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Recommended by Transgulf Cement Products LLC, Dubai-UAE
A SCOPE This part covers the laying specification for paving blocks made from concrete. It does not specify the thickness of subbase or paving blocks. B LAYING CONDITIONS Paving blocks shall not be laid unprotected in areas with high sea water table or other areas highly contaminated with chloride or sulphate. Paving blocks shall not be exposed to acid sprinkler water. C SUBBASE The designer has to calculate subbase requirements, Paving thickness and Paving design in accordance to the expected load and traffic frequency. Subbase material and water for mixing shall comply to relevant specification.
Subbase has to be of a non-binding type to avoid chloride or sulphate movement

to the surface by capillary force. Complete water drainage is essential. If permanent moisture from landscaping is expected. Geotextile over subgrade and complete drainage for subbase is required. The Subbase surface has to be laid in slope and falls with at least 0.2%. Subgrade and subbase compaction shall be done by plate or roller compactor to specificed CBR. The area to be paved shall be restraint by kerbstones or buildings before commencement of laying. All subbase areas have to be finalized and compacted especially around manholes or other obstacles. Tolerances in subbase shall not exceed ± 2 cm from the final level. D SAND BEDDING Slope of bedding material shall be made with same correctness as final paving level. Bedding material of following grades can be used: Natural sand Natural sand, coarse Crushed aggregates Sand/Crush mix
0-4 mm

3-5 mm 0-4 mm 2-5 mm

Maximum aggregate size shall not exceed 5mm. Dune sand is too fine and shall not be used as bedding material. All bedding material shall comply to Part I Thickness of bedding sand shall be approx. 45mm. Permitted tolerance ± 15mm.

Tolerances in subbase levels shall not be compensated by exceeding the maximum allowed sand bed thickness.