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Thesis Overview
1962 - 2012

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1. Introduction. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 2. Categorisation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 A. Building Type: B. Urban Form and Settlement Studies D. Planning Studies: D.1. Housing D.2. Traffic D.3. General A.1. Institution A.3. General A.2. Houseform 3

C. Landscape Architecture and Recreation E. Architectural History and Theory F. Environmental Science H. Design Norms J. Architectural Elements M. Miscellaneous Topics




G. Socio-cultural and Anthropological Studies I. Renewal / Rehabilitation / Conservation K. Architectural Appreciation L. Technology: design tools, materials and construction techniques


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3. List of Theses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109



design norms. 1 . and various aspects of architecture. With the guidance of faculty members and supervisors. The goal of the thesis is to encourage development of scholarship to study the theory and practice of architecture. The research thesis. and architectural elements. environmental sciences.planning. Research at the Faculty of Architecture endeavours to build a repository of knowledge and in conjunction with the focus on design and learning by doing.history and theory. attempts to create wisdom. This booklet presents an overview of the theses undertaken in the past fifty years at the Faculty of Architecture.Introduction Knowledge with Wisdom is the motto of CEPT University. Research as a method of inquiry has always been one of the cornerstones of this institution. Thesis Overview 1962 . Not only does it encourage a broadening of horizons and inquisitiveness towards learning as an individual. RESEARCH . students focus solely on their research in the 10th semester of their studies. The categories are broadly based on scales. A need to categorize these theses arose in order to put in perspective the vast body of information that they contained. the thesis programme has produced a good amount of valuable work that includes a primary database through detailed documentation and analysis of a large number of varied built environments in India. It is hoped that the current emphasis on focusing on India will help build up a strong platform for discourses on architecture specific to Asia. socio cultural aspects and technology. mention may be made of the fact that our alumni are prominent among those involved in creditable academic and research work here and abroad with distinguished teaching careers and research based publications. and a final viva voce. conservation. building and building types. landscape. it also fosters the creation of knowledge at the institutional level. instituted in 1962. FA Booklet Series .urban and settlement studies. an independent external examiner. architectural appreciation.2012 . Over the years. As a larger benefit of this programme. There are eleven categories into which these theses have been classified based on their topics of study. This ensures that the work produced is of a quality expected from an undergraduate student. is a unique requirement at the Faculty of Architecture. specializations. The resulting study is examined by the thesis committee.

drawings that give a glimpse of the nature of the content especially showing interesting forms of representation or methods of analysis.A representative sample of theses in each of these categories presents the range of studies undertaken in the past five decades. RESEARCH . and an abstract where available. This booklet gives an exhaustive summary of the research directions of the Faculty of Architecture and can be an invaluable resource to anyone interested in referring to them further. All the thousand odd theses have been classified and presented at the end of this booklet. FA Booklet Series . 2 . Each sample contains the table of contents that depicts structure and chapterization. Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 .

RESEARCH . FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 . Houseform and others The theses in this group analyse architecture through the lens of building types and by locating them in the context of culture. mosques. The range of building types include temple complexes.Building Type : Instituition. technology. 3 . palaces. traditional houseforms. forts. etc. expression and religion. colonial building types.2012 . havelis. The conclusions made by these studies allow us to trace patterns of growth in building types along with inferences about the lifestyle and culture. monasteries.

Case Study III – NID Ahmedabad Illustration Credits and Sources 4 .Historical Analysis • nteraction Space I • mportance of Interaction I • istorical analysis of studentH Teacher Relationship • istorical Institutions H 3.Case Study I – CEPT Ahmedabad 6. Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series .Study of interaction spaces in academic institutions: case studies P Kokularaj Year: 1987 Contents: Guide: Prashanta Da Introduction 1.2012 .Introduction to Case Studies Conclusion and Further Scope Bibliography 5.Interaction Spaces in Contemporary Academic Institutional Buildings 4.Outlook • ducation E • eaching T • earning L • ethods of Teaching M • nteraction I • cademic Institution A 2.Case Study II – IIM Ahmedabad 7. RESEARCH .

Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 . 5 .fig a: Haus Khas Madrasa fig b:Balcony Spaces FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .

Clustered Organizations 3.Organizations 2.The Unbuilt Spaces and Clustered Organizations 1.2012 . Udaipur city Conclusions •Palace Complex. RESEARCH . Fatehpur Sikri Bibliography List of Illustrations 6 . Rajan Preface Contents: Section A: Clustered Organizations and the Unbuilt Spaces 1.Criteria of Analysis 2.Role of the unbuilt spaces in clustered organizations : a study of Indian palace complexes Rathin Ghoghari Year: 1990 Guide: P.Case Studies Section B: Criteria of Analysis and Case Studies •Palace Complex. Thesis Overview 1962 . Padmanabhapuram •Palace Complex. FA Booklet Series .S.

7 fig a: Table comparing role of unbuilt spaces in the order of functions fig b: Illustrating movement and transition in the Padmanabhapuram Palace Complex . RESEARCH .2012 .FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 .

Geometric formalism and nature of the land: study of Shatrunjayagiri Jain Tirtha Vinod Makhesana Year: 1991 Contents: 1. RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 . Guide : Kulbhushan Jain Section I : Geometric Formalism and Nature of the Land (Base Study) • • • Nature of the Land Sacred Centre Jain Religion Order of the Architectural Setting Geometric Formalism of Built Form (Indian Religious Context) 2. Section II : Geometric Formalism of Jain Temple. FA Booklet Series . and Jain ‘Tirtha’(Western India) • • • • • • • Jain Cosmology Jain Temple Jain ‘Tirtha’ Objects of Worship and Concept of the Temple Cultural Context of Western India 8 .2012 .

Section III : Satrunjayagiri Jain ‘Tirtha’ • • • • • • Location and History Reality of the Land Sacrality of the land Temple Complex description and drawings Growth of the temple complex Order of the architectural setting Sacred land.2012 . Rituals and Built form configuration Inferences Appendix Glossary Bibliography • Sources of Illustration FA Booklet Series . 9 fig a: Satrinjayagiri Temple Complex fig b: Spatial configuration in Vachan Pol .3. RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 .

RESEARCH .2012 . FA Booklet Series .Study of the house form of the temple town of Nathdwara Mohit Keni Year : 1993 Contents: 2. 1. Thesis Overview 1962 . Guide: Miki Desai Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Nathdwara • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Climate People Geographical Location Flora and Fauna Historical Account Sociocultural Setting Social Intercourse Religion Rituals Belief System Marriages Arts Recreation Industries Family Structure and Kinship Organization 10 .

Chapter 3 • • • • • • • Nathdwara : A Temple Town Organization at Town Level Haveli of Srinathji Organization at Neighbourhood Level Organization at House Level Materials. Thesis Overview 1962 . 7. Construction and Spatial Module Spaces of a Nathdwara House 4. Case Studies Analysis Conclusions Glossary Contemporary Changes Bibliography Sources of Illustrations and Photo Credits Acknowledgements fig a: Schematic Maps of Nathdwara settlement fig b: Sectional Axonometric of House Type FA Booklet Series . 11 .2012 . RESEARCH . 6.3. 5.

6. 1. FA Booklet Series . 3. 5.2012 . RESEARCH . Guide: Neelkanth Chhaya Introduction Method Sequence of Dissertation Limitations of Study Order and Play • • Play as Process From Order to Play Grammatical System: Order of Assembly • • Play as Generic Order Grammar: Articulation and Modulation Remarks – Rupture of Scales Notes Bibliography 7. 4. Language: Principle for Organization 12 .Understanding order and play through grammar of architectural elements in Fatehpur-Sikri Sachin Soni Year: 2004 Contents: 2. Thesis Overview 1962 .

13 fig a: Assembly of a Frame-infill wall fig b: A typical page . RESEARCH .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .FA Booklet Series .

5. 6. Introduction to the Early Period (1000 AD to 1300 AD). Ladakh Documentation drawings Religious study Later period (1400 A. 2. RESEARCH . FA Booklet Series . 8. 3. Thesis Overview 1962 . 2. context and influences 14 . 1.2012 .Understanding the architecture of Buddhist monastery at Likir. Ladakh Anar Memon Year: 2006 CHAPTER 1 Contents: 1. 7. Guide: Pratyush Shankar Introduction Region: A profile of Ladakh Develpoment of Buddhist architecture CHAPTER 2 Buddhist Architecture in Ladakh Case study: Monastery at Likir. 4.D onwards) Monastic settlement of Likir: Understanding the socio-economic structure Architectural description and framework of analysis Response to climate Rituals and spaces CHAPTER 3 1. 3.

Tibet Boundary of the sacred Mandala plan imitated in the form of the temple Conclusion Glossary From a temple complex to a monumental fort monastery Growth of the monastery due to increasing necessities Bibliography Acknowledgements FA Booklet Series . Religious transformation and its impact on monastic architecture 4.2012 . RESEARCH . Lhasa.Architectural description of the Temple complex at Alchi Drawings of Alchi Chos’khor • • • • • • 2. 15 fig a: Perception of form of monastery with respect to the distance from it fig b: Profiles of the monastery . Concept of Mandala reflected in the plan layout Plan layout 3. Thesis Overview 1962 . Political expansion Model monastery – Potala palace.CHAPTER 4 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS 1.

Introduction Chapter 2. Limbu Community Chapter 5. FA Booklet Series .Construction Process of Limbu 3. Analysis Inferences Chapter 4. skills. Thesis Overview 1962 . construction. tools. lateral forces on the house form Ankit Mistry Year: 2011 Introduction Contents: Guide: Vishwanath Kashikar Relevance of Study Methodology Aim and Objectives Scope and Limitation Chapter 1.Construction Process of Lepcha 2. Lepcha Community Chapter 3.Sikkim: An Introduction 1. Bhutia Community 1.Vernacular Architecture: An Introduction 2.Vernacular house forms of Sikkim: impact of materials.2012 . RESEARCH .Construction Process of Bhutia Conclusion Illustration Credits Bibliography 16 .

FA Booklet Series .2012 . 17 fig a: Exploded Axonometric of Lerchan House fig b: Section of Bhutia House . Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH .

FA Booklet Series .2012 .18 . Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH .

elements of the city and landform are some of the broad areas which these theses focus on through various examples of cities. RESEARCH . urban edges. FA Booklet Series . districts. They also point at patterns of growth of different urban fabrics at various scales and focus on specific aspects or spaces of urban tissue. making of a place. organization patterns. urban morphology. Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 . urban spaces. 19 . responses to the built environment. The inferences made by these studies are useful to see how people live and occupy land and the forces that shape them. market place. districts and villages from all over the country. urban renewal.Urban Form and Settlement Studies City structure. towns.

2012 .Urban spaces in Indian cities Bhagwanji Solanki Year: 1970 Preface 1.Landuse. 3. 5. 4. 6.Density Relationship New Spaces Impact of Technology on the Spaces The Validity of the forces generating old city spaces in the present context Comparative Study of Old and New Spaces Recommendations Bibliography Acknowledgements 20 . FA Booklet Series . 2.Activity. Contents: Guide: Kulbushan Jain Forces Generating Spaces in Indian Cities Nature of Spaces in Indian Cities • • • Hierarchy of spaces Intransit Spaces Nodal Points Space. Thesis Overview 1962 . 7. RESEARCH .

21 fig a: Views of Bhadra area fig b: Table showing comparative analysis of urban space . RESEARCH .FA Booklet Series .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .

Migrant squatters and its quality in urban environments
Snehal Shah Year: 1970 Contents: 1. 2. 3.

Guide: B.V. Doshi

Background- Introduction- Problems created due to migration- Objectives of the study- Scope of the study- Method of the study Migrate movement and urban city growth; Stages of Growth; Models of migrant’s mobility; Turner’s model; Christopher Benninger’s model:; Needs of a migrant; Conclusive notes pertaining to the above three aspects


The urban situation in India- Roots of migration- Causes of migraton in India; The urban situation in AhmedabadRoots of migration in AhmedabadCauses of migration in Ahmedabad; Migrant Squatters in AhmedabadMigrant’s mobility in Ahmedabad; Aim of the study- Scope of the studyMethod of the study Origin of Waghari Community- At present- Occupation and locationSocial Case Study- 1 Raikhad Bhoiwad (walled city) Case Study- 2 Lakhudi Hutments (western area)

Case Study- 3 Sunday Market (river bank) Case Study- 4 Sulemani Rouza (industrial are/ fringe of the city) 5. Proforma chart of case studies

Case Study- 5 Manek Chowk Danapith (‘prolonged reception’ situation) Observations- Conclusions- Aftermath

22 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012 . 23

fig a: Examples of restructured houses for migrant squatters fig b: Soulemani Roza, the squatters there

Urban Morphology and the Comparison of “Type”: A Thematic and Comparative Study of the Urban Tissue
Vivek Nanda Year: 1989 Contents: Guide : Kurula Varkey 1.

CHAPTER- I : Urban Morphology – Typology; Hypothesis establishing Premises and Methodology. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Introduction Form- Morphology Concept of ‘Type’ Anthromorphism to structure Morphological Analysis of the Urban Tissue Summing up: The Morphological- Typological Approach.

CHAPTER II- Urban Morphology-Typology : Treatises, Models and Postulations;- An Ideological Retrospective. 1. Introduction 2. Cosmo-Religious Ideologies

3. Ideological Development of “ Form Type”

4. Form- Spatial Attitudes, “ Typal” through the evolution of the European city.

24 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012

Introduction 4. The Urban Tisse: Southern environs of Manek Chowk. 25 fig a: Diagram illustrating tolerances in urban tissue aggregation fig b: Conception of the world as a mandala . Ahmedabad EPILOGUE FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Morphological Typological Analysis of the Urban Tissue. Conclusions 2.III The Indian Context. Thesis Overview 1962 . The Indian City 3. The Morphology of the Indian city. 1.2012 .CHAPTER.

5. FA Booklet Series .2012 . RESEARCH .Politics of urban form : an exploration into the political connotations of the urban form of the city Quaid Doongerwala Year: 1999 Contents: 2. Preamble Guide: Rahul Mehrotra Introduction The Fragmented V/s The Cohesive Politics and Form • • Political Connotations of Form Forces making the City The Democratic City? The Contemporary City • • The City as an Instrument of Politics Bibliography • Illustration Credits Inherent Forces within the City 26 . 4. Thesis Overview 1962 . 3. 1.

RESEARCH . ghats in Benaras fig b: Ildefenso Cerda’s Design for Barcelona .2012 .FA Booklet Series . 27 fig a: Photographs of marine drive. Thesis Overview 1962 .

2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 . Contents: Guide: Neelkanth Chhaya and Kurula Varkey Introduction • • • • • 3. FA Booklet Series . End Note • Establishing the premise of the study Urban Public Place Place Study of Existential space Concept of ‘Theme’ and ‘Variation’ The ‘living spatiality’ of urban public spaces Summation Case Studies • • • Framework of the study Royal Square. Jaisalmer Appendix Manek Chowk.Urban place making in India : a study through theme and variations across scales Ranjit Wagh Year: 2002 Preface 1. 2. Ahmedabad Selected Bibliography Illustration Credits 28 . RESEARCH .

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 . 29 fig a: Schematic diagrams representing Manek Chowk as the physical and ideatioral centre of Ahmedabad fig b: Case Studies .2012 .

30 .2012 . FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH .

geographical features. flow etc shape culture and the built environment. they also look at the attitudes to landscape in different cultural milieu. The inferences fom such studies demonstrate how forces of nature - topography. They focus on the relationship of nature and landscape with the building environments. 31 .Landscape Architecture and Recreation The theses cover specific landscape elements and recreational aspects that have some relevance to landscape planning and architecture. RESEARCH .2012 . The elements that are covered are with respect to specific situations and locations. FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 .

Landscape in building environment : a study of various attitudes in different cultural contexts Nandita Karanwal Year: 1991 Guide: R. 3.2012 . 1. 4. FA Booklet Series . Beginnings Egyptian Greek Roman France Western Civilizations. RESEARCH .Italy Urban DEsing Japanese 5.Calculated Nature • • • • • • • • • Mycean Crete Middle Ages England Chinese Renaissance Paradise Garden Mughal Gardens Mannerism and Baroque. Easter Civilizations. Thesis Overview 1962 . Vasavda Contents: 2.Garden of suggestion. Introduction Advent of Man • • • Central Civilizations. • • • Bibliography 32 .J.Agrarian ideal.

Kashmir fig b: Axonometric view FA Booklet Series . 33 .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .fig a: Shalimar Bagh. RESEARCH .

• Idea of a place Place making factors Character of landscapes and places Place making factors Section 2. RESEARCH . Landscapes and places in history. • • Section 3.2012 . Ahmedabad. In the Indian Urban context. Contents: Guide: Bindeeya Desai Section 1. Kankaria. Landscapes and places in present. Landscape and places in urban context • • • 2. Case Study 1. Historical landscapes and places in the present 34 . FA Booklet Series . Urban landscape in History. In the Indian Urban context. 4. • • Character of landscapes and places Types of landscapes and places Types of landscapes and places 3. Thesis Overview 1962 .Landscape as a place in urban context Chinar Thakore Year 1998 Preface 1.

Case Study 2. Ahmedabad .5. RESEARCH . 35 fig a: Location and Surroundings of Kankaria. Ahmedabad fig b: Landforms as placemaking factors in Law Garden.2012 . 6. Summary Appendix Bibliography Illustration credits FA Booklet Series . Law Garden. Thesis Overview 1962 . Contemporary urban landscape. • Contemporary landscapes and places. Ahmedabad Case Study 3. Historical urban landscape at present. Ahmedabad. Bhadra square.

2012 . RESEARCH . FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 .36 .

Planning studies: housing, traffic and others

These theses study various aspects of town and city planning including traffic patterns, ancient town planning practices and canons, town planning schemes as well as relationships between planning and various social aspects of living in towns and cities.

They cover the socio economic parameters under spatial planning and the built in form of specific urban situations and the changes that have taken place in the structures and contents of an urban situation over a period of time either in terms of elements of an urban scene or in the fabric of an urban system.
FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012 . 37

Traffic and traffic patterns in the city - Ahmedabad
Ravindra Kakadia Year: 1970 Guide: B.V Doshi Contents: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. Introduction

Urbanization and the resultant problem of transportation Urbanization and transport in Ahmedabad Evolution of traffic pattern General observations Study of traffic conditions - Surveys and observations

Acknowledgement Bibliography Appendix

Conclusions and suggestions

38 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012 . 39

fig a: Railways in Ahmedabad fig b: Traffic operations plan in the walled city of Ahmedabad

Objectives Methodology Urbanization and it’s implication Scope. Elements of Housing Environment • • • Housing Environment Relationship between housing environment.Limitation Building Environment 2. Guide: Barjor Mehta Introduction • • • • • Man. Conclusions • Analysis of Case Study Study of Statistical data 40 . Case Study • • • • References Appendix 4. RESEARCH .A study of relationship between housing environment and health case study : slum clearance tenaments.2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 . Surat Kekul Desai Year: 1996 Contents: 1. health and quality of life. Identification of Case study Background Housing needs and provision.Present day situation 3.Environment Aims. FA Booklet Series .

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .2012 . 41 fig a: Light and ventilation in the house unit fig b: Elevations of C type housing . Thesis Overview 1962 .

2012 . 4. RESEARCH .D Parth Shah Year: 1997 Contents: Guide: Miki Desai 2. CHAPTER 1: HISTORICAL BACKGROUND 1. Bhagwatsinhji: The ruler Town planning in European cities Town planning expressions in India 1.1944 A. 3. Princely states of Saurashtra Expressions in Europe 1. 3. 6. 5. attitudes and the nature of built form 42 . 2. 1. Introductory profile of Gondal state CHAPTER 4: CITY OF GONDAL – THE TOWN PLANNING ATTITUDES AND EXPRESSIONS Introductory profile of the city Improvement of urban core The generators and determinants Land use – Issue of Land development City limits – The never-ending city Institutions – Their locations making of the public places Town planning in Gondal state – basic principles. FA Booklet Series .D. 2. Introductory profile of Saurashtra 3. 3. . Town Planning History of India CHAPTER 2: URBAN DESIGN AND TOWN PLANNING MOVEMENTS IN EUROPE – THE THEORETICAL INFLUENCE CHAPTER 3: THE STATE OF GONDAL 2.Generators and determinants of town planning : Gondal state 1865 A. Thesis Overview 1962 .

2012 . 43 fig a: Agricultural LandUse Pattern around the Gondal City fig b: Ildefenso Cerda’s plan for Barcelona and a typical block .SUMMARY POST SCRIPT APPENDICES GLOSSARY CREDITS CONCLUSION AND EPILOGUE BIBLIOGRAPHY FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 .

2012 . FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 .44 . RESEARCH .

theory and perception as well as concepts and processes are explored in these studies.Architectural History and Theory The theses cover some historical aspects of architectural forms and construction over time and space. rituals. Various aspects of architectural history and theory ranging from proportion. architectural education. structural systems employed and systems of proportioning used in chosen studies. intentions. They also attempt to examine the validity of the hypothesis pertaining to the architectural design principles under a context of a situation. primary form. form and architecture. Some of the theses examine materials of construction. RESEARCH . design approaches and attitudes.2012 . FA Booklet Series . eclectics in architecture. 45 . Thesis Overview 1962 . expressions and interpretation.

B Jain 2. Concept of directive correlation 8. General model Appendix: Homeostat Acknowledgement 12. Amplification Bibliography 15. Regulation in general and in Architecture 11. Determinate machine 9. Change 7. Regulating the system 14. Thesis Overview 1962 . Introduction 4. Variety 3. Error controlled regulator 46 . Stability 6. FA Booklet Series .2012 . Law of requisite variety 13. RESEARCH . Approach 1.Directively correlated CYBERCOLIBRIUM : architecture as system open to information and energy Jinraj Joshi Year: 1977 Contents: Guide: K. Set of related concepts 10. Set of fundamental concepts 5.

RESEARCH . 47 . Thesis Overview 1962 . b and c: Typical Pages from the thesis FA Booklet Series .2012 .fig a.

Response to a tradition : a study of architectural attitudes during the British Intervention in India Rahul Mehrotra Year: 1985 Introduction Contents: Guide: Anant Raje 1 A new beginning 3 The Bungalow 1 A New Beginning 2 The Anglo-Indian station 4 The Architect as a professional 1 The English Architect 2 Responses to a tradition 5 Archaeology – a search for the past 2 Architecture for the Empire – an overview 3 The enlightened orientalists 4 The craftsmanas a hero 5 Geddes and town planning 6 Assembling the past – The Indo-Saracenic style 7 Validating the Empire – An Indian Rome 8 Transitions into modernity 3 Contributions to a context 3 Contributions to a context 2 Professionalism and indigenous talent 4 The selected works of Claude Batley 1 Claude Batley and the question of tradition 5 Fragments – notes towards a conclusion 48 . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 . FA Booklet Series .

A. 49 fig a: Detailed drawings fig b: Previous Schemes and present situation of the Backbay . Claude Batley Selected projects Published writings Illustration credits Jeypore portfolio – contents FA Booklet Series . Bibliography D. RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 . E.Appendices B. C.2012 . F.

Investigations in to architectural design : conceptions and processes
Viren Brahmbhatt Year: 1989 Introduction Contents: Guide: Kurula Varkey Book 1. Investigations into the Nature of an Architectural Object 1. 2. 3. 4.

Section A. An Investigation into the nature of an Architectural object in terms of its ‘Conceptions’ Section B. An Investigation into the nature of an Architectural object in terms of its ‘Making’ Operative Principles in the Act of Making Act of Perception Act of Judgment Three Conceptions: A historic Perspective

Spatial conceptions and attributes of an Architectural Object

Book 2. Investigations into the Nature of Creative Thinking Section A. An Investigation into the nature of Creative Thinking 5. 6. 7.

Aspects of ‘Act of Making’

Book 3. Investigations into the Nature of ‘Processes’ in Architectural Design Activity Section A. An Investigation into Historic Processes 8. 9. Historic Processes Synthesis Section B. An Investigation into ‘Processes’ in Architectural Design Activity 10. Transformation 11. Transference

Section B. Creative Thinking: ‘Operative Categories’ Creative Processes

50 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012 . 51

fig a: A typical page fig b: Investigations into the nature of ‘ Creative Thinking’

Understanding of the city : a human construct, as a process in time
Durganand Balsavar Year: 1991 Guide: Kurula Varkey Introduction Contents:

Section 1: The General Attributes: Premise and Method Introduction 1. 2. 3. 4. The Generic Dimensions The General attributes of ‘Construct’ The General attributes of Time

Section 2: An Understanding of the City as a process in time In Summation A Study of the City as a ‘Process’ in Time

52 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012

in the recognition of these relationships.Firstly. Change. the process of remodeling of the existent built condition of the city and subsequent change. and a continual crystallization of diverse conditions over time. through an examination of the various cities and the events that have characterized them.2012 . in terms of status.In the preceding understanding of the ‘nature’ of the urban settlement. the ‘reason for being’ of the urban settlement reflects its capacity to integrate and synthesize. in the context of the study. an examination of the relationships between its constituent parts characterizing different moments of inception and the subsequent identification of elements of continuity and change. certain pertinent themes emerge. two distinct. Recognized.Two basic considerations need be made at this juncture. as a continuum. The appraisal of the city as a continual process is undertaken in consonance with these two dimensions in an endeavor to recognize the various conditions that characterize the city over time. yet. is envisaged a specific discussion on the nature of the “process” of the city in consonance with the dimensions that have emerged over the course of the inquiry. Thesis Overview 1962 . Summary: FA Booklet Series . However. The overall phenomenon is identified in terms of the attributes of permanence and change. the urban settlement is evocative of its internal relationships and universal nature as an “institution of collective dwelling”. RESEARCH . 53 fig a: Structuring Matrix of Jerusalem fig b: Density-Porosity Studies . It specifically comprehends the relationships of its different moments. both spatially and temporally.Recognized. as a process. is examined in apposition to elements in the city that have physically endured or persisted in the urban dynamic. inextricably related concepts emerge that characterizes the process of the city.Secondly. its reason for being reflecting an outlook of a culture at a point in time. It understands the consecration of the city and the attitudes governing the inception of tits new parts.Here. and the subsequent study of the city of Ahmedabad.

Thesis Overview 1962 . Raje) 54 .2012 . Vasavada Acknowledgements Introduction 1. FA Booklet Series . Kahn : Indian Works and a lesson from History Observations / Inference Reference to Quotes Bibliography Sources of Illustrations Selected Example for the analytical Study (Works of Ar. J. Part 2 : Analytical Framework • • • Le Corbusier. I.D.Search for an order: an inquiry into the contemporary direction in Indian architecture Wakeel Khan Year: 1994 Approval Contents: Guide : R. Louis. Anant. RESEARCH . Organization Methodology Aim and Limitations Part 1 : Premise of the Study • • A survey of Contemporary Indian Architecture Since 1947 Indian Architects in their Works during the 60’s Developing a specific model of analysis 2.

RESEARCH .FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 . 55 fig a: Understanding the integrity of various orders fig b: Exploded axonometric views of porches in Raje’s buildings .2012 .

3. The Premise of the Study 1.2012 . RESEARCH . 2. The Study 1.Expressiveness and the language analogy in architecture Kartikeya Chhaya Year: 2010 Preface Contents: Guide: Sohan Nilkanth Introduction Part 1. Thesis Overview 1962 . Meaning Hiatus Summary Perception and Difference Context and Meaning Methodology The Procedure The Experimentv • • • Ground Bibliography Appendices Meaning: An Unlimited and Open-Ended Process Hesitation Between the Sound and the Sense Tri-Axial Geometry Horizon 56 . 2. Conclusion 4. FA Booklet Series . Part 2. Part 3. 3.

2012 . 57 fig a: Sketches- Modhera fig b: Analytical Diagrams- Modhera .FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 .

58 . Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .2012 .

59 . simulation of building performance.Environmental Science The studies explore the role of climate in shaping architecture. Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . Topics covered in this category include analysis of climate data. exploration of design software and aspects of sustainability.2012 . FA Booklet Series .

2012 . References Conclusions Appendix A Indoor average velocities 60 . 4. 2. 8. Thesis Overview 1962 . 9. 5. 6. Guide: C. 7. 3.Basic study of air movement within enclosure Qamar Shaikh Year: 1960 Contents: 1.B Shah Introduction Scope Review of available literature Assumptions The results • • The Programme The experimental setup Flow patterns 10. FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .

Thesis Overview 1962 .fig a: Effect of the proportions of Openings fig b: Typical Flow-Patterns FA Booklet Series . 61 .2012 . RESEARCH .

3. 4. 5. Net 11. RESEARCH . 8.B. 9. Drawing Program 62 . Thesis Overview 1962 . Daycal 12. Extday Appendix 13. Guide: C.Software for daylight Santosh Philip Year: 1989 Contents: 1. 6. 2. 7. FA Booklet Series .Shah Manual Model Daylight Calculation Basic Methods Presentation Methods Future Developments Structure of Software Daylight Indata Choospln 10.2012 .

RESEARCH . 63 fig a: 3d grid of Daylight factors fig b: Top to down structure of the Net . Thesis Overview 1962 .FA Booklet Series .2012 .

Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series .2012 .64 . RESEARCH .

65 .cultural and Anthropological studies The theses cover a range of sociological and anthropological aspects of the urban and rural situations encompassing the studies at settlement/ cluster and individual dwellings.2012 .Socio . Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . FA Booklet Series . The special outcome as a result of sociological basis has been explained in some of the theses.

5. 6. 1. B Chapter one: The background Chapter two: Understanding transience in its Architectural context Chapter four: Analysing the present situation Chapter five: Conclusions Chapter three: Architecture in its temporal sequence Bibliography Appendix Chapter six: recommendations References – Illustrations 66 . RESEARCH .2012 .Architecture in a schizoid environment Shirish Beri Published in: 1973 Guide: K. Introduction: A. FA Booklet Series . 3. 4. 7.B Jain Contents: 2. Thesis Overview 1962 .

FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH .2012 . 67 fig a: A typical page fig b: Reversible Architecture .

RESEARCH .Analysis of streets : a socio-physical perspective Tanvi Parikh Year: 1999 Introduction Contents : 1.2012 . FA Booklet Series . its history and various physical aspects • • 2. • An Overview Chapter – 2 : Social Organization – Its effects on streets as a social space • • • • • • A Shift Social Interaction Usage / Activities Theory of territoriality Physical aspects of streets Spatial aspects Concept of neighbourhood Public – Private Realms 68 . Guide : Nitin Raje Intent of Study Chapter – 1 : Streets – The terms. Thesis Overview 1962 .

Chapter 3 : Methodology for analysis • • • Case Study 1 – Dhal ni Pol area The Theoretical Framework Conclusions Case Study 2 – Gurukul Area Appendices 1 & 2 Bibliography Illustration Credits FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 .3. RESEARCH . 69 fig a: Case study- Dhal-nipol fig b: Diagrams explaining Spatial aspects of an Individual’s social activities .2012 .

70 . RESEARCH .2012 . FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 .

71 . FA Booklet Series .Design Norms The theses explore the design criteria of specific category of buildings and evolve special design norms under the context of a situation. RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 .

9. 5. P. 4. 2. B. FA Booklet Series .Design norms for zoological gardens Sharad Sheth Year : 1972 Contents: Guide: R. THE SCOPE OF A THESIS Physical Environment for Animals The medium of Exhibition Contact with Nature Animal Behavior Animal Training Other Features Education The role of Zoological Gardens Knowledge or ignorance of Animal Life 10. 3. Ecology 72 . 6. RESEARCH . 7. Thesis Overview 1962 . Jain Acknowledgements Introduction Conclusion Physical Environment for Animals Mechanics of Exhibition Bibliography 1. David. 8. and K.2012 . Kannan.

FA Booklet Series .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 . 73 fig a: A typical page fig b: Open exhibition area surrounded by a Moat . RESEARCH .

FA Booklet Series .74 . RESEARCH .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .

RESEARCH . 75 .Renewal/ Rehabilitation/ Conservation The theses cover varied aspects of urban design and its elements with respect to a situation under review. This also encompasses aspects like the urban form/ urban renewal. rehabilitation and conservation. FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 .

3. • • • • 1. FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .2012 . 4.V Ekbote Introduction The Inductive approach and the Deductive approach Why recycling? Case studies What is Recycling? Plinth into a shop Examples abroad Recycling the Cities Haveli into a commercial centre Haveli into an office building Recycling notes Inferences 76 . Thesis Overview 1962 . 6. 5.Recycling examining the concept in the modern Indian context Harish Parikh Year : 1977 Contents: 2. Guide: D.

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . 77 fig a: A typical page fig b: Order of spaces in the Haveli .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .

Credits Chapter 5: Comparative analysis Conclusions / Glossary 78 . RESEARCH . Guide: Samir Shah Chapter 1: The Study • • • Methodology Calamities Aim and objectives of the study Scope and limitations House and socio-cultural relationship Chapter 2: Introduction • • • 3. Chapter 3: Rehabilitation Approaches • • • Introduction to Kutch region Rehabilitation issues and approaches Introduction to the Latur approach Calamity on 26th January 2001 4. • Chapter 4: Case studies • • • • Approach of Gujarat earthquake rehabilitation Case study 1: Village Ludia Case study 2: Village Ukhadmora Case study 3: Village at Rudramata Case study 4: The Latur experience 5. Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series .2012 Bibliography Acknowledgement .Rebuilding rural Kutchh : an evaluation of post earthquake rehabilitation efforts Prashant Patel Year: 2004 Contents: 1. 2. 6.

79 fig a: Axonometric view fig b: Analytical diagrams of dwellings . Thesis Overview 1962 .FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .2012 .

Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 . FA Booklet Series .80 . RESEARCH .

variations and other design aspects within buildings or spaces.Architectural Elements These theses study specific architectural elements and their significance.2012 . FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . 81 .

Significance of steps and ramps in architecture
Radhika Doshi Year : 1981 Contents: 2. 3. 4. 5. 1.

Guide: Anant Raje

Introduction Evolution Case studies Summary Linking elements – New attitudes

Bibliography Appendix

82 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012 . 83

fig a and b: Typical pages from the thesis

Interpretative design efforts : mandapas of the Maru-Gujarat style
Harita Patel Year : 1993 Contents: 1. 2. 3. Guide : R.J. Vasavada Prefatory Note. Prelude. • • • Introduction

Historical Precedents • •

Scopes and Limitations Methodology Evolution of the Hindu Temple Mandapas of the Maru – Gurjara Temples Nrtyamandapa – Sun Temple Modhera Sabhamandapa – Nilkanth Mahadev Temple, Sunak

Interpretative Design Efforts • • •

Maru – Gurjara Style of Gujarat


Samvarana Roof forms of the Mandapas • • •

Evolution of the roof form of the Mandapas Samvarana Roof form of the Pavilion of the Kund at Kapadvanj

Samvarana Superstructure of the Mandapas

84 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 - 2012

RESEARCH . Glossary of Sanskrit Terms FA Booklet Series . 85 fig a: Cover Page fig b: Details of Plinth at Nilkanth Mahadev Temple. Footnotes Bibliography I. . Visuals II. Sunak.Epilogue Plates Appendix. Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 .

RESEARCH . FA Booklet Series .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .86 .

FA Booklet Series .Architectural Appreciation The theses explore the images of architecture as expressed through various works by different individuals and viewpoints and appreciation are articulated. Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 . 87 . RESEARCH .

RESEARCH . Lonavala •House for Mr. Malik. and Mrs.2012 . Jain. and Mrs.Nari Gandhi’s Architecture •Introduction •His Design Philosophies Architecture •Nari Gandhi and Clients •About his Architecture •Nari Gandhi and Spiritualism • Nari Gandhi as Maker of Organic •Mountain Lodge for Mr. •House for Mr. Lonavala. Surat. FA Booklet Series . Nari Gandhi’s Place in Recent Indian Architecture Selected Bibliography 88 . Thesis Overview 1962 .Architect •Early years 1.The person 2.A Brief Account •Years at Taliesin •Nari Gandhi.Suryakant Patel.Life.Work of Nari Gandhi Rahul Gore Year: 1996 Foreword Contents: Guide: Neelkanth Chhaya Nari Gandhi. Case Studies •Residence for Mr. Lonavala.Daya.

RESEARCH .FA Booklet Series . fig b: A typical page . 89 fig a: Explode axonometric of Mountain Lodge. Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 . Lonavala.

OBJECTIVES.H Chhaya PREFACE Contents: BACKGROUND TO A MAVERICK ARCHITECTURE 1. Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series .2012 . 3. 6. INTRODUCTION AIM.Strategies of a Maverick architecture : the case of HDEM and NOUVEL Sarosh Anklesaria Year: 2001 Guide : N. 2. RESEARCH . 4. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS CHAPTER ONE : HERZOG & DE MEURON PRECEDENTS AND INFLUENCES CONFRONTING THE ‘REAL” ( Architecture and its role in the present context) Object) Space) FORMAL QUALITIES AND OBJECT HOOD ( Inquiries into the form of an SPACE AND ITS PERCEPTIVE QUALITIES ( Inquiries into the sensation of SUMMARY 90 . 5.


FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Criteria of Selecting Case Studies Scope and Limitations Chapter 1: Indian Traditional Architecture • • • • • 2.2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 . • Indian Architecture: Brief Introduction Tradition and Values Study of Selected Traditional Architecture Architect Raj Rewal at Reinterpretation Importance and Necessity of Reinterpretation Various Attitudes to Reinterpret Role in Contemporary Architecture Chapter 2: Architecture of Raj Rewal • • • • Raj Rewal: An Overview His Reinterpretation in terms of Design Ideas and Philosophy 92 .Architecture of Raj Rewal : a critical inquiry into the reinterpretation of Indian tradition into contemporary expression Mehul Patel Year: 2003 Introduction Contents: Guide : Madhavi Desai Aims and Objectives Methodology 1.

New Delhi Critical Inquiry Bibliography Abbreviations Illustration Credits Acknowledgements fig a and b: Typical pages from the thesis FA Booklet Series . Case studies • • National Institute of Immunology. New Delhi Asian Games Village. RESEARCH . 93 .3.2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .

RESEARCH .2012 .94 . Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series .

materials and construction techniques These theses study building construction techniques and how they impact architecture. Some of these also study design tools such as software. FA Booklet Series .2012 .Technology: design tools. RESEARCH . 95 . Thesis Overview 1962 . other digital systems and its impact on the field of architecture.

P. • Acknowledgements Chapter – 1 : Context of Geodesic Domes Dome Types Geodesics Architectural Manifestation Tensigrity Polyhedra Chapter – 2 : Principle behind geodesic domes • • • Great Circles 5. Thesis Overview 1962 . Guide: K. Chapter – 3 : Design and Constructional Aspects • • • • • Preliminary Design Considerations Construction Elements of Dome Geodesic sub-division Miscellaneous factor 96 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . 3. Co. 1.Ghummat : software unfolding the geometry of geodesic domes Mahirshi Desai Year: 1991 Guide: Nitin Raje Contents : 2. Lavingia Introduction • • 4.2012 .

6. 7.2012 . 97 . Thesis Overview 1962 .5 : Illustrated Ghummat • • • Problem Evaluation Output Application Defining the Dome Miscellaneous Information Application of Ghummat Appendix fig a and b: Typical pages from the thesis FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Chapter – 4 : Mathematics of Geodesic Domes • • Chapter .

An Introduction L. Representation and Expression System and World View Thought process Form Algorithm The Design Process and A Generative System Representations of Generative Systems 2. RESEARCH . Representations of generative systems through the digital medium to conceive architecture • Representations of Generative systems in the Digital medium.Systems Shape Grammar Parametric Design Cellular Automata • • • • • Evolutionary Design 98 . Medium and Process • • • • • • • Medium. FA Booklet Series .2012 .Investigation of representation of generative systems through the digital medium Gaganjit Ahluwalia Year: 2010 Guide : Bharat Dave Contents: 1. Thesis Overview 1962 .

Case Studies in parametric design and illustrating a parametric solution • • Conclusions Case Studies in parametric design Illustrating a Parametric Solution 4. RESEARCH . Conclusions Bibliography Image Credits FA Booklet Series .3.2012 . 99 fig a: A typical page fig b: Screen shots from an animation . Thesis Overview 1962 .

FA Booklet Series . Guide: Sankalpa Abstract Scope Introduction Chapter 1. 6. Chapter 2.Artisan and the craft : exploring the relationship between artisan of Kosi region and material in the process of building Tejas Patel Year: 2011 Contents: 2.2012 . • Kosi Region Material in Kosi Region Interaction with Artisan Artisan with Building Process Out come of the Process Process of Building Practice in Kosi with Artisan o o o Appendix Glossary 8. 1. Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . • Aim and Objective Methodology Kosi Region and it’s Material o o 7. 5. 4. 3. Conclusion Bibliography 100 .

Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . Physical context gives birth to the material and with artisan.2012 . material and context. 101 fig a: Diagram illustrating methods of construction fig b: Assembly of members . process of built form is use as a tool to establish a relation between artisan. In making of architecture many processes involve to achieve a built form. In the practice.The study of relationship is important in a region where practice of indigenous material is alive. Abstract: FA Booklet Series . material transforms in to built form.

Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH .102 . FA Booklet Series .2012 .

nature of representation techniques. etc. RESEARCH .Miscellaneous These theses do not fall under any specific category mentioned above but cover a wide range of topics such as ethics. Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series .2012 . 103 .

3.Code of ethics in architecture Aruna Patel Year: 1973 Contents: 2. 1.M Parikh Preamble Introduction A study in parallels and contrasts a comparative study on the four codes General conclusion Appendix Bibliography 104 .2012 . 4. Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . FA Booklet Series . Guide : S.

Thesis Overview 1962 . 105 .2012 .fig a and b: Typical pages from the thesis FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .

Inquiry into the nature of Axonometric drawing Indrajit Chatterji Year: 1988 Approval 1. Contents: Guide: Sen Kapadia Acknowledgements Introduction Perception. 2.2012 . FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . conception and the problem of representation A concept of Axonometry A conclusion Phenomena associated with the perception of axonometric drawing A history of axonometric drawing Bibliography Sources of illustrations 106 . 4. 6. 5. Thesis Overview 1962 . 3.

fig b: Analytical Drawings .2012 . 107 fig a: Axonometric drawing of Frankfurt Museum by Richard Meyer. Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH .FA Booklet Series .

RESEARCH .108 . Thesis Overview 1962 . FA Booklet Series .2012 .

List of Theses An attempt has been made to clasify the theses according to the categories listed below. RESEARCH . It must be noted that these categories are not mutually exclusive and therefore some studies can be part of more than one. FA Booklet Series . 109 .2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 .

Thakore. Study of the Church architecture of Gujarat : Nineteenth century / Protestant. Role of physical and natural elements on primary schools of villages. 110 .2012 . Ajay B. Sohan Shah. RESEARCH . Study of mediaeval temple complex Krimchi : Udhampur. Study of an educational campus. Pankaj T. Satish Pandya. Study of approaches of Islamic religious and mortuary complexes in Ahmedabad. Dipak Thesis Title The system of proportions in Jain temples in Gujarat region (Western India). Ringwala.Building Type: Instituitions Year 1973 1975 1976 1977 1977 1977 1978 1979 1978 1981 1983 1984 1984 1987-88 1987-88 1988-89 1988-89 1989-90 Thesis Number TH-0051 TH-0079 TH-0091 TH-0109 TH-0110 TH-0111 TH-0159 TH-0193 TH-0205 TH-0233 TH-0262 TH-0294 TH-0300 TH-0350 TH-0354 TH-0368 TH-0375 TH-0398 Name of Student Nagar. Jaiswal. Nahargarh Fort. Desai. Study of interaction spaces in academic institutions : case studies. Yasmeen Indian Institute of Management. Reza Mohammed Shah Panchal. Mosque as a civic institution in islamic architecture. Kshama T. Ashesh P. Jagruti K. Meeta Kumar Kotecha. Tayebbhai. Traditional temple theatres of Kerala : a study. Mosque : form. P. Hosseini. FA Booklet Series . Study of hindu temples. Ajaykumar C. Monuments in urban surroundings. Nilkanth. Hindu ritual movement : study of Sri Virupaksha Temple : Humpi. Queens’ palace. J-&-K-State. Miki C. Joshi. Ajit A. Study of building technology and structural systems of mosques. Fatehpur-Sikri revisited : a new light on its planning principles. Thesis Overview 1962 . structure and regional influences. Prakash Kokularaj. Shailendra Chadha. Study of mosques. Vineet Patel. Jaipur : an architectural understanding. Kadu. Ahmedabad : a study of architecture.

Jaspreet Modi. Thesis Overview 1962 . Sambit Ratnam. 111 . Shoummo Haideri. Vinod Datta. Mayoor Dasgupta. Vishakha Vijayram. Jayshil Study of Jehangir-Mahal. Ahmedabad : an architectural understanding. influences on architectural idiom and building language. Study of activity spaces in Jain temple complexes. Manifestation of a Saivite-Temple : Tiruvanamalai. Study of modern palaces of Porbandar the Daria-Rajmahal 1901. Geometric delineation in the Nagara-Cella : a study of the temple of Ranakdevi at Wadhwan. The Hindu temple : Dravidian style. Haveli of Swaminarayan-Temple. Anup Thesis Title Gujral. RESEARCH . Abbas I. Rituraj Study of Raja-Bir-Singh-Deo’s palace at Datia : a representative example of Bundela architecture. Nature of an academic institution : its manifestation in architecture : a study of three management institutions.Uttar-Pradesh. and the Hazur- palace 1927 : a discussion on antecedents to style. Chauhan. Attitudes towards design of art museums. Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim : an investigation into design principles and processes. S. Study of contemporary architecture in India : institution in Ahmedabad. Western theatre : an evolution to reality. Sumeet FA Booklet Series . Towards in architectural rediscovery of the palace of the last Muchal. Mohit Shah. Study of the determinants of a building : case evaluation : Deogarh fort palace. Susan Rai. Study of Haveli-Mandirs of Gujarat : observations on house-form temples of Pusti-Margiya Vaishnava Sampradaya.1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1990-91 1990-91 1991-92 1991-92 1991-92 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1993-94 Year Thesis Number TH-0407 TH-0408 TH-0412 TH-0419 TH-0426 TH-0433 TH-0434 TH-0453 TH-0471 TH-0473 TH-0475 TH-0486 TH-0494 TH-0495 TH-0506 TH-0508 TH-0518 TH-0519 TH-0526 TH-0535 Name of Student Dave. Shital Patel. Study of mosque architecture at Champanair. Ishvarsinh Prasad. Mehrauli. Geometric formalism and nature of the land : study of Shatrunjayagiri Jain Tirtha. Kaur. C. Rajasthan. Vasant Patel. Sheetal Saxena. Analytical study of the 16th-century Mughal-Rajput temple of Harideva at Govardhan. at Orchha : a representative example of Bundela architecture.2012 . Purani. Purandare. ZafarMahal. Study of outdoor spaces and activities in them in primary school. Makhesana. Ritu Khandwala.

Venperampil.. 112 . Urvi Shah. Chopra. Amit Thesis Title Cooper.M.I. Bhopal. Hyderabad : an architectural appraisal. Study of Swaminarayan-temple complexes in Gujarat. Delhi. Shakil A. Study of the jain temple of ajitnath at taranga : multiplicity of meaning in a temple form. Iype C. Transformation of a tradition : the temple and mosque in the architecture of Gujarat. Thesis Overview 1962 . Hemal Study of the stepwell at Ambapur : an inquiry into the structural and constructional aspects.D. Attitudes and expressions in contemporary mosque architecture of Gujarat. Bangalore and I..2012 .I. Vaishali Pujara. Jaydeep Makim. Palitana and the house source.I.I. Narmawala. Shailesh Making of unbuilt spaces : case study : National Institute of Fashion Technology. Generic order : an insight into creation : the temple place at Shatrunjaya Hill. Jyothi Agrawal. Shah. Purani haveli palace complex. Charyulu. Alpa Patel..T. RESEARCH . Discourse on Indian modernity in the context of three specific instances : Hriday Kunj. I. A study of the physical environment built for the centre for environment education. Study of churches in Goa (Indian influence) existential meaning embodied and conveyed by Santana of Tallaulim. Sukesh Lewis. Ainsley Ian Bhagat. Azmi F. Syrian Christian Church complex in Kerala.M. Gajjar.1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1996-97 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 Year Thesis Number TH-0539 TH-0542 TH-0551 TH-0555 TH-0556 TH-0582 TH-0589 TH-0601 TH-0631 TH-0636 TH-0653 TH-0654 TH-0672 TH-0673 TH-0687 Name of Student Mody. O. Study of jain temple complex at MT. FA Booklet Series .F. Kanpur and N. Vatsal B. Ankita Tradition and its continuity in contemporary Indian architecture : case-studies : I.Girnar. Zoroastrian religious built form : an approach to nature and landscape.

Understanding the notion of place : a study of the Jami Mosque Complex and Sarkhej Roza. Deepa J. Ladakh. Between the typical and the specific : hybrid nature of Dravidian temples : case study : Meenakshi Sundaresvara temple. 113 . T.1650-1950. Nirmit Gohil. Perception of space theough the aspect of movement : study of three campus architecture in Ahmedabad during the Isalmic period. RESEARCH . Mayank Memon. Emergence of a type and its formal manifestation : a study of the Churchtypology & its manifestation in the modern context. Study of continuity & change in campus extensions : a study of three campuses Sanskar Kendra and Tagore Memorial Hall and N. FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 . Anar Basrai. Chauhan. Aparna Jadav. Srinivasan. Understanding the architecture of Buddhist monastery at Likir. India : Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha [BAPS] temple-complexes. Dhulia. Raveendran.. Perceptual and the experiential : an exploration along their two polarities : a spatial analysis of two temple complexes. Human responses to the built environment : a case study of primary schools. Madurai. Urmila Balwani. Genesis and evolution of museums as contemporary institution. Priyanka Jhaveri. Bharat Joshi. Gujarat A. Architecture as resolute of time and space : a study of post independence architecture of five institutions in Ahmedabad. Understanding a Shia architecture : a study of the evolution of the Bohra Masjid. Ahmedabad. Thiruvanathapuram. Zameer Goga. Mitesh Understanding a sacred space : a study of the mosque of Rani Sipri at Ahmedabad. Study of Swaminarayan temple-complexes in Gujarat. Fort Area.1998-99 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2002-03 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2004-05 2004-05 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 Year Thesis Number TH-0694 TH-0723 TH-0729 TH-0732 TH-0786 TH-0794 TH-0809 TH-0825 TH-0835 TH-0837 TH-0863 TH-0870 TH-0872 TH-0876 TH-0882 TH-0887 TH-0890 TH-0891 TH-0893 Name of Student Mehta. Shefali Varia.D. Ashok Raj Search for the conceptual : a dialectical study of Unitarian Church and Parc-dela-Villette. Enquiry into the evolution of a settlement. incorporating the vedic & the verancular : case study : Padmanabhaswamy Temple Precincts. Dhaval Panchal. Dave.D. Zahida Jose. Nimisha P. Behavioral study of healing environments : study of hospitals of Ahmedabad. the Chapel at Ronchamp and the Sun Temple at Modhera. Study and revelation of polo temples : a conjectural analysis. Neha Kazi.2012 .I. Ahmedabad. 1910. Sujit Thesis Title Menghani. Jitendra Indo-Saracenic style : an exception in Bombay study of the general Post-office. Adnan A. The mosque today : a study of contemporary influences on the mosque as an expression of faith.

Study of user responses to built environment genral hospitals in Ahmedabad. FA Booklet Series . Patel. Noorani.from imperial master to nation builder . Roshani B. Thesis Overview 1962 . Ahir. Dafda.M. . Sheth. Kinny D. Nikunj Patel. Architecture of public libraries as civic institutions : a study of public libraries Study of Shiva temple of mt. Patel. Vyas. Architecture of planetarium. Roshani B. Sameeha Sharad Soni. Madhu C. Khimani. Aiyar. Dhaval V. Gurukul : the concept of learning and its architectural manifestation : case study : Varanasi. MAdrasa. Kasim Patel. . Mistry. Veer R. Ahmedabad. Nathani.Institute of Mental Health. . Gajjar. Geometric concepts in the Islamic religious architecture : a study of three mosques at Dholka. TH-0909 TH-0915 TH-0935 TH-0937 TH-0939 TH-0953 TH-0955 TH-0966 TH-0969 TH-0976 TH-0982 TH-0987 TH-0994 TH-0996 TH-1004 TH-1012 TH-1013 TH-1020 TH-1024 TH-1031 Study of user responses to built environment general hospitals in Ahmedabad. Jaikumar B. Mayurkumar R. Shakeel Singal. Pareshkumar R. RESEARCH . Nirali M. variations and growth over time. Limbachia. Understanding the architecture of CEPT campus : themes. Imagery of non-visual space perception case study : IIMA Parmar. History of architecture of the Rajkumar college Rajkot from 1870 to 2009.meaning in the architecture of boarding schools in India (1847 to 1935). Spatial construction : a study of spaces in museums. Making of two institutes National Institute of Design and B. . Srikrishna Thesis Title Colonial legacy in pedagogical architecture . Antara A. To study the architecture of mausoleums at Champaner. India. Apoorva Organisation and coherence in contemporary schools : a comparative study of Ahmedabad International School and Anand Niketan School. Choradiya. Nikhil M.2012 Study of four modern academic libraries in India : generation of library form in the larger campus context.Year 2006-07 2006-07 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Thesis Number Name of Student Nanavatty. Pavagadh : understanding the characteristic feature of temple architecture (10th century) in western India Relationship between program and architectural form : a study of schools of architecture. an islamic learning institution : a study of expression of Madrasas built in Ahmedabad. Saurabh P. Smit Y. 114 . Ahmedabad. Study of architecture of learning and loving on campus from past to present (gurukul to present) in India Integration of nature : water and vegetation in work environment. .

Study of spaces within a dwelling and their design process of middle size dwellings built up area 500-1100sq.Building Type: House Form Year 1968 1972 1974 1975 1976 1976 1976 1977 1976 1977 1977 1978 1978 1978 1978 1979 1979 1979 Thesis Number Name of Student Contractor. FA Booklet Series . 115 . Ajit K. Shrenik N. Patel. Shailini Vajihuddin. Dalal. Ataollah Patwa.physical organization. Kautilya J. Shah. TH-0005 TH-0045 TH-0067 TH-0083 TH-0098 TH-0104 TH-0108 TH-0114 TH-0116 TH-0133 TH-0149 TH-0165 TH-0167 TH-0169 TH-0182 TH-0191 TH-0197 TH-0202 Evaluation of a traditional habitat : case study Bohra community. Gandhi. Traditional dwellings in Southern India : a case study of Tiruchirapalli. Punita Parekh.feet.).2012 . Study on tribal settlements Panchmahals : social pattern . Aghelizadeh. House form. Thesis Title Study of old houses Ahmedabad. Chhatpar. Patel.A. Decorations of traditional houses in Gujarat : a study. Mahesh K. Bipin R. Study of desert settlements with main emphasis on house form : a case study in United Arab Emirates (U. Individual houses of Ahmedabad : last decade 1968-76. RESEARCH . Zohar R. Assessment of house form and community spaces. Desai. Rajnikant J. Habib N. Shukla. Dwelling clusters in South India : a case study of Tiruchirapalli. V. Gujarat. Community and houseform. H. Indian residential architecture before Islamic period with reference to orientation and modular site planning system. Evolution of house concepts & its groupings in Ahmedabad. Yogesh Y. Study of house form in Isfahan (Iran). Desai. Kitchen as service core in dwelling. Rita C. concept. Study of tribal settlements and shelters in change. Desai. Shah. Re-examination of court : house. Nagendra. Bharat M. Thesis Overview 1962 . Hansal Desai.E. Madhobi N. Gautam A.

Mahesana District : community : Nagar Havelis : a study of Jaipur. Design considerations for housing layouts. Rajasthan. Traditional houseform in Bikaner. Organisational concepts of urban houseforms. Sanchita Khambatta. Radhika Kanekar. Essential residence : understanding traditional Indian architecture in the image of Man. 116 . Rajasthan : a study. Yashwant Rai Colonial residential development : a study of New Delhi. Engineer. Kalyani J. Rajat Kumar Pandya. Thesis Overview 1962 . Mahesh G. Mehta. Vivek Kacker.2012 . Rajasthan : a study. Manan Jog. Parthesh Ruchira. RESEARCH . Towards the sun : vernacular building : the Ladakh House. Patel. Ahmedabad. Houseform and settlement : a manifestation of socio-cultural beliefs : a study of Kharak settlements in Bhavnagar district. Profiles of built-forms : a case study of Nasik houses. Impact of changes in culture on houseform : study of old and New-Delhi habitats. TH-0235 TH-0247 TH-0260 TH-0266 TH-0275 TH-0281 TH-0286 TH-0292 TH-0293 TH-0304 TH-0313 TH-0319 TH-0362 TH-0367 TH-0370 TH-0382 TH-0383 TH-0389 TH-0395 TH-0405 TH-0406 Srivistava. Chitra Bagai. Sense of place in traditional dwelling environment. Vipul Choksi. Jain. Tarak Krishnan. Gujarat. Bungalow : a colonial house-form. Manohar Vasavada. Ismet Talwar. Contemporary urban dwelling environment physical conditions in the dwellings of middle income housing. Anuj Shrivastav. Aarati Physical transformation processes with respect to design of a dwelling unit. Devdutt J. Environmental choice and residential satisfaction : a case study of middleincome households in Ahmedabad. Houseforms in a cultural context : a study of Fatehpur Shekhawati. FA Booklet Series . Roshani Patolia. Spatial hierarchy in the Peshwekalin Wadas and its influence on domestic house : form. A. Mathur. Study of houseform and settlement pattern : case study : Patan. Way of the house : an insight into its concept. Laxman Thesis Title Study of old havelis in Gujarat. Traditional houseform in Bikaner. Palavajjhala Pandya.Year 1982 1982 1982 1982 1983 1983 1984 1984 1984 1985 1985 1985 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1989-90 1989-90 Thesis Number Name of Student Patel.

Suparna Mawkhroh. Maithili Amin. Apurva Shah. Makwana. Suneet Ullal. Dakshina Kannada : a study : the Gutthu Houses. Abhijit A. Thesis Overview 1962 . Genesis and evolution of a traditional houseform as a cultural idiom : PeshwaWadas. A study of the evalution of the facilities in the traditional houses of the walled city of Ahmedabad. Sagar S.Year 1989-90 1989-90 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 1992-93 1994-95 1994-95 1997-98 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 2000-01 2000-01 2001-02 2001-02 Thesis Number Name of Student Shetty. Khimani. Sunil Divecha. Porbandar : a case for study. the collective houseform : case-study Ahmedabad. Houses of the Saraswat Brahmins of Goa : a study. Amishi D. RESEARCH . Joshi. Continuity as an essence of dwelling patterns in the vernacular context. Sachin Attitudes to houseform study : an overview. Study of Nagar houses in relation to their socio-cultural background. Afzal. Manu Study of residential site planning for row houses. Pandya. Hemant FA Booklet Series . Hetal Raut. Culture-specific house form : Nair Tarawads of Kerala. Indigenous domestic architecture : a study of two houses in the town of Bundi. Daman. Uttar Pradesh. Mohit Jariwala. Thesis Title Traditional houses of the bunt community. Eighteen hundred thirty eight-Ninteen hundred ninty eight : constancy and change within the Muslim houseform : Varkund. a Maratha way of life. Sarto almieda : a regional revivalist of cultural expressions study of a residence. Devan Trivedi. TH-0409 TH-0413 TH-0451 TH-0460 TH-0469 TH-0480 TH-0522 TH-0528 TH-0563 TH-0564 TH-0647 TH-0657 TH-0682 TH-0688 TH-0692 TH-0693 TH-0697 TH-0725 TH-0735 TH-0747 TH-0758 Gandhi. Metamorphosis of the house form in the walled city of Ahmedabad. Mohammed Desai. Padukams of nambuthiri illams : understanding its importance as an element of transition. Pavitra S. Banni house form : a study of the phenomenon of change. Ekbote. Neha Ray. Abstract and the manifest in vernacular built : houseform of Rohailkhand region. Aiban Shngain Meaning in Khasi house forms : a study of traditional and Bungalow-type house forms of Cherrapunji. Krisna Agarwal. Falguni Keni. Single family attached Dwelling type : a comparative study Ahmedabad. 117 .2012 . Traditional houseform : the expression of a culture : a study of Saraswata dwellings. Houseforms of Diu: a comparative study of the two major types. Study of the house form of the temple town of Nathdwara. Paresh Vamadevan.

Understanding the determinates of a typical house form at a sacred place gaya. Chaudhry. Influences of regional wada houseforms on the contemporary residential buildines : an inquiry intio the works of architects in Nasik. Maheshwar. Study of Parsi residential colonies and baugs in Bombay : as community based housing schemes. Space organization and physical alterations in dwelling unit : a study of co-op. Pandey. Kerala. Study of Parsee houses in the region of Udvada. Exploring vernacular tradition of Meghalaya. Socio-Cultural aspects and change in the tamil brahman house form. Sorathiya. Kruti J. Rika Deshmukh. Mona J.Year 2002-03 2003-04 2003-04 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2008-09 Thesis Number Name of Student Thesis Title TH-0781 TH-0793 TH-0801 TH-0843 TH-0844 TH-0845 TH-0846 TH-0847 TH-0861 TH-0878 TH-0879 TH-0902 TH-0904 TH-0905 TH-0919 TH-0921 TH-0925 TH-0954 TH-0962 Kothiwale. a study of the houses in the temple town of Srirangam. Tamil Nadu. Shaili House : a cultural entity of the community case study of the Marwari house form. Analysis of architectural form of a Banares house to describe a condition of its presence in its environment. Suri. Yamini L. FA Booklet Series . Vrushti Patel. Understanding the vernacular dwelling : a study of the rajput houses of Brahmaur. Built tradition : dwellings of Mukhba. Bhavana F. Mawani.2012 Hameed.) between 1900-2000. Archana S. Sagarika Kataria. Polyvalence in the traditional dewelling : an enquiry into the adaptability of the Pol house. Rajat Shah. Divyeshkumar Chandulal Kumar. Study of designed flexibility in mass produced house.D. Ahmedabad. Sujit Vijay Contemporary houses of Nasik-Pune region : influences of the regional Wada house-forms. Menon. . Rajasekharan Barar. Synthesis of architectural form and natural elements : study of the Holkar Rajwada. Viraj Prince.A. RESEARCH . Colonial bungalow in Ahmedabad : an enquiry into adaptability with change in ownership and lifestyle. Mehul Waghela. Thesis Overview 1962 . . .case study : Ahmedabad. Dynamics of public housing : post construction addtions . Mansi A. Vishal Gupta.C11th CENT. 118 . (EST. Catherine Continuity & change in a traditional house form : case study : Chettinadu Mansions. Vachhani. Socio-cultural manifestation of kuttichira mappila muslim houses : Calicut. housing societies in Himatnagar. Himachal Pradesh. Aditya Vadher. .

Ankit S. construction.Year 2008-09 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Thesis Number Name of Student Solgama. Nehal Thesis Title Understanding the cultural influences and transformation in traditional house form : a study of house form in Mangrol. lateral forces on the house form. Study into the making of a traditional architecture : the case of Beri-Chettiar Dwellings in Chennai (1850-1950). RESEARCH . V. Shoubhik Vigneswer. Gandhi. S. Jigneshkumar Karode. Chennai . Mistry. Sudhir K. Study of architect’s own houses : the case of Auroville TH-0964 TH-0965 TH-0981 TH-0986 TH-1003 TH-1014 TH-1026 TH-1027 TH-1038 TH-1041 TH-1044 TH-1047 TH-1048 TH-1057 TH-1059 Choksi. 119 . Megha Study of colonial domestic architecture of M. skills. Study of houseform and settlement pattern at Vadnagar. Nayak. Influence of culture on the house form of Palanpur : case study of Jain vernacular houses. Amit V. Comparative study of the residential architecture of the colonial towns at Pondicherry and Chadernagore. Mustaqeem Khan Mewada. University campus. Hore. old city of Vadodara as a case study. Tracing change in the hose form of George Town. Understanding house form of an agricultural settlement and its agricultural practices.the case of sowcarpet. Constancy and change in making of a new pol house. Arjav Suthar. Neha S. Rashmin Bhasker. Hiral Desai.2012 . Historical study of haveli architecture in Nadiad. Evolution of house form in Kutch (based on changing materials and associated technology) Makwana. Amrita Anna House form at Siddhpur ( a study of an intermediate spaces). still a valid place of living. Vernacular house forms of Sikkim : impact of materials. Thesis Overview 1962 . . Ahmedabad. . . Pathan. S. Vijaykumar P. Vadodara Understanding and identifying type for the houses of the South Gujarat region FA Booklet Series . Thomas. Pisawada village. tools.

Mahendra K.2012 Role of the unbuilt spaces in clustered organizations : a study of Indian palace complexes. Evolution of Indo-Islamic tombs (1231-1753A. . Ranjit Vilas Palace. Dipak C. Study of fall out shelter. Shah. Jagrat M. Hierarchy of spaces : Amber Palace Complex. Dwelling alternation behaviour : a study of personal Manifestations in Mass constructed middle-income-group dwellings of Ahmedabad. Study of spaces in royal buildings : Mandu. Khushroo Soni. Agra. Study of highrise buildings. Design aspects in architecture responding to natural water bodies : sea. Hemrashmi I. Arvind M. Samir 1989-90 1989-90 120 . Saurabh Kamdar. Man Mandir Palace : Gwalior : a study of mediaeval hindu palace architecture. Sasaram. Kalyanwala. Pankaj Parekh. Shukla. Goghari. Kartik Y. 1907-1928 in Saurashtra : analytical study of its architectural styles. Rathin Shukla. RESEARCH . Sunil J. Study of a rajput fort palace : Deogarh. Hierarchy of spaces : Amber Palace Complex. river. Parthiv C.Building Type: Other Year 1970 1973 1975 1976 1977 1977 1979 1981 1981 1982 1983 1983 1983 1983 1986 1986 Thesis Number Name of Student Kothari. FA Booklet Series .) Delhi. lake. Desai.D. Alap Vyas. Bankeem G. Pandejee. Enclosed open spaces within the complexes of Islamic architecture : case study of Fatehpur-Sikri. Thesis Overview 1962 . Sheth. Vernacular architecture : a response to environment : case study : Kerala. Prabhubhai K. Mulji. Bharat M. Dilip Thesis Title Study of industrial estates in Ahmedabad. Palace complex. Wankaner : British period. Modi. Patel. TH-0022 TH-0054 TH-0093 TH-0100 TH-0140 TH-0151 TH-0196 TH-0224 TH-0225 TH-0243 TH-0263 TH-0264 TH-0267 TH-0282 TH-0329 TH-0331 TH-0436 TH-0444 Patel. Parikh. Architecture in the princely states of Kathiawad. Structural and constructional aspects of water reservoirs and their relationship with religious buildings in Gujarat.

Sachin Understanding order and play through grammar of architectural elements in Fatehpur-Sikri. Mitra Architectural character and the urban setting : a study of the palaces in Indore. 121 . Neha Aras. Nirupama Evolution of theatre forms in India : a brief summary of theatre forms existing in India from ancient to contemporary time. Synesthetic experience of architecture : a study of architectural experiences at Fatehpur Sikri. Understanding space and its experience : jahaz-mahal. A study of interior spaces for classified hotels in India. Concept and experience : the rauza complex at Sarkhej. Niraj Mehta. Manvita Parekh. Study of theatre spaces in India. High-rise housing : potentials and validity of a building type. Khushnu Panchal.2012 .Year 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 1991-92 1992-93 1992-93 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1995-96 1996-97 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 TH-0456 TH-0459 TH-0463 TH-0485 TH-0491 TH-0500 TH-0540 TH-0566 TH-0571 TH-0592 TH-0622 TH-0664 TH-0683 TH-0685 TH-0810 TH-0854 TH-0860 TH-0866 TH-0867 TH-0869 Thesis Number Name of Student Dave. Study of ghats : transition betweeen religious and social roles-case study of ghats of Ujjain. Generators of spatial organization in a Rajput Palace Complex : Neemrana Fort Palace. Water and architecture : a study of medieval water tank at Viramgam. sarkhej complex. Raman Panthaki. Gupta. Organizing principles of space making : a study of Nagaur Fort Complex. an example of Indo-Saracenic style of architecture. Ashish Desai. Kunal Sharma. Jignesh Jani. Parikh. Timeless experience : a study of recreational spaces in Indian palaces : case studies : Deeg and Jagmandir palace complexes : Rajasthan. Persis Balmuchu. mill owners’ building. Study of vijay-vilas palace. Wood architecture of Gujarat : case study Patan. Manoj Dadachanji. Fort of Kumbhalgarh : a representative example of medieval Rajput architecture. Maheshwari. Amee Soni. Khandwala. Paulomi Patel. Evaluation of relative habitability of residential high-rise buildings in Ahmedabad. Mandvi-Kutch . RESEARCH . Thesis Overview 1962 . Ranjit Seth Talati. FA Booklet Series . Sunil R. Anjali Thesis Title Evaluation of Tower and Plaza : prototype commercial built environment : a userbody perspective. designing with nature : a study of some contemporary works in Bangalore. Building an environmental culture. Ahmedabad. Sonal M. Patel. Ujjval H. Baradi.

Utsavi Patel. Pervasive / Elusive : understanding the multiple spatializations of the railway as an infrastructural system. Integration of common areas and facilities in private sector high rise housing:examles from Ahmedabad city. Barad. Parul Thesis Title Transience. Rahul S. Praful M. Gadani. Krupa Shah.2012 . Mohan R. . FA Booklet Series . Billboards and Emerging Building types. Study of colonial markets as a building type : Baroda. Balaji. Rethinking adaptive reuse : a study of heritage resorts. Parin S. Pandya. RESEARCH . Building and topography : a study of three cases in Mandu. Sujal V.Year 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2008-09 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 TH-0875 TH-0894 TH-0896 TH-0899 TH-0906 TH-0918 TH-0922 TH-0923 TH-0932 TH-0934 TH-0972 TH-1005 TH-1009 TH-1053 TH-1058 Thesis Number Name of Student Mukherjee. Kathe. Design of zoos ‘human interpretation of animal habitat’. Suraj Amin. Thesis Overview 1962 . Raina. Shaili A. Khushboo P. Nirali Bhardwaj. Krunal Shah. Study of the architecture of buildings for trade and commerce in Ahmedabad in the post independence era (1947-1974). Architectural approaches in contemporary farmhouse and its departure from ‘dwelling’ : examples of Ahmedabad 122 . Chokshi. Ahmedabad and Bhuj. Ranjeet Joshi. Transition spaces in architecture their significance and architectural mani festations in performing arts centres. Journey inward : the stepwell at davad. Study of colonial clubs as a building type Multiplexes as civic nodes : understanding its assemblage and user responses in context of Ahmedabad. John V. Mathew. Medieval defense architecture of Kumbhalgarh fort Mughal and Rajput harem architecture (1550-1750).

Rural pockets in the urban structure. Urban spaces in Indian cities. Joneja. Old and new areas of a city : a comparative study (Case study of Ahmedabad). Shashikant Mody. B. 123 . Anil Modi. Study of shopping streets in relation to various types of movements. K. Bhagwanji N. Kalpana H. Architectural controls. Paresh Anandjiwala. Shah. Ahmedabad. Multiplicity of values in city spaces. RESEARCH . Taraporewala. Community structuring and its genrative forces.2012 . Study of organisation of pattern of the tribal settlement and shelters : DANGS : with a view to evolving attitudes towards revitalising the community. Desai. Street form. Settlement study. Rohit B. Association of urban form and activity : its role in the perception of an urban environment. Street pattern of Ahmedabad. Vinod N. Ajit P. Patel. Chokshi. Kothari. Shah. Kirit H. Bharat M. (villages). TH-0001 TH-0006 TH-0012 TH-0013 TH-0020 TH-0025 TH-0037 TH-0039 TH-0044 TH-0073 TH-0074 TH-0084 TH-0086 TH-0095 TH-0097 TH-0107 TH-0112 TH-0118 Solanki.Trilochan M. Ahmedabad district. Impact of houseform and streetform on the overall city form : a case study of Jodhpur city. Mangar. Narendra K. Thesis Title Constants in dwellings. Thesis Overview 1962 .Urban Form and Settlement Studies Year 1968 1968 1969 1969 1970 1970 1972 1971 1971 1974 1974 1985 1975 1976 1976 1977 1977 1977 Thesis Number Name of Student Patel. Pandya. Anuradha N. Gujarat State. Krishna Chhaya. Ranpuria. Narendra K. Desai. Townspace in culture-in-change. Hemang B. FA Booklet Series . Organizational patterns : social and physical. Darbar squares : Nepal. City graphics. Kiran C.

Mehta. Study of hill settlements : Dwellings of Kumaon. Antao. Mistry. Dilip D. Sengupta. A. Vipul M. Samir Shah. Parsee habitat : a study. Dabu. Patel. Ramesh R. Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . Chandra. Dudhaiya. Settlement patterns in the Urban region of Rajkot. Shelat. Chandrakant V. Vinay Bhola. Morphology of a secred settlements : a case study Nathdwara (Rajasthan). 124 . FA Booklet Series . Idea of an Indian town. Architectural character of civic spaces within market place. Niranjan V. Modi. Forms and settlement patterns in the region of Goa.2012 Study of hill settlements : Settlements of Kumaon. Subhash Patankar. Situation and response in architecture : case study of Kathmandu Valley : Nepal. Study of dwellings of hill settlement : Nilgiri hills. Religious building (Temple) as nucleus of city : study of the impact of a dominant building on the city. Shah. Changing facade of a city : a case study of Ahmedabad. . Sudhir J. Amrut C. Study of settlement form in Nilgiri district : South India. Dipesh L. A. Omprakash Thesis Title Structure and order in the built-environment : an appraisal of the desert citadel of Jaisalmer. Jaydev B. Husain. Rajnikant M.Year 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1979 1979 1979 1979 1977 1977 1979 TH-0120 TH-0139 TH-0142 TH-0143 TH-0144 TH-0145 TH-0146 TH-0152 TH-0156 TH-0164 TH-0176 TH-0177 TH-0178 TH-0186 TH-0190 TH-0192 TH-0194 TH-0195 TH-0203 TH-0204 TH-0206 Thesis Number Name of Student Chavda. Study of a community structure. Rural settlements with special emphasis on indoor and outdoor spaces : a case study in Kashmir. Nomadic movements & settlements of the Rabari of Kutch. Community spaces in newar settlements. Navroz N. Mayank S. Habib Valambhia. Bharatendu Desai. R. Study of a tribal settlement. Trichal. Yogeendra H. Evaluation of the grid as organizational principles in architecture. Shrish Patel. Permanent pavement dealers : a study in the city of Ahmedabad. Shah.

Kandarp Gracias. FA Booklet Series . Dwellings of the Bohra community in Gujarat : a study of Vernacular habitat between A. Neela Mathur. Constancy and change in the urban dwelling environment of Ahmedabad. Nitin Some aspects of cultural ecology in architecture : the case study of two tribal settlements. Datta.D. RESEARCH . Hazra. People. Delhi. Jose Raje. Patel. Sonali Trivedi. Biren Rameshwar. Development of contemporary architecture in Ahmedabad :a review. Formation of an urban core : study of Ahmedabad. Harsh Evaluation of relative habitability of public housing : a study of Ahmedabad. Rita Joshi. TH-0212 TH-0220 TH-0223 TH-0229 TH-0230 TH-0234 TH-0254 TH-0255 TH-0258 TH-0268 TH-0278 TH-0288 TH-0291 TH-0298 TH-0299 TH-0301 TH-0322 TH-0325 TH-0326 TH-0328 TH-0353 Suthar.Year 1980 1981 1981 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 1982 1983 1983 1984 1984 1984 1984 1984 1985 1984 1985 1986 1987-88 Thesis Number Name of Student Patel. Structural elements of an Indian medieval city : Vijayanagara. Sujata Bhagwati. Townspace study of religious towns of Gujarat : visual aspects. K. Prerna Thesis Title Rural habitat : a study of settlements. Settlements of migrants : three case studies in East Calcutta.1750-1900. Goa. Lalit Sampat. Study of the fusion of Indo-Islamic architecture and colonial architecture with special reference to buildings of Baroda. Street-scape: A study of Facades Appraisal of a new town in India : a sociological viewpoint on Chandigarh. Mukesh Mital.2012 . place and vernacular architecture : study of Lakhamandal. Study of two settlements in the village of Velim. Navin K. a village in cis-Himalayan region of Jaunsar. Kunal Patel. Patel. Yamini R. U. Sonal Chokshi. 125 . Open spaces in Pol architecture : a study of chowks : Ahmedabad. Ketan Dalal.P. Dynamics of Jhuggi dwelling : case study Shadipur depot. Anirudh Mahadevia. House : a socio-cultural reality : an analysis of Koya built form Mapilla settlements of Kerala. Inquiry into urban metamorphosis : Kashmir-gate :Shahjahanabad. Palavajjhala V. Thesis Overview 1962 . houses. Darshini Bhatt. Human response to contemporary urban open spaces : a comparative study of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. of the Mercommunity in past and present contexts. Modhera Sun Temple : a study of aspects of architectural expressions. Ashish Patel.

Anuradha Shah. TH-0358 TH-0361 TH-0372 TH-0373 TH-0386 TH-0387 TH-0400 TH-0403 TH-0414 TH-0415 TH-0417 TH-0420 TH-0423 TH-0425 TH-0429 TH-0448 TH-0450 TH-0454 TH-0462 TH-0464 TH-0465 Pai. Arthur Thesis Title House forms of a culture : Namboodiri Illams of Malabar. Sonit Transformation of a princely town : development of the town of Dhoraji during the rule of Maharaja Shri Bhagwatsinhji of Gondal. Shah. Vineeta Venkataraman. Manish Narain. Patel. Enquiry into the aspects of urban edge as an element of participation. Jayesh N. Rajiv Gothoskar. Settlement and house form : Kulu-Valley. Urban morphology & the concept of Type : a thematic & comparative study of the urban tissue. RESEARCH . Dvaraka : place of pilgrimage and religious centre. Sanjay M. Dwarka : a study in continuity and change in sacred built environment. Dinesh Hariyani. Monika J. Metamorphosis : a study of the transformation in the dwelling environment of an ethnic community. Brinda Nanda. FA Booklet Series .2012 Noronha. Understanding the nature of a city Delhi : a comparative reading with respect to time and scale. Thesis Overview 1962 . Rajiv Desai.Year 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 Thesis Number Name of Student Dutta . Sastry. Vivek Patel. Samir Nagarsheth. Rao. Effective cluster formation. Doshi. Kush C. Continuity and interspesions : a study of structuring of the urban fabric. Urban open spaces. Morphology of the urban block : a study. . Study of the urban structure of Goan towns. Prem Study of two major urban activity spaces in old Ahmedabad :Ratan-pol and Manekchowk. Arora. Nanda Bafna. Atul Duff. 126 . Study of nature of spaces in slum settlements. Chandni chowk : a study of change and transformation. Durba Thaker. Dhara J. Building typology and urban morphology : a study. Documentation of socio morphologic characteristics of a rural settlement : a case study at village Pansar. Conservation of urban elements in a traditional indian city : a study of old city of Ahmedabad. Isomorphs of cities : a comparative study of models. metaphors analogies and such other comparisons of the urban spatial form. Jose L.

Desai. Sumitra Bhatt. Reena Desai. Moghe. Maratha Vadas of baroda : a study. Uday S. Manish Parikh. FA Booklet Series . Urban form and space in the Islamic city : a study of morphology and formal structures in the city of Bhopal. Rasesh Dorji. Urban public realm : a spatial manifest of culture : a study of the urban public realm of Ujjain. 127 . Coastal villages of Saurashtra. TH-0466 TH-0479 TH-0482 TH-0484 TH-0487 TH-0502 TH-0507 TH-0512 TH-0516 TH-0517 TH-0525 TH-0530 TH-0531 TH-0532 TH-0533 TH-0534 TH-0536 TH-0537 TH-0543 TH-0547 TH-0550 Urban core : understanding its spatial manifestation in cultural context. Meghana S. Sanjeev Patel. Moti Daman : a portuguese administrative settlement : study of spatial organisation and civic spine. Transformation of a typology : a study of a Pol in Ahmedabad. Patan. Study of Gondal town : integrating past with the present. Kulkarni. Porbandar : a study of its evolution. Atul Arora. Study of housing clusters in Valsad region. Urban spaces and city structure : a comparative study of the historical development of urban spaces in Delhi. Dwellings of the Bohra community in Surat : a discussion. S. Choksi. Nisha Aspects of urbanism in the world of islam : Lucknow an Indian Islamic city. Divyesh Thesis Title Physical and associational qualities of landmarks in the Indian context. Study of a town and its elements : Devgadh-Baria. Thesis Overview 1962 . Landscape of the city : squares.2012 . Manu P. Ruchi Traditional dwelling forms in Bhutan: a study of the Ngalopa House in its socio-cultural and physical context. Tarang Mathew. Mausami Kakad. RESEARCH . Prashant Andhare. Study of the process of change. Ugyan Parikh. Karan Vir Joshi. Determinants of urban structure : Ujjain. Central-India. Change in a rural settlement due to forces of urbanization : the resultant urban village. Doshi-no-pado. Krishna Mehta. Neeraja Kapoor. Dighe.Year 1990-91 1991-92 1991-92 1991-92 1991-92 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 Thesis Number Name of Student Muruganandan. Eighteen-Hundred-sixty-1940 : Baroda-urban transformation and renewal : a city’s attempt at revitalization : an inquisition through its institutional architecture and institutional structure. Mehta. Niketa Sobti.

Amishi Bhatt. Pondicherry : an inquiry into the phenomenon of settlement.2012 . Bindu Roy. Naik. General study of canonical hindu town planning and ‘Dandaka’ type town form according to vastu-shastra. Ashfaq M. Calcutta : its indigenous town : a reading from the dwelling. the medieval cities of western India. Morvi : expression of a princely town. with reference to Vadodara and Bhavnagar. The market-place : a study of the changing trends in its spatial-patterns. Urban space : structuring and imagery. Dipankar Idea of a city : understanding the morphology and character of georgetown. Sense of place : an understanding of the notions of urbanplace making in India. Apoorva Aneja. Pratik Panchal. Anita Mukherjee. Umang S.Year 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1994-95 1994-95 1994-95 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 Thesis Number Name of Student Pathak. Mohalla : a study of traditional Islamic neighbourhood. Mehul Philip. Aruna Ghosh Soumitro Mitra. Pratap Thesis Title Colonial urban development : 1868-1896 the case study of Bhavnagar. Amitabha Shaikh. TH-0552 TH-0553 TH-0554 TH-0558 TH-0561 TH-0567 TH-0568 TH-0572 TH-0574 TH-0575 TH-0577 TH-0580 TH-0585 TH-0587 TH-0596 TH-0598 TH-0603 TH-0612 TH-0613 TH-0615 Govindan. Landform influencing the morphology of the settlement : Amber. distinctions of urban form in the colonial city of Calcutta. Sunil Mitra. Bindu Mehta. Visual order in cities : a case study of Udaipur. Seema Goklani. Inquiry into the ‘Making’ of an urban space : a case of fort area. Ashesh Ragade. The changing urban structures of Delhi : a study of district centres and their role in the new structure of the city. Nature and settlement pattern . FA Booklet Series . Traditionality and transformation a study of change in theToda architectural tradition. Madras. Ujjwala 128 . Dadhania. Bombay.Ujjain : A formal essay Form and variation in a Bengal village structures. Lena Patel. Responses of builtforms to urban context. Choudhury. Bohra settlement and houseform at Kapadvanj manifestation of a culture in built-form. Thesis Overview 1962 . City within the city. RESEARCH . Debashis Shah. cases from Patan and Ahmedabad.

In harmony with ecology : a study of the Dang shelterforms. Kutch. Space of Indian cities : from an absolute to an abstract space : the case of Jaipur as the non-familiar Indian city. Mehta.2012 . Lisa Shah. Bohra community in Siddhpur town. Purvi The dialectic of policies. Shalini Jhaldiyal. Comprehensible order of relationships : a study of urban Jaipur. in the city of Ahmedabad. Kavita Doongerwala.CenturyA. Jain. Kulin Ka-Ka-ni mchod-rten at alch chos-khor early 11th. Sudipto Nanavati. Manifestation of a culture in built-form : a study of bhil settlement and house-form at Panchmahal. Role of urban structure to the house form : a comparative study of towns . Urban order as a cultural paradigms : an interpretation of the order in Ujjain. Shubhra Pereira. Tanuj Sen. A study of early twentieth century architecture in princely state of Jamnagar. RESEARCH . Ayan Shukla. 129 . Kandarp Kapadia. spatial form and social processes : a reading of the mill area in Mumbai. Urban public-realm : a methodology for analysis. Urban environment : a study of an urban block. Bhavnagar : urban and architectural history. Urvi Politics of urban form : an exploration into the political connotations of the urban form of the city. Premal R. : a study of the form’s intrinsic expression. Thesis Overview 1962 . Manish Raje.Year 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 Thesis Number Name of Student Ghosh. Quaid Sachdeva. Manish Ghosh.Mundra and Anjar. Kajol Thesis Title Dynamics in urban environment of a city : a study through commercial nodes of Delhi. Production of space & urban form : Bombay 1930 onwards.D. Brijesh B. Production process and the output product : analysis of the urban housing by the private sector commercial developer. A study of the urban renewal in the princely town of Jamnagar : during the early 20th century. Intimate space : locating the Indian urban experience. Anuradha Sense of life in a traditional environment as created through its patterns : the case of the poles in Ahmedabad. Bhatha. Agarwal. Wall as a metaphor in urban form. Mukherjee. TH-0616 TH-0617 TH-0627 TH-0628 TH-0630 TH-0634 TH-0638 TH-0640 TH-0645 TH-0651 TH-0658 TH-0660 TH-0661 TH-0662 TH-0665 TH-0667 TH-0668 TH-0676 TH-0681 TH-0686 Arora. Shikha Chauhan. Rupal Goenka. FA Booklet Series .

Sonia Merchant. Integrating new buildings within historic urban environs : issues and attitudes. Rahul Mehta. Shagun Self-structuring nature of an organic urbanity : a study of the spatiality of Banganga. Sourabh Parikh. Space and society in a Rabari community. Auroville experiment : polemics of ideology vs. Manish Thesis Title The concept and experience : an immediate street space of Banaras. Chintan Marfatia. Benares. Kavita Mind-set and the urban condition : an interpretation of post-colonial Delhi. Avni Sen. Thesis Overview 1962 . Ketki Prasad. Attributes of “PLACE” : the the urban space in the traditional Indian city of Udaipur. Significant dimensions of an urban element : multivalent readings reflected in the suggestive redundancy of the city Study of open spaces in low cost urban housing. Tanzeel Pande. . Jain. Making of place : innate response to man and environment : Badami. Rohit Gulati. Of diversity in urban rite : manifestation in the homogenous built. Emergence of order in urban form. Krutarth H. Pallavi Mehrotra. Gupta. Puja Kaku. 130 .Year 1998-99 1999-00 1999-00 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 TH-0689 TH-0704 TH-0710 TH-0715 TH-0716 TH-0719 TH-0720 TH-0726 TH-0727 TH-0730 TH-0736 TH-0738 TH-0742 TH-0743 TH-0746 TH-0749 TH-0753 TH-0754 TH-0755 TH-0756 Thesis Number Name of Student Pancholi. Open-ended-ness of an Indian urbanity Bombay in my petri dish. Macwan.2012 Indian urban space : making boundaries and centers : a study of Amdavad. Urban edge as Mediator : understanding the experience of the Ghats in Banaras. Raj. exisrence within the simulation of a utopian myth. Rajasthan. Priyalakshmi. Bhavna Choudapurkar. Bhavisha Architectural components and their socio-cultural meaning. FA Booklet Series . Territories and their manifestation in the built environment : a case of old city of Ahmedabad. Greyzone : an integral part of Indian urbanity. Behaviour of streets : distinctions in street character as a component of physicality and activity in the inner city of Meerut. Generators of urban space of Ahmedabad : the processes at work. Jain. K. Rishma Jamdar. Brinda D. case study : Bundi. Akanksha Gohil. RESEARCH .

a case study Dunawada. Understanding a place : as an architectural manifestation study of Revdanda. structure and dynamics : a focus on Shahpur Jat. Market place as a civic node : a study of market places in Patan.2012 . FA Booklet Series . Niti Kapadia. Ahmedabad. Keyur Dhananjai Parmar. Yogesh Urban space in suburban habitat (study of Satellite area . Vadodaria. Patan. Janki R. Study of evolution of city form : taking Jodhpur as the examples of traditional cities. Pragnesh Gupta. Sachdev. Chandigarh. Dholakia. Anal Wagh. Thesis Overview 1962 . Revealing Bhuleshwar co-evolution of building image and urban systems. Pedestrian perception of urban environment : comparative study of Connaught place and Janpath. Hetal Sheth. Sangramsinh Mistry. Road. Understanding the nature of an architectural object : an inquiry into the work of Le Corbusier : studies on Villa Savoye and the assembly. Chirayu The Contents and discontents of urban villages : an enquiry into their origins. G. Sukhmani Studying the works of Hassan Fathy for their rootedness in the context. Purvi Patel. Ahmedabad. Piyush Rana. Smriti Bhatt. Ranjit Urban geography of informal economic activity matrix of the city core : Ahmedabad. City as an imprint of power. Understanding urban nodes : a study of the physical form of two nodes on C. Manish Patel. Urban place making in India : a study through theme and variations across scales. Urban villages : urbanization : its impact on built environment and transformation. Jaipur.Ahmedabad city) Understanding patterns of organisation in rural settlement . Urmee Thesis Title Public place as a construct of the urban process : a study of Mumbai.Year 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2004-05 2004-05 TH-0762 TH-0763 TH-0769 TH-0771 TH-0776 TH-0777 TH-0778 TH-0779 TH-0780 TH-0782 TH-0784 TH-0788 TH-0789 TH-0796 TH-0800 TH-0817 TH-0821 TH-0829 TH-0831 Thesis Number Name of Student Mehta. Romil [In]Human landscapes : a study of the fundamental aspects of spacemaking in the historic and the new city of Ahmedabad. Neeraj Singh Patel. Understanding the behavioural aspects of “extended transition in an urban street” : a case of old city of Ahmedabad. Qualitative aspects of place : a study of Manek Chawk and Municipal Market. 131 . Patel. RESEARCH . Brar.

Parmar. Factors affecting urban patterns: a study of Ahmedabad. Chandradeep Balaji. . Keya K. Raj Naik. RESEARCH . 132 . Ujjaval R. Emergent structure of urban space. Calcutta : understanding architectural manifestation of power by eclecticism. Shirish Mansuri. Adaptation learning to live with change . Role of physical factors in determination of house form. Connaught place : an integrated urban space : an inquiry in the transformation of an urban space. Understanding of the early colonial city : manifest power as a determinant of urban form : the case of Diu. Understanding notions of layering in the making of a street : case specific to Paranjpe Street. Manifestations of an order and its variations in the urban form : a case of Banaras and Shahjahanabad. abstraction of planning.(a study across scales). Chintan S. . India : establishing the relation between the fort wall & urban growth in the process of change. Imran Study of urban commercial spaces and its transformation over time : an understanding through the study of Chennai city. Thakershy. Sense of making a home : a study of villages in Bolpur of West Bengal. FA Booklet Series . Study of temple town and its public realm : Dakor. Gujarat. Exploring British colonial square : Dalhousie. Thesis Overview 1962 . Tulsibaug. Madras. Pune.case study of relocation of Gulbai tekra slums to Odhav. Priyank Lavingia. Pradipta P. Fortifications and gates - case of the fortified medieval city of Ahmedabad. Dhara Community structuring and its generative forces : case study : Dharampur. Bombay simultaneityreality of the city Vs. Anjushree Shah. Impact of colonialism on a traditional South Indian temple centred settlement. Kalpana Joshi.2012 Parekh. Laheri. Vrinda Patel. focus : the walled edge. Kapri. Krushnakant Modi. Kangad. Shraddha Dey. case study : Triplicane. Polyphony of themes : locating the structure of change. Prativa Thesis Title Varanasi : a city of labyrinth of lanes [Galis] : a study of the labyrinthine lanes [Galis] of Pucca Mahal near the ghats. Ahmedabad. Traditional water harvesting structures : a study of Ahmedabad region. Chandigarh and Navi Mumbai. Saurin C. Mihir Seksaria.Year 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 TH-0832 TH-0833 TH-0839 TH-0856 TH-0862 TH-0865 TH-0868 TH-0871 TH-0880 TH-0881 TH-0885 TH-0886 TH-0892 TH-0900 TH-0901 TH-0903 TH-0907 TH-0908 TH-0911 TH-0917 Thesis Number Name of Student Jha. City and its spatial structure : comparative study of Jaipur. Rathi. Haren Kunte. Learning from inserts in traditional urban fabric : Ahmedabad. Niketa Patel.

Ambaji : a study of temple town and its temporal aspects Understanding the morphology of LEH town Religiosity and builtform case : traditional house form of Gokarna. Rashmita Korgaonkar. Tarak P. Saurabh Patel. Binu Understanding and analysing the dynamics of an urban and complexity of its re-habitation : a study of Gulbai Tekra & Odhav. Mitul Chandni chowk : the physical manifestation of the ideologies and forces acting on shahjahanabad. Soni. Kumar Chetna. Reading the built fabric . Himanish Acharya. Junagadh. Main street as public place. Ashwin Thesis Title An inquiry into the spatial and social structure of a typical South Indian temple centred settlement. Prasad. Dhruva J. Architectural thresholds welcoming collective ‘affordances’ : learning form conventional urban housing in Ahmedabad. Purav Sucindram : a study of morphology of the temple town in the context of its myth. Bhattacharya. Kanuga. . Color : an element of urban image. Diachronic spatial adaptation : tracing patterns of continuity and change : a study of dwelling clusters in Ahmedabad. C. Karjatkar. Exposed reinforced concrete as a medium of architectural expression : a study of contamporary buildings in Ahmedabad. Role of inclusive public spaces in the palimpsests of urbanity. Experiencing the city : probing the nature of the process for western Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad. Parag V. Lavanya Jain.bohra neighbourhood at Kapadvanj.Year 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2009-10 TH-0926 TH-0931 TH-0933 TH-0938 TH-0941 TH-0942 TH-0944 TH-0945 TH-0947 TH-0948 TH-0949 TH-0956 TH-0957 TH-0958 TH-0959 TH-0961 TH-0968 TH-0977 TH-0978 TH-0983 Thesis Number Name of Student Vissa.2012 . a case of the geometric order of settlement. . . Vignesh Doshi. Amey FA Booklet Series . Panchal. Thesis Overview 1962 . Prachi Panchal. Mistry. Sivith. Nirav Luhar. Interdependence between man and environment in making the region of Bangalore. Nehal H. . Study of house form and settement pattern case study : Modasa. Notion of dwelling envioronment study of adaptation to change reflected through time : a case study of Nagar Wada. Makwana. Sabarkantha district. . Prashant B. Karnataka Understanding the transformation and urabn structure of Mumbai space syntax methodology and analysis of the spatial configuration. . Jadav. Darshan D. . 133 . RESEARCH . Ashwin Jani. Implications of urban form and control on the spatial construct of the mosque : Jaipur.

Shah. Sabarkanth. . Study of elements and character of lake periphery for recreation. Tapan Y. Dhaval Panchal. Patel. Padmapriya Mistry. . Deven R. Cultural landscape of Udaipur : manifestation of meaning through architectural expressions Study of the spatial structure of a temple town. RESEARCH . Arvind Mehta. Vidisha K. Study of market as an urban public place. . Madhya Pradesh. Understanding market as a convivial public place : study through understanding human responses in various spatial settings of markets in Ahmedabad. Gajjar. Informal use of urban space. . Study of interface zone on a street : (zone negotiating the public and private realm).2012 Settlement pattern and house form (case study of Modasa Dist.Year 2009-10 2009-10 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 TH-0991 TH-0993 TH-0995 TH-1000 TH-1002 TH-1006 TH-1011 TH-1015 TH-1016 TH-1021 TH-1023 TH-1028 TH-1030 TH-1032 TH-1036 TH-1042 TH-1045 TH-1052 TH-1055 Thesis Number Name of Student Srinivasan. Streets : an identity of a city. meaning and identity : an enquiry into the bhutaneses Dzong in its socio-cultural and political environment Study of house form and settement of Bohra community at Palanpur : understanding the constant and the variation. Sunilkumar Slums as urban vernacular settlements : comparative study of self-built house forms. Janmay Desai. FA Booklet Series . settlement pattern. Nikita Y. Modi. Enquiry into the built form and behaviour of city-level public open spaces in Shahajahanabad : 1648-2010. Gandhi. Ahmedabad. Urban open publicspaces and critical analysis. Nikita M. Kinariwala. Anuja Jaydev Gajjar. Ground and built form : the case of Jodhpur. Dhaval Dave. Shah. Pathik N. Denish Y. Singh. Shah. Suthar. Settlement patterns in Indian context : understanding the structure of organizational system that creates meaningful collective habitats of Asarva. Pushkar : evolution. Parag J. Chetna Kanani. Patnaik.Omkareshwar. Thesis Overview 1962 . Aditya J. Terrian vauge : marginal spaces in the urban fabric . Gujarat) . study of informal economic activities in an urban space : Ahmedabad. (Ahmedabad). . Settlement study within the inner and outer walled city of Surat : a mapping of the residential fabric during the medieval and colonial phases of development. Archie Thesis Title Constructing place. and elements of sacred town. Milind J. 134 . .

2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 . 135 .Year 2010-11 TH-1056 Thesis Number Name of Student Narvekar. RESEARCH . Richa Thesis Title Architectural character of residential streets in Goa : the influence of Portugal FA Booklet Series .

Urban landmarks : a study of their role in urban organisations. Sharadbala Desai. Chinar Vyas. Making of a romantic landscape : Braj. Study of man-made. Shefali M. Rashmi S. Desh Bandhu Cham. T. Thesis Overview 1962 . Kalpana R Thesis Title River as a generator of environment. Importance of open spaces and landscape design in urban residential area. Rajwade. Mehta. Rajkamal H. Thakore. Virat V. Zumkhawala. Outdoor community recreation. Joshi. Devna P. urban environment. RESEARCH . T. Landscape as a place in urban context. Nandita Comparative study of elements in architecture & landscape design. Recreational urban open spaces. Recreational spaces : a case study of Baroda city. City-river connection study of ghats of Varanasi and Mirzapur. Plants in Indian place making : case study : Chandod : a pilgrimage place. Mithaiwala. Mehta. Shah. Hemant M. Arun Thakore. Pranali Gandhi. Urban open spaces : an evaluation. Land form and built form : a study of the characteristics. Karanwal. Study of the streetscape elements. M. outdoor.2012 . Sonal Use of natural environment by the Ancient Indians : with particular reference to horticulture. FA Booklet Series . Bindeeya Dave. Landscape in building environment : a study of various attitudes in different cultural contexts. 136 . Integration of landscape in architecture : a study of Rajput-Palaces. Mehta. Vidhin B.Landscape Architecture and Recreation Year 1970 1973 1976 1976 1976 1977 1979 1981 1981 1983 1985 1988-89 1991-92 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1998-99 2005-06 2007-08 TH-0028 TH-0060 TH-0068 TH-0094 TH-0099 TH-0123 TH-0184 TH-0208 TH-0218 TH-0273 TH-0307 TH-0379 TH-0478 TH-0493 TH-0505 TH-0523 TH-0696 TH-0884 TH-0936 Thesis Number Name of Student Shah. Desai. Maitri D. M. Study of hard landscape elements in public outdoor spaces.

I.-1.feet. Barjor Gandevikar. Impact of site on residential building design in Gujarat. Gita C. Ancient Indian towns and their planning in canons and practice. Kirit C. Gopalakrishna M. Trivedi. L. Shashikant M. (Rural activity centre) .2012 .Pt. Flats as a part of urban housing : case study. Ahmedabad city : year 1970-1975. Bulbul J. Rural housing : a symbol of socio-economic reality. Parisima K. Study of allocation of areas in ancient towns of Gujarat. (Rural activity centre) . Akhtar Thesis Title Study of Chawls : case study Bombay Island. RESEARCH . H. Study of the living conditions of chawl dwellers in Greater Bombay. Village study. Gita C. TH-0113 TH-0134 TH-0180 TH-0222 TH-0007 TH-0007 TH-0010 TH-0015 TH-0018 TH-0059 TH-0069 TH-0071 TH-0119 TH-0130 TH-0181 TH-0188 TH-0198 TH-0209 TH-0215 Sidhpura. Desai. Panchal. study of rural planning to establish village centre. Hemang A. Shah. Sen. Shah. Badshah. Village study.Planning Studies : Housing Year 1977 1977 1978 1981 1969 1969 1969 1969 1970 1973 1974 1974 1977 1977 1978 1979 1980 1980 1980 Thesis Number Name of Student Desai.G. Multani. FA Booklet Series . study of rural planning to establish village centre. Hasmukh M. Avani A. Patel. Raval. Mehta.-2.Pt. Girish L. Vadi. Study of response to and use of space in context of socio-economic parameters in housing programmes : Ahmedabad city. A study and analysis of open spaces for low-cost urban housing. Daroga. Patel. Yogesh Housing for middle income group : comparative study of working of different agencies. Naik. Hasmukh N. Kershi S. 137 . Thesis Overview 1962 . Spatial manifestation of a cultural behaviour : Peking and Bhaktapur. Dave. Rural housing in Gujarat : last five years. A case study of slum condition in Ahmedabad. Bhaskar Choice of planting and its effect in urban residential areas of Ahmedabad region. Urban housing : objective realities for the poor. Study and analysis of indoor spaces in L. Study of open spaces for middel size housing 500-1100sq. Hemangini K. housing schemes.

RESEARCH . Manu Balakrishnan. Megha Planning the urban form : a study of town planning schemes in Ahmedabad. Desai. Kekul Desai. Pravin Housing mobility processes : a case study of low-income households in Ahmedabad. Anjali Desai. Gurpreet Shah. Urban-1979). Saloni Study : middle income group co-operative housing schemes organised by private developers in Ahmedabad. Evolution of row housing in Ahmedabad : specific reference to collective and individual houseforms. Housing of the urban poor : a study of the informal sector in Ahmedabad. FA Booklet Series . Surat. Architecture of generalizations : an inquiry into the basis of urban housing. A study of relationship between housing environment and health case study : slum clearance tenaments. Study of relationship between user participation and user satisfication : case of post disastre housing in Gujarat 138 . Sunil R. Comparative study of low-cost housing projects : Low-cost housing competition.Year 1981 1981 1982 1981 1983 1985 1993-94 1995-96 1996-97 1996-97 2001-02 2008-09 Thesis Number Name of Student Munshi Viral Thesis Title Popular housing : access to and exploitation of the resources. Pramod Patel. Teni.2012 . Thesis Overview 1962 . Jigna Kaji. Shubha Mathur. TH-0227 TH-0228 TH-0239 TH-0242 TH-0252 TH-0320 TH-0560 TH-0595 TH-0609 TH-0625 TH-0750 TH-0975 Singh. Mass Housing : a review with man in mind. Flexibility in mass-housing : a post-occupancy evaluation of housing units with specific reference to physical alternations / additions and the building types. Malik.

139 . Pramod I. Thesis Title Traffic and traffic patterns in the city - Ahmedabad. Ravindra S. Patel. Bina R. Growth exploitation : effects of density pattern and traffic on Bhagal Delhigate road. Joseph N. Kiran R. Traffic generation characteristics of a residential suburbs : a case study of Azad Society. Fernando. FA Booklet Series . Pedestrian traffic in city centres.Planning Studies : Traffic Year 1970 1970 1972 1977 1985 Thesis Number Name of Student Kadakia. at Surat.2012 . Shah. TH-0024 TH-0026 TH-0036 TH-0126 TH-0305 Impact of major developing road on the city structure. Ahmedabad. Thesis Overview 1962 . RESEARCH . Delhiwala.

Barot. Joshi. Bhansali. Ajit K. Parul N. P. Rajesh V. Patel. physical structure and growth. Study of medieval towns : Gujarat region : their form. Dave.2012 Patel. Desai. Pandey. Thesis Overview 1962 . Upgarding squatter settlements : case study : Bombay. Shah. Vijay M. Urban spaces. Restructuring squatter settlements : the city of Ahmedabad. Pravin B. Pankaj B. Shah. S. Evaluation of industrial township case study : Gujarat State Fertilizer Corporation and Indian Farmers Fertilizer Corporation. 140 . Case of Ahmedabad improving squatter settlements issues of land and finance. TH-0030 TH-0040 TH-0043 TH-0061 TH-0066 TH-0085 TH-0115 TH-0155 TH-0166 TH-0168 TH-0170 TH-0172 TH-0173 TH-0175 TH-0189 TH-0200 TH-0211 TH-0214 TH-0231 Community structuring in Gujarat : planning aspects. Migrant sqatters and its quality in urban environments. Principal approach of a city. FA Booklet Series . Environmental characteristics of Ashram road and Gheekanta road with reference to commercial and recreational activities. Joshi. Rajagopalan. Ajmeri. M. Changing townscape of Surat city. Influence of urban forces on village structure.Planning Studies : General Year 1970 1971 1971 1974 1974 1975 1977 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1978 1979 1979 1979 1980 1980 1981 Thesis Number Name of Student Harmani. Jitendra V. Abdul K. Suketu R. Vaidya. Chandigarh urban planning : a critical appraisal. RESEARCH . Shah. Snehal Kalianivala. P. City districts : a case study of Udaipur city. Yagnik. H. Zarir Restructuring of squatter settlements in Ahmedabad : guidelines for the provision of utilities. Zahid H. Concept of open space. Ravindra S. Thesis Title Medieval town planning of India. Urban dynamics of Rajkot city. Kadri. Non-planned services in Ahmedabad. . Kirit J. Anand A. Vinay K. Y.

Vineet Shah.Year 1982 1982 1982 1983 Thesis Number Name of Student Nagarkatti. Virsingh FA Booklet Series . Inquiry into the nature of the urban public realm. Gupta. Growth process of a small size town of Gujarat : case study : Khedbrahma. Thesis Overview 1962 .1944A. Spatial changes in fringe village of Ahmedabad city : case study of Isanpur. Arjun U.2012 .D. Mihir R. Modulation zones in urban built environment. 141 . TH-0238 TH-0249 TH-0251 TH-0284 TH-0656 TH-0823 1997-98 2003-04 Thakker. Bhatt.D. Kawarchhatri. Parth Thesis Title Study of traditional street form : Ahmedabad. RESEARCH . Generators and determinants of town planning : Gondal state 1865A. Himanshu N.

Salil Shastri. Muktirajsinhji N. Milisia. FA Booklet Series . Parghi. The system of proportion in the Hindu temples of Gujarat region. Pragnesh Chhaya. Vivek S. Virani. Shyamsunder K. S. Space and its use in traditional and contemporary dwellings: case study Ahmedabad. Jyotish G. Architectural elements generated by climate. Bhargav N. . Nitin Chauhan.2012 Thakore. Chokshi. Diwakar N. the colonial architecture of Bombay. Sharma. Neelkanth Gopalkrishnan. Organizational principles in Islamic complexes in India. Kamal M. Study methodology of design as described in the ancient-Indian texts on architecture (Dwelling houses). Form and architecture. Aspects of symmetry. Riswadkar. Jinraj D. Sarosh Thesis Title Study of zoroastrian fire temples. TH-0378 TH-0391 TH-0014 TH-0016 TH-0017 TH-0027 TH-0032 TH-0052 TH-0064 TH-0096 TH-0101 TH-0102 TH-0117 TH-0121 TH-0128 TH-0135 TH-0137 TH-0150 TH-0160 Ranadive.Architectural History and Theory Year 1988-89 1988-89 1970 1969 1970 1970 1971 1973 1974 1976 1976 1976 1976 1977 1977 1977 1977 1977 1978 Thesis Number Name of Student Wadia. Sevak. Jitendra R. Thesis Overview 1962 . Parikh. 142 . Directively correlated CYBERCOLIBRIUM : architecture as system open to information and energy. Ashwin Shetty. Harmony as an organisational principle in architecture. Route of movement and its role in architectural design pedestrian. Man-made spatial environment : a study. Mehta. Barkat T. Khadpekar. Spaces and elements of transition. Strategic variations attempted in systems of proportion. Growth and architectural form. Joshipura. Principles of growth in architectural forms. Paragi M. Organizational principles in architecture. Yashwant R. System of proportion in the Hindu temples of Gujarat. Era of change : 1860-1890. RESEARCH .

Bharat Massand. Patel. Dilip Raje. Sejpal. Study of linkages in group architectural forms. Visual perception : a study in relation to the internal conditions of perceiver. Mahesh G. Indo-Islamic architecture of Gujarat : with special reference to regional influences. Chandershekar. Visual perceptive aspects of interior design : a comprehensive study of living room interiors. B. Rajesh Dave.Year 1977 1977 1979 1979 1980 1981 1981 1981 1981 1981 1982 1982 1982 1982 1982 1983 1983 1983 1983 1983 1982 Thesis Number Name of Student Shah. its comprehension and the evidence of change in the dwelling forms. Inquiry into architectural activity under transformation : an articulation of issues and methods. Uma Hathi. Hemant Jani. Study of transition in architecture. Ideals and education in architecture. Kanzaria. Study of eclecticism in architecture. Ravindra Patel. Depicted in architecture. Appreciation of architecture : case ATIRA Ahmedabad. Study of scale in architecture. Jagdish From traditional to contemporary : a study of Turbulant phases. Rustom Wala. System of proportioning in South Indian temples. Natural light and perception of built form. Himanshu J. Study into impact of photography on architecture : as a visual medium. RESEARCH . FA Booklet Series . Ideological roots of movements in architecture. Ayub H. Shraddha Devanshu Dalal. Modi. Vishnu Dave. Parul B. 143 . Axis : study of its design expressions in architecture. Horizontal as a constituent element in Architecture. Thesis Overview 1962 . Thesis Title Study of change. Atul S. Penetration into transcendental archetypes.2012 . TH-0174 TH-0183 TH-0187 TH-0201 TH-0217 TH-0219 TH-0221 TH-0232 TH-0236 TH-0237 TH-0240 TH-0246 TH-0248 TH-0256 TH-0257 TH-0261 TH-0265 TH-0272 TH-0274 TH-0277 TH-0285 Sutaria. Correspondence between built-form and community pattern. Geometric discipline in architecture. Abhimanyu Mohan. Ramesh Vinod Kumar Velani. Ashvin Modi.

Place making in the Indian tradition : Hindu philosophy and its manifestation in Indian built form. Vinod Patel. Dalal. Tangible form : a study of the role of geometry in architecture.Year 1984 1984 1984 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1985 1986 1986 1987-88 1987-88 1987-88 1987-88 1987-88 1987-88 1988-89 Thesis Number Name of Student Vyas. Defined open spaces and built forms : a visual harmony. Genesis of architectural form. FA Booklet Series . Shuchi Chopra. Navin Mehrotra. Rahul J. Eclecticism in islamic architecture : Mughal period. Preeti 144 . Alka Thesis Title Synthesis in architectural design : a study of approaches. Dinesh Vyas. Shubhrajit Chokshi. Penetration into architectural expressions associated with plan-forms and several structural details related to it of religious and monumental edifice of hindu and muslim.2012 . Kartik Jain. Avani Gupta. Pradeep Chauhan. Bimal Vora. TH-0289 TH-0290 TH-0296 TH-0308 TH-0309 TH-0310 TH-0311 TH-0312 TH-0318 TH-0327 TH-0337 TH-0342 TH-0344 TH-0345 TH-0347 TH-0348 TH-0351 TH-0352 TH-0360 Patel. Kinetic architecture : a study. Meeta Architectural ornament in industrial society : a study within the context of the arts and crafts movement and the avant-garde movements of the early twentieth century. Meaning of geometry in architecture. Anasua Gupta. Preeti Mitra. Study of two projects by Kahn examining their timeless quality. Gajjar. Symbolism and interpretation of the human body in hindu temples. Study of development of Buddhist architectural thought as reflected in Nalanda. Rajesh Das. Vipin Inter-relationship between painting and architecture :study within the context of the art movements of the early twentieth century and their roots. Continuity and change : revival of Indian architectural traditions :18501950. Agnihotri. Thesis Overview 1962 . Ashwani Kumar Makhijani. Sohrab S. Subterranean architecture : a forgotten tradition of Sultanate Gujarat. RESEARCH . Continuity and space in Indian architecture. Response to a tradition : a study of architectural attitudes during the British Intervention in India. Datta. Re-consideration of constancy and continuity in modern architecture.

Study of cubist concepts. Thesis Overview 1962 . Anil Singh. Minakshi Singh. Archetypal feminine and its architectural manifestations : a study of Hindu sacred architecture. Andalib. Viren Amin. Continuity and change : a study of attitudes to building in historic urban contexts.Year 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 Thesis Number Name of Student Mani. Gopinath V. Akalkotkar. TH-0363 TH-0366 TH-0374 TH-0376 TH-0377 TH-0380 TH-0381 TH-0393 TH-0394 TH-0397 TH-0402 TH-0410 TH-0411 TH-0416 TH-0418 TH-0421 TH-0424 TH-0437 TH-0439 TH-0441 Venkataramiah. Architecture for the mourning ritual of Islam : study of the ImambaraE-Asafi complex. Traditional architectural attributes in contemporary architecture. Investigations in to architectural design : conceptions and processes. Ramifications of concept : the symbolic and functional aspects of movement in architecture. Gurjit Chaudhry. Bharadwaj. Outline of a study : metaphors as related to the synthesis of an architectural idea. Neelam Talati. Amit Patel. Study of colonial architecture with special reference to the buildings of Gujarat-college : Ahmedabad. RESEARCH . Poonam FA Booklet Series . Falguni Achar. Jolly. Lucknow. 145 . Brahmbhatt.D. Smmetry as an ordering principle : a study of the Italian renaissance architecture.2012 . Cube : an inquiry into the nature of a primary form. Clarity : an exploration in to making of buildings. Alvi Mohmed Desai. Bhaskar S. Hemant Vijayanagara architecture : temple forms of Hampi : its evolution and influences. Tara Enclosed urban open spaces according to the classical principles : a study of their visual aspect during the Italian renaissance. Conceptual study of making of a Mausoleum : a representation of sufi philosophy in Indo-Islamic architecture.D. Uttara Spread and acceptance of architectural images and idioms : the case of contemporary Ahmedabad. Corporeal form in architecture : a study of role of materials and construction methods in shaping architectural expression. Kireet Shah. Dalip Batra. Deval Thesis Title Monument as an expression of its age : the study of an Indo-islamic mausoleum. Hindu influence on Islamic architecture of Gujarat :1000A. Sandeep Parashar.-1500A. Sandhya Shah. Shekhar Rao. Idea of ruin : readings into the breaking of form.

Architectural intentions and methods of composition. FA Booklet Series . Hardip S.2012 Dutta. Shirley N. material and visual aspects of an architectural totality. Understanding of the city : a human construct. RESEARCH . Manoj Parikh. Fahim Reza V.D. Rhythm : a comparative study of its expression in nature and architecture. Kshitij Balsavar. Renganathan.D-1940A. Of context and modernity : the Indian framework : incursions into the architectural subject/object as cultural product in the contemporary condition. Jhawer. Poonam Joshi. Ballaney. Anjum Thesis Title Typology of sacred centres. Arindam . Neeta Sharma. Design intentions in colonial architecture : a study of urban institutions in Baroda 1875-1920. Urvi Mehta. Ajit Westernization of domestic architecture in India : a study of Ahmedabad from 1818A. Hybrid : it’s role in the evolution of architectural styles. Ritu Parekh. Durganand Kalagnanam. Sense of centre and its manifestation in dwelling form. TH-0442 TH-0443 TH-0445 TH-0452 TH-0461 TH-0468 TH-0470 TH-0476 TH-0477 TH-0481 TH-0489 TH-0492 TH-0496 TH-0497 TH-0499 TH-0504 TH-0514 TH-0524 TH-0529 TH-0538 Chadha. Architectural elements of spatial delimitation and their fundamental expression with a particular reference to Hindu architecture.Year 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 1990-91 1991-92 1991-92 1991-92 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1993-94 Thesis Number Name of Student Gupta. Renu Dave. Constants and particulars of Islamic Mausoleum : a comparative study of Indo-Islamic Mausoleums. Jayesh Study of the philosophical aspects of South Indian temples with special reference to Guruvaur Temple. Shefali Menon. Kerala. Understanding of functional. Symbolism of the sun and its manifestation in Indian architecture. Symbiosis on natural and man-made : a study of organic quality in nature and its influence on architectural design. Bijal Jain. Agarwal. Rajesh Agarwal. Seema Bhimani. Sanjeev Garden city concept : it’s origins. Chaotic habitats. developments and the Indian experience. Jain a temple architecture in Western-India. Thesis Overview 1962 . Alvi. Manifestation of a transitional space : a study of its changing nature in domestic architecture. Experiencing pleasure through buildings : a study. as a process in time. 146 .

Syed Mohmmed Agrawal. 147 . Thesis Overview 1962 . Aparna Ruparelia. Sharma. Out of the normative deviance in architecture. Rhythm : an expression of order an insight into its manifestation in Indian classical music and temple architecture.2012 . Architecture in the expressionist frame of mind as typified in the works of BrunoTaut and ErichMendelsohn. Barbhaya. Architectural attitudes. Nilay Arya. Aparna Basu. FA Booklet Series . Understanding architectural form : a study on its synthesis. TH-0541 TH-0545 TH-0546 TH-0549 TH-0559 TH-0570 TH-0576 TH-0578 TH-0579 TH-0583 TH-0584 TH-0586 TH-0590 TH-0599 TH-0600 TH-0602 TH-0606 TH-0607 TH-0614 TH-0621 Imran. Vaishakhi Water and architecture : study of traditional water system and water edges. Manisha Planning of a dwelling unit according to the Vastu Shahstra : a contemporary view. Bhavesh D. Wakeel Datey. Dhaval Shah. Bela Khan. Architectural education : an understanding of a framework of architectural theory. Understanding the role of revolution in the development of architecture. Architecture and language : structural linguistics in an architectural context. Jain. Renita Thesis Title Internal external inter-phase in building environment : with a particular study of Mughal architecture. Ahmedabad Originality in architecture : from conception to realization of a built form. The study of metaphoric expressions in architecture. an analytical construct of the design process. Devyani Sethi. The ‘sense of life’ in ornamented form an interpretative study inthe perception of the hindu temple. Devjit Oza. Architectural response to the Sun : a study of contemporary architecture. Upanishadic-conceptions in the hindu temple : a psycho-cognitive perspective. Anuj Shukla. Hetal B. Deconstruction in architecture : a critical inquiry. Search for an order: an inquiry into the contemporary direction in Indian architecture. Vijay Sheth. Fenil Arya. intentions and nature of the expression : a study of colonial architecture in Madras in Late-19th-Century.Year 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1993-94 1994-95 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 Thesis Number Name of Student Shah. Ajay Shah. RESEARCH . Architectural anchorage into nature : a study of place making. Jodhpur. Nationalist histories and architectural patronage. Vandana Shah. Falguni Patel.

Sunita Ranade. Shilpa Gandhi. Palimpsest. Ronak K. City : expression of human domain.2012 Inquiry into modernism and the notion of place: between dichotomy and differences. Zachariah. RESEARCH . Snehal 148 . Limits of interpretation : understanding architecture through the notion of Paradigms. Postmodern ideologies : its manifestation in housing. Purdhani. Vandini Understanding architecture : its significant dimensions and reflection of complexities. Meaning in the built environment: communication through physical cues in the environment. Structure of the narrative and architectural ideology : the contemporary Indian case. Shagun Gupta. Berry. fatehpur sikri and the Indian institute of management. Information theory and perception. TH-0632 TH-0635 TH-0637 TH-0639 TH-0642 TH-0643 TH-0644 TH-0649 TH-0650 TH-0655 TH-0669 TH-0675 TH-0677 TH-0678 TH-0680 TH-0684 TH-0695 TH-0701 TH-0703 TH-0708 Diwakar. Thesis Overview 1962 . Arnab Pandya. Vernacular architecture : a study of concerned aspects and its reflections in contemporary Indian architecture. FA Booklet Series . The category of the regular : modes of knowing and architectural production in the age of reason. Meeta A study of transitional spaces : constancy and change : the palace complex. Mehul Tayyibji. Darshan G.Year 1996-97 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1998-99 1997-98 1997-98 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1999-00 1999-00 1999-00 Thesis Number Name of Student Jain. The raison d’etre of architecture. An exploration into the process of creation in nature and architecture. Architecture of funerary monuments : a study of english and dutch tombs in the late seventeenth century at Surat. Rupali Iyer. Conceptural and the real : an understanding of an urban experience : Ahmedabad. . Amit Mehta. Renu The presence of the past for the future : understanding architecture as individual world-view based on social age-spirit. Arpan Derasari. Bangalore. Deval Jain. Meghal Thesis Title Idea of an ideology : the significance of an ideology in architecture. Riyaz Desai. Mehta. Structuralism and architecture : a synchronic and diachronic study. Ghosh. Spatial ostentation of colour : manifesting the embodiment of visual form. Jignesh Shah. Anand Mehta. interpretation of images reflecting Indian context in symbolic and realistic ways. Priya Vajaria.

Priyanka Patel. Mehta. Nikhil Lele. RESEARCH . Rutul Naik. Explorations in the concept of meaning : search for meaning in the traditional dwelling. FA Booklet Series . Ekta Kallianpur. Sameer Raaj. Fragmentation of form : a study of the use of fractal geometry. Batul Pandya. 149 . Kuntal B. Samir Kumar. Appropriating one’s space : process and result in the Indian context. Sunita Dalal. Thesis Title Cinema and architecture : understanding thought the concept of space : time and narrative. Rooshank Varma. Sacred Sun : a study of solar symbolisms in Indian architecture. Terrain vague : an exploration onto the urban voids of the contemporary city. Chauhan. Darkness in architecture : a study of South Indian temples. Architecture and paradigm : understanding the contemporary.Year 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2002-03 2002-03 2002-03 Thesis Number Name of Student Naik. Thesis Overview 1962 . Redefining gothic. Vikas The mythic dimension in architecture : understanding the structure of an architectural experience. Jigar Offerings of the ground : recreating the idea of the terrain by architectural manipulations of the horizontal plane. Spatak Tectonic form : expression of structure and construction in architecture. Meeta Patel. and dynamical systems in the design of form. Parikshit Joshi. Place. Intension and architectural expression : an understanding of Indian temples. Roma Kalsariya. chance. TH-0714 TH-0717 TH-0718 TH-0724 TH-0728 TH-0737 TH-0739 TH-0741 TH-0744 TH-0751 TH-0752 TH-0759 TH-0760 TH-0761 TH-0765 TH-0767 TH-0770 TH-0773 TH-0783 TH-0787 Sutaria. Critical regionalism : architecture of its time & place. Perception : a comprehension.2012 . Neel V. Ratna D’Monte. Understanding the change in the meaning of space from its SpatioTectonic context. a study in the Indian context. Revitalizing art and architecture : a study of Dadaism as an attitude. Kamya Parthasarthy. Lakshmi Bhavsar. Architecture in a Late-Capitalist Society : a study in the Indian Context. Ramachandran. Understanding the parallels between ruins and works of selected modern architects in the context of fragmentation.

movement and human habitation. Sanal Lavanya. Avnish Christy. Amrit Eapen Jain. Water as a spatial element.2012 An introduction to de stijil ideology and its architectural representation : in consideration of universality. Kanuga Mehta. Asit Parmar. Jungi. Determinants of santal built environment focussing on the role of ritual and belief. Sameer Bharat. Coutinho. water and ground. Process and architecture : studying the influence of vernacular on the contemporary architecture. A critical look into revivalist trend in architecture : with reference to Ahmedabad. With the social utopian philosophical approach to aesthetics. Tectonics of power : understanding architecture as an instrument of power. Sikdar.form. Mitul J. Manan Response of architectural elements to the natural realm : sky. Contemporary Buddhist architecture : transformation and trends.. Abhilash Deriving the nature of information transfer between Physics and architectural theory. Vaishali V. Transformations in time : understanding space in the context of light. . Thesis Overview 1962 . Pragnesh Singal. FA Booklet Series . Architectural wayfinding system with sign as a tool.Year 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2006-07 2006-07 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Thesis Number Name of Student Ruparelia. . TH-0797 TH-0799 TH-0802 TH-0804 TH-0819 TH-0824 TH-0826 TH-0836 TH-0848 TH-0851 TH-0852 TH-0864 TH-0873 TH-0874 TH-0889 TH-0897 TH-0898 TH-0910 TH-0928 TH-0950 Singh. Tina Simon Pilo. Siddharth Chavda. Jaiswal. Koyel Trivedi. Natural elements and the builtform.. Aesthetics: an objective search & a subjective analysis. 150 . Synthesis of an ‘Image’ into ‘Reality’ : understanding an innovative exemplary from the roots of traditions. seasons. Anjali Gurjar. Process of de / framing : reflections on the non-programmatic. Hiten Patel. Gauri Starkness : a process of exploration of its meaning and manifestation in Indian architecture. Sonal D. Colour : an element of ‘urban image’. Thathapuzha. Hardik Bhatt. Making of place and its existential aspect as expressed in vernacular built. Ojas Thesis Title Concept of form : a relative study in architecture and western classical music. Recalling the past in contemporary Indian architecture : a study of contemporary Indian architecture as inspired from the past. RESEARCH .

. Understanding the nature of an architectura expression : a study of the monastery of La Tourette Conceptual clarity and experiential qualities in architectural expression. . Experience of sky is the primary experience of architecture : study of relationship between sky and architecture of an idgah. Biomimetic approach to architecture : learning from the termites. Vasavada. Abhinav Evolution of office architecture in Ahmedabad : mapping the change in office architecture with respect to the technological changes with time. Pavitra Thesis Title Graphic statement through colour : its intervention and influences in architecture. Context and its influence on architectural decisions : understanding limits and potentials of a situation. Bindi U. Krishna D. Continuity and change in Bhutanese architecture. Mehrotra. Gohil. Kartikeya N. TH-0951 TH-0952 TH-0960 TH-0970 TH-0984 TH-0985 TH-0992 TH-1018 TH-1037 TH-1049 TH-1050 Pancholi. 151 . Sagar Chhaya. Sudiksha S. FA Booklet Series . a Jumma Masjid and a Dargah Expressiveness and the language analogy in architecture Transfomation of space as a response to ritual. . Ankita Mehta. Architecture as a manifestation of two realms. RESEARCH . Twinkle D.2012 .Year 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Thesis Number Name of Student Parekh. Thesis Overview 1962 . Kanuga. Mishra. Puneet Thaker. . Roma Shah.

Thakore. Shah. Santosh Shah.Environmental Science Year 1988-89 1968 1968 1969 1969 1972 1971 1972 1973 1975 1975 1975 1975 1975 1976 1977 1977 1977 1978 Thesis Number Name of Student Philip. Shaikh. Hemant Y. Thesis Overview 1962 . Sutaria. Climatic evaluation of central Gujarat (including suggestions for achieving thermally comfortable design). Climatic evaluation of Ahmedabad region. Parul B. Patel. Shah. 152 . Sanat K. Jayant N. Patel. RESEARCH . Sitwala. Regional evaluation of climate : Baroda region. Indravadan C. Popat D. Ajay K. Suresh R. Bhupendra P. Patel. Influence of climate on building design. Climatic evaluation of Veraval region. Kalpana R. Jayshree Influence of climate on building design. Mahesh G. Climatic evaluation of Jamnagar region. Khajanchi. Response to climate. Basic study of air movement within enclosure. Deepak H. Environmental management investigation into the impact of traffic on a residential area. Regional evaluation of climate : Surat. Thesis Title Software for daylight. Solar energy in architecture. Gandhi. Jayendra R. Climate and house form. Thakkar. Basic study of air movement within enclosure. Sutaria. Harshad S. TH-0359 TH-0003 TH-0004 TH-0008 TH-0009 TH-0035 TH-0042 TH-0049 TH-0053 TH-0077 TH-0087 TH-0088 TH-0089 TH-0090 TH-0092 TH-0129 TH-0138 TH-0148 TH-0179 Kamdar. Hemant A. Modi. Natural light as a visual element of space in the interiors of public buildings. FA Booklet Series . Sailesh R. Evaluation of climate : Rajkot region. Naik.2012 Patel. . Factors influencing outdoor and indoor climate. Regional evaluation of climate : Bhuj (Kutch). Qamar M.

Year 1983 1986 Thesis Number Name of Student Abhaykumar Thesis Title Climatic response in built forms. Tonima T. Mistry. Deepesh M. Alpesh C. Tanmay H. Sher. Built form responses in self-built houses : a study of vernacular earth dwellings in hot arid desert climatic zone of India. Chirag S. Thesis Overview 1962 . Sejas S. Desai. Prajapati. A study of the use of courtyards in energy efficient buildings. Strategies of a Maverick architecture : the case of HDEM and NOUVEL. S. P. Human comfort : an overview of environmental design methods with respect to traditional settlements. Rohin C. Jigisha M. Meenakshi. Sarosh Adhwaryu. K. Analysis of climatic influence on courtyard design for Ahmedabad climate Energy effieciency in high rise buildings : a case study of Ahmedabad Inquiry into adaptive thermal comfort : mapping the occupants’ perceived thermal comfort in five institutions of Ahmedabad Thermal comfort in buildings : a comparative analysis of thermal comfort parameters in climate responsive buildings in Ahmedabad FA Booklet Series . Comfort and energy performance of office building in Wig. Nirati A. Gujjar. 153 . Das. Mass housing in the composite tropical climate : An analysis of Ahmedabad Natural light in architecture : its emotive and evocative aspects. Anklesaria. 1993-94 1995-96 1996-97 1999-00 2002-03 2003-04 2005-06 2008-09 2008-09 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 TH-0283 TH-0335 TH-0544 TH-0588 TH-0623 TH-0705 TH-0785 TH-0790 TH-0888 TH-0971 TH-0973 TH-0974 TH-0979 TH-0990 TH-1025 Anish Kumar Chikram. Green buildings : a study of LEED Rating system. Shukla. RESEARCH .2012 . Sub-terranean architecture : a bio-climatic approach to energy conservation. Radhika Mody. Study of design decisions influenced by climate and strategy formed by them.

TH-0033 TH-0062 TH-0124 TH-0125 TH-0131 TH-0163 TH-0323 TH-0324 TH-0333 TH-0339 TH-0346 TH-0357 TH-0369 TH-0422 TH-0431 TH-0435 TH-0438 TH-0455 Mewar. Social and cultural influences on modern church design. Human response to the built-environment : study of behavioural patterns in commercial centres. Niroo Thesis Title Effects of physical environment on social relations. 154 . Shamini Dasgupta. Encounter of cultures in Begumpur : a study of evolutionary housing. Balsekar.Socio . Indira Vaitha. Shirish Gandhi. FA Booklet Series . Jayant A. Jaipur. communication patterns and the physical fabric. Ahmedabad and Bangalore. Deepa S. Significance of behaviour study in architectural design. Architecture in a schizoid environment. Ashish Patel. Haresh A. Mehmood Correlation between forces and resultants in traditional and contemporary houseform : issues of social relevance. City squares : a study of Chhoti-Chaupar. Niroo Gandhi. Beri. Study of response to and use of space in context of socio-economic parameters in housing programme. Comparative study of children’s activity in vertically and horizontally expanded housing schemes in Ahmedabad city. Lightwala. Samir Canara. Malini . Study of change in house form in response to changing family needs : cause and effect.2012 Khubchandani. RESEARCH . Shaishav Study of response to and use of space in context of socio-economic parameters in housing programme. Padhars : an ethno-architectural study. Psychological profile of an architect : socialisation of professional beliefs : attitudes and values. Sudhir N. Yatin N. Slum as an artifact : the product of a way of life. Study of human groups : corelation between human groups. Thesis Overview 1962 .cultural and Anthropological Studies Year 1972 1974 1977 1977 1977 1978 1985 1985 1986 1986 1987-88 1987-88 1988-89 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1990-91 Thesis Number Name of Student Surti. Behavioral response to architectural spaces : a study of institutional transition spaces : case studies : Indian Institute of Management. Shanker. Soloman Singh. Effective environment in residential open spaces. Mandrekar. Canna Shah. Gautam Pandya. Parikh.

North Gujarat Dodiya. FA Booklet Series . Gujarat. Bharati Parikh. Mashruwala. Vrinda Baranwal. Learning outside the classroom : an enquiry into child’s behavioral psychology to learning environments of schools . Pranav B. Patel. Maulik V. Thesis Overview 1962 .2012 .Year 1992-93 1993-94 1995-96 1996-97 1996-97 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2000-01 2003-04 2006-07 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 Thesis Number Name of Student Vakharia. Raiji. Supriya Kashikar. Janki Mehta. Making of ritual space : a case study of Nagar Brahmins. Vishwanath Pant. Aparna Role of ‘Environmental Psychology’ in the design of environment : a study of behavioural reactions in immediate surroundings. culture and architecture of a city unveiled : Ahmedabad. and its contribution to viable design decisions. Socio cultural manifestation of the built : “ghar” and “maholla” of Shia Jafari Mashayakhi Momins. RESEARCH . 155 . through time as an overlaying of cultures : the influence on the ‘civic’ space of anachronistic civic institutions in the Indian city today. Analysis of streets : a socio-physical perspective. South-Gujarat. Mili S. Priya Pradhan. Human response to the imposed built environment : a post occupancy study of additions and alterations in mass housing schemes of Ahmedabad. Society as a changing system : understanding the polar nature within and its physical manifestations. Milan Thesis Title Study of outdoor play spaces in housings at Ahmedabad. Understanding of spatial dynamics of urban form made by culture. ideologies and social relationships of the institute with respect to the local culture. Socio cultural factors : their manifestation in tribal architecture : a case study of dang district. within landscape settings. Prakash Rajshree. Role of lakes with it’s surrounding built edge : a study of socio cultural aspects. Apurva Iyer. Rajmohan Gendered spaces : study into the interrelationship of gender and space. Spatial expression of a gendered public space in the North Indian context : an inquiry into the making of a women’s ghat and bazar in Mirzapur. Monisha Desai. Space in motion : motion in space the space of the Brihadeshwara in the context of Bharatnatyam. Missionary schools in darjeeling’ : a study of organization as a manifestation of attitudes. Ngalopa house in its socio-cultural and physical context. TH-0515 TH-0548 TH-0591 TH-0619 TH-0626 TH-0670 TH-0679 TH-0698 TH-0712 TH-0722 TH-0731 TH-0814 TH-0913 TH-0920 TH-0924 TH-0967 TH-0988 TH-0989 Uppaladinni. Mahedihasan Vyas. Prashant Kohli. Rambles : readings on nature. Shahjahanabad : the dwelling environment : physical manifestation and its socio-cultural meanings. Tanvi Dalal. Sense of belonging : the character of community space.

FA Booklet Series . Thesis Overview 1962 . Shreya J. Brinda Housing : a setting for social behaviour : a study of the community spaces in high-rise housing as effective environment for social interactions.Year 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Thesis Number Name of Student Patel. Isha D. case of Ahmedabad Change in kinds of public places in Ahmedabad. TH-1007 TH-1010 TH-1033 TH-1035 Talsania. 156 . Club as a social node : an inquiry into behavioural responses within given spatial condition.2012 . RESEARCH . Pancholi. Dhara Thesis Title Nationalism and architecture : understanding a connection between architecture and nationalism in India. Bhavsar. .

Investigation in planning parameters for tourism developments. Jana. S. Sharad N. Gurudev Thanawala. Patel. Jal Shah. Vagish S. Design norms of airport passenger terminal complex. Pardeshi. 157 .Design Norms Year 1968 1969 1972 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1982 1983 1983 1985 1985 1987-88 1988-89 1990-91 1997-98 Thesis Number Name of Student Bhatt. Shah. Study of design norms for libraries of educational institutions. Jhaveri. Rajendrasinh Vohra. Singh. Design norms for secondary school. Sheth. Yogesh Evolution and principles of furniture design in India. TH-0002 TH-0011 TH-0038 TH-0041 TH-0047 TH-0057 TH-0072 TH-0075 TH-0259 TH-0269 TH-0279 TH-0314 TH-0321 TH-0356 TH-0384 TH-0458 TH-0641 Design norms for zoological gardens. Design norms for the dairy plant. FA Booklet Series . Jayendra N. Hirendra K. Dipak Kumar Malani.2012 . Shah. Nasir Ahmed M. Design norms for the intercity bus terminais Design norms of cardiac hospital. Guided by Doshi. V. Design guidelines to the parks for the disabled. Sharad R. Kalpana S. Gupta. Design norms for institutions for mentaily handicapped children. Economy and planning efficiency of office buildings. Norms for hospital planning and design. A study of the siva temple at sander : understanding characteristic features of 11th century temple architecture in western India. Dinesh Thesis Title Design norms for a cotton texile mill.V. RESEARCH . Shantanu Naganur.B. Scaling and proportioning aspects. Analysis of design factors for building hardware (fixtures). Aanal Jain. Kamlesh H. Gokhale. Thesis Overview 1962 .

Saket Attar. Elements that constitute Sarkhej complex. Bankim Mukul. Ayub Satta. Shah. Study of some surface water structures of medieval period in Gujarat : an urban conservational viewpoint major case study : Kankaria tank. Ashwin Mani. Studying adaptive resue of building dockyard: a case for Bombay. Urban identity and conservation. Devyani Pathan. Ahmedabad. Recycling of materials & components examining the present Indian context.Renewal/ Rehabilitation/ Conservation Year 1970 1970 1970 1975 1975 1977 1977 1977 1978 1982 1982 1987-88 1988-89 1989-90 1989-90 1994-95 1999-00 2000-01 Thesis Number Name of Student Thakore.2012 . Rajiv Pandya. Catastrophes and community rehabilitation : study of shelters. Gandhi. TH-0019 TH-0021 TH-0029 TH-0081 TH-0082 TH-0105 TH-0153 TH-0154 TH-0161 TH-0250 TH-0271 TH-0343 TH-0390 TH-0396 TH-0399 TH-0565 TH-0711 TH-0734 Pathak. Valmik M. Anand J. Avrani. Samir Kadam. RESEARCH . Gujarat : a study towards conservation. Tatu. Inquiry into construction industry at construction firm level. Naresh M. Catastrophes and community rehabilitation : study of community. Alka A. Vidyadhar G. Evaluation criteria used in the assessment of buildings for their conservation. Study of an architectural response to sustainability : high-rise office buildings designed for natural ventilation. Harish C. Towards conservation in the walled city of Hyderabad. Chinai. Thesis Overview 1962 . Redevelopment of urban core. Shirish Parikh. Chandravinod Parikh. Conservation of old buildings. Rehabilitation of villages in major irrigation projects. Mubaraka Chavda. Mehta. Hemendra G. Daksha V. Recycling examining the concept in the modern Indian context. Thesis Title Density and its effects in living conditions. FA Booklet Series . 158 . Study of vernacular architecture of Ukai region and its implication on rehabilitation programme. Sustainability in the built world : an overview.

Anand A. Inquiry into the usage of recycled waste materials by urban poor. Barcelona pavilion to the rooftop remodelling : change in the notion [conception] of architectural form. Green over gray : energy efficient strategies for buildings. . Parekh. Studying the adptability of mass.an evaluation of post earthquake rehabilitation efforts. Niyomi P. Architectural conservation in India. Abhijeet Patel. Nidhi H. case studies of squatter settlements of Ahmedabad. Bhushan Ghanshyambhai Bhatnagar. FA Booklet Series . Rajasthan. Urban conservation : a perspective for the Indian walled city. Reuse : an alternative for built heritage : a case for Shekhavati. Shahana G. RESEARCH .2012 . Vishal Dastidar. Gayathri Errol. Reubens jr. Prashant Ramanan.produced units for its dwellwers in post-earthquake situation. People participation and earthquake rehabilitation : a study of the affected areas of the Marathawada region.Year 2001-02 2003-04 2003-04 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2006-07 2007-08 2009-10 2010-11 TH-0745 TH-0812 TH-0813 TH-0838 TH-0841 TH-0842 TH-0914 TH-0930 TH-0999 TH-1043 Thesis Number Name of Student Lakhia. . Dalal. Rebuilding rural Kutch. Thesis Overview 1962 . Mata. Thesis Title Strategies for conserving residential neighbourhoods : Ahmedabad pol 2000. 159 . Suthar.

Rastogi. Kadambari Patel. Atul Mody. Raval. Radhika B. Deep Saeed. Parth Parikh. Jagdish K. Anuradha Pranay. Nirali Intepretations of ornamentation in Indian architectural history : with a study of the decorated column. Study of platforms : a defining and modulating element in architecture. Mahesh T. Limits of a horizon : the idea of maidan. Significance of steps and ramps in architecture. Thesis Overview 1962 . Rita B. Phalguni Bracket : a significant element of woodwork in the traditional houses of Ahmedabad. RESEARCH . Courtyard as an element of built form : case study of Bundi. Study of the wall and the column : seen as elements of spatial defination in the context of culture and change. FA Booklet Series .Architectural Elements Year 1970 1977 1977 1979 1982 1983 1983 1983 1984 1985 1986 1986 1986 1986 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 1988-89 Thesis Number Name of Student Shah. Samir Dungarwala. Residential open spaces : a study of Muslim residential areas in hot climatic region. Facade in the built environment. Arvind Patel. Elements of fortification : a study of Vijayanagar and Champaner.2012 . Natural light as a visual element of space in the interiors of public buildings. 160 . Baxi. Facades : an element of architecture. Gateways : artefacts of civilizations. Thesis Title Study of standardized elements and their specific uses in developing the characteristics of the houses within the fort-wall of Ahmedabad. Desai. Mathur. TH-0023 TH-0106 TH-0158 TH-0213 TH-0241 TH-0270 TH-0276 TH-0280 TH-0302 TH-0315 TH-0332 TH-0334 TH-0338 TH-0340 TH-0365 TH-0371 TH-0385 TH-0392 Role played by materials and building techniques in the development of elemental forms. Zaki J. Nikhil Doshi. Vandana Desai. On entrances : a symbolic aspect. Parul Jayawant. Sushree Gandhi. Architectural elements in sacred environments : the underlying philosophy. Deeg palace-complex : a study emphasising water as a special design element.

Temples at roda Maha-Gujarat style. Bhairavi Kishore Kalsi. late eight-early ninth century A. Yash. Rajeev Machhar. Ekaggrat Singh Bhatt.Year 1990-91 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1993-94 1995-96 1996-97 1999-00 2006-07 2007-08 2010-11 TH-0447 TH-0498 TH-0509 TH-0511 TH-0521 TH-0557 TH-0593 TH-0610 TH-0707 TH-0916 TH-0940 TH-1034 Thesis Number Name of Student Balasaria. Bakul Nauratra. Pavilion : an insight into an open architectural structure. FA Booklet Series . Patel. Doorway as a spacemaking element Openings : a study of their architectural significance and their role as character motifs. 161 . Milind Study of traditional elements and design language of façade in houses of Jaisalmer. Dhoot.2012 . c. Bombay as urban artifacts. fort area. reading of plinths as significant base. Pragna Gandhi. An enquiry into the making of a facade. Sandip Thesis Title Study of court-concept. Harita L. Bombay as urban artifacts. Kananshree Patel. evolution and applications. Vyas.D. RESEARCH . Jani. Thesis Overview 1962 . Kaustubhi Act of imperial facade making :a study of street fronts of fort area. Rajasthan. Stepwells of Gujarat : study of the growth of the formal components. Study of entrances : Dravidian temples. Study of colonnade as an expression of public domain. Lokendra Chaudhry. Interpretative design efforts : mandapas of the Maru-Gujarat style.

Le-Corbusier : towards a synthesis. Pandya. Evolution of architectural language in the works of a contemporary Indian architect : B. Thesis Overview 1962 .V. Explorations in to an approach to architecture : studies of the buildings of the Indian Institute of Management. Manisha C. structure and energy : a study of the Great Pyramid and Matrimandir. Kiran K. Oscar. Anand Study of Lakshmi-Vilas Palace. Ahmedabad and the architect Louis-I-Kahn. Ahmedabad. Shetty. FA Booklet Series . Approach to critical architectural appreciation. A study of Le-corbusier’s domestic architecture : case study Shodhan and Sarabhai Villas.Architectural Appreciation Year 1974 1980 1980 1984 1986 1986 1984 Thesis Number Name of Student Sodhan. Ribeiro Da Costa Jayakrishnan. RESEARCH . Lost identity : an appraisal of Sir Edwin Lutyens with particular reference to his work in India. G. Manifestation of pluralistic values in architecture : an inquiry. Inquiry into the aspect of rationale in architecture. Tejal Puri. 162 . Girish Dynamics of meaning within an architectural form : Le-corbusier’s Villa Savoye. Rajmohan Bakeri. substantiated with an analysis of the works of Alvar-Aalto. Giuseppe Terragni : the danteum project : an understanding. Shodhan. Form. Anjali Thesis Title A comparative analysis of the guiding principles in the works of Andrea Palladio & James Stirling. Rajinder Balachandran.Doshi. Vaishall Bhatt. Kurian Patel. Haresh Doctor. Pradeep R. Analysis of atheneum : an evolution of analytical framework for formal composition. TH-0063 TH-0207 TH-0210 TH-0295 TH-0297 TH-0330 TH-0341 TH-0349 TH-0401 TH-0404 TH-0472 TH-0483 TH-0490 TH-0503 TH-0510 TH-0513 TH-0520 1987-88 1989-90 1989-90 1991-92 1991-92 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 1992-93 Kapadia. Kartikeya Karnawat. Baroda : an architectural appreciation. Chandigarh : 1951-1964 Borromini’s visual approach to architecture. India. Art of the ensemble : Le-corbusier’s Legislative Assembly building. Mona George.2012 . Dalal. Tadao Ando : architecture in harmony with nature. Achal Parikh.

Herman Hertzberger : an architect of human concerns. Understanding attitudes : furniture and architecture (study of furniture and architectural examples by Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier).2012 .V. Aashit P. FA Booklet Series . Thesis Title From literal to virtual : a study of the work of Ando. Felix Candela : architecture of structural forms. Sonal Akruwala. Study of spatial and experiential qualities with natural light in LeoPereira’s work. Minimalism and architecture : an inquiry into the minimalistic approach in the work of TadaoAndo and Herzog and DeMeuron. Study of an Architect’s own house .Year 1992-93 1994-95 1995-96 1995-96 1995-96 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1996-97 1997-98 1997-98 1997-98 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 1998-99 TH-0527 TH-0569 TH-0573 TH-0581 TH-0594 TH-0604 TH-0605 TH-0608 TH-0611 TH-0618 TH-0624 TH-0629 TH-0633 TH-0646 TH-0648 TH-0652 TH-0663 TH-0666 TH-0671 TH-0674 TH-0690 Thesis Number Name of Student Shah. 163 . Work of nari-gandhi. Ahmedabad.Doshi’s works. Balkrishna Doshi’s residence. Vikram Prajapati. Sujan Nandani. Contemporary Indian dwelling environments : study of Prof. Tradition and its influences in Japanese architecture : examining the work of FuminikoMaki. Mehta. Nagia. Sapna Modi. Madir S. An approach to unity in architecture : a study of carlo scarpa’s work. Sourav Shukla. Rina B. Rohit Shah. Rohit Balakrishnaiah. Architecture of Geoffrey Bawa : an intimacy of experience and expression. Mies and Kahn. A study of evolution of architectural principles in the work of Charles Correa. Thesis Overview 1962 . TadaoAndo : an understanding as a critical regionalist. Tradition and reinterpretation : examining the works of Hassan-Fathy. Sagar N. Deepti Gore. Jignesh Chatterji.B. RESEARCH . Raman Dayal. Study of scale and proportions and use of ‘The modulor’ in the works of Le-Corbusier. Architecture of Achyut Kanvinde : a study of houses in Ahmedabad.from conception to manifestation. Chirag Desai. Sanjay M.Tithi Dhabuwala. Kunjal Architecture of Laurie Baker : regional identity in contemporary work. Mankar. Deepak Sinha. Dinesh Panchal. Integrity in the works of Frank-Lloyd-Wright. Shah. Understanding the concept of place : an inquiry into the works of Finnish architect : Reima Pietila. Rahul Shah. Sancheti. Integration of landscape in the architecture of Joseph-Allen-Stein.

Panchal. Payal 164 . Use of geometry as an organizational tool : case study of a house and three institutional projects done by Peter Eisenman. Chandni Shah. Dhulia. Saurabh Vahanvati. Munir Patalia. Structurist attitudes in the works of KenzoTange : a critical study. Jignesh Suprematism & its interpretation in contemporary architecture : with special reference to the works of Zaha Hadid. Thesis Overview 1962 . TH-0699 TH-0700 TH-0702 TH-0706 TH-0709 TH-0713 TH-0721 TH-0733 TH-0740 TH-0748 TH-0757 TH-0764 TH-0774 TH-0775 TH-0795 TH-0798 TH-0803 TH-0805 TH-0806 TH-0807 Bhalani. Nilay Architecture of Raj Rewal : a critical inquiry into the reinterpretation of Indian tradition into contemporary expression. Works of Kiran Pandya : an understanding as architecture of human concern. A dialogue with the horizone. Jariwala.2012 Effect of globalization on Indian architecture : comparing IIM. Prashant Jambusaria. Banglore and NIFT. Architecture of Leo Pereira. The residences of Geoffrey Bawa : an understanding of an approach. hozefa Biloria.. Ekta Vetoskar. After the moderns: an analytical study of the works of Richard Meier. Snehal P. Shubhani Haideri. Response to context in the works of Jean Nouvel. Dave. Light as a design principle : a study of Ando’s residences and churches. Loss of aesthetics : an inquiry into the sullying of “baker phenomenon” through institutionalisation. Sejal Mehta. Vivek Desai. : the architecture of Luis Barragen.Year 1998-99 1998-99 1999-00 1999-00 1999-00 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2000-01 2001-02 2001-02 2001-02 2002-03 2002-03 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 Thesis Number Name of Student Patwa. An approach to architecture : work of Alvaro Siza. RESEARCH . Gehry. Nimish Pandhi. Urvi Thesis Title Evolution and expression of ‘Form’ and ‘Design’ : inquiry into the institutions by Louis-I-Kahn. Vikram Patel. Pathan. Prashant Chevli. [Not] just an other architect : study of an inventive approach to architecture : Rem Koolhaas.case study : Bangalore.. Making of an image : works of Frank O. Incorporating traditional methods of building to address the issues of identity in architecture : towards a new trend . Ayaz F. Charvi Malpani. Mehul The universal and the contextual : influence of Frank Lloyd Wright on contemporary Indian architecture. A search for organic expression in architecture : an inquiry into the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff. FA Booklet Series . . Delhi by Doshi.

Fiona Money. Generating architectural principles in works of Aldo van Eyck. TH-0808 TH-0811 TH-0815 TH-0816 TH-0818 TH-0820 TH-0822 TH-0828 TH-0830 TH-0834 TH-0840 TH-0849 TH-0850 TH-0853 TH-0855 TH-0857 TH-0859 TH-0963 TH-0997 Sokhadia. Works of Christopher Charles Benninger. Hetal Shah. Siddarth Panchal. Purvi Use of collapsible elements to introduce another order of architectural expression in works of Santiago Calatrava. Reflections in architecture - a search for identity in Luis Barragan’s works. .2012 .Year 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2003-04 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2004-05 2005-06 2005-06 2005-06 2008-09 2009-10 Thesis Number Name of Student Amarseda. Malay Geometry and architecture : an inquiry into the geometrical approach in the work of Tadao Ando. Vipuja V. making of assembly building at Chandigarh and Dhaka by Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. Kapil Architecture of the spirit. Isha Agrawal. . Layering as a design notion in architecture : a study of the museums in Ahmedabad and Jaipur by Charles Correa. Reinterpreting the contemporaneous in the Indian context : comparative analysis of the civic building by Raj Rewal and Charles Correa. Mehul Sharma. RESEARCH . Raje. Proportioning system as an ordering principle : an inquiry into the works of architect A. Mehta. Technology with technique : an understanding through the works of Nicholas Grimshaw. A study of the architectural works of Gerard Da’Cunha. Sangram Herma. Sejal Patel. Hardik A. Mitul Thesis Title Interpretation of traditional Indian architecture in the contemporary scene : a study of the works of Charles Correa. Pragnesh Arora. 165 . Evolution of architectural principles in the works of Shankar and Navnath Kanade. Making of the masterpieces : understanding the evolution of architectural themes in Frank Lioyd Wright’s works culminating in masterpieces. Sanjeev Menezes. D. Open-endedness : an inquiry into its manifestation in architecture : Fatehpur Sikri. Siddharth FA Booklet Series . Studying the works of Hassan Fathy for their rootedness in the context. Continuing traditions with an individual expression : works of Tadao Ando and Luis Barragan. Pandit. Ruchi Dave. Kamdar. Shirke. Role of facade in a building : the works of Le Corbusier and HDeM. Amit Yadav. Thesis Overview 1962 . Ruparel. Configurational analysis of the influence of Geoffrey Bawa on some contemporary Sri Lankan architects. Yashwardhan Singh Agarwal.

Modernism in India : an inquiry into the works of Achyut Kanvinde. FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH . Shirish Structure and architecture : undersatnding their interplay through works of Mahendra Raj .Year 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 Thesis Number Name of Student Mewada. Giving identity to built from through courts studying the works of Charles Correa. Indo-Saracenic architecture : in work of Samuel Swinton Jacob.2012 . Krunal Mistry. 166 . Patel. Chirag H. Patel. Vivek Thesis Title Study of works of Atmaram Gajjar in Ahmedabad. Thesis Overview 1962 . Setukumar H. TH-1008 TH-1017 TH-1019 TH-1029 TH-1040 Rangholia.

Mahadevia. Study of technology in middle size housing built area between 46. Structure in architecture. Ghanshyam Patel. T. Mehta. Nirav Shalini Kumar Investigations in building materials and techniques for low-cost housing on a method of evaluation. Thesis Title Materials and house form. Janak C. Rajani. B. construction and resultant form in architecture. Rajan B.2012 . Shambhubhai P. R. Influence of materials on architecture : a study of structural steel. Steel : an examination of integration of material. Shivang Chhatwani. Housecore prefabrication. Materials construction techniques and dwelling form : Ahmedabad city. Thesis Overview 1962 . materials and construction techniques Year 1972 1973 1973 1974 1975 1977 1977 1979 1981 1984 1985 1986 1990-91 1990-91 1992-93 1996-97 2002-03 2005-06 Thesis Number Name of Student Patel. Oak. Nimish. Pandya. Shah. Origin and development of woodwork in Gujarat. FA Booklet Series . Management of materials of construction in slums : a case study of Ahmedabad. Wooden construction system in Gujarat. Study of construction in traditional architecture : focus on wooden houses of old city of Ahmedabad. Desai. Learning from tradition significance of stone in contemporary Indian architecture.mtrs. Graphic representation a tool for visualization in architectural design process : an inquiry into the integration of CAD. Rural constructional technology. Naresh Domestic facades in traditional woodwork : study of Maganbhai-niHaveli in Ahmedabad. Sanjiv P. TH-0048 TH-0056 TH-0058 TH-0070 TH-0080 TH-0132 TH-0136 TH-0185 TH-0216 TH-0287 TH-0306 TH-0336 TH-0449 TH-0457 TH-0501 TH-0620 TH-0772 TH-0877 Bhatt. Setu Patel. 167 . Nikita U.Technology: design tools. Sood. Urvashi C. External intervention in rural building process. Pruthvish V. Shodhan. Patwa.90sq. Deepak Champaka. Developments in structural spanning. its benefits and drawbacks. Mehta. Vikram C. RESEARCH .5092. Mona C.

Architecture of hybrid spaces. Earth construction techniques. Parekh. Athavankar. Ipsit M. People’s participation in housing construction : deriving lessons from past experience. Patel. FA Booklet Series . Samir V. Role of material in offering a built expression : a study of buildings in steel. a study of use of timber in the traditional architecture of Kerala. Aashwin Trivedi. Mrunalsen R. Anindya Shah.Year 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2007-08 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 2010-11 1998-99 1991-92 2003-04 Thesis Number Name of Student Dutta Roy. Kilivaathil. Modan. Exposed brick masonry : influence of a material on architecture. Thesis Overview 1962 . Understanding services : its evolution and its effect on design development. Responsive built environment : a design and technological overview . Dharmesh P. Investigation of representation of generative systems through the digital medium TH-0895 TH-0912 TH-0927 TH-0929 TH-0943 TH-0946 TH-0980 TH-1001 TH-1022 TH-1039 TH-1046 TH-1051 TH-1054 TH-0659 TH-0474 TH-0792 Gangani. . Jadav. RESEARCH . Rajeshwari Study of contemporary earth architecture in India : utilization of earth as construction material in contemporary scenario. Chahna R. Study of system of construction of traditional Ahmedabad houses : query in earthquake resistance. Collaborative design in second life : a study of second life as a platforms for collaborative architectural design practices Software for lighting design : softlite : study of aspects of lighting design and development of software to evaluate a lighting system in given environment. computer-mediated working environments. Sanjeev Khakharia. Jigar Thesis Title Workplace design & productivity : a performance study of network. influence of construction on manifestation of built form. Bhargava. . 168 . Mansi Patel. Artisan and the craft : exploring the relationship between artisan of Kosi region and material in the process of building.2012 .. Ameya Maheta. Tejas R. Prasenjit Modi. Reasoning for visual form : probing the nature of visio-spatial events using eye tracking.. Akbarnazim Y. Ahluwalia. Gaganjit Singh Debnath.

Swaminathan. Rajesh I. Non-convex polyhedra. Gandhi. Advanced : adaptive : technology : an architectural gain from the advanced technology of the aerospace. Patel. Vijay Mehta. Thesis Overview 1962 . Planning efficiency of cinema theatres. Singh. Badlani. Shah. RESEARCH . Arun Chatterji. Ravindra G. Code of ethics in architecture. Thakkar. Mass production of standard (service) units in dwellings. Fire protection for high-rise buildings. Aniruddha R.. FA Booklet Series . Inquiry into the nature of Axonometric drawing. Girish Thesis Title Study of the interaction between the clients and the architects in decision-making for residential space organizations. Ajay V. Hemantrai R. Hiren Bhatt. Indrajit Statutory controls in apartment housing in Ahmedabad their implications and interpretations. Mahendra N. maritime and automotive industries. TH-0031 TH-0034 TH-0046 TH-0050 TH-0055 TH-0065 TH-0076 TH-0103 TH-0122 TH-0127 TH-0141 TH-0147 TH-0162 TH-0171 TH-0253 TH-0355 TH-0364 TH-0388 Shah. Critical study of services for textile industry. Development of highrise building in Ahmedabad. Desai. Hasmukh K. Mistry. 169 . Kanti P. Yagnesh Street Sleepers a study of the pavement dwellers with reference to the city of Ahmedabad 1972.Miscellaneous topics Year 1970 1972 1972 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1977 1977 1977 1978 1978 1982 1987-88 1988-89 1988-89 Thesis Number Name of Student Patel. Flooring materials for textile industry : a critical examination. Amber Vyas. Architect and plumbing services for highrise buildings. The marginal propensity for investment in dwelling. Gurusharan Sahijwani. Aruna R. Artificial lighting : design aspects. Mahendra K. Gajjar. Patel. Building process problems : a study. Inquiry into housing conditions of industrial workers in Ahmedabad.2012 .

Vibhavari Jariwala. Architecture of property development in Ahmedabad. Media and architecture : deleuze media and haptic illusion with multiplicity of space-time in hyperspace. Tanu Kanabar. Ghummat : software unfolding the geometry of geodesic domes. . Anish Thesis Title Modular office furniture systems : a total perception. Software for shadow throw of primary forms. FA Booklet Series . Implications of building regulations on design decisions of multi-storeyed structures.2012 . Samarth A decision support system for an architect in the rural housing situation in India. Neha Phadtare. Inquiry into the process of visualization in architecture : study in graphic re-presentation as tool for visualization. Vinay P. relevence of the methods employed in structuring the televised hyper-real. Sachin P. Shruti Patel. Architecture and computer technology : study of the state of integration. Interiors and furniture for “open plan” type offices. Anshuman. Idiom of illustration : a chronological study of visionary techniques in ‘un-built’ architectural representation between 1900 and 2005. Film architecture : a visual paradigm. Harsh Construction economy in housing and its architectural application. RESEARCH . Desai. Thesis Overview 1962 . Maradia. Rohit Das. questions of re-presentation and associations. TH-0427 TH-0428 TH-0430 TH-0446 TH-0467 TH-0488 TH-0562 TH-0597 TH-0691 TH-0768 TH-0791 TH-0827 TH-0858 TH-0883 TH-0998 Modi.Year 1989-90 1989-90 1989-90 1990-91 1990-91 1992-93 1994-95 1995-96 1998-99 2001-02 2003-04 2003-04 2005-06 2005-06 2009-10 Thesis Number Name of Student Shah. Jalpa Gupte. Maharshi Sankalia. Surajit Patel. 170 . Study of the “Play” element in arrangemental systems. Tushar Mukerjee. Telematic simulation and conception of the real : in current architectural conduct. Ashishboron Jani.

Thesis Overview 1962 . 171 .FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .2012 .

FA Booklet Series . RESEARCH .This booklet was put together during the SA50 publication workshop in December 2011. involving students guided by Muktiraj Chauhan and Manasi Pandey. Thesis Overview 1962 . 172 .2012 . The final layout and formatting has been done by Sinali Ratanlal and Sivith Kumar.


Faculty of Architecture CEPT University Kasturbhai Lalbhai Campus.FA THESIS OVERVIEW. This is highlighted by the inclusion of the research thesis as part of the curriculum in the undergraduate programme. The booklet format also allows us to look into the future by adding to and commenting on previous booklets. Teaching and learning methods are addressed under the ‘pedagogy’ theme whereas the ‘research’ theme focuses on the research thesis programme in the tenth semester. CEPT University is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year.2012 The Faculty of Architecture. Gujarat. 1962 . The students of the Faculty of Architecture have worked on these booklets with a spirit and enthusiasm that are the hallmark of this institution. student works. Over the past 50 years the school has been home to a host of students and teachers. Research has always been one of the core concerns at the Faculty of Architecture. institutional culture and contributions to society. The booklet format allows the possibility of covering diverse issues like teaching and learning methods. Booklets in this series will cover work done by students as part of this programme and other research works initiated by the faculty members and the students.cept. ideals and ideologies. providing the setting for germinating ideas that have borne fruit both within the campus and in the world around. the Related Study Programme (RSP). and Campus History. Any recollection of history is partial and can never do justice to the plethora of issues worth publishing. It was also heartening to see the alumni spending hours with these students without which we couldn’t have talked of the early years of the school.0091-79-26302075 www. The first part of this series focuses on five themes- Pedagogy.in www. SA50 Celebrating 50 years of School of Architecture.sa-nity. The ‘campus history’ series charts the long and colourful history of the campus and its people.net . The booklet series provides an opportunity to tell this story not only to put the past in perspective but also to chart an informed road to the future.ac. Outreach. University Road. Ahmedabad-380009.0091-79-26302470 / 26302740 Fax . India Phone . Research. These booklets might appear small and simple but are made possible only through hours of hard work and inputs from a very wide range of people. CEPT. The school has always been concerned about its connections with society at large and this is highlighted in the ‘outreach’ and ‘RSP’ booklets. The past and present visiting and core faculty members also deserve special mention for taking the effort to provide material for this endeavour.

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