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Build a Water Pump and Support a feeding program


Over the past year I have been

and college roommate, Lamont Hartman. On my own rst trip to where he outlined the work that he is doing with orphaned children. On my second trip later in the year, I travelled with Mr. Banda and witnessed for myself how he is managing a project to feed 400 orphans breakfast daily. The project is funded through donations and the free

fortunate to travel to the warm have met and been humbled by amazing people who are serving those in need through tireless commitment. When you have good people in place managing projects where the results are clear and obvious, it makes a great deal of sense to support their efforts.

heart of Africa Malawi where I Malawi I met with Stephen briey

service and support of One such person that I would like volunteers. The location is an to make a strong effort to hour outside of Lilongwe and at a support, with your help of course, is Stephen Banda. Stephen was rst brought to my attention by my long-term friend

rural village called Namitete.Alvin Singh

$10 can feed one child breakfast for an entire school year!

How you can Support this Project

Namitete Nutrition & Water Sustainability Project: + Donate $5, $10, $25 or $100. Visit our Website and make a contribution via Pay Pal. The total amount we looking to raise is $8,000 for the following wish list : Building materials for the nursery, church, village clinic, doors for open toilets and a water tower; Generator for power electricity; Water Pumps and suction pipes; Feeding program for 200 children for one year ages 3-6 years old; School materials such as pencils, notebooks, and pens; Sports equipment for older children and teenagers such as soccer balls; Iron Sheet roof for a newly built rural church + Send any books, school supplies, toys, children clothing or shoes to : Smiles For Malawi Attn: Alvin Singh Po Box 330719 Murfreesboro Tn 37133

+ Share this story with friends and family who may want
to donate or help spread the word. Use your social media connections to inform others and share our video and fundraising campaign.
Facts about Malawi: Population: 15 million Malawi, is a landlocked country in southeast Africa that was formerly known as Nyasaland. It is bordered by Zambia,Tanzania and Mozambique 85% of population lives and works on a small farm One of the worlds highest maternal death rates


Current water supply for thousands of people




The Joyce Banda Foundation is one of the few local Non Governmental Organizations in Malawi. It was founded by Her Excellency President Joyce Banda in 1997 using prize money for the Africa Award for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger She created the National Association of Business Women in Malawi, now a network of 70,000 women dedicated to their own and one anothers prosperity. ' She also founded the Young Women Leaders Network, the Joyce Banda Foundation for Better Education and the Hunger Project in Malawi. Funding from UNFPA at various times in her career fueled her work with grassroots women, as well as her quest for policy change. Over the years the Joyce Banda Foundation has evolved into a fully edged, integrated Rural Development Program. Under this program, the institution is implementing a number of initiatives in the areas of Health, Agriculture and Food Security, Water and Sanitation, as well as Orphan Care and Education.

Edith Akridge Managing Director Joyce Banda Foundation International P.O. Box 51321 Limbe, Malawi 265.99.371.8633

To empower young people to take active part in developments. The Joyce Banda Foundation also runs a free secondary school for orphans. The biggest orphan care organization in Malawi. The Foundation currently runs a total of 30 orphan care centers, helping a total of 5000 orphans.