30 Jan 2013 Att: All General and Political reporters MEDIA RELEASE Ergon Management delay flood restoration

work to announce further redundancies Government Job looting has to stop…ETU The Electrical Trades Union warned the Government that goodwill is drying up rapidly as reports emerged today that while many areas in the Wide Bay city of Maryborough are either under water or cleaning up after recent deluge’s, Ergon management are more interested in making people redundant. In what can only be described as bastardry, Ergon Energy stood approximately 50 employees down from restoration work this morning to attend a briefing session on further job cuts. ETU State Organiser Trevor Gauld could not hide his anger. “We’ve still got guys stranded in Maryborough, unable to get in or out of their homes, while the rest are doing big hours to try and get their community back on. This action is inexcusable.” “The Premier is out there publicly thanking the Ergon workers while privately his Ministers continue to direct Ergon to implement front line job cuts. When communities are trying to pull together these heartless bastards are tearing them apart, they are no better than looters and scammers, they are a disgrace”.

For more details or interview Peter Simpson (State Secretary) 0419 721 041 Trevor Gauld (State Organiser) 0488 225 625 Stuart Traill (Sate Organiser) 0430 072 049

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