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hank you for your interest in participating as a vendor at The Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm.

Our semi-annual bazaar is an upscale {yet fun} outdoor market featuring antiques and home collectibles, vintage furniture and jewelry, original art and artisan crafts, architectural salvage and flowers. Live music throughout the day, delicious local food vendors, activities for children, vintage inspired photo-op areas, and much more. Pettengill Farm, established in 1792, is located at 45 Ferry Road in Salisbury, MA. We are located just minutes from Newburyport, Salisbury Beach, Route 1 and Route 95. The Bazaar is held twice a year. The dates for 2013 are June 22nd & 23rd and September 21st and 22nd. The hours are 10am–5pm. The Vintage Bazaar is a juried event, meaning vendors and dealers are selected based upon the goods they have to offer, how they are displayed, as well as pleasant personalities. Experience isn’t necessary, however friendliness and creativity are. Tip: display style is very important to us when reviewing applications. Displays should look well thought out, as if it were a little shop or boutique. Being a well-known established flower farm, we have developed a great number of frequent customers and fans. Our “Bazaar” followers are fantastic. . . those who mark their calendars a year in advance and plan their vacations around our special event. Over 8,000 people came to our September 2012 Bazaar—we anticipate an even greater turnout in 2013. Marketing is a key component and very important to us! We promote our events both locally and nationally through various mediums—traditional marketing, advertising, public relations, and social media. In early 2013, we are launching our new website: This new website will better highlight our talented vendors and will also be the home to our new lifestyle blog, My Bazaar Life, featuring a collection of witty and inspiring blog contributors with assorted backgrounds. Applying is easy! Just complete the following application and submit it to us along with photos of your work and payment for space. If you are accepted into the bazaar, you will be notified and your space will be reserved. If you are not accepted, you will also be notified and your payment will be returned to you. Follow The Vintage Bazaar on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates and sneak peeks: You may view us on our current blog at Be sure to visit our new website coming in early February.


Restore. Recycle. Repurpose.
Best, Devon Chouinard-Allen 978.518.0128

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Name: ______________________________________________________________ Company Name: ________________________________________________________ Street Address: ___________________________________ State:_____ Zip: _________ Home Phone: ____________________Cell Phone: _____________________________ Email: ____________________ Website/Etsy Page: _____________________________ Description of your Product(s): _______________________________________________ Which bazaar would you like to participate in? JUNE___ | SEPT___ | BOTH___ What size booth would you like? SINGLE 10x10___ | DOUBLE 12x20___

Product descriPtion:
NOTE: You must mail or email photos (no more than 5 needed) showing a representative sample of your work or the type of products you propose to sell the bazaar to Website or Etsy seller photos can also be used. Applications without photos may not be considered. At this time, we will notify all applicants whether they are accepted or not. We will contact those that are accepted as soon as possible, but no later than Two weeks before the first participating bazaar. If payment is not submitted with the application, we will hold the space for ONE WEEK. After One week, the space will be available to other applicants. If you are not selected as seller/vendor—payment will be promptly returned. *SEND APPLICATION TO: The Vintage Bazaar c/o Devon Allen 15 Pleasant Street, Salisbury, MA 01952 or via email to


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rules and regulations:
Seller acknowledges receipt of the The Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm’s Information, Rules and Regulations. Seller agrees to read and abide by the Rules and Regulations and any subsequent medications or amendments to the Rules & Regulations posted on the Pettengill Farm website. Failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations is a material breach of this Agreement and will result in the immediate revocation of any space in favor of another seller.

comPliance with laws:
Seller agrees to comply with all Federal, State, and Local laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances. Seller agrees to conduct activities at The Vintage Bazaar so as not to endanger any person or damage any property.

indemnification and hold harmless
Seller agrees to forever indemnify, save and hold The Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm, Pettengill Farm, Jan Richenburg, Henry Richenburg, Devon Allen, Mad Hatter Designs, The Town of Salisbury, and all affiliated agents, officials, representatives, beneficiaries, employees, interns, and volunteers harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, injuries, liabilities, losses, suits, costs and expenses (including attorney fees) for anything and everything whatsoever arising from or out of Seller’s participation at The Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm.

Volunteer contract:
Seller exercises any rights under this agreement at the Seller’s own risk and voluntarily assumes all risks attendant to such use, including without limitation, the risk of property damage and personal injury or death to the Seller, to any of the Sellers officials, agents, representatives, employees, or volunteers. Seller Signature: _____________________________________ Date:_______________ Name (printed): ________________________________________________________ Company Name: ________________________________________________________

rental fees and sPace siZe:
single sPace: 10’ x 10’
Applicants for June Bazaar—Submit application AND payment by March 1st. Cost: $115. Application AND payment between March 2–April 30. Cost: $130. Application AND payment between May 1–June 10. Cost: $145. Payment for both shows total fee, for a 10x10 single space, is $230

double sPace: 12’ x 20’
Applicants for June Bazaar—Submit application AND payment by March 1st. Cost: $165. Application AND payment between March 2–April 30. Cost: $180. Application AND payment between May 1–June 10. Cost: $195. Payment for both shows total fee, for a 12x20 double space, is $330 Up to TWO approved sellers my share a space—applications must be sent in and approved for each seller. Cash or Check is accepted for the rental space. Check should be made payable to “Pettengill Farm”. In the event of a bounced check, seller is responsible an additional $20 bounced check fee. Credit Card payments, via Paypal, is located at

baZaar hours:
The Market will be open on Saturday from 10am to 5pm; Sunday from 10am to 5pm. Single day participation at the Bazaar is not allowed. Pettengill Farm opens at 9am, therefore there is a strong potential for early birds. Sellers must be up and ready by 9am. This is a “Rain or Shine” event. NO RAIN-CHECKS OR REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

seller setuP and breakdown times:
Sellers are allowed to set up the Friday before between the hours of 9am–7pm. Vendor Check-In on Friday ends at 5pm—sharp. Saturday set-up is between 5.30am–9am. Vendor Check-In on Saturday ends at 8am— sharp! If you choose to set-up completely on Saturday morning—please arrive no later than 8am.

All seller vehicles must be in there designated areas by 8:45am. Any seller that arrives past 8am may be assigned to another locations or forfeit their space. Parking passes—vendors will be issued parking passes for themselves plus two additional passes (for employees/helpers) Sellers may NOT break down until after the Bazaar ends on Sunday. Early breakdown prior to 4pm on Sunday is prohibited, due to public safety. However, breaking down Saturday evening to protect items is allowed. Sellers may breakdown on Sunday between 5pm and 8pm. Additional breakdown is offered on Monday from 8am–5pm. All seller items MUST be removed by 5pm on Monday.

no shows:
No shows will forfeit their opportunity to sell at future markets. Refunds will not be given.

seller cancellations:
Seller cancellations must contact Devon Allen in writing via email or via phone 978.518.0128 by June 10 at 5pm for the June Bazaar and September 9 at 5pm for the September Bazaar. These cancellations will receive a credit for an additional market of the seller’s choice. Cash refunds will not be given. Credits will not be given after June 10 and September 9.

Space aSSignmentS:
The Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm, particularly Devon Allen, will assign spaces to sellers. Again, seller preferred spaces are taken in consideration, however not guaranteed. Seller spaces are limited and are filled on a first come, first served basis—apply sooner rather than later. Sellers may not lease or lend a space to another seller/party. There are two main field spaces at our bazaar, Strawberry Fields and Blueberry Hill. Sellers will be notified of their field location prior to the bazaar. Exact space location will not be available for vendors until Friday. As we do not plot out the exact spaces until Wednesday prior (due to the mowing of our fields). The space assignments will vary from Bazaar to Bazaar but priority and/or repeat assignments will be given to sellers who commit to TWO or more Bazaars

disPlay requirements:
Seller displays are expected to be neat, clean, creative, and professional in keeping with the upscale nature of the Bazaar (i.e. this is not a flea market). Sellers are responsible for providing all their own display items (including tables and tents).

TENTS: a single 10x10 tent (maximum size for a single space) 10x20 tent (maximum size for a double space) is not required by highly recommended due to our weather policy (Rain or Shine). White tents or white umbrellas are preferred. Darker color tents tend to be not as inviting. Tent/Coverings must be secured and staked into the ground securely with large stakes. Tent weights are highly recommended. TABLES: Any folding tables or commercial-like types must be completely covered with fabric/cloth. PRICING: Sellers must post prices for all products for sale. BUSINESS IDENTITY/ SIGN: We encourage sellers to identify their booths with a sign (the more unique the better) or provide readily available business cards and/or business flyers. Signs should not exceed 10ft and can’t be attached to any Pettengill hardscape (unless given permission by Devon Allen). Sellers are responsible for clearing their own area completely at the end of the Bazaar and removing all trash, boxes, packing materials, and unsold goods.

Vehicle Parking:
All Seller vehicles must be parked in the designated “seller/vendor/employee” parking area by 8.45am on Saturday and Sunday. Seller/Vendor parking passes will be given to all vendors to display on their vehicle’s dashboard. Two additional passes will be given for employees, helpers, etc. Vendors cars left in general parking after 9 am could be towed at the Vendor’s expense.

sales tax:
Sellers are solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining a current MA sales tax ID number and collecting all taxed on taxable sales.

Protection of ProPerty:
The Vintage Bazaar at Pettengill Farm and Pettengill Farm are one in the same company. Neither assumes any responsibility or liability whatsoever to ensure the Sellers property from damage, theft, fire, malicious mischief, accident, wind, rain or other. Devon Allen, Jan Richenburg, Henry Richenburg, Pettengill Farm employees, volunteers, officials, etc are neither responsible nor liable for any damage, theft, fire, malicious mischief, accident, wind, rain, or other that may occur to or related to the Seller.

market management:
Jan and Henry Richenburg, owners of Pettengill Farm, are solely responsible for the operation, management, and administration of the farm. However, Devon Allen, a designee, is authorized to make operational and administrative decisions for the Vintage Bazaar including vendor acceptance, the

assignment of spaces, enforcement of these market rules, primary contact for seller and vendors and collection of all market fees. Violations of the rules may result in loss of permission to sell at the Bazaar.

seller conduct and Prohibited items:
Sellers will work professionally, cooperatively, and reasonably with customers, Pettengill staff and volunteers in resolving any issues or complaints. No illegal substances or weapons are allowed at any time.

Restrooms and wash stations are available to all sellers and the public. ONSITE ATM: There are One to Two ATMs onsite. CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS: many vendors elect to offer credit cards as a form of payment and use the portable cell phone adapters to process credit card payments. The “Square” and the “Intuit” are the more popular brands to use. and

Visiting the farm
You are welcome to visit Pettengill Farm before the Vintage Bazaar; however please know that our bazaar director, Devon Allen, is not located onsite. If you have questions, pertaining to the bazaar, you will need to contact Devon Allen directly.