feel mentally secure to eat that before a race’. there are so many great athletes. It’s not part of the culture. Obviously. and that’s all he ate for 14 days. I’d take you in and do your hor- 42 Summer 2005 BODY OF SCIENCE www. which is basically Canadian drive-by shooting. And I remember the Italian girl who was In the NHL. And if there is one thing I do a lot. CP: The Australians have been pushing for it. French fries. I rememb er w hen I co a che d the Olympic boxing team and won Gold. you could put a jar of Dianabol in the locker room. there is an HPLC here. and nobody would be interested. In the NHL. you could put a jar of Dianabol in the locker room.In the U. So what do you think? Do you think a lot of people will be taking the chance? I know I wouldn’t risk it knowing the test might happen this year. If it’s too low. this guy only ate French fries. And I asked her. but on the two days she won the Olympic Gold.What about football and hockey? mone profile and food sensitivity to see if everything is normal. I have this one client. Plus. say increasing free testosterone with botanicals.What can you do for me?’ CP: First. anything under 200 .S. but they don’t care. they don’t give a shit. CP: That you can because it’s way more use (pauses) than people realize. we’re not as disciplined as we could be? CP: Nowhere near the potential. if you ran doping control unannounced. she started making progress. but boom! It makes a difference! (pauses) And also we’ve noticed no decline in performance when cheese puffs are dropped from the diet. I k now they’ve spent a lot of money working on that. They have to have 50g of protein by lunch everyday. I have a rule with my female athletes. And the lab that I use. One of the reasons why we tend to do so well is the magnitude of the base pool of great athletes. and I look at the ratio between all the hormones. It’s not enormous. I remember Hershal Walker in the ’92 Olympics. So if a guy has too much cortisol for his training. they will catch a shitload of people. And they’ve had the technology for a while. We’ll look at your nutrition. This way I can test testosterone. If they’re not perfectly normal. she ate. they could theoretically catch 80% of the Track & Field world. I work with this one woman who is in the 4-person relay for sprinting. they can do whatever they want. It might be somewhat of the “forbidden fruit” theory.we can bring it down.bodyofscience. You’d think that it was a sport that could probably use it because they don’t test for it. There’s a lot of people being treated for dwarfism in Track & Field.We all stayed at the Club Med. WL: So you think overall. anything you can buy at 7-Eleven. If you ban it. there is a RIA in Georgetown. WL: I know you don’t want that printed. then we work on fixing it.‘I’ve got a chance to do the Olympics or something big and I’m considering steroids. and a Fresca. And the other thing too is a scandal would ruin my business. you’d maybe catch four athletes. especially with the aggressive nature of hockey. And we look at the ratio. which is as good as blood work. Nowhere ne a r. and then she goes and trains. They keep saying they have something. It’s a cross between cross-country skiing and target shooting. So what I do is run a saliva test. and you’re like a granola head. It is not uncommon to see people with very depressed DHEA levels. WL: What’s your reasoning for doing this? Is it that you don’t want to work with people using so that you can use your technologies? Or is it a legal concern? CP: I think it can be done without steroids. Her breakfast consists of one egg. and you’d be surprised as to how many clients I work with that don’t understand a lot about nutrition. WL: So what about some other professional sports. WL: So the athlete that comes to you and says. ‘Imagine if we had those guys to work with’. we used to look at athletes on the Americanside. CP: If they actually do test for GH. but I really don’t want to go that route. And the guy has an incredible physique! I had another athlete that does biathlon. How can you eat that shit before you go and compete?’ She said that ‘it’s the food I grew up on as a kid. CP: The NFL has very rigid doping controls. WL: I spoke with a reporter not long ago who assured me this year we were going to see this test used. 4 times a day. This woman ate a very strict diet. ‘I’ve knows you for years. genetics is a big part. You’d be surprised as to how common cheese puffs are among athletes. so I can tell who is using. it’s botanicals to raise testosterone. They do it four times a day for 24 hours.Poliquin Performance WL: I’ve been wondering that myself. WL: That’s interesting to hear.

and she walked by her while she was eating her cheeseburger and we almost said it at the same time. they see the doctors for IV’s or acupunctures. ‘What is she doing eating that shit?’ I know a number of athletes that do that. I only use whey protein. No carbs if you are fat. glycine and glutamine post workout. which effected brain function. That’s where you get sayings like. which is this type of yeast.And 66% of the immune system is in the intestine.I know our readers will appreciate what you had to say! CP: Thank you Bill! Anytime. We run urinalysis tests. It turns out he had one of the highest doses of antibiotics. ‘I’ve got a gut feeling that this is bad’. you’ll find that it compromises the immune system. and by destroying the bacteria. We do genomic profiles. WL: Charles. WL: So too much antibiotic can actually affect brain functioning? CP: Yes. www. WL: Charles. we develop your training.We also have two doctors. so I’ll end the interview here. It helps them repair the gut lining so they can absorb food better. And the rest of the time. They have mood swings and don’t understand why. and we run every test you can think of. you’ll find that it compromises the immune system. and you don’t have mood swings anymore. Until they get to 10%. these energy metabolism tests. CP: Yeah. and then with all the information we have. we’ve got a fully equipped weight room. and I had a great time talking with you. WL: How do you feel about glutamine? CP: I’ve used a lot of it. If you have a client that typically has a lot of cortisol. we start using glutamine. and 95% of the serotonin comes from the gut. I want to thank you for your time! We’ve got some great stuff here. it destroyed the neurotransmitters. which destroyed his good bacteria. The gut is your second brain. a quick cure is 80g of glutamine per day for a few days. or whatever they’re doing. we run all the hormone tests. WL: Will you do no carbs during the whole 2 hour window post workout when you are using glutamine? CP: Correct. Your neurotransmitters are made in the intestines. When a guy can’t gain weight. Some people get depression because they have a gut pathogen. I have this athlete. We do a lot of diverse things here. WL: How much time do they spend at your facility during the day when you’re there? CP: 2 hours a day. We treated him to support his neurotransmitters.her biggest competitor in the biathlon. I know we are running way over your allotted time. I use about 60g post-workout. I use it with fat guys as a substitute to replace glycogens after a workout. If they get over 10%. he had brain fog when he tried to play in the Stanley Cup.bodyofscience. how much time do you spend with them? CP: They typically come every 25 days for 3 days at a time during their off-season.You kill the Candita. I actually like glutamine. what do you have at your facility in terms of services and equipment? I understand it is one of the best conditioning facilities in the country. 66% of the neurotransmitters are made in the gut lining. 1 hour each for 2 visits. WL: How do you feel about glutamine and general intestinal health? Do you think it’s overrated? If you have a client that typically has a lot of cortisol. Or lets say Candita. I consider fat as anyone with more than 10% body fat. CP: No. and replace the good bacteria. For . WL: So when you work with somebody.


physical.bodyofscience. and that dictates weight loss or weight gain. and “a calorie is a calorie. The other school. I would call more the ‘new school’ of thought on the issue. fats. Before I go any further. and proteins). concise. what is probably the longest running debate in the nutritional sciences: calories vs.” no matter the source (e.. calories out. if not several. ” capable of defining the nature of the inter-relationships among nuclear.” That’s how important unified theories can be. would state that gaining or losing weight is really about where the calories come from (e.or single theory. you BODY OF SCIENCE Summer 2005 45 . for decades. or as theoretical physicist Michio Katu. and gravitational forces. Regardless of the topic. but can be applied to far more mundane topics. In this article I attempt to unify seemingly incompatible or opposing views regarding nutrition. puts it “an equation an inch long that would allow us to read the mind of God. is a calorie is a calorie when it comes to gaining or losing weight. macro nutrients. They base their position on various lines of evidence to come to that conclusion. would reconcile seemingly uncompatible aspects of various field theories to create a single comprehensive set of equations. They too come to this conclusion using various lines of evidence.g. or continued lines of evidence shows the theory needs to be revised or is simply incorrect. fats. supports the theory and thus solidifies that theory as being correct. and is far beyond the scope of this article. and understandable even to lay people. unified theories don’t have to deal with such heady topics as physics or the nature of the universe itself. So. www. underneath. Over time. whether it be mathematical. The result of which has led to conflicting advice and a great deal of “Total calories dictates how much weight a person gains or loses. not to mention many medical professionals and other groups. electromagnetic. I would say the ‘old school’ of nutrition. different lines of evidence. etc. However. “A calorie is a calorie” The old school of nutrition. Such a theory could potentially unlock all the secrets of nature and the universe Theory of Nutrition B R I N K ’ S UNIFIED T H E O R Y OF NUTRITION BY WILL BRINK When people hear the term Unified Theory.. • A unified theory is often proposed by some theorist before it can even be proven or fully supported by physical evidence. macro nutrient ratios dictates what a person gains or loses” confusion by the general public. biology. I feel there is now more than enough evidence. seeks to explain seemingly incompatible aspects of various theories.” Translated. One school. in this case nutrition. maintains weight loss or weight gain is all about calories. the “calorie is a calorie”mantra of the old school is wrong. or proteins). or behind that theory. a unified theory. if you “burn”more calories than you take in. you will lose weight regardless of the calorie source and if you eat more calories than you burn off each day. at this This has been an ongoing debate between people in the field of nutrition. two key points that are essential to understand about any unified theory: • A good unified theory is simple. and many other disciplines. Meaning. or even “Theory of Everything. which often includes most nutritionists. physiology. carbs. as stated above. would take a large book. That weight loss or weight gain is strictly a matter of “calories in. sometimes called the Grand Unified Theory. is often a great deal of information that can take up many volumes of books. namely. they feel..where a Unified Theory. for me to outline all the information I have used to come to these conclusions. to give a unified theory of nutrition and continuing lines of evidence will continue (with some possible revisions) to solidify the theory as fact. However. they probably think of it in terms of physics. carbs.

“all fats are created equal” or “protein is protein” is also incorrect. For example. although it's clear different macro nutrients in different amounts and ratios have different effects on weight loss. and 1000 other effects that could be mentioned. saturated fats) have vastly different effects on metabolism and health in general. The “calories don't matter” school of thought “Diets with identical energy contents can have different effects on leptin concentrations. However. the “calories in. They always have and they always will.g.Get-Off-Your-Ass will gain weight. as we know different proteins can have unique effects. calories out”mantra fails to take into account modern research that finds that fats.g." This school of thought will typically tell you that if you eat large amounts of some particular macro nutrient in their magic ratios.Theory of Nutrition Mr. not only is the mantra “a calorie is a calorie”proven to be false. oxidative stress. such as their effects on hormones (e. high GI vs. carbs. we now know different fats (e. suggesting that the physiologic adaptations to energy restriction can be modified by dietary composition. weight loss is the result and so it goes if you add X number of calories above what you use each day for gaining weight. fat loss. and real world experience of millions of www. For example. The data. this school of thought fails to take into account the fact that even within a macro nutrient. etc. and proteins have very different effects on the metabolism via countless pathways. voluntary food intake.g. as we now know different carbohydrates have their own effects (e. calories don't matter. This long held and accepted view of nutrition is based on the fact that protein and carbs contain approx 4 calories per gram and fat approximately 9 calories per gram and the source of those calories matters not. leptin. effects on hunger and appetite. This school of thought ignores the ever mounting volume of studies that have found diets with different macro nutrient ratios with identical calorie intakes have different effects on body composition. insulin. They base this on the many studies that finds if one reduces calories by X number each day. Even worse. and other metabolic effects. and nitrogen balance. low GI). 46 Summer 2005 BODY OF SCIENCE calories don't matter. thermic effects (heat production). this school fails to take into account the effects such diets have on various pathways and ignore the simple realities of human physiology.. they too can have different effects on metabolism. Translated.. followers of ketogenic style diets that consist of high fat intakes and very low carbohydrate intakes (i. effects on uncoupling proteins (UCPs). regardless of the calorie source. Others maintain if you eat very high protein intakes with very low fat and carbohydrate intakes. not to mention the laws of thermodynamics! The reality is. etc.Atkins. cholesterol levels. fish oils vs. energy . calories do matter.) often maintain that calories don't matter in such a diet. etc).e. Like the old school. glucagon.bodyofscience.

This effect has also been seen in some studies that compared high fat/low carb vs.. fat. and water) and that total calories has the greatest effect on how much total weight is lost. but we know different diets have different effects on the metabolism. www.dieters. is quite clear on that reality. studies often find that two groups of people put on the same calorie intakes but very different ratios of carbs. macro nutrient ratios dictates what a person gains or loses” This seemingly simple statement allows people to understand the differences between the two schools of thought. For example.”(12) The point being. Also.6..). Or.3.9. suggesting that the physiologic adaptations to energy restriction can be modified by dietary composition. appetite. Are you starting to see how my unified theory of nutrition combines the “calorie is a calorie” school with the “calories don’t matter” school to help people make decisions about nutrition? Knowing this. TV.2. etc. The truth behind such diets is that they are often quite good at suppressing appetite and thus the person simply ends up eating fewer calories and losing weight. people on a higher protein lower carb diet lose approximately the same amount of weight as another group on a high carb lower protein diet. “Diets with identical energy contents can have different effects on intake. fat loss! This is where we get into the crux of the true debate and why the two schools of thought are not actually as far apart from one another as they appear to the untrained eye. Of course these effects are not found universally in all studies that examine the issue. bone.5. any magical effects often claimed by proponents of such diets. bone. and nitrogen balance. it becomes much easier for people to understand the seemingly conflicting diet and nutrition advice out there (of course this does not account for the down right unscientific and dangerous nutrition advice people are subjected to via bad books. Some studies find. but the bulk of the data is clear: diets containing different macro nutrient ratios do have different effects on human physiolog y even when c a lor ie int a kes are ident ic a l (1. for example. the weight loss from such diets is often from water vs. but the actual fat loss is higher in the higher protein low carb diets. The effect is usually amplified if exercise is involved as one might expect.11).8. fat. Weight loss vs.e.What has become abundantly clear from the studies performed and real world evidence is that to lose weight we need to use more calories than we take in (via reducing calorie intake and or increasing exercise). but that’s another article altogether). and proteins will lose different amounts of bodyfat and or lean body mass (i.. but the effect comes from a reduction in calories vs.7. and well meaning friends. there are many studies confirming that the actual ratio of carbs. the ‘net. muscle...Thus. high carb/low fat diets. and other physiological variables. as the authors of one recent study that looked at the issue concluded: . but the group on the higher protein diet lost more actual fat and less lean body mass (muscle). at least in the first few weeks. this reality has led me to Brink’s Unified Theory of Nutrition which states: “Total calories dictates how much weight a person gains or loses. body composition.10. That's not to say people can't experience meaningful weight loss with some of these diets. muscle.e.bodyofscience.. Brink’s Unified Theory of Nutrition some studies using the same calorie intakes but different macro nutrient intakes often find the higher protein diet may lose less actual weight than the higher carb lower protein diets. fats. BODY OF SCIENCE Summer 2005 47 . and proteins in a given diet can effect what is actually lost (i. Or.

diets designed for fat loss (vs. The actual ratio of macro nutrients can be quite different for both diets and even for individuals. if the diet you are following to either gain or lose weight does not address those issues and or questions. etc. etc. you must ask the right questions to get meaningful answers. leads us to some important and potentially useful conclusions: • • • • • • • An optimal diet designed to make a person lose fat and retain as much LBM as possible is not the same as a diet simply designed to lose weight.Sport. whether looking to gain weight or lose it.bodyofscience.“how much weight will I lose?” is the wrong question which will lead to the wrong answer. Diets that give the same macro nutrient ratio to all people (e. BTW. goals.Arthritis Rheum 1998 Mar. or gaining muscle. as the goal. or what ever the goal. NOT just weight loss.10. weight loss!) start with the correct macro nutrient ratios that depend on variables such as amount of LBM the person carries vs.Amazon.41(3):406-13. and visa versa. ignore it. There are. 5. www. and the media. both hormones that may improve or impede my goals? What effects will this diet have on (fill in the blank)? Simply asking. He is also a monthly columnist for MuscleMag International.281(5):E1095-100. 6. will always fail in the long run to deliver the results people want. To get the optimal effects from your next diet. then you can count on being among the millions of disappointed people who don’t receive the optimal results they had hoped for and have made yet another nutrition “guru”laugh all the way to the bank at your expense. both ebooks also cover supplements for their respective goals along with exercise advice. the unified theory explains why the focus on weight loss . Nephrol Dial Transplant 2003 Feb. Bottom line here is.aboutsupplements. Diets need to be designed with fat loss. which can be found at any or 70. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2000 Feb. Asking the right questions will also help you avoid the pitfalls of unscientific poorly thought out diets which make promises they can’t keep and go against • • Will is the author of the best selling ebook “Diet Supplements Revealed”. In short: diets plans I design for gaining LBM start with total calories and build macro nutrient ratios into the number of calories required. fat loss by the vast majority of people. see this website http://www. all the time. 3.30. 9. 18(2):258-64.musclebuildingnutrition. Optimal macro nutrient ratios can change with total calories and other variables. 11.g. Neuroscience 2002. Finally.33(2):183-8. and is considered by many to be one of the world’s leading gurus on supplements and training. no matter the circumstances. the Universal Theory makes it clear that the optimal diet for losing fat. 40/30/30. If you want to know my thoughts on the best way to set up a diet to gain weight in the form of muscle while minimizing bodyfat.. including most medical professionals. but those are some of the key issues that come to mind. Any diet that tells you any one food source is evil. 32(3):706-17. throw it out or give it to someone you don’t like! References: or Barnes & Noble. 32(2):291-6. People that want to know my thoughts on the correct way to lose fat should read my ebook Diet Supplements Revealed diet have on my lean body mass (LBM)? What effects will this diet have on hormones. 8.Med Sci Sports Exerc 2000 Mar. and figure out calories based on the proper macro nutrient ratios to achieve fat loss with a minimum loss of LBM. but macro nutrient ratios that optimize metabolic effects and answer the questions: what effects will this diet have on appetite? What effects will this diet have on metabolic rate? What effects will this what we know about human physiology and the very laws of physics! People that want to know my thoughts on the correct way to lose fat should read my ebook Diet Supplements Revealed. This is why the diets I design for peopleor write about-for gaining or losing weight are not simply higher or lower calorie versions of the same diet. A nutrition program designed to create fat loss is not simply a reduced calorie version of a nutrition program designed to gain weight. Sports Med 2000 Sep. a regular contributing writer to numerous other top fitness publications. 7. Any diet that tells you it will work for all people. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2001 Nov. of course.40(4):336-42 2. activity levels. J Sports Med Phys Fitness 2000 Dec. will always be less than optimal.30(3):155-70.Theory of Nutrition Knowing the above information and keeping the Unified Theory of Nutrition in mind.1999..31:1108-1110. etc.Exerc. as well as the best selling print book “Priming The Anabolic Environment”. consider reading my ebook Muscle Building Nutrition (AKA Brink’s Bodybuilding Bible) at this web site: http://www. 10. Perhaps most important.112(2):243-60.) regardless of total calories. 48 Summer 2005 BODY OF SCIENCE . forget it.Med Sci Sports Exerc 2001 Feb. Any diet that claims calories don’t matter. activity levels.244(1-2):95104.. but total calories can’t be ignored. Any diet that tells you they have a magic ratio of foods. must account not only for total calories. it’s a scam. Mol Cell Biochem 2003 Feb. many additional questions that can be asked and points that can be raised as it applies to the above. However. bodyfat percent .

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