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Mathematic Diagnostic Test Analysis On the 13th of January 2009, 5 pupils of Year 3 whom had failed their Screening

Test for Remedial Class have seated for Mathematic Diagnostic Test for Remedial. This test is done to help the teacher to recognize the area of weakness and the strength of each pupils in learning mathematics. The Mathematics Diagnostic Test consists of 18 major skills item that are conducted by means of 281 questions. The skills in these tests are as follows: a) Pre Numbers b) Number Concepts
c) Recognizing numbers 1 to 10

d) Operation of Addition within 10 e) Operation of Subtraction within 10 f) Identification of numbers 11 to 20 g) Operation of Addition within 18 h) Operation of Subtraction within 18 i) Numbers to 50 j) ‘0’ Zero k) Operation of Addition within 50 l) Operation of Subtraction within 50 m) Numbers within 100 n) Operation of Multiplication up to 9x5
o) Operation of Division

p) Telling the time

q) Money r) Problem Solving The analysis MARKS 0-39% 40-49% 50-59% NO 1 2 3 4 5 NAME YEAR 3 3 3 3 3 GRED F E D JANTINA MARKS 2% 37% 35% 32% 61% 60-69% 70-79% C B A Man ak Nelson Shane Mosley ak Labang L L L P P 80-100% Paul Batok ak Richard Julia ak Ami Sophia Joseph Mathematics Diagnostic Test Marks (Year 3) According to the marks that the pupils have scored for the test. Man ak Nelson scored 2%. Julia scored 32% and Sophia had 18 . 4 pupils have scored less than 40% and only one pupil scores more than 60%. Paul scored 35%. Shane scored 37%.

Julia will learn number 1 to 9 while Paul. That is why the teacher needs to prepare a lesson plan that able to attract their attention and easy for them to cope with the lesson. 80% of the pupils scores below than 40%. Besides that. Paul and Shane face the same problem with Sophia that is on subtraction skill. He cannot recognize the first skill that is tested in the diagnostic test that is pre-number while as Sophia she manages to score marks in the earlier skills that are from pre-number until addition skill. Based on the overall marks that the Year 3 Remedial Class pupils have scored. Comparing the marks by Man and Sophia.scored 61%. There are some reasons that caused the results to be as it gets. Shane and Sophia will learn subtraction up 10. All the weak areas that the pupils face is where the teacher will start give them lesson. That means majority of the pupils unable to cope with the mathematic basic skills. there is a huge gap between the marks of both of these pupils. Man is a pupil that has a serious problem in learning. Julia have problems with arranging numbers according to ascending order or descending order because she cannot remember the place of the number in order even though she can say the order verbally. while doing their test they are not focused with the task because they are easily distracted by noise or those who walks passed by the class. The weaknesses that they faced show that their basic knowledge either in pre number and subtraction is not enough. Man will learn about pre-number. 19 . Man scores the lowest marks with only 2% while Sophia scores the higest marks with 61%.