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resident’s Corner

(Guest column by former mayor Christine himes)


edmond Reflections Hits the Presses

Back in 1975 many things were
happening in Redmond. It was growing from a small town, with one traffic light, to a much larger city with development going on everywhere. That was when Paul and Barbara Beeson moved into Redmond. They bought and restored the old farmhouse and barn of one of the original family of settlers, the Perrigos. Today that beautiful spot is now home to the Eagle Rim apartment community and that farmhouse is the center and hub for Eagle Rim. The Beesons also became involved in the Redmond community through environmental issues, going to Redmond City Council meetings and numerous other County and State meetings that affected Redmond. This is where I met Paul and Barbara. We were immediately attracted to the same issues and concerns and this is also where Paul and Barbara decided I should run for the City Council. There were so many large issues facing the City, including the development of the old Redmond Golf Links, the loss of other valuable open spaces, apartments converting to condomiums and annexations happening all over.
(continued on page 3) redmond Historical society's new Redmond Reflections ~ available now!

it’s true! After four years in the making, Redmond
Reflections, the Society’s 800-plus photo essay of Redmond, will be available for purchase in October ~ just in time for holiday gift shopping! Local author and historian nancy Way calls it “rich with detailed stories and wonderful photos.” Senior City Planner Dianna Broadie appreciates the “many photos that will lend new insight into the life and culture of the Redmond area.”
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sat., Oct. 14 at 9:30 a.m. Old redmond schoolhouse Community Center tOPiCs: mAKinG OF REDMOND REFLECTIONS AnD jOhn COuCh's City sliDe shOW

The Redmond RecoRdeR ~ ocToBeR 2006


hisToRy is happening in Redmond!

2nd saturday of the month 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. OlD reDmOnD sChOOlhOuse COmmunity Center 16600 ne 80th st

economy. • • • • • • • •

edmond Reflections Available for Purchase!

if you’re a Redmond long-timer, there’s a great chance you’ll find
yourself, loved ones and/or friends mentioned and shown among the chapters that range from the area’s Native Peoples to our high tech For more recent Redmondites, the book has answers to questions like: What natural forces created our beautiful setting? Why did people come to our village of salmonberg? how were they received by native People? What industry created our first business boom and why did it disappear? Which of our mayors was responsible for the wagon wheel hub system of roads that grieves drivers in congestion today? is sammamish a river or a slough? Where were nuclear warheads located off Avondale? Where is the sunken forest that’s been underwater for 1,000 years? We hope to have copies of the book for sale at our next general meeting on Saturday, October 14. After that, they can be purchased at our office in the Old Redmond Schoolhouse during office hours or by mailing a check or money order using the form below. shipping is complimentary within the u.s. for current members, so if you haven’t joined or renewed, there’s a form on the back that you can send in with the book order form below!
(see page 5 for a look at a few of the 100 pages.)

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The Redmond RecoRdeR ~ ocToBeR 2006


hisToRy is happening in Redmond!

The President’s Corner
(continued from page 1)

Paul and Barbara applied the same passion they had for their medical professions to shaping and helping resolve some of Redmond’s growth issues and environmental problems. I always thought that they truly made people “start to think” about where the City of Redmond was headed. After being on the City Council and running for Mayor in 1979 (term of office was 1980-84) it was then that the die was cast for me. I was fortunate to have an excellent city staff and we went about setting goals and policies for park acquisitions and trail rights. In the meantime, I was handling the myriad of other challenges that go with running a city. For that experience, I will always be grateful. Much of the thanks goes to the Beesons. You know it has been said people come into your life for a reason. Paul and Barbara surely came into mine and how precious that relationship has been for me and my entire family, plus the huge benefit it had for the City of Redmond. It is hard to put it all into words. Paul passed away this past August 14th at the age of 97. I am going to attend his memorial service at Yale University this November. I’ll be happy to report on that in a later edition of “The Redmond Recorder.” In closing, I’m reminded of a quote from Dr. William C. Menninger, founder of the Menninger Clinic and Foundation: “Find a mission in life and take it seriously.” We can certainly say that this exemplifies the life of Paul and Barbara with their generous contributions to the welfare of the City of Redmond and its citizens. Dr. Beeson will be missed by all. Our thoughts and prayers go to the Beeson family.

redmond was among the cities recently designated a “Preserve America Community” by first lady laura Bush. the White house initiative showcases community efforts to preserve cultural and natural heritage. “i commend redmond and its leaders,” mrs. Bush stated, “for their commitment to preserve an important part of our nation’s historic past for visitors, neighbors, and most importantly, for children.”


aul Beeson’s Obituary

(excerpt from Paul beeson’s obituary in the King County Journal: october 18, 1908 to august 14, 2006)

“Paul Bruce Beeson,
a distinguished physician, researcher and teacher whose compassionate dedication to patient care inspired generations of medical students, died August 14 in Exeter, New Hampshire. Dr. Beeson and his wife, Barbara, lived in Redmond for more than 25 years before moving to New Hampshire in 2002.” Contributions in Paul’s memory can be made to Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility, 4554 12th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA, 98105. l
~ Christine Himes


The Redmond RecoRdeR ~ ocToBeR 2006


hisToRy is happening in Redmond!


ere You at Our September Meeting?
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No New Structures at Anderson Park
Redmond’s historic first park won’t see large structures built there after the City Council purchased property a block away to use for improved water wells. Thank you Parks Commission, mayor and council members for keeping Anderson just the way it is! l


Adams, Ray Anderson, Betty BArtley, DAve BArtley, elsie Bay, Joanne Becker, Teresa Blair, Dusty Watts Blair, Wayne Campbell, Sally Cisneros, Nancy Chinn, yvOnne ClevelAnD, BOnnie Coward, Liz Diesen, Chuck Emmanuel, Tony Fowler, Joyce Gilbert, Evelyn Goetschius, Millie Goetschius, Russ Gordon, Terri Hall, Tom Hammersberg, Clara Hammersberg, Jerry

View Some Natural History: Salmon
It’s spawning season so you’ll find salmon on the Sammamish River and Bear Creek. The City is sponsoring naturalists at the 90th Street Bridge on the river on Oct. 28, 1-3 p.m., to explain the salmon cycle. Bear Creek events are offered by the nonprofits Water Tenders (www.watertenders. org) and Redmond Organization for a Shared Environment (425.882.1846 or redmond.rose@verizon. net), which offers short nature hikes.

Wiese, Margaret

appy Valley Bridge Replacement
(tony emmanuel alerted us to the fact that the Happy Valley bridge just east of the old brick road and connecting to Highway 202 is being replaced. He also shared these memories.)

i called it the “Happy Valley Narrows.” This was a dangerous, deadly bridge.
Allowing a 55 mile an hour speed through a bridge this narrow was asking for trouble. Rob Klamser, who I believe was a City of Redmond engineer, was driving home from Ames Lake about 1970. He failed to make it through the narrow bridge and was killed. A few years later, another person rolled over while trying to squeeze through the narrow passage, and ended up in the mud at the swampy roadside. After rolling several times, and destroying his sports car, he crawled through the weeds with just scrapes and bruises. Numerous other scrapes and scratches occurred that went unreported. How many, we might never know.


Residents Online
Education Hill resident Bob Yoder has started online postings about change within Redmond’s neighborhoods and city government. It’s free and folks can post responses. Check it out at blog.360.yahoo.com/ lacrosse12dog. l

~ Tony Emmanuel

The Redmond RecoRdeR ~ ocToBeR 2006


hisToRy is happening in Redmond!


Heap of Historical Thanks


nside Redmond Reflections
redmond Historical society's new Redmond Reflections ~ available now!

to these geat people for donating treasures, expertise, time and envergy! DOn WAtts, DAryl mArtin, Dee sAunDers, jOyCe FOWler, Beryl stAnDley, tOm hAll for booth sitting at the Redmond Saturday Market. rOxy and jOhn PhilliPs for undertaking an inventory of our artifact holdings. siGriD hOrninG for assisting with the school display in the hallway case. eAstsiDe heritAGe Center for loaning us photos of Redmond High School graduating classes for display at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center. DAle POtter for help hanging display pictures. jOAnne BAy for photos of Pete’s Place on Lake Sammamish, barber Ole Stakke at work, the Hideaway Tavern, Derby Days of long ago, Orchard Park and more. Cheryl mAGnusOn for playing recording secretary at our last general meeting. jOhn COuCh for making a 90minute photography presentation on behalf of the Society to City employees. velDA Kent FlOrer for the framed aerial of the SE corner of 116th and Avondale area, including the mobile home park built by her father, Leo Kent. And thanks to Jerry Hammersberg for delivering and hanging it. The Redmond RecoRdeR ~ ocToBeR 2006 Once again, we hope to have copies of the book for sale at our next general meeting on Saturday, October 14. After that, they can be purchased at our office in the Old Redmond Schoolhouse during office hours or by U.S. Mail.


Armed Services

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hisToRy is happening in Redmond!


Welcome Erin Gordon McGowan, Board member Terri

Conrad Olsen's logging crew near Avondale.

Erin Gordon McGowan 425.641.9300 egordon@johnlscott.com

Gordon’s daughter and a Redmond realtor who’s just joined the Society at the Entrepreneur level! Here’s Erin about herself: "I grew up in a family of real estate folks: mom, grandad, uncles. And I was born and raised on the Redmond homestead of my great-great-grandfather, Conrad Olsen, whose barn and farmhouse still stand on Conrad Olsen Road (NE 95th Street). I was the fifth generation that lived on the farm and it’s now a City park. "Redmond’s history has always been part of our family history. In fact, my husband and I now live in the downtown home my great-grandfather Don Adler built in the 1940s. "I’m eager to use my love and knowledge of the Eastside to help folks buy and sell property. Please remember me when you think of local real estate, and give me a call." Erin Gordon McGowan

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