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Chapter 9: Flight

Will POV

“So what was it you were going to tell me?”

Max looked down at the ground, as if she was struggling with something. “Umm,
well you see-“ she broke off. What was wrong? She looked like she wanted to say
something important, but couldn’t. Was she OK?
Suddenly her eyes went wide and she took a step back, as if shocked. She looked
extremely confused.
“Max, are you OK?” I asked, bewildered. With that she unfurled her wings and
flew into the air. “Max?! Where are you going?!” I shouted. Then suddenly she flew
away at such a speed that it looked like she just disappeared.
“Max!” I called, but there was no answer. What on earth just went on? Was she
OK? What should I do? I turned around and started running back towards camp. I passed
Angel on the way and skidded to a halt beside her.
“Angel! Where’s Fang or Iggy?” I asked urgently.
She looked at me suspiciously then said, “Iggy is at camp and I think Fang is
getting firewood. Why?” but I had already started to run before camp. I reached it within
seconds and saw Iggy.
“Iggy!” I called. He turned around as I ran up to him. “Iggy, it’s Max…she just…
flew…something spooked her…flew of!” I wheezed, trying to catch my breath.
“Whoa! Slow down! What happened?” he said calmly.
I took a deep breath and replied “Max was about to tell me something, in the
forest and then she went all wide eyed and shocked.” I caught my breath. “Then she just
flew up into the air and flew off really fast!”
“She used supersonic speed?” asked Fang, coming out of the tree line. I nodded.
“Well we are never going to catch up with her if she flew off fast. She can fly at 200mph.
It will be easier for us to wait for her to come back on her own.” I wasn’t going to argue.
With Max gone, as second eldest Fang was leader. I would have no idea what I would do
to find her. I would have to wait like the rest of the flock.

We were still waiting. I had explained what happened to the others numerous
times. They had no clue what could have happened. We would just have to wait.
After about 3 hours we she came zooming into view and within seconds of us
seeing her, she had reached us. Damn, she was quick! She hadn’t even broken a sweat!
“Come on!” She said urgently. “We’ve got to leave now!” We all started at her
completely dumbfounded. “Come on!” She shouted this time.
“Why?” asked Fang. “What happened?!”
“There’s no time! We have to go now!”

Iggy POV

“Max we’ve been flying for hours! What’s going on?” moaned Nudge.
“No.” She replied sternly “We’ve got to keep going.” We had been flying for
around 3 hours non-stop. I had no idea what direction we were going or where we were. I
hated not knowing.
“We need a break Max!” I heard Gazzy say. “Will has never flown this far
before!” I could hear Will, breathing heavily a bit behind us. He was struggling to keep
“Fine.” She said. “15 minutes.” We started to go down. I had to hold on to
Gazzy’s shirt to make sure I didn’t crash into the ground.
We landed and I heard Will breathing heavily. “You OK Will?” I asked him.
“I’ll be…fine.” he wheezed. “Just not…used to flying…so far.”
“So Max.” asked Fang. “What’s going on? Are you going to tell us?”
“I guess so. We’ve got some time.” she sighed. I sat down, as did the others, on
the hard rocky ground. From this I presumed we were in a mountainous region, maybe
Western America. It would make sense seeing as the school was located in California.
There was silence, we were all waiting in suspense until finally she said, “I heard
the voice.” I heard Nudge and Angel both gasped. Gazzy exclaimed “What?!” and I
frowned. Although I couldn’t see them, I guessed Fang’s expression didn’t change and
that Will was just bewildered. He would have no idea what the voice was. As if he read
my mind, Will asked, sounding completely bewildered, “What the hell is the voice?”
“Yeah, well, back when I was saving the world, I had-“ but Will interrupted her.
“Whoa, whoa, back up, back up! When you were saving the world?” he asked
sounding even more confused than he already was, if that was possible.
“That’s a looong story.” I said. “There’s not enough time in the world to tell it.”
“Yeah, anyway.” Max began. “When I was saving the world, the school somehow
put this voice in my head. It would give me hints and help every now and again. I had no
idea what it was, and they usually worked out, so I listened. All of it was leading up to me
saving the world. Well, I did I, just not how they wanted me to and after that it went
away. Haven’t heard from it in about a year now, and if it is back then something is
“And it spoke to you when you were in the forest with Will?” Angel asked.
“Yep. That’s why I flew off.” Max replied. We were silent for a long time after
that. Then I remembered something.
“So Max.” I said slowly. “What did the voice actually say to you?”


I was flying in the air, leading the upgrades. Only about 15 of them. They flew
through the air smoothly and swiftly, although slowly, as they were designed to, whereas
I, with my patchwork, ‘Frankenstein’ wings, was very stunted and shaky, although at least
slightly faster than them.
“We’re here! Move!” I barked. I dove down to the campsite, the upgrades
following like children. We landed in the clearing, where there was a pile of ash with
some embers still burning. It was obvious they had left, but they would have put the fire
out if they were just moving on. The fact that they hadn’t meant they knew we were
Even though they would’ve left hours ago, I shouted orders at all but 1 of the
upgrades to “Scout the area!” The upgrades all ran off in different directions, out of the
clearing, leaving me with the one upgrade. I sat down on a log next to the remains of the
fire and watched it.
It stood perfectly still and straight. Almost unrecognisably from an Eraser in full
morph except for its glowing, red mechanical eyes and it’s slightly thinner layer of
scraggly brown fur. Below the fur, there was the metal shell of a wolf. A machine and
nothing more. And this was supposed to replace me?! Ok so it couldn’t feel pain and
could predict all possible outcomes in a fight, but it didn’t have instinct. Often, instinct
was the thing which won you a fight.
I heard the upgrades coming back from the forest before I saw then, another
design fault, they were very load, on the ground and in the air. I would have to report that.
Then I saw them come out. “Report!” I shouted at them.
“No-Avian-Human-hybrids-detected-in-the-vicinity.” They all said, in their steely
hard voice, in unison.
“Very well!” I barked at them. “Back to base!”