Paving Instructions Remus S-Cube

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Paving of a new area 1. Create a compacted and concreted ground 2. Prepare a sand or mortar bed and pave the stainless steel Remus S-Cubes with the help of a string and a rubber mallet paying attention to height, angel and flush. Allow for a sufficient joint distance. Set-joint >2 to 3 mm, Passing over pavements >3 to 5 mm. Pay attention of not damaging the surfaces during assembly. 3. Add desired joint material. Approach of changing stones on existing pavements 1. If necessary dismantle the existing pavement joint. 2. Remove the existing paving stone. If necessary use a spot driller for the paving stones in order to extract them with the help of a dowel or a screw. 3. Clean the contact surfaces of any joint sand. 4. Adjust the height with the help of a sand or mortar bed. 5. Pave the Remus S-Cube in the desired pattern as explained in “paving of a new area” point 2.

REMUS Innovation GmbH, Dr. Niederdorferstr. 25, A-8572 Bärnbach Tel. +43 (0)3142 6900 0, Fax +43 (0)3142 6900 292, Firmenbuch: FN 240398 b, LG Graz, UID-Nr.: ATU 61126436,

s-cube. s-cube@remus. LG Graz. Any liability in this regard is excluded from our part! In order to decrease the slip danger we recommend the combination of flat.: ATU 61126436. After shaking and repeatedly sand back-filling of the joints. UID-Nr. REMUS Innovation GmbH.Shaking only when necessary When using a vibrating plate with rubber nubs or a plastic coat (to protect the surface) it has to be taken special care that the paving area is clean in order to avoid any marks. Niederdorferstr. 25. A-8572 Bärnbach Tel. Do not adjust height differences by using force or overusing the vibrating plate. Paving in the mortar bed If stones are paved in a mortar bed. the pavement can be used right away. Dr. freezing or blooming) Here’s a little hint Bear in mind that the vibrating plate will reduce the height of the paving stones at most by around 1 cm. ATTENTION! Especially in wet weather conditions even surface increase the risk of slipping. The well cleaned pavement can only be treated in dry condition with a vibrating plate with rubber nubs or plastic coat from the borders to the middle until it is firmly Firmenbuch: FN 240398 b. www. If the mortar is leak proof also the joints have to be leak proof so no water can enter (danger of water . +43 (0)3142 6900 0. the mortar bed has to allow the water coming through the joints to drain away in the foundation. fluted and burled Remus S-Cubes. Fax +43 (0)3142 6900 292.

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