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Julie Garwood-Assorted Series

Medieval-12th Century Series (Two Separate Series) Regency Series Western Series

The Lion's Lady Christina Bennett: popular debutante The Secret The Bride Judith Hampton: English; doesn't know father; forbidden friendship with a Scottish girl. m. Ian Maitland: Highland Laird; Judith's friend's brother-in-law Alec Kincaid: Laird who must marry an English bride m. Jamie Jamison: youngest daughter who is "feisty" m. Lyon, Marquis: steals a kiss For the Roses Mary Rose Clayborne: Abandoned in a trashcan as a baby and found by four orphaned boys m. Lord Harrison Standford MacDonald: English Lord who comes to America looking for Mary Rose

Guardian Angel Caine: Marquess looking for his brother, Colin, and Pagan (who he believes killed Colin) m. The Wedding Connor: Laird who abducts her...but she proposed to him as a little girl. m. Brenna: Kidnapped by the guy she loved as revenge against his enemies Jade: Pagan (a pirate) and looking for her brother, Nathan.

Ransom Brodrick Buchanan: Highland Laird from _The Secret_ m. Gillian: family murdered; trying to protect uncle from English Baron

One Pink Rose Travis Clayborne m. Emily Finnegan

The Gift Nathaniel: Jade's Brother/Pirate (new Pagan) One White Rose m. Sarah Winchester: arranged marriage to Nathaniel/loves him Douglas Clayborne m. Isabel Grant

Shadow Music Princess Gabrielle: promised to a laird; saves someone and starts a war...doesn't marry who she's supposed to marry. m. Colm MacHugh: most feared man in Scotland

Note: Read these books in the order listed. In the case of the Medieval series, the same applies, but the series themselves (left and right) are not related--they're just the same time period. **All ideas, characters, and books belong to Julie Garwood. All of these books are available on Kindle as well as print.

One Red Rose Castles Colin: Caine's Brother; leg mauled by a shark (yes, a shark) m. Princess Alesandra: running from assassins Adam Clayborne m. Genevieve Perry

Come the Spring Cole Clayborne: US Marshall/Sheriff m. Jessica Daniel Ryan: Sheriff m. Grace