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Kamloops Ideas Festival 2013

January 12, 2013

What are the components of an amazing transportation network?

Public Transit
Social, respectful training for transit operators Ease of use** Scalability Make public transport sexier Accessibility***** Safe transport Mountain train Park and ride* Safety red button stations: if people are walking or biking and they are being followed/threatened/attacked press the button and police or community safety team will be alerted immediately and closest person can come to help. (Women are vulnerable when out, young people are vulnerable when out). Negotiate with CP/CN for railway system transportation options (Heffley, Rayleigh, Valleyview) Mainline rapid transit from outskirts to downtown with a single line connecting the directions (ie. East to West, North to South) Monorail Affordability***** Fast (time efficient) Bus systems dont match TRU class start dates Better system that serves the whole community Family passes- advertise that its available Bus connect all areas of city (Kamloops Indian Band reserves) Bus schedules wrong-not correct Shovel snow at bus stops McArthur Park events on weekend- no service More reliable bus routes and schedules (hour and wait times at transfer spots) Bus routes should go both ways- some routes just go one way One that addresses the geography of Kamloops (Park and ride, Park and walk, Avuncular) Small buses on low user times and routes Need something like Canada line in Vancouver Fast, affordable bus routes all around the community not just central No violence on transit Better bus support on city events (Remembrance Day, New Years Eve, Santa Claus Parade) Central Sky Train to Airport (Major Neighbourhoods, University) Map out for the future Live updates for transit Improved shelter for busses

Frequent buses seven days a week Living wage implementation may help with transportation Low or no-cost public transit Transit schedules to routes Cost prohibitive for students Sky train system start planning for alternate modes Smaller buses more frequently Computer program to organize pick up schedule for handi-dart to plan each trip for efficiency 24 hour service Council should built more bus routes into contract with provider More frequent bus service Info at bus stop telling you when next bus is coming Variety of public transit options Consider need for light, rapid transit More public transportation Co-ordination between bus routes (hard to transfer to get to TRU) No direct bus to TRU from North Shore (have to transfer) Free public transit Bus shelter improvements More bus stops Shuttle buses Public transit service for late hours Bus transportation that runs 24/7 Make access to downtown the focus of a transit network it needs and deserves special treatment (over other neighbourhoods) River bus Gondola from McArthur Park to TRU Transit- more bus shelters Special Ops Transit service like on Canada day after fireworks, after blazers games, after big concerts (Nelly Furtado) Transit: Night routes (late service) could be small buses Maximize the efficiency at Handi dart system, using computer program that takes into account fixed appointment times and more flexible needs like shopping etc. Safety: violence reduced (ie. No incidents like those that happen at Lansdowne exchange) Funicular (eg. Up 1st Ave) Rush hour express busses (eg. Dallas takes over an hour by bus just to get downtown vs. 10 minute drive) Gondola System with main hubs (bus, bike, walk to hub) Financial accessibility Timing and frequency of buses improved Gondolas Hubs around Kamloops, Tourist attractions, Bike racks, Sustainable, Promotes Kamloops Transit more frequent Transit vehicles include bus, light rail, handi-dart, shuttles Lots of routes Comfort- bathrooms, wifi, coffee,

Schedule apps Convenience fast, few delays Digital signs at bus stops letting you know when the bus will arrive Gondola connecting Kamloops with Hubs, Bike Racks, Sustainable Gondola System from North Short downtown, Valleyview, TRU, Aberdeen Handidart service better Free Accessible can use if able/not able-bodied) Smaller busses every 15 buses like Hong Kong Cost of running small bus= large bus, so need to balance cost To use transit, make disincentive to use If its as cheap to take car as bus, people will take car If buses were free (accessible to user) would solve problem How to fund transit, could use sales tax Could give incentive to neighbourhood (eg park) if they use transit Small buses on electricity Shelters need improvements, not good for homeless More frequent bus service in the evening Neighbour transportation hubs Bus sizes for different routes User-friendly transit Improve shelters Go back to old-style normal benches which have no dividers and can be brushed-off Promote public transit Bus (comfortable, GPS tracking, announce stops-signs, audio) Park and ride at the Gondola hubs Can we use our trains more??? Promote (make technology on bus scheduling more available) Transportation scheduling, time efficient, better system services whole community including TKemlups Defining what is frequency Continual review not a 5-10 year plan Investigate Light Rapid Transit Affordable* Parking lots at transit centers Smaller, more efficient (ie. Electrical) buses on slower times and routes Light rail from outskirts Diverse system including handi-dart, big buses Bus frequency (convenience, continually redefine frequency, 24 hour options, lining up connecting buses) More efficient (time-wise) LRT system (bio-fuels) Sky Train Gondola to Aberdeen Hub to hub transport Efficient transit

More routes/buses/shuttles with express routes. Transit future plan fund it and implement it Park and ride to large events Look for workable solutions for downtown rail lines Rail-electric Better transit Shuttles- handidart Trains-subways are for larger cities

Alternate Transportation (Bike/Walk)

Bike co-op (Euro-style) More bike lanes Multi-user trails everywhere in Kamloops Better alternative transportation routes (walking, biking safety barriers to protect) Bike rental spots (Shopping cart style) Address Geography Bike route connecting all of Kamloops Dog friendly walking areas (open trails off leash) People ride on sidewalks because shoulder is too skinny and unsafe to ride on Rivers trail-connect the whole city Safety safe routes people would bike everywhere if there were good, safe trails/routes Barricades- so people will be safe from vehicles Sidewalks being gravelled or salted everywhere Coin operated rental bikes (Monthly passes, hourly, daily) Bike Paths everywhere Trails everywhere, linking neighbourhoods Urban planning for intense densification Buses are only allowed to have two bikes on it (bad regulation) Transportation regs Stop people from using bikes Bike cage like Kelowna and at TRU-put one downtown More bike racked on buses (more than just 2 spots) Make Victoria street car free Re-useable bikes (grab a bike from a specific location just leave it somewhere else for someone else to use then they leave it) Village Design (services close to neighbourhoods so people can walk/bike) Bike Lockers to store packages for the day Trails: bike, walk, scooter Bike lanes and sidewalks in all areas of town Prioritize for pedestrians Design developments for pedestrian safety Pedestrians ONLY zone downtown (Eg. 1st to 6th and Lorne to Victoria) Bike trails on side streets Good walking paths

Have rumble strips before crosswalks to slow cars down and let drivers know* When I was in Paris a number of years ago, they had a great rental bike program. I know Vancouver is looking at it and if the bike laws changed, it would be a great mode of transport in downtown/ North Shore Kamloops. Have the parkades store bikes (and have day lockers) for shoppers. Need good walking paths (good lighting, staircases connecting streets dont have lights) Sidewalks arent there or are poorly maintained. Path systems respected Improved bike routes Bike paths** Pedestrians and cyclists as base for transportation plans (for safe, healthy environmental reasons) For neighbourhood planning (eg. Plant trees to provide shade for pedestrians and cyclists, not like the McGill extensions in the middle of the car lanes) Peterson Creek multi-use pathway (Sahali to downtown) Pedestrian bridge at 3rd extended to land in riverside park Summit pedestrian overpass Proper pedestrian sidewalks throughout the city (especially North Shore) Bike lanes and bike loans/exchange Trail systems Safe, separated bike lanes Also, all new roads must include cycling infrastructure Pedestrian crossing to TRU across Summit theres a light every 100 meters now, anyway, why should pedestrians have to walk an extra 20 minutes? Off-road trail (pedestrian) system Bike lanes Plan paths when developing neighbourhoods, for recreational purposes. Transportation network that supports bikes City provides rental bikes like shopping cart system where bikes dropped off at hubs- can rent daily or monthly Walking and transport (eg. Columbia Square mall very pedestrian un-friendly. Make shopping area walking friendly) River Trail is great More bike paths on side streets, not on main streets Bike paths on side streets Connectivity for walkers, cycling Not everyone drives, but currently cant walk to basic amenities Traffic lights- put all on Red to stop traffic for pedestrians to all cross (make safer for pedestrians) Bike Sharing Electric Bikes Incentives for walking/biking Public bicycle system Ride down, drop off transit system takes them back up (not riders) Free bikes Improved bike lanes (new roads MUST include bike lanes) Bike racks to promote biking and provide lock-ups

Transportation: more pedestrian overpasses on busy roads (especially at TRU) More bike racks all over town Planning on bike lanes Extend 3rd Ave walking bridge across Lorne St. To ISC Arena Bike routes all over Kamloops Urban Beauty (So people want to enjoy the walk. I used to walk in Australia because of the natural flora.) More bike routes More developed walking trails new housing areas Bike paths separated from car traffic (safety) Bike share Prioritize infrastructure (Summit to TRU connection, multiuse plan Peterson Creek) Moving sidewalk from downtown to Sahali/Aberdeen Bike paths city wide More bike lanes More bridges and pedestrian friendly Better bike routes

Electric cars Ride sharing Angle parking on one way streets to increase parking spaces More all day parking to walk to shops downtown Less draconian imperious parking police to support all day parking Better visibility at cross walks-lighted crosswalks Double the cost of parking downtown Car share program***** More traffic control in school zones More traffic control on Westsyde Road Underground Parking No one wants to work at parking lots Encourage fewer vehicles through car pooling More Traffic circles No major traffic jams No Traffic Signs (1pswitch England?) Car co-op where folks can book a car/ a day and drive it, then return for other renters Funding carbon tax on gas Change more to take car (higher parking fees) Wider Red Bridge Improve sight lines of round-a-bouts (in middle) Safer westbound entrance onto River Street from Northbound #5 Car charging Reward car-pooling Victoria street no cars Raise parking fees

More Handicapped parking downtown Zip car co-op (electric or hybrid) Truck co-op (community ride-shares) Parking issue downtown (we need more) Increasing parking rates but must balance with transit accessibility Major job producers and institutions get on board with car pooling Use of Automobiles Private automobility (NOT)

More residential above businesses to reduce need to travel long distances for services No parkade in Riverside Park Dog friendly off-leash areas Densify residential nodes with transportation (Nodes: live, shop, work) Center-vill (TV Arts/ Entertainment/ Sports) Satellite communities connected by trains and shuttle buses People would plan trips better more personal responsibility, promotion of Get employers to give a travel bonus instead of paying for parking Incentives to reduce private transportation Taxi companies create shuttle service with a flat fee Major employers (eg. City, BCLC, IH) provide incentives for car-pooling and transit City should change employee contract so that Kamloops can provide an alternative transportation subsidy instead of a guaranteed parking spot. Adequate Greyhound service OR competition for regional bus service Land use (mixed) ex. More stores within walking distance Singapore Transportation mode System grows with city growth Citizens becoming more community minded and less individualistic Incentives to encourage neighbourhood development - less distance to travel Downtown employers put more money into parkade most often ___ employers either provide parking or employees take bus. Can have shuttles for major employers rather than everyone drive (park at fringe) More development with business on street and housing on 2, 3, 4 floor. People can live/ work/ shop in same location Thinking has been centered around the car loss of sense of community. Need to focus on community first, not individual focused. In transition electric scooter, where should it go? Where do they go? Electric scooter, good on flats Collaborative effort such as RIH, TRU where lots of people go, better transit options. Eg. Disneyland has shuttle for staff. Sustainable system for transport Cluster communities in each area with basic amenities (bank, shops, community garden, clinic) within walking/biking distance from neighbourhoods. We need a shift in mentality regarding transportation

Public service announcements Urban centralized planning (Bike and Ride share) Integrated, self-sufficient neighbourhoods (reduce driving needs) Scooters, long boards A better, more efficient Greyhound station Comprehensive transportation (including trains, bike paths) Density central residential areas in order to make transit more efficient Transportation: sustainable system Ajax Mine thriving Trans (ex based zoning codes) Community Association Development All neighbourhoods are bike, pedestrian, transit and car friendly Solar energy Community respectful of Aboriginal Sewepemc culture working together for more knowledge, understanding. Environmentally conscious alternate transportation options (car sharing). Better transitmore frequent (use smaller buses or vans) Better civic engineering More unified approach to municipal development (involve all communities or districts) Greyhound facility redo Youth activity centre More fruit trees planted edible landscape Maintain community feeling as we grow Densification of housing = less reliance on transit Densify the community so we dont need to travel so far Need more flexibility to drive, bus or bike Encourage better services in North Shore, so seniors dont have to go up the hill Shared co-operatives