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Fall 2012 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BScIT) – Semester 2/ BT0071 – Technical Communication – 2 Credits

(Book ID: B0955)

Assignment Set – 1 (30 Marks)

Answer all questions 1. Write a technical description of how to put the battery in a digital camera and take photos. [10 marks]

2. Correct the mistakes in spelling and grammar in the given paragraph [5 marks] What is the effect of this dilema. I have adiquate authority to clinch the deel but my partners won’t let me to excercise it. I don’t know what should I do? 3. Select appropriate word from the brackets to make the sentence meaningful [5 marks] i) The office manager occasionally carries out a physical verification of _____ (stationary/stationery) items in stock. ii) iii) iv) If you are not alert, you will _____ (lose/loose) the chance to win. _____ (Besides/Beside) helping me, he advised me on the matter. Soon after his arrival, he went to the Manager to pay his _____ (Complements/Compliments) v) A man of sound _______ (principal/principle) succeeds in life in the long run. 4. The following passage is an advertisement from a translation service. Revise it to make it more appropriate for a multi-cultural audience. [10 marks]

If your technical documents have to meet the needs of a global market but you find that most translation houses are swamped by

in Translations. or make your deadlines.. to provides full-service comprehensive translations documentation publishing. No job too large! No schedule too tight! Give us a call today! . addition Inc. your search is over. where do you turn? Well. We utilize ultra-sophisticated translation programs that can translate a page in the blink of an eye.the huge volume. fail to accommodate the various languages you require. Then our crack linguists comb each document to give it that personalized touch.

iv) This is not the kind of life I’m used ____ v) _________whose authority do you say that? 3. Write a note on plagiarism as an ethical issue in technical journalism. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions i) [5 marks] ________ the circumstances. i) [5 marks] It is understandable that your highly respected firm is exceedingly anxious to secure the valuable services of competent young men who have undergone specialized and detailed training in the outstanding educational institutions of our day – and let me say in a patriotic aside. concise and effective. [10 marks] 2. iii) I’ve been working ________ how long I don’t know. Rewrite the following passages to make them simple. ii) My brother works _______ the Texas Inc.Fall 2012 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BScIT) – Semester 2/ BT0071 – Technical Communication – 2 Credits (Book ID: B0955) Assignment Set – 2 (30 Marks) Answer all questions 1. our noteworthy institutions are indeed comparable in prowess and achievement and dignity to the most heralded universities and colleges of any nation – and thus it is my earnest conviction that when you go far . I am unable to reveal anything further. [5 marks] 4. Choose a 150 word passage from a technical article addressed to an expert audience. (You can choose this from any journal or web) Rewrite the passage so that it is clear and interesting to the general reader.

you will proceed eventually to the hallowed college from which I send forth this missive. iii) “My principal want parents to attend the meeting. ii) Past experiences show that the Internal Revenue Service would take action to disallow the claiming of the tax benefits resulting from the use of multiple corporations in so far as they are established primarily for that purpose 5. . But I think she will come tomorrow ii) The woman at the door appear to be angry.afield in search of promising prospects for your dominant organizations. Sheela haven’t come today. Shall you come?” iv) The shopkeeper was not willing to close the shop v) Arjun never get angry. Correct the following sentences where necessary [5 marks] i) No.