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aim of the conference: This Conference will focus on Cenozoic magmatism in Central Europe dealing with multifarious aspects

of igneous systems. A main intention will be the communication between scientists with different scientific approach to Cenozoic magmatism. The scientific program will be subdivided into three major features: (1) physical, mineralogical and chemical characteristics of the magma source and melt generation processes, (2) physical, chemical, mineralogical and textural composition of the lithosphere and its interaction with ascending magmas and fluids as well as the development of the fluids itself and (3) volcanism, eruption styles, crystallisation, alteration, growth and decease of volcano edifices. The meeting should highlight the processoriented and material aspects of within-plate magmatism in Central Europe and adjacent areas from Spain to Ukraine and from Greece to Great Britain.

All disciplines of geosciences ranging from geology and physical volcanology, through petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry up to geophysics will be employed. Furthermore, we invite contributions to active magmatic processes, landscape evolution and impact of volcanoes on society (resources, hazards) as well as to the outreach of volcanological sciences to the public (e.g. geotourism). In honour of Prof. K.H. Scheumann (1881-1964) a special attention will be devoted to the 100th anniversary of his polzenite definition. Contributions to melilitic rocks in general and new views of the type localities in Northern Bohemia will be welcome. history of the conference: The meeting is incorporated in a series of international conferences following after: (1) Praha 1991 (CZ): Symposium on Central European Alkaline volcanic rocks (2) Liblice 1998 (CZ): Final session of IGCP 369, Subproject 2a “Magmatism and rift basin evolution: Peritethyan region” (3) Teplá near Tÿebenice – Ústí nad Labem – Mariánske Láznÿ 2002 (CZ): HIBSCH 2002 Symposium (4) Czocha Castle 2004 (PL): International workshop “BASALTS 2004”

Event Basalt 2013 – Cenozoic Magmatism in Central Europe Venue
Görlitz Youth Hostel "Old town“ Peterstraße 15 02826 Görlitz Germany Dates Tuesday 23th April 2013 – Workshops Wednesday 24th April 2013 – Pre-conference trip Wednesday 24th April 2013 evening – Ice Breaker Party Thursday to Saturday 25th – 27th April 2013 – Oral and Poster presentations, Youth Hostel Görlitz (Conference Center) Friday 26th April 2013 morning – Mid-conference trip Friday 26th April 2013 afternoon - City Guide Tour trough the Görlitz »Old Town« Friday 26th April 2013 evening - Conference Dinner with Exhibition Guide in the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz Sunday 28th April 2013 – Post-conference trip Schedule for circulars and registrations 1st March 2012: first circular with non binding pre-registration until June 30th 2012 1st August 2012: second circular with registration 15th November 2012: Deadline for abstract submission 15th January 2013: Deadline for early bird registration 1st March 2013: Print of the Conference Programme Organizer Dr. Olaf Tietz, Jörg Büchner Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz Germany Scientific Committee Michael Abratis (Jena/D) | Paweł Aleksandrowski (Wrocław/PL) | Janusz Badura (Wrocław/PL) | Gerhard Brey (Frankfurt/D) | Vladimir Cajz (Praha/CZ) | Wolfram Geissler (Bremerhaven/D) | Horst Kämpf (Potsdam/D) | Jacek Kasiński (Warszawa/PL) | Michael Korn (Leipzig/D) | Thomas Meier (Kiel/D) | Jan Mrlina (Praha/CZ) | Károly Németh (Palmerston North/NZ) | Antonin Paluska (Praha/CZ) | Zoltan Pecskay (Debrecen/H) | Jacek Puziewiczi (Wrocław/PL) | Vladislav Rapprich (Praha/CZ) | Peter Suhr (Freiberg/D) | Jaromír Ulrych (Praha/CZ) | Lothar Viereck-Götte (Jena/D) Conference Language The official congress language will be English.

workshop 1 Mircrotextures of volcanic rocks. Christoph Breitkreutz Freiberg, Germany

workshop 2 From the rock to the date The U/Pb La-ICP-MS method. Ulf Linnemann Dresden, Germany


Field Trip 1 (24th April 2013): Osecna and the Ploučnice area – Ultramafic pre-rift volcanism in the Eger-Graben, the typus localities of Polzenite (Antonin Paluska, Jaromír Ulrych, Pavel Veselý , Vladislav Rapprich, Jiří Adamovič)

Field trip 2 (26th April 2013, 3 hours trip): Upper mantle Xenolithes in the lava flow units from Luban/PL (Jacek Puziewicz)

Field trip 3 (28th April 2013): Volcanology of the Lusatian Volcanic Field – New insights in old well-known (Olaf Tietz, Jörg Büchner, Peter Suhr) Oral and Poster Presentations (25th-27th April 2013) Following sessions are planned: 1. Mantle The Upper Mantle beneath Central Europe - physical, mineralogical and chemical characteristics of the magma source and melt generation. 2. Ascent Zone a) Tectonic & age control on magmatism, b) Documents of magma ascent, storage and melt evolution: fluids, seismology, phenocrysts, petrology. 3. Surface a) Volcanism & landscape evolution, b) Volcanology & Geophysics, c) Volcanism and society: geotourism, hazards, resources. 4. Special Session Scheumann and the ultramafic rocks –100 years after the Polzenite definition. 5. Open Session Open session of magmatism-related talks Registration Please register for the Conference "Basalt 2013" by the Word or PDF form until March 31st 2013. The registration will be completed after the full payment of the conference fees. The filled and signed 26 de octubre de 2012 registration form should be attached at an E-mail to with a subject “registration- first name last name”. Contact Dr. Olaf Tietz, Jörg Büchner Senckenberg Museum of Natural History Görlitz PF 300 154 D02826 Görlitz Germany Phone: +49-3581-47605700 (Dr. Olaf Tietz) +49-3581-47605701 (Jörg Büchner)