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1. The project work shall be for a period of 4 weeks immediately after III semester examinations and the prerequisite for a student to take up this paper is registration and attendance of MBA 31 . 2. The subject code of the project report shall be MBA 41 and shall be compulsory for all students opting all specializations. 3. The student shall submit 3 copies of project reports within one month after the commencement of the 4thsemester. 4. No two students of the institute shall work on the same problem in the same organization. 5. The student shall seek the guidance of the internal guide on a continuous basis, and the guide shall give a certificate to the effect that the candidate has worked satisfactorily under his/her guidance. 6. On completion of the project work, student shall prepare a report with the following format. i. The project report shall be prepared using word processor Viz., MS Word, Times New Roman 14 or Arial 12. ii. All the reports shall be printed in the A4 size 1 margin on all sides, 1.5 line spacing. iii. The report shall be hard bound facing sheet (only white colour) indicating the title of college and month and year of admission (Spiral binding not permitted). iv. A certificate by the guide, HOD and Head of the institution indicating the bonafide performance of project by the student to be enclosed. v. An undertaking by the student to the effect that the work is independently carried out by him. vi. The certificate from the organization, if the project work is done outside the institution. vii. Acknowledgement viii. Contents, a. Executive Summary should contain a brief explanation of the project. b. Introduction to the concept c. Industry profile, d. Company profile - Background and inception of the company - Nature of the business carried - Vision, Mission and Quality Policy

- Product/Services Profile - Area of Operation Global/National/Regional - Ownership Pattern - Competitors Information - Infrastructural facilities - Achievement Award if any - Workflow model (end to end) e. i) Mckinseys Seven S Model as applicable to that organization

Structure: a. Overall organization structure details Board of Directors/functional head etc. b. Substructure dealing with each functional discipline Skill: a. Classification of skill detail the steps taken to impart necessary skills on the job/off the job training Style: a. Top down / Bottom up b. Authoritarian / Participative Any one decision making parameter should be studied pertaining to day-to-day operation, to conclude the style of functioning. Strategy: Any one strategy adopted by the company should be considered to explain, How it is implemented e.g. pricing/waste elimination etc. System: System followed in any one department in the organization should be detailed. Inventory control system / order execution system / Merit rating system etc. Staff: Classification / Duties and responsibility of various groups of staff. Eg.: Technical / Supervisory / Clerical.

Shared Value: i) Study of implementing shared value in the company by an illustration, where the company has implemented its stated objective. ii) The SWOT Analysis f. Research Methodology - Title of the Project - Statement of the problem - Objectives - Operational definitions - Data collection - Statistical Tools used for research - Sampling Technique Sampling Unit, Sample Size and Sampling method. - Plan of Analysis - Limitations to the study g. Data Analysis and interpretation h. Summary of findings i. Suggestions j. Conclusions Future Growth k. Learning Experience l. Annexure i) Financial Statements ii) Questionnaires iii) Bibliography Details of articles, books and websites referred. 7. The Project report shall be around 75 pages. 8. The Project work shall be on a topic in the area of specialization specified in the syllabus and opted by the candidate.