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The Voice of Knowledge

A Practical Guide to Inner Peace

By Don Miguel Ruiz (with Janet Mills), Amber-Allen Publishing, 2004

The Voice of Knowledge will This book offers a wonderful

reintroduce you to a person amount of wisdom for self- BOOK OF THE WEEK:
you thought you've always empowerment, personal
known but forget to get to growth, and the discovery of
know much better each day - your genuine self hearing the
yourself. It's not filled with the voice of truth by knowing the
usual promises of a greater real you.
concept of living after the read,
but presents a realistic and
whole new approach to living.
It's simply written with
examples from both the real
life experiences of author Don
Miguel Ruiz - his personal
struggles and breakthroughs -
and wisdom from ancient read the summary


The Big Idea
Why You Need This Book
Chapter 1 - Adam and Eve Chapter 7 - Emotions are Real
Chapter 2 - A Visit with Grandfather Chapter 8 - Common Sense and Blind Faith
Chapter 3 - The Lie of Our Imperfection Chapter 9 - Transforming the Storyteller
Chapter 4 -A Night in the Desert Chapter 10 - Writing Our Story with Love
Chapter 5 - The Storyteller Chapter 11 - Opening Our Spiritual Eyes
Chapter 6 - Inner Peace Chapter 12 - The Tree of Life

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The Big Idea
The Voice of Knowledge will reintroduce you to a Points to Ponder:
person you thought you've always known but forget - The mind is fertile ground for concepts, ideas,
to get to know much better each day - yourself. It's and opinions. If someone tells us a lie and we
not filled with the usual promises of a greater believe it, that lie takes root in our mind and can
concept of living after the read, but presents a grow big and strong like a tree. One little lie can be
realistic and whole new approach to living. It's very contagious, spreading its seeds from person
simply written with examples from both the real life to person when we share it with others.
experiences of author Don Miguel Ruiz - his - Once the Tree of Knowledge is alive in our mind,
personal struggles and breakthroughs - and we hear the fallen angel talking very loudly. That
wisdom from ancient cultures. voice never stops judging. It tells us what is right
and what is wrong, what is beautiful and what is
This book offers a wonderful amount of wisdom for ugly. The storyteller is born inside our head, and
self-empowerment, personal growth, and the survives inside our head because we feed it with
discovery of your genuine self hearing the voice of our faith.
truth by knowing the real you. - Heaven belongs to us because we are the
children of heaven. The voice in our head doesn't
belong to us. When we are born, we don't have
that voice. Thinking comes after we learn first the
Why You Need This Book language, then different points of view, then all the
If you are in constant struggle with yourself - from judgments and lies. The voice of knowledge
making the right decisions or doing the right actions comes as we accumulate knowledge.
- this book is perfect for you. This book will greatly - In the moment when we separate from God, we
remind you of your value as a unique individual and begin to search for God, for the love we believe we
uplift your spirit with such freedom that neither don't have. Humans are continually searching for
biased judgment or self-accusation can keep you justice, for beauty, for truth for the way we used to
from excelling in life and loving yourself. be before we believed in lies. We are searching for
our authentic self.
With The Voice of Knowledge, get in touch with
yourself again.
Chapter 2 - A Visit with Grandfather,
Chapter 1 - Adam and Eve, the Story a Simple Truth is Discovered
When Ruiz paid a visit to impress his grandfather,
from a Different Point of View he ended up being the one impressed instead. In
This famous story is about humanity and everyone the past, what he learned from his grandfather was
being one. It all started with innocence; everything that knowledge is simply the sum of the things that
was about love. Then there were the two trees: the one learns from school and life, without the
Tree of Life and the Tree of Death, better known as certainty if what you know is the truth. So when he
the Tree of Knowledge. In the story, the Prince of asked for what is true, his grandfather answered:
Lies lived in the Tree of Knowledge, ensuring that “The truth needs to be experienced. It's not
the fruit of the tree was tainted with lies. After a lot of important to be right or make others wrong.”
convincing talk from the fallen angel, the Adam and
Eve bit into the apple, and absorbed the lies that Points to Ponder:
came with it. - All of the drama humans suffer is the result of
believing in lies, mainly about ourselves. The first
God was right when He said that they would die if lie we believe is I am not: I am not the way I should
they would give the fruit even just one bite. They be, I am not perfect. The truth is that every human
died because they lost themselves. They made the is born perfect because only perfection exists.
Prince of Lies live inside them instead.

The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz 2 of 7

- We humans have no idea what we really are, but we up, such became truth for you. But with
know what we are not. We create an image of awareness, you can change the story. Step by
perfection, a story about what we should be, and we step, you can return to the truth.
begin to search for a false image. The image is a lie,
but we invest our faith in that lie. Then we build a Points to Ponder:
whole structure of lies to support it. - As little children, we are completely authentic.
- Faith is a powerful force in humans. If we invest our We never pretend to be what we are not. Our
faith in a lie, that lie becomes truth for us. If we believe tendency is to play and explore, to live in the
we are not good enough, then thy will be done, we are moment, to enjoy life. Nobody teaches us to be
not good enough. If we believe we will fail, we will fail, that way; we are born that way. This is our true
because that is the power and magic of our faith. nature before we learn to speak.
- Humans can perceive truth with our feelings, but - When the human mind is mature enough for
when we try to describe the truth, we can only tell a abstract concepts, we begin to learn to qualify
story that we distort with our word. The story may be everything: right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful
true for us, but that doesn't mean it is true for anyone or ugly. We create a story about what we should
else. be, we put our faith in the story, and the story
- All humans are storytellers with their own unique becomes the truth for us.
point of view. When we understand this, we no longer - You can never be what you are not. You can only
feel the need to impose our story on others or to be you, and that's it. You are you right now, and it's
defend what we believe. Instead, we see all of us as effortless.
artists with the right to create our own art. - Humans are born in truth, but we grow up
believing in lies. One of the biggest lies in the
story of humanity is the lie of our imperfection. It's
just a story, but we believe it, and we use the story
Chapter 3 - The Lie of Our to judge ourselves, to punish ourselves, and to
Imperfection, Childhood Memories justify our mistakes.
are Recalled - Everything in God's creation is perfect. If we
Everybody starts out as innocent little children. And don't see our own perfection, it's because our
eventually everybody grows up eating the lie that attention is focused on our story. The lies in our
each must strive to become what one should be. And story keep us from seeing the truth. But with
because you believed in this so-called story that you awareness, we can change the story and return to
or others have imposed on you as you were growing the truth.

Chapter 4 - A Night in the Desert,

ABOUT THE BOOK: an Encounter with the Infinite
When Ruiz had the chance to do mission work as
a doctor at the Sonora desert, he finally
Author: Don Miguel Ruiz (with Janet 'experienced truth', one night, under the gaze of a
Mills) billion stars. He said that “all humans have
Publisher: Amber-Allen Publishing moments of inspiration when they perceive truth.
Date of Publication: 2004 These moments usually occur when the mind is
ISBN: 978-1-878424-54-9 quiet when we perceive the force of life through
248 pages
our feelings.” Take time to know yourself. Take
courage to accept who you are.

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Points to Ponder:
- Life, the force of transformation that creates and everybody else will change.
transforms the stars, is the same force that creates - Don't waste your time taking anything
and transforms the atoms in our physical body. This personally. When other people talk to you, they
force is always present and obvious for us to see, but are really talking to you the secondary character
we cannot see it when our attention is focused on lies. in their story. Whatever people say about you is
- Every human is part of the infinite, and so is every just a projection of their image of you. It has
object we perceive. There is no difference between nothing to do with you.
any of us, or between us and any object. We are only - Humans are the storytellers of God. It is our
one - everything is made of light. nature to make up stories, to interpret everything
- Life creates what is real, and humans create a we perceive. Without awareness, we give our
virtual reality - a story about what is real. We perceive personal power to the story, and the story writes
images of light, and we interpret, qualify, and judge itself. With awareness, we recover the control of
what we perceive. This ongoing reflection in the our story.
mirror of our mind is what the ancient Central
American Toltec civilization calls dreaming.
- God, the supreme artist, uses our life for the creation Chapter 6 - Inner Peace, Taming
of art. We are the instruments through which the force
of life expresses itself. the Voice with Two Rules
- The art of dreaming is the art of living. Everything we We already know from previous sections that the
say and do is an expression of the force of life. voice of knowledge - the voice in our head - is like
Creation is ongoing. It is endless. It is happening in a wild horse taking you wherever it wants to go.
every moment. But it can be overcome. The following two rules
will accelerate the process of purifying your
belief system:
Chapter 5 - The Storyteller, Exploring Rule number one: Don't believe yourself. You lie
the Characters in the Story to yourself sometimes. But keep your mind and
It is important that you take the time to listen to others your heart open. The voice of knowledge can
to get a glimpse of who you really are. By sometimes have a brilliant idea, so learn to listen.
experiencing the love of another person, you can see
how great you are. Rule number two: Don't believe anybody else.
People can lie to you as well.
Awareness gives you the power to take control of
your life and your story. If you don't like your story, you Once you follow these two rules, all of the lies in
are the author; you can change it. your head won't have the power to overcome you
or the way you want to live your life.
Points to Ponder:
- You are the author of an ongoing story you tell Points to Ponder:
yourself. In your story, everything is about you, and it - Regarding the voice in your head, once you
has to be that way because you are the center of your tame the horse, you can ride it. Knowledge
perception. The story is told from your point of view. becomes a tool for communication that takes you
- Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. If where you want to go.
other people try to write your story, it means they don't - You don't need internal dialogue; you can know
respect you. They consider that you are not a good without thinking. You can perceive with your
artist who can write your own story, even though you feelings. Why waste energy telling yourself what
were born to write your own story. you already know or worrying about what you
- The only way to change your story is to change what don't know? When the voice in your head finally
you believe about yourself. If you clean up the lies stops talking, you experience inner peace.
you believe about yourself, the lies you believe about - To tame the liar in your head, stop believing

The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz 4 of 7

what it tells you. If you follow the two rules distorted image of ourselves. That is why we are
mentioned above, all of the lies you believe won't no longer free.
survive your skepticism and will simply disappear. - Emotional pain is a symptom of being abused;
- The truth survives our skepticism, but we cannot the pain is letting you know that you have to do
say the same about lies. Lies can only survive if we something to stop the abuse. The emotions are the
believe them. The truth is still the truth, whether or most important part of your story because they are
not we believe it. That is the beauty of the truth. telling you how you are doing in your life. By
- The voice of knowledge rules your life, and it is a following your emotions, you can change your
tyrant. If you refuse to obey that voice, it becomes circumstances.
quieter and quieter, and speaks to you less and less
until it no longer controls you. When the voice loses
power over you, lies no longer rule your life, and you Chapter 8 - Common Sense and
become authentic again.
Blind Faith, Recovering Our Faith
and Free Will
Chapter 7 - Emotions are Real, the Imagine the beauty life can bring once you stop
Voice of Knowledge is Not believing in lies. You will be able to live without
controlling anyone or being controlled by anyone.
Each time you perceive something, an emotional
You will neither judge nor be judged by other
reaction takes place. And most often, you let these
people. You will forgive everybody and even
emotions control and suppress you. Be true to
yourself and healing will take place in your heart
yourself. There is nothing wrong when you feel hate,
and mind. Find faith and be free.
anger, happiness, guilt, joy, shame, etc. Be free.
Remember, you are the one in control of everything,
Points to Ponder:
including your emotions. You will know that you are
- The word is pure magic. It is a power that comes
free when you no longer have to be you.
directly from God, and faith is the force that directs
that power. Everything in our virtual reality is
Points to Ponder:
created with the word; we use the word for the
- Every emotion that you feel is real. It is truth. It
creation of our story, to make sense out of
comes directly from the integrity of your spirit. You
everything we experience.
cannot fake what you feel. You can try to justify or
- Faith is the force that gives life to every word, to
repress your emotions, you can try to lie about what
every belief that we store in our mind. If we agree
you feel, but what you feel is authentic.
with a concept, our faith is there, and we keep it in
- The voice of knowledge can make you feel
our memory. Faith is the mortar that holds our
ashamed of your feelings, but there is nothing wrong
beliefs together and gives sense and direction to
with whatever you feel. There are no good emotions
the entire dream.
or bad emotions. Even if what you feel is anger or
- Real faith, or free faith, is what you are feeling in
hate, it comes from your integrity. If you feel it, there
this moment. This moment is real; you have faith in
is always a reason for feeling it.
life, faith in yourself, faith for no reason. This is the
- Everything you perceive causes an emotional
power of your creation in the moment. From this
reaction. You perceive not only your feelings, but
point of power, you can create whatever you want
your knowledge your own thoughts, judgments,
to create in any direction.
and beliefs. You perceive the voice in your head, and
- Blind faith leads us nowhere because it doesn't
you have an emotional reaction to that voice.
follow the truth. With lies blinding our faith, we fall
- Our emotions are real; the voice of knowledge that
into the illusion that we are separate from God, and
makes us suffer is not. Our suffering is true, but the
we lose power of creation.
reason why we suffer may not be true at all.
- When we release our faith from the lies, we
- Humans are possessed by knowledge, by a

The Voice
of Knowledge
Principle byby
Don Alcorn
Miguel Ruiz 5 of
of 78
recover free will and make our own choices. We authentic, when you are being yourself. When
recover the power to believe whatever we want to you are in your creation and you are doing what
believe. And when we have the power to believe you love to do, you become what you really are
whatever we want, all we want is to love. again. You are not thinking in that moment; you
are expressing. Your emotions are coming out
and you feel great.
- Every time you practice the Four Agreements,
Chapter 9 - Transforming the their meaning goes deeper and deeper until the
Storyteller, the Four Agreements as moment comes when you open your spiritual
Favorite Tools eyes. Then your life becomes an expression of
The Four Agreements are as follows: your emotional body, just the way it was before
The First Agreement: Be impeccable with your word.
Anything you do that goes against yourself is a sin.
Chapter 10 - Writing Our Story with
The Second Agreement: Don't take anything Love, Life as an Ongoing
personally. Not taking anything personally gives you
immunity to emotional poison in all your relationships. Romance
Be your genuine self. Only by doing so will you be
The Third Agreement: Don't make assumptions. You able to live your life with integrity, with common
need to listen and ask questions. With clear sense, with love. Master the art of love. Practice
communication, people will give you all of the it. Make you life an ongoing romance.
information you need, and you won't have to make
assumptions. Points to Ponder:
- The best way to write your story is with love.
The Fourth Agreement: Always do your best. When Love is the material that comes directly from your
you do your best, you don't give the voice of integrity, from what you really are.
knowledge an opportunity to judge you. By doing your - When you introduce the agreement of self-
best, you are going to be productive, which means respect, many self-judgments end there, and
you are going to take action. You are doing it because most of the self-rejection ends there, too. Then
you want to, not because you have to. you can allow the voice to talk, but the dialogue is
much better. You find yourself smiling and having
Points to Ponder: fun, even when you are just by yourself.
- The way to transform what you believe about - When you enjoy the presence of yourself, you
yourself is to unlearn what you have already learned. love yourself not because of the way you are, but
When you unlearn, your faith returns to you, your because of what you are. The more you love
personal power increases, and you can invest your yourself, the more you enjoy your life, and the
faith in new beliefs. more you enjoy the presence of everyone
- When the edifice of knowledge collapses, you have around you.
a second chance to create a story according to your - Every activity of your life can become a ritual of
integrity. You can use your attention for the second love - eating, walking, talking, working, playing.
time to make a story based on the truth instead of on When everything becomes a ritual of love, you
lies. are no longer thinking; you are feeling. Just to be
- When you are absorbed in what you are doing, the alive makes you intensely happy.
mind hardly speaks. You are expressing what you - When you love yourself unconditionally, you
really are, and the action makes it enjoyable. When justify and explain everything you perceive
there is inaction, your mind has to have action, and through the eyes of love. Your attention is
that is an open invitation for the voice of knowledge to focused on love, and this makes it easy to feel
talk to you. unconditional love for all of the secondary
- The best moments of your life are when you are characters in your story.

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- The only way to know love is to experience love, to Points to Ponder:
have the courage to jump into the ocean of love, and - When you are born, you don't know what you
perceive it in its totality. Once you experience love, are, but your body knows what it is, and it knows
you can't find the words to explain what you feel, but what to do. This is silent knowledge. You can feel
you see love coming from everyone, from everything, silent knowledge every time you breathe.
from everywhere. - You are an angel, and your life is your message.
You can be a messenger of lies, fear, and
destruction, or a messenger of truth, love, and
Chapter 11 - Opening Our Spiritual creation. But you cannot deliver lies and truth at
the same time.
Eyes, a Reality of Love All Around Us - Heaven is a story that we can create when we
Find yourself and know who you really are. You will be surrender to life and allow life to manifest without
happy to find out that the goodness is right there lies. Heaven is here and it's available for
because what you are is goodness. You don't have to everybody, but we need to have the eyes to
try to be good; you just need to stop pretending to be perceive it.
what you are not. - The truth is not in the story. The truth is in the
power that creates the story. The truth is the real
Points to Ponder: you; it's your own integrity, and nobody can
- The reality of truth, the reality of love, is a reality that guide you to that place. Only you can take
belongs to us. Before the voice of knowledge, all of us yourself there.
perceived this reality all of the time. If we don't see it - When the voice of knowledge becomes the
now, it's because we are being blinded by all of the voice of integrity, you return to the truth, you
lies from thousands of years ago. return to love, you return to heaven, and live in
- The energy of love is just like the light that comes happiness again.
from the sun. Like sunlight, the emotion of love looks
different depending on what is reflecting the love.
- If you open your spiritual eyes, you perceive what is
without the lies. For you it is no longer a theory that
your story is just a dream. Heaven is the truth, but the
story you perceive right now is not the truth; it's an ~///~
- What you are is something incredibly magnificent.
You are life, and not just you, but every animal, every
flower, every rock is life, because everything is full of
life. All of us are only one living being, and we come
from the same place.

Chapter 12 - The Tree of Life, the

Story Comes Full Circle
Heaven can be felt on earth if everyone would be true
to themselves, in complete freedom from the control
of fear and lies. Enjoy your time and live in happiness
while you are alive.

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