The Hitching Stone

You guys like the dark stuff judging by reaction my more gothic poems. The Hitching Stone in this poem is on Cowling Moor, Yorkshire, which borders Withins Moor aka Wuthering Heights in Bronte's fiction. The setting suits both the story and this poem.

Hitching Stone - under a dramatic sky
Picture credits below poem:

From a different angle, showing the sere landscape

Some though not all my poems are loosely based on personal experience (plus a lot of poetic licence). The lady in this one, a white witch she claimed, took me to the Hitching Stone megalith on the Pennine Moors, for the specific purpose of using my energy to work magic. I'm a high energy person apparently though I don't always feel it. She later said I had cured her arthritic spine - but I thought we were just having a good time. You took me high, where wind bites and even summer sun cannot paint sere grass with the colours of life. You took me to the forsaken place where a sentinel guards the meeting of the leys; there you took me in blood and hunger, fed on me, nourished yourself, became whole

as we writhed, love-crazy, in the shadow of the monolith. You took all I could give but wanted more; to hold, possess; to keep. It was your goddess who ruled the place, how could you oppose her, you who once said she sent me, guided me to your door . I had done my work, healed you, it was time to go. Our love was always of the transient kind. You would not loose hold and so she tore me from you. I was released; sent away to repay other debts. She is kind to me now, your Goddess, I have paid the price for hubris, with interest. I was brought down but now she lifts me once more. But you, who challenged her? She turned away from you and now only the withered fingers of age caress, cold as frost, where my touch once burned. The wind that hunts around the Hitching Stone, carries echoes of your keening cries back to the places where you tried to cheat the goddess of her gift and sacrificed your sacred heart. Copyright © Ian Thorpe, 2002

Photo sources: left felix spencer, flickr right philip coppens (Philips's page on the hittching Stone contains a wealth of information, both geological and from the folklore surrounding the stone.

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