BASH/Mech – mechs are WYSIWYG.

Mech Stats: The Mech’s Brawn is used in Melee to add to melee damage rolls, as well as for heavy lifting or other [usually] non-combat tasks. It would also determine whether a mech could move through obstructions such as trees , buildings, etc. Mechs can lift and carry Brawn x10 tons. Powered armour can lift and carry 1 ton per Brawn. Mech Agility is used to help determine Mech Defence and Priority, Which is based on the Pilot’s Agility. If the Mech has a higher or lower Agility than that of its pilot, increase or decrease the Defense and Priority by x1 for every x2 difference. If the difference is x1 or less, raise or lower the Defense and Priority by result modification. This would also apply if the remaining difference were x1 or less. Ex: Errac has x4 A. His mech has x3 A. This is a difference of x1. Because his mech’s controls are sluggish compared to his own Agility, the mech’s Defense and Priority are reduced by -2. So Errac rolls x4-2 for this mech. If he later acquires a mech with A 4, his Defense and Priority in that mech would be x4. Errac’s Lance-mate Doc has and Agility of x1. His mech has x4 A. A difference of x3. So the Mech’s Defence and Priority with Doc at the controls are [Base x1 – Doc’s A] + [x1, for a mech A x2 higher] + [+2, for a remainder of x1 or less of difference] = x2+2. Perhaps Doc and Errac should trade mechs. A mech’s Mind is used to modify damage from ranged weapons, as a defense against enemy Electronic Warfare, and as a measure of the systems devoted to scanning and detection on the battlefield.

Mech [Size] Base/Max Stats - Powered Armour [Size 1] B 1 A 3/5 M 1 - Light Mech [Size 1-2] B 1/2 A 4/5 M 2 - Medium Mech [Size 2] B 2/3 A 3/4 M 2 - Heavy Mech [Size 3] B 3/4 A 2/3 M 2 - Assault Mech [Size 4] B 4/5 A 2 M 2

Weigh [Under 2 tons] [10 to 25 tons] [30 to 50 tons] [55 to 75 tons] [80 to 100 tons]

Slots 4 9 12 22 28

Slots by Frame Size: Powered Armour – RA 1, LA 1, Torso 2 Light Mech – RL 1, LL 1, RA 2, LA 2, Torso 2, Head 1 Medium Mech – RL 1, LL 1, RA 3, LA 3, Torso 3, Head 1 Heavy Mech – RL 1, LL 1, RA 6, LA 6, Torso 6, Head 2 Assault Mech – RL 1, LL 1, RA 8, LA 8, Torso 8, Head 4

Called Shots: You can make a Called Shot by stating that you are doing so. the Pilot. Twenty-foot tall metal behemoths are not normally stealthy. The Pilot must hit by 20. Target’s Agility IF there is an intervening obstruction [smoke. is used to sense or avoid detection sensors beyond visual range. The Mind stat of the Mech. Additional Systems may modify this. Internal Hits [2d6]: 2 – Pilot Struck – roll the same attack vs. Visual Detection can be determined by rolling Mind vs. roll for an internal hit. your Attack does +10 damage. etc. 3-6 target’s choice [Roll weapon dmg – no soak] 5 – Weapon System Destroyed . Pilot ejects unless overridden to save mech.Frame Size: Size 0 – man-sized 4-6 feet tall] Size 1 – Large [7-12 feet tall] Size 2 – Huge [10-18 feet tall] Size 3 – Gargantuan [16-24 feet tall] Size 4 – Colossal [20-35 feet tall] Damage to the rear of a mech. or engine goes critical in 3 rounds. If a called shot is being made. but if damage after Soak > Breach number. Otherwise.] to provide cover. trees. Systems: . Mechs roll Soak normally. or against a prone mech add +10 damage. then rolling to hit. but then rolls damage +10 – if a breach occurs. If you hit by 10. not including the size bonus 3 – Gyro Hit – Agility reduced by x1 [Reduce Move Accordingly] 4 – Ammo Hit – roll d6: 1-2 Shooters choice. Sighting targets is automatic without Stealth-Tech like VOID. the pilot may only fire a single direct fire weapon [thought is can be a linked weapon]. only systems in that location are targeted [roll randomly]. brush. 3-6 target’s choice 6 – Actuators damaged [-1d6 Move] 7 – Soak reduced by x1 8 – Breach reduced by 10 9 – Non-Weapon System Destroyed 10 – Electronics Systems Damaged – Mind reduced by x1 11 – Limb Destroyed [roll randomly] 12 – Engine Hit – Continuous Pilot/ Control roll Difficulty 20 to shut down reactor.roll d6: 1-2 Shooters choice. A pilot can also target systems mounted on locations. Mech Electronic Systems: All mechs [including powered armour] have a suite of sensors and Electonic Counter-measures.

The mech still moves the distance. If the damage total is higher. It is possible to mount a larger or smaller weapon system in a frame for additional cost and one additional slot [Add 1 slot and 1 point to the cost of the system] assuming that the Frame can accommodate all slots of the larger system. Smaller systems can also be mounted on a larger frame. the plus requires the builder to raise the total slots for the Equipment by 1 per Size of Mech over Medium. A Cycling weapon requires a page or pages of inactivity after use equal to the number before Cycle [ex: 1 Cycle]. The mech has knockback resistance = to its Brawn x10. but staggers on its feet rather than being hurled through the air and ending up prone. Essentially. So a Gauss Rifle for an Assault mech would fill 8 Slots. Slots are lists as X+. If a linked weapon system is targeted.  Both weapons fire together to increase the chance of a single hit.All systems that can mount on a frame take up one or more slots. damaged. Knockback – a mech hit by certain weapons or rammed by another mech might suffer knock back. . granting a +2 Dice bonus to hit. Their cost does not change. Cycling – many weapons and some other systems require reloading or cooling periods before they are ready. these times are generally measured in terms of a second or two at most. A system that would have its slot number reduced to 0 can be linked with another identical weapon to take up a single slot. etc. you fire the weapon. The second weapon has a flat cost of 2 + the cost of the first weapon. but they do take up one less slot. Medium. If a mech suffers knockback. Weapon Systems Weapon systems are rated according to the size of the Frame [PA. Where X is the base number of slots. Note: not all weapons cause knockback. The default for a frame is a Standard Weapon mount for the Frame size [Medium Laser in a Medium Frame]. The exact number of slots a system takes up varies according to the system and the Size of the Frame. the mech is knocked back by the attack. Many mechs have a smaller set of linked machine guns as light weapons in this way for antipersonnel use. both of the weapons are affected. the pilot may immediately make a control roll to stay standing [Diff 10+ knockback distance]. Linkage allows a pilot to fire the linked weapons as a single action in one of two ways”  Each weapon fires at the same target with a -2 Dice modifier to hit. In the Equipment Tables below. Weapons that have a base Slot number of 3 or less can be linked. Light. then wait the number of rounds stated before it is available again. Compare the rolled damage for the attack [including any bonus for larger size to the mech’s knockback resistance]. Linking – It is possible to link two identical ranged weapons together for firing purposes. destroyed or otherwise affected. Heavy Assault]. Because of the robust nature of mechs.

20+ takes half damage. all shots are at -1 Dice Penalty. unmodified by the A of the Mech.To Hit: Weapons that are direct fire must roll to hit. which as a base difficulty of 10. Range: Most weapons have a Short/ Medium/ Long profile. To hit is also modified by the size of the target. Medium range is at -2 Dice Penalty. This is based on the A of the Pilot. So an Assault Mech firing on a Light mech suffers a -3 Dice penalty to hit. For each Size the target is smaller than you. 40+ no damage. Heavy and Assault mechs do not use defense based on their pilots Agility. I cycle 2x2 8 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 1Cycle Special # @ @ Slots 3+ 2+ 6+ 4+ 2+ 1+ 3+ 2+ 6+ 2 7+ Cost 6 4 11 6 4 2 8 5 8 6 8 Particle Cannon X5 8/12/20 Paint Rifle * 10/15/20 Plasma Carronade X6 3/5/7  ^ Indirect Fire Weapon  # Bonus x2 for Knockback  @ No Knockback @ @ . 30+ takes 1/3 damage. you have a -1 cumulative Dice penalty. Ranged Weapons Autocannon Gatling Gun Gauss Rifle Laser Pulse Lasers Machine Gun Missile Launcher – Long Missile Launcher – Short Dmg X3 X2 X6 X4 X2 X1 X3 X2 Range 5/10/20 4/8/12 10/20/40 10/20/40 4/8/12 3/6/9 10/20/40 3/6/9 Area Ammo 10 1 8 6. 1 Cycle 1 Cycle 1 1 Cycle 1 20 2x2 6. Attacks made at short range are unmodified. while the light mech has a much easier time with a +3 Dice Bonus. Then targets may roll to evade. They have a static Defense of 15 and 20 respectively. Indirect fire weapons must roll to hit the target square. Any weapon that is within range and ready may be fired. but if more than one weapon is fired. Long range is at x1 Multiple Penalty.

accurate at long range and capable of melting armour and internals. Missile Launcher – Long – long range launcher that pours destruction into a sizable area. Capable of indirect fire. Paint Rifle – Actually a low powered laser that ‘paints’ a target making it easier for the weapons of others to hit. The few mechs that can survive a direct hit are often hurled from their feet by the force of the impact. Capable of indirect fire. Gatling Gun – A multi-barreled rotary gun with a dizzying rates of fire. Machine Gun – Automatic weapon with a high rate of fire.Autocannon – a heavy single barrel served by a cyclic reloader. However. short range launcher favoured by Close combat mechs for their versatility. the particle cannon can liquefy even the toughest armour. Missile launcher – Short – compact. Plasma Carronade – named after the heavy short range cannons used by ancient terran ships during the Age of Sail. all other friendly shooting receives a +2 dice bonus to hit the targeted mech. Particle Cannon – packing massive energy into a stream of ions. Pulse laser – Cycling rapidly. a pulse laser is the machine gun of lasers. terrain Specia l * * # @ - Location Arm Arm/Head Arm Arm/Head/Torso Arm Arm Arm/ Leg Slots Cost 1+ 2 2+ 4 2+ 5 1+ 3 3+ 7 2+ 4 1 or 2+ 1 or 3 . Melee Weapons Dmg Reach Axe X2 Next Chainsaw X3 Next Flail X3 1 Pile-Driver X2 Next Power-Lance X5 2 Vibro-sword X4 Next Claw[s] X1 Next  * Bonus X2 dmg vs. If the paint rifle hits. autocannons fire heavy depleted uranium slugs. it is capable of direct fire if the pilot is aiming at a particular target. this carronade releases a stream of high energy plasma. Gauss Rifle – A long range weapon that hurls massive slugs accurately over long distances. Laser – Concentrated light energy.

Note: Any lasers your fire are also affected. reducing their to hit and damage by x1. . on your page. attached to a heavy hilt wielded in both of a mech’s hands. at the end of a flexible section of chain or similar. Vibro-sword – essentially a massive version of the vibro-sword wielded by commandos and assassins. Pile-Driver – a heavy duty pneumatic ram. They are as effective at rearranging the landscape as they are at rearranging enemy mechs. Defensive Systems CHAF Dispenser Anti-Missile System ECM Pod Dura Armor Reflective Housing Shield Location Head/ Torso Head/ Torso Head/ Torso All All Arm Ammo 8 8 - Slots 2+ 2+ 1+ 0 0 1-4 Cost 1 1 1 3 3 1-4 CHAF Dispenser – You may. Claw or Claws . The extremely sharp blade resonates with a sonically induced disruption field that enables it to cut through heavy armour with ease. This reduces the integrity of laser weapons. from chain swords and axes to rotary blades. Flail – a wrecking ball or other weight. often spiked. A pair of claws that hit the same target may Rend doing 1 attack at x2 dmg. which disperses a cloud of light reflective particles around your mech.A claw may be mounted on the hand or foot of a mech for more lethal melee attacks. mass weapon either held in the hand of the mech or replacing its lower arm entirely.any of the listed locations are possible for the System. Axe – Low tech but effective edged. enable CHAF. Power-lance – a magnetic field that gives structure to raw plasma. Chainsaw – there are many different shapes and styles of this weapon.  # Bonus x2 for Knockback @ No knockback Location .

Advanced Tech Predator Propulsion System VOID System ^ ACT Net Bane Blocking Suite Anti-Swarm Pod META Sensor System Durasteel Composite Shielding Superior Structure Targeting System Berserker Combat System Modular Housing HACK System Locations 1 each – LL. It gets a Soak bonus of x1. 40 = negate incoming missile strike. When blocking a pilot cannot attack with more than a single weapon [melee or ranged]. Once all hits are gone. If successful. It gets a Defense bonus of x1. it has a Soak of 10. the shield is an active defense system.Anti-Missile system – a specially fitted and programmed high velocity machine gun dedicated to shooting down attacking missiles. Dura Armor – your mech has additional armor. The pilot must make a Mech Pilot/ Tricks roll to successfully interpose the shield and may only do so against a single opponent per round. the shield has been effectively obliterated. Each point of Shield provides 20 hits of protection. RL Head/Torso Head/ Torso Head Torso Legs/ Torso Head 1 each . Whatever size of shield is purchased. 30 = 2/3. Shield – a reinforced shield of Foamed Titanium covered in Reflective Ferroplast.3 - Slots 2+ 2+ 1 1 2 1 5+ 1+ 2 2+ 1 1 Cost 2 4 2 2 2 3 4 6 4 3 1 5 +1 B or A 2 Cycle Affects 1 system . Roll the Mind of the targeted Mech: If you roll a 10. Shields do not automatically stop incoming attacks. making it more resistant to damage. The pilot may use the shield to cover exposed areas of his mech and block incoming attacks of which he is aware. Add x1 to the Mech’s Mind for defense against NeuroHacking. When an equipped mech would be struck by missiles. the shield takes damage from incoming attacks and its hits are reduced accordingly. 20 = ½. Reflective Housing – your mech has shaped heat-resistant panels and reflective surfaces to deflect shells and resist energy weapons. reduce the damage by ¼ [round down]. though he may move if able. This enhancement may only be taken once.AATLL Head Arms Any Head/ Torso/ Arm Special 2 Cycle No Fast or attack Ammo . This enhancement may only be taken once. applied after the mech adjusted Defense has been determined according to the pilot’s Agility. ECM Pod – Electronic Countermeasures suite protects against electronic attacks such as Neuro-Hacking. the AMS fires and destroys some or all of the incoming missiles. the pilot must block in order to use it.

It will function until the point in the mech’s page at which the mech attacks however. so it would be ‘stealthed’ while moving into position for its attack. Bane cuts enemy communications automatically within 5 sqaures. smoke. It also does not function when the mech is using any weapon.  ^ Void cannot be fitted to heavy or assault frames $ Does not occupy slots Predator Propulsion System – An advanced Myomer cable system that contracts with greater speed and strength. a canvas screen. even those with stealth tech. or Jumping. Mind to jam communications of other enemy. If the enemy is aware of your mech’s presence. Bane Blocking Suite – An advance communications jammer. even if they are within the affected area. but the firer must still target the correct area. . Area effect attacks do not require an attack roll. That mech cannot communicate with allies with anything more sophisticated than visual signals. which masks the mech from visual. allowing the Mech to move with greater speed for short periods. This includes positions of all known enemy and allies. The ACT Net also provides a pool of 1 Hero Point per Act Net equipped mech. bane attacks Mind vs. Void System – A complex stealth system. buildings. Increase the move. Anti-Swarm Pod – a set of explosives or other device designed to detonate when Sensors on the equipped mech detect close assault by infantry. drones or powered infantry. META Sensor System – your mech has a x2 bonus to Mind when sensing the environment or rolling to detect other mechs or targets. any attacks at you are at -4 to hit. If there are modifiers to hit such targets due to stealth systems or nonobstructive cover [fog. This means that any information that an equipped mech has is automatically available to all equipped mech in the ACT Net. In addition. or the like]. run and jump speeds by 1/3 [round up]. Even then. any model affected by Bane does not benefit from such systems as ACT Net. it can determine your location if the enemy mech or pilot can make a Mind Difficulty 20 check. The detection is automatic on contact – the blast does x1 damage [x3 knockback] to all infantry. as opposed to a hill. It does not function when the mech is moving Fast. drones or powered infantry in the mech’s area or in the squares adjoining. which may be used for targeting or control rolls by any pilot in the Net. If it overcomes a mech’s Mind defense roll. they are halved [round up] for you. and electronic detection. Beyond this range. This grants effective invisibility to the mech when still or when making a normal move. This damage has no effect on the mech itself or on other mechs. ACT Net – this is an advanced electronic suite that allows equipped mechs on the same side to share detection and targeting information. The charges are not powerful enough to affect actual mechs. etc.

allowing you to potentially shut down an enemy mech in the midst of battle. If the target’s roll is equal or higher. it is a simple matter to exchange such systems. Instead of doing any damage in melee. the attack begins to shut down the enemy mech from the inside. Modular Housing – Normally mechs are fitted with a standard payload and field refits are a messy and laborious processes taking long hours and considerable skill. the attack fails.E. increasing the Breach Number by 10 [Normally Brawn x10]. If the attack fails to Breach two turns in a row [I. keep track of it. Roll X3 damage and compare this directly to the Breach total of the target [no soak roll]. You may only increase a single stat once. Superior Structure – your mech is built with high tensile myomer and torsion control. Diff 15 = +2 Dice bonus. Targeting System – Your mech may make a Mind Check to increase your to hit roll against a single opponent that page [Diff 10 = +1 Dice bonus. HACK System – your mech has a Neuro-Hacking System. You must successfully hit with a melee attack against the mech you want to HACK. Note: internal hits caused by HACK are as devastating on the battlefield by not nearly as messy as being hit by tera-jule lasers. If you have access to a repair dock or Mech bay. you start counting over again – only carry over the amount if it was below the breach total. Rapid-Twitch myomer bundles are super-stimulated with high-energy fields in order to increase the Brawn of the Mech for a short period. Berserker Combat system – A development of the Predator Propulsion System. At the end of the page. Roll once on the Breach table. and fail to Breach when you add your current roll] your probe has been destroyed. lightweight composites allow for greater structural strength. Diff 20 = X1 multiplier bonus]. Each module requires a slot in and of itself. Note: Once you have caused a Breach. If the roll is equal to or lower than the breach total. The Brawn of the mech is considered 2 higher for all purposes other than Soak rolls for that page. Mind of the Target Mech]. If the Probe’s roll is higher. the target mech is attacked electronically [ Mind 3 vs. requiring an hour or less [a skilled technician can reduce the time further: See Skills]. even going above the limits set by size. If it exceeds the breach total. A system ‘destroyed’ by HACK is essentially intact. You may add a single point to your mech’s Brawn or Agility. The down side of modularity is bulk. if you have a carried over amount. needing more of a reboot and recalibration than replacement.Durasteel Composite Shielding– Strong. A weapon or system may be made modular such that it can be swapped out with other modular systems. this system is geared towards mechs that fight in close combat. You must pay 5 Build Points for the increase. A Modular Housing allows for rapid exchanges of armament and possibly other payload. . you send a probe or virus into your target’s electronic systems. You can add it to what you roll at the end of next page.

If the pilot is brought to fewer than 10 hits below zero. this mech either flies or jumps at half your move [round up for medium and smaller. so he will not die of his current wounds. round Down for heavy and assault mechs]. Rapid Cycling – Your mech’s Cycling systems are fitting with single-use. Auto-doc – this mech has a robotic life support system for its pilot. 6-8 No change. This allows you to make called shots with missiles if you have line of sight to the target. The new slots may be wherever you want them. allowing you to uses a Cycling weapon or system when it normally would be unavailable. Once per encounter. Advanced Tech – Your mech is a prototype or has incorporated advanced tech or lost tech. you may fire any or all weapons. lightweight material was used in the construction of your frame.Locations and System Slots: Bipedal Mechs can mount systems in torso. . Missile Lock – your missile systems are governed by advanced target lock technology. Light mechs are too small to have this advantage. You can make up to two purchases off the Advanced Tech list. You must still be able to afford the point cost. the auto-doc stabilizes him. Stabilizers – this mech has x1 Brawn for resisting knockback. and confers a +2 Dice bonus to Mech/ Control rolls. the affected system’s Cycling is increased by the rolled amount. but have the slots that would normally be in their limbs added to their torso slots. including Cycling weapons regardless of their status. allowing you to increase the number of available slots by 2 per Size of the Mech. the Auto-doc will immediately inject stims that return the pilot to wakefulness on the following page. arms or head. Until the end of the encounter. If the pilot is knocked unconscious. hi-yield cooling and reloading systems. They also resist knockback at x1 Brawn. roll 2d6 for each Cycling system so activated: 2-5 +1 Cycle. but not in legs. 9-12 +2 Cycles. You can carry 1 additional person for each size of the mech above light. Extra room – this mech can house additional personnel within its armored interior. Quadrupedal mechs cannot mount weapons on any legs. At the end of your panel. Advantages for Mechs: Advanced Materials – High-strength. Jets – depending on the technology available to your game.

Slow – This mech’s Fast speed is 5 times its normal move in Miles per hour. Fixer Upper – this mech has developed a reputation among the techs that work on it for being difficult to keep operational. or 12 ignore the result. Disadvantages for Mechs: Difficult to fix – the design and or structure of this mech make it more difficult to repair.Tactical Hardpoints – Most commonly found on heavy or assault mechs though any mech can be so equipped. . This generally increases the time involved as well. Systems listed as destroyed are simply non-functional. This also increases the Fast speed by 10. Before any encounter in which this mech is used roll on the internal hits table. Powered armour and smaller mechs can ‘load’ themselves. etc. an enemy can make a called shot to target your load. On any other roll. 4. as the advantage and disadvantage do not counteract each other. 7. Hard to Source – the construction of this mech makes it hard to find repair and replacement parts that will work for it. This is a common Disadvantage on many heavy and assault mechs. When your mech is loaded. It is possible to be an unstable mech with stabilizers. Wheels – your mech is fitted with wheels or other devices that increase its Move by 5 on roads or similar. It can turn in place without penalty. In addition. this mech cannot fire more than a single weapon if it moves from its current location. or other heavy equipment without impeding its own ability to move or fight. this allows heavy gear or even smaller mechs or powered armour to be transported attached to your mech. helicopters. 8. Mech Control rolls are at +10 difficulty when using the increased Move. rather than the usual 10 times. If you roll a 2. other gear must be loaded and unloaded by heavy winches. the mech is at -1 dice penalty to hit with the weapon it fires while moving. The mech can transport up to its own Size-2 in powered armour. prototype parts or just bad luck. Unstable Firing platform – sometimes found in mechs that mount several weapons systems or oversized weapon systems. Your mech is still limited by the weight it can carry. Salvage rolls for this mech are at +10 difficulty. mechs. both in the field and in a mech bay. Some Unstable mechs mount only a single weapon system to reduce the limitation of this disadvantage. the affected system or result applies to this mech for the encounter. This may be due to its age. Increase the difficulty of repair rolls by +10.

because it is entirely different from piloting an aircraft or star-ship.10 per size difference. Capital Ship. and then moving on to shooting. Control – Difficulty = rolled damage. Evasion. Most have a specialization in their favoured weight class of mech at the very least. When successfully charged by another mech. Knockback still occurs. When trying to disengage from melee with a hostile mech. Helicopter. Medium Mech. When a mech is struck while airborne or mid-jump. However. or is required to maneuver while Moving Fast [for example: being ambushed while Moving Fast]. Pursuit.Unusual Design – the mech is considered strange by most pilots and the world generally. Control – 10 +/. Mech Operation and Skill Rolls: Normal operation of a Mech does not call for a skill roll. Control – Opposed to hit roll. there are certain situations that require skill rolls:      whenever a mech moves fast in combat. Light Mech. Control. Light Space-Craft. Heavy Mech. Evasion – Opposed to hit roll. Within the skill there are specializations in all the weight classes. the pilot may roll to keep the mech from falling prone. Aircraft. It is distinctive enough that it will generally be remembered by those who see it. as well as for certain types of maneuvers. . Tricks. Quadrupedal or hexapedal mechs. Pilot/ Military Vehicle. Repair/ Mech Technology/ Mech. When a mech would be knocked back. Some pilots will consider being assigned to such a mech as odious or a punishment. Assault Mech. Navigation Mech Pilot is a separate skill. Mech-Related Skills: Mech Pilot/ Powered-armour. Experienced Mech-Jockeys often have multiple specializations. and many custom or experimental mechs would have this disadvantage. Control 20. but the mech remains upright. even during the stresses of combat. Simply move your mech where you want it to go.

Pursuit – for every full 10 Difficulty. When trying to avoid an area or area damage. when you are called upon to make a Control roll from being struck. Reputation – something in your past. Trick-Rider – once per session.powered or not. your mech counts as being Size +2 for charging purposes. Pilot Advantages: Rock-and-Roll – Once per session. you can squeeze another 5 MPH out of your machine. roll Evasion – each multiple of 10 reduces damage by ¼. Pilot Disadvantages: . Comms Specialist – you are particularly adept at using a Mech’s communications and sensors. When blocking with a shield. Pursuit – Opposed if in competition with another vehicle or mech. Marksman – once per session. When interacting with those that would be impressed by your reputation. which you may or may not have done – has earned you a good reputation in certain circles. Mech/ Tricks covers unusual maneuvers such as Climbing. hiding. you are at -2 Dice penalty against any other foe.     In a chase or when speed is crucial. To disengage from melee or a grapple. Duelist – you can designate a single opponent as your chosen target. you automatically succeed. Difficult Jumps . Evasion – Opposed. you may roll an extra die on a single Mech pilot or Mech to hit roll. You have a +2 dice bonus to hit against that foe. Tricks – 20. Unfortunately. you gain a +2 Dice bonus to social interaction. Devastating Charge – For one Page per session. or be known as the best Mechtech in the quadrant. Add your Mind as a Dice bonus to Mech communications or sensor rolls. Moving Fast . you can ignore range penalties for a called shot. you automatically succeed at a Mech/ Trick roll. You might be numbered among ‘The Heroes of Suvlah Bay’. Advanced Neural Net – Once per session.

8. otherwise apply the result to the mech for that mission. you have a -2 dice penalty. 4. you can find out if there will be a problem in advance and work to correct it. which you may or may not have actually done. Bad Reputation – Something in your past. your Neural Net interfaces without a problem. During pages when you have fired a weapon. Distracted – You focus on a single element of mech combat to the detriment of others. you are at -2 Dice penalty to Mech Pilot rolls. roll 2d6 on the Internal Hits table – if you roll a 2. Choose either to hit rolls. Each time you connect to a mech for the first time. 7. When interacting with those that would care about your bad reputation you have a -4 Dice penalty on rolls related to social interaction. Systems listed as destroyed are simply offline. or Control rolls. 12. has earned you a bad reputation with certain people or nations. 6. When using a mech other than your chosen mech. This is not intended to reflect making enemies from successful engagements. A Successful Technology/ Mech 40 will override the fault. It reflects things like: ‘I am an outlaw in five systems!’ or ‘Thought to have been involved in the massacre on Thetis 4’. Quirky Neural Net – your neural interface is unusual in some way and sometimes causes problems when you first connect to a mech. .Over-Specialized – You are so familiar with your own mech that you struggle when forced to pilot any other machine. If you have time.

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