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Sr. No. Code Name of the Project (Nodal Laboratory) 2007-12 Total/Sancd. Cost (Rs. Cr.)

A. Supra Institutional Projects

1 SIP01 2 SIP02 3 SIP03 4 SIP04 5 SIP05 6 SIP06 7 SIP07 8 SIP08 9 SIP09 10 SIP10 11 SIP11 12 SIP12 13 SIP13 14 SIP14 15 SIP15 16 17 18 19 SIP16 SIP17 SIP18 SIP19
Enhancement of knowledge base in aerospace sciences and development of cutting edge technologies (NAL) Niche food processing technologies for outreach of cost effective, safe, hygienic, nutritious and health food to the target population (CFTRI) High value products from agro forestry resources from the Himalayan region & improving productivity and quality of product development including facility for nutraceutical/value added product (IHBT) Evidence based Neutracetical/ Herbal products for Preventive Health and Disease Management (NIIST) Biodiversity assessment, prospection and conservation of plant resources of India (NBRI) An Integrative Biology Approach in Deciphering Genotype - Phenotype Correlation for Human Complex Disorders (IGIB) Evaluation and Correction of Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Disease (IICB) Investigative Toxicology: New Paradigms (IITR) Enhancing water utilization efficiency in crop plants: Prospecting Plant Diversity for genes and systems Biology for drought tolerance (NBRI) Understanding the molecular mechanism of diseases of naional priority: Developing novel approaches for effective management (IMT) Facility for chemical biology (IICT) Evolution of the Indian Lithosphere : Focus on Major Earth Processes and Resources with a special reference to Deccan Traps and Dharwar craton (NGRI) Science for development of a forecasting system for the waters around india (NIO) Multi-scale simulation and quantification of sustainability and vulnerability under climate variability and climate stress and other natural hazards (CMMACS) Seismic hazard-risk evaluation and Earthquake Precursor related studies (NEIST) Capacity building in Moecular Environmental Science (NEERI) R&D on Photovoltaics and Other Energy Applications (NPL) Energy for cleaner and greener environment (CECRI) To develop know-how and technology for environmental friendly conversion and utilization of biomass to fuels, lubricants and additives (IIP) Competencies in clean coal initiative & energy conservation technologies leading to development of IGCC and UGCG in India (IIP) Technology development for Smart Systems (CEERI) Appropriate.technological Solutions for Societal applications (CSIO) Ceramic materials for emerging technologies involving liquid and gas separation (CGCRI) Capability in mobile robot development for industrial, outdoor and hazardous applications (CMERI) Development and forming of performance driven special steels (NML) New drug development programme for parasitic diseases (CDRI) Development of Novel Target based Anticancer Therapeutics (IIIM) Management tools for maintenance, scheduling and life enhancement of special structures (SERC) High Performance Materials and Construction Technologies for Sustainable Built Space (CBRI) Development of a Management System for Maintenance Planning and Budgeting of High Speed Road Corridors (CRRI) Indian S&T - Mapping, Manpower and Comparative Capability (NISTADS) Patinformatics (URDIP) Agrochemicals and Intermediates : Integrated pest management inclue pheromones (IICT)

99.67 38.00 19.28

8.20 17.30 14.50 16.50 12.00 10.00 19.20 26.70 40.00

72.45 5.50

5.50 20.00 15.00 14.40 35.00 60.00 12.00 18.00 18.00 20.00 20.00 30.00 18.00 16.00 16.00 16.00 5.60 5.60 9.90

20 SIP20 21 SIP21 22 SIP22 23 SIP23 24 SIP24 25 26 27 28 SIP25 SIP26 SIP27 SIP28

29 SIP29 30 SIP30 31 SIP31 32 SIP32 33 SIP 33

B. Network projects
1 NWP01 2 NWP02 3 4 5 6 7 NWP03 NWP04 NWP05 NWP06 NWP08
Designing and developing a regional aircraft specially suited for developing economies (Phase-1) NAL Design and development of equipment with appropriate and adaptable automation for hygenic and safe production of processed and semi-processed foods in large scale(CFTRI) Transgenic crop plants and genes for resistance to insect pests(NBRI) Plasma Proteomics Health, Environment and Disease (CCMB) Engineering Peptides and Proteins for New Generation Therapies (CCMB) Exploitatiom of India's rich microbial diversity (IMT) Pathway engineering and system biology approach towards homologous and heterologous expression of high-value phytoceuticals (artemisinin, taxanes, picrosides, morphine, with anolides(CIMAP) Biological & Chemical Transformation of Plant Compounds for Production of Value Added Products of Therapeutic/Aroma Value (CIMAP). Development of Specialty Inorganic Materials for Diverse Applications (CSMCRI) Conducting polymer paints and coatings for corrosion protection and shielding of concrete structures in strategic areas (NCL) NCL-IGIB joint Research Inititaive: Interfacing Cheistry with biology (IGIB) Atmosphere carbon dioxide sequestration through fertilization of a high-nutrients-low chlorophyll (HNLC) oceanic regions with iron (NIO) State of art multi tera flop High Performance Computing Facility( HPC), CMMACS Environmental Contaminants: New Screening Technologies and Effect on Human Health (IITR) Mapping of the Marine Biodiversity along the Indian Coast (CSMCRI) Remediation/eco-restoration and Cleanup of Contaminated Ground & Water Resources (NEERI) Climate change and adaption of species complexes (IHBT) Development of gas to liquid (GTL) Procesess for DME & Fischer-Tropsch fuels (IIP) Hydrogen economy initiative: Overcoming materials challenges for the generation, storage and conversion of hydrogen using fuel cells (NCL). Functional Organic Materials for Energy Efficient Devices (NIIST) Design and Fabrication Capabilities for Very High Frequency Microwave Tubes (CEERI) Fabrication of LED Devices and Systems for Solid State Lighting Applications (NPL) Photonics for Communication, Laser and Sensor Technology (CGCRI) Technology for Assessment and Refurbishment of Engineering Materials and Components(NML) Development of Advanced Lightweight Metallic Materials for Engineering Applications (AMPRI) Non oxide ceramic based advance structural materials: Armours and Refractories (CGCRI) Modular Re-configurable Micro Manufacturing Systems (MRMMS) for Multi Material Desktop Manufacturing Capabilities (CMERI) Development of Advanced Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Processes for Utilization of Iron ore Resources of India (IMMT) Diabetes Mellitus -New Drug discovery R&D, Molecular mechanisms and genetic factors (CDRI) Development of Diagnostics and Target Based Molecular Medicines against Allergy Bronchial Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (IICB) Validation of Identified Screening Models and Development of New Alternative Models for Evaluation of New Drug Entities (CDRI) Nanomaterial and Nanodevices in Health and Disease (CCMB) Comparative Genomics and Biology of non-coding RNA in the human genome (IGIB) Discovery and preclinical studies of new bioactive molecules ( natural and semisynthetic) & traditional preperations (CSIR Hq.) Identification and Validation of Drug Targets for Selected Pathogens (CDRI) Engineering of structure against natural & other disasters (SERC) Comprehensive Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (NISCAIR)

300.00 23.00

11.35 33.61 22.00 40.00 28.49

8 NWP09 9 NWP10 10 NWP12 11 NWP13 12 NWP14 13 NWP15 14 NWP17 15 NWP18 16 NWP19 17 NWP20 18 NWP21 19 NWP22 20 NWP23 21 NWP24 22 NWP25 23 NWP26 24 NWP27 25 NWP28 26 NWP29 27 NWP30 28 NWP31 29 NWP32 30 NWP33 31 NWP34 32 NWP35 33 NWP36 34 NWP37 35 NWP38 36 NWP39 37 NWP40

20.00 20.00 6.00 21.50 15.00 49.41 20.00 9.00 19.00 23.00 20.00 35.00 6.00 45.00 47.87 20.00 30.00 45.00 15.00 19.00 20.00 33.78 19.80

18.50 40.00 38.00 11.71 16.50 15.00 18.00

38 39 40 41 42 43


Scientific Knowledge Grid, High Power Computing, Data Centres (ITD) Consortium acess to electronic journals (NISCAIR) Cheminformatics (URDIP) Zero Emission Research Initiative (CLRI) Advancement in Metrology (NPL) Sustainable Development and Management of water resources in different problematic terrain(NGRI) Development of hollow fiber membrane technology for water disinfection/purification and waste water reclamation (CSMCRI) Rural, SC/ST, Women, North East & Tribals (RSWNET)

60.00 40.00 15.26 15.00 121.45 10.00 12.00 52.47 14.30 16.90 10.00 9.00 60.00 14.00 11.00 4.00 45.00

44 NWP47 45 NWP48 1 IAP01 2 IAP02 3 IAP03 4 IAP04 5 IAP05 6 IAP06 7 IAP07 8 IAP09 1 FAC01 2 FAC02 3 FAC03 4 FAC04 5 FAC05 6 FAC06 7 FAC07 8 FAC08 9 FAC09 10 FAC11

C. Inter-agency projects
New insights in cancer biology: Identification of novel targets and development of target based molecular medicine (IICB) Project on Conservation of Endangered Species (CCMB) Development of coal to liquid technology (CTL) technology for synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons(CIMFR) Development of Lithium-ion batteries for Multifarious applications (CECRI) Utilization of indigenous know-how to address drinking water need in coastal/rural areas (CSMCRI -BARC) Development of cost effective mine water reclamation technology for providing safe drinking water (CIMFR) Design Centre for Products (CLRI) Soleckshaw-Battery operated cycle rikshaw (CMERI)

D. Facility Creation
Enhancement of Aerospace Research & Technology Development Facilities including Setting up a Centre of Excellence in Flight Mechanics and control (NAL). National Facilities for Functional Genomic Research .a) Zebrafish Facility b) Cellomics Facility c) LC-NMR facility,(IGIB) Advanced Center for Protein Informatics, Science, Engineering & Technology (IMT) Settingup a Compact High Energy Light Source Radiation for the Structural Analysis of Biomacromolecule (CCMB) Center of Excellence for Lipid Research (IICT) CSIR Battery Performance Evaluation Centre (CECRI) BSL-4 Facility for infectious diseases caused by dangerous microorganisms (In collaboration with DST amouont shown is CSIR part) Establishment of Dog Facility for research and testing purposes (CDRI) State-of-the-art analytical facility for North East (NEIST) Innovation centre for plasma processing (IMT)

23.20 40.00 12.00 17.00 5.00 32.32

10.09 4.80 19.80


E. Headquarter Project
Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD) (CSIR Hq.)

* Shaded projects in formulation stage