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05.01 Design Criteria All equipment shall be designed to operate on the following condition. a) b) c) d) e) Installation Altitude Ambient temperature Relative humidity Cooling water temperature = Indoor = SEE Chapter 09 = “ = “ = “

Both maximum temperature and max relative humidity do not occur simultaneously. Equipment performance guarantee shall be offered to the above site conditions. The design of the equipment shall be suitable for continuous heavy duty service of 8760 hours per year. Special consideration shall be given to the sea-shore atmospheric corrosion and seismic condition of the site. 05.02 5.2.1 GENERAL TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION OF EQUIPMENT Centrifugal Fans Duty Specification of fans shall be as per table – 1 The centrifugal fans shall include, but not be limited to the following: The split fan housing with side walls and scroll plate, all necessary flanges, reinforcing sections and access door. Inlet cone. The support of welded type for bearings, motor & fan. Welded type impeller. Shaft with guard. The bearing unit with housing and bearings. Electric motor. Flexible coupling & coupling guard. Shaft sealing. Vibration monitoring system with sensors & transmitter. Vibration isolators. Surface treatments.
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For variable volume operations.1. The fan shall be of rugged steel construction with proper painting and suitable for heavy duty operations.10 5.1.13 5.5 5.2.9 5.01 The specifications for fan have been indicated for normal temperature & pressure unless otherwise stated.1.1.8 5.14 TS. the discharge position and rotation are tentative only.1. Fan and motor assembly shall be accommodated within the space indicated in the drawings. Fan outlet velocity shall preferably be in the range of 12-14 m/sec. Fan outlet shall be fitted with canvas connection or expansion bellow to isolate the vibrations. The fan shall be provided with variable frequency drive for capacity control as specified in the duty specification. a family of performance curves for inlet vane settings through the range of air volumes specified in the data sheets shall be furnished.2 5. The performance curves for the fans shall be so chosen that the fan performances are stable at the surge limit.12 5.No.1.6 5.7 5.2. However.2.II 5.2.2. The discharge position.2.2.MEC/Q144/01/08/S520 Rev-0 Ch V . The fan is to work at an ambient temperature of 50°C during summer and +10°C during winter unless otherwise specified in the duty specification sheet 17.1.1. The dimensioning & construction of the fans shall be strong enough to withstand acceleration and deceleration at full rated power.2. 5. rotation shall be as per the duty specification data sheet.1.INDOGULF CORPORATION BIRLA COPPER EXPANSION : PHASE . The medium handled by fan shall be as specified in the duty specification data sheet All centrifugal fans shall conform to IS:4894:1987.01 of this specification.11 5.Page 2 of 6 . Rotation of the fan has been indicated as seen from the drive end. All centrifugal fans shall be sized for the duty as specified in the duty specification sheet 17.

drain plug and access doors for inspection and easy maintenance.1. Lubrication a) b) All moving parts shall be provided with sufficient lubrication at the time of startup.1.19 The fan shafts shall be suitable for specified service.1.16 5. The fan-wheel assembly (a complete unit. The parts that require periodic lubrication shall be provided with lubrication nipples that shall be easily accessible.3% over the maximum speed at which the fan will operate. Rev-0 Ch V .II 5.2. the match line in the casing interior face shall be machined and properly matched.Page 3 of 6 TS. d) Housing inlet and outlet shall be flanged and drilled for attachment to ductwork.15 5. Bolt holes shall not penetrate the casing interior.18 ROTATING PARTS a) b) c) d) e) f) 5. Shafts shall be provided with standard key ways for flexible couplings. 5.2. ready for operation) shall be dynamically balanced at factory before shipment. Approximate maintenance clearances shall be shown on proposal drawings.2. Safety guards shall be supplied for moving parts accessible to operating personnel. c) The housing shall be of flanged construction with removable sections to permit easy replacement of intermediate parts of equipment without excessive disconnecting of structures in connection with the fan.2. All moving parts shall be arranged so as to be readily accessible for inspection.1. maintenance & repairs.No.INDOGULF CORPORATION BIRLA COPPER EXPANSION : PHASE .2. The shaft and coupling assemblies shall be dynamically balanced at factory before shipment. and designed so that the first critical speed is not less than 33.MEC/Q144/01/08/S520 . Fan housing a) The material of fan housing shall be as specified in the duty specification. b) Where components of the fan housing are bolted together. The housing shall be rigidly braced with structural steel sections. The equipment noise shall not exceed 80 dBA at 1m distance.1.17 The fan design shall be such as to minimise dust build-up. The housing shall be provided with lifting lugs.

2.20 The fan bearings shall be provided with grease lubrication or with an oil sump lubrication maintained by a constant level oiler.II c) d) 5.2. standard motors shall be used.21 BEARINGS a) b) c) Bearings shall be of manufacturer's standard design for service conditions specified herein. All motors and other electrical equipment necessary for operation and control of the fans shall be supplied.1.Page 4 of 6 .07. The fans shall be equipped with a squirrel cage electric motor. all mounted on a common base plate. A lubrication chart showing lubrication points and requirements shall be provided. The windings of the electric motors shall be furnished with RTD sensors for temperature monitoring. 5. The electrification shall be according to Chapter no.INDOGULF CORPORATION BIRLA COPPER EXPANSION : PHASE .00 (ELECTRICS) of this specification. All electrical motors shall be completely specified in the motor data sheets.1. a shaft with bearings. Motors controlled by variable frequency converter shall be furnished with a separate cooling fan if required. Sealing types for openings. Wherever possible.MEC/Q144/01/08/S520 Rev-0 Ch V . For the basic rating life (L10) calculations for roller bearings according to ISO:281:1990.1. SEALING a) b) c) The shaft sealing type shall be described by the tenderer. Sealing between the shaft and casing can be a labrynth or gasket type.No.2. 5. a required basis shall be at the minimum 60000 hours. An oil level indicator shall be provided.22 MOTORS AND ELECTRICALS a) b) c) d) e) f) The drive components shall be selected based on the maximum continuous effect required. Bearings shall be provided with adequate cooling as required for proper operation. TS. a coupling & guard. inspection doors and lead-throughs of the fan housing shall be provided with self-aligning gasket and quick release latches.

1.II 5. The bearings of the fans shall be provided with RTDs including 4 20 mA transmitters. alarm or trip purpose.INDOGULF CORPORATION BIRLA COPPER EXPANSION : PHASE .00 of this specification.2.20 mA standard instrument signal. IND131-15-002 (R2) enclosed. the stack location and scrubber system location (within which 07-FA-01 will be accommodated) is marked. TS. Provision shall be made for hand-operation also. Inlet guide vanes for the control of fan capacities shall be provided with a pneumatic actuator and electro-pneumatic positioner. and the tenderer shall show all the instrumentation equipment provided on the P&I diagram.MEC/Q144/01/08/S520 Rev-0 Ch V . All instrumentations for remote control delivered by the tenderer shall be connected to a Distributed Control System (DCS) for indication. Fan shaft bearings shall be provided with vibration sensors and transmitter. The tenderer has a right to propose instruments in addition to those mentioned in this specification if he finds it necessary.No. 08.23 INSTRUMENTATION a) b) c) d) All controls and Instrumentation equipment necessary for operation and control shall be supplied.Page 5 of 6 . The output of the transmitter shall be a 4 . The Instrumentation for the fans shall be according to Chapter no. and specify them in detail. e) f) SPECIAL NOTE: Tenderer to note that in the Drg. No. the actuator is open. Fan 07-FA-01 pressure shall be designed to deliver the scrubber gases till this stack outlet. The operation of actuator shall be such that in case of pressure failure. The DCS is not in the scope of the tenderer. These instruments shall be included in the delivery.