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expensive. floppy disk mouse tower CD-rewriter computer parts with the words ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) scanner keyboard monitor printer ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) Reading 2 Read the text quickly. Match the headings 3 Look at these words from the text. slow. Hi-Tech 2010 Series XWi-Fi Type PC Notebook CPU 933 MHz 1. a Memory ( ) c PCs and Notebooks ( ) b Speed ( ) d Hardware/Software ( ) Vocabulary 4 Match the highlighted words and phrases in the text with the definitions (1—8).5GHz RAM 256MB 512MB Monitor/Screen17 inch 15 inch Hard disk 20GB 40GB Price €2.1 . Write (a—d) with the paragraphs (1-4). S (software) or M (measurement) next to each one.The computer Before you start 1 Match the below. big. cheap. H (hardware). Use fast. P (peripheral). 1 parts _____________________________ 2 pictures and images ________________ 3 a way of doing something ____________ 4 reads arid uses data_________________ 5 measurements _____________________ 6 use a computer program _____________ 7 keeps data in the memory ____________ 8 how well a computer does something ___________________________________ Speaking 5 Work in pairs.999 IN: Information Technology – Workshop .000 €2. Look at the chart and compare the two computers. small.

3 Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). T/F headings (a-d) with the paragraphs (1-4). Before you start T/F 1 What do you see first when you turn on a 2 Files are usually inside folders. 2 If you remove a file by mistake. 6 Windows Explorer lets you move ___________________ from one folder to another. IN: Information Technology – Workshop . 1 The desktop appears before you boot up. Say what you use these programs for. 1 The _____________ icon lets you change the way your desktop looks. T/F a The control panel ( ) c The desktop ( ) b The drives ( ) d Using icons ( ) 2 . 4 I didn’t use that program very much so I ___________________it from my desktop. T/F computer? How do you open a program? 3 People usually put their favourite programs on the desktop.The desktop Vocabulary 4 Find the words in the text that mean: 1 comes into view so you can see it (1) _________________________ 2 the picture or colour on your screen (1) _________________________ 3 clicking the mouse two times quickly (2) _________________________ 4 sth that holds documents or files (2) _________________________ 5 most important (3) __________________ 6 make something the way you want it (4) _________________________ 5 Complete the sentences (1—7) with the words in the box. T/F Reading 2 Read the text quickly and match the 5 You cannot change the background picture of the desktop. 5 I have a great program on my ___________________ that I use for playing music. Speaking 6 Choose five icons on your desktop. T/F 4 Use the C: drive to open floppy disks. you can find it in the _________________________ 3 The ______________ appears when you don’t use the mouse or keyboard. 7 _________________ contain documents or files. 6 The Control Panel folder contains the Date/Time icon.

Do not say which key you have chosen. 3 Discuss these questions. between. in italics. Use next to. on the right/left/top/bottom. underlined and highlighted. 1 How often do you type letters or documents? 2 Which word-processing program do you use? 3 Which commands do you know? 4 How many different fonts does this question ? 5 Find the words in 1—3 that are in bold. above. Then answer the questions. Choose a letter or key from the keyboard and describe where it is.3a – Using a word processor Before you start 1 Look at any computer keyboard and answer the questions. have Reading 4 Look at the table of word-processing tools and commands and their functions. 1 Which tool checks your spelling? _______________________ 2 Which edit command removes text or images? _______________________ 3 Which format command changes the letter size? _______________________ 4 Which file command opens a file or document? _______________________ 5 Which insert command lets you put in an image? _______________________ 6 Which view command shows the document as a printed page? _______________________ IN: Information Technology – Workshop . below. 1 Which key is between G and Y?_______ 2 Which key is to the left of Y? _________ 3 Which key lets you type in capital letters? ___________ 4 Where are the arrow keys? ___________ 5 Where is the multiplication sign? _______ 2 Work in pairs.

• change the font and the font size for each sentence • use the spell check to check your work. 7 A word processor lets you __________ a paragraph as well as the font. c before you print out your document. 5 You can save a file in many different _________ in your computer. Writing 9 Practise your typing! Type a paragraph of any English text that is new to you using a word-processing program. IN: Information Technology – Workshop . look in the Symbol command. 4 Most of the icons on the __________ are also in words in the menu bar. Edit _______ _______ _______ _______ Tools _______ _______ File _______ _______ _______ _______ Insert _______ _______ View _______ _______ Format _______ _______ 6 Match the first part of the sentence (1—6) with the second part (a—f).3b – Using a word processor Speaking 8 Match the icons (a—i) with the words (1— 5 Write the commands and tools from the 12). a in the Times New Roman font. 1 Typing letters with a word processor 2 Many companies need people 3 I can learn a lot of new words 4 People usually type business letters 5 Check your spelling and grammar 6 If you cut a sentence out by mistake. Say what the command or tool does. 2 Change the paragraph _________ if you want bigger spaces between the lines. Then print your document. d who can use a word processor. 3 Each word on the _________ contains a list of commands and tools. e try clicking the undo button. b by using the thesaurus. 6 MS Word has about a hundred different _________ for you to choose from. 1 When you copy text. Do the following: • format the verbs in bold • put nouns in italics • underline any adjectives Vocabulary • use the thesaurus to check any words you 7 Complete the sentences with words from do not know the box. 8 If the _________ you want is not on the keyboard. it stays on the________ until you want to paste it. table under the correct heading. f is easier and quicker than writing by hand.

• pen and paper — cheap • you can write anywhere (don’t need electricity) • don’t need to learn to type • handwritten letters — friendlier & more personal IN: Information Technology – Workshop . not electronic ______________ second. T/F Reading 2 Read the text and underline the Vocabulary advantages of word processing in the first 4 Match the highlighted words and phrases paragraph and the disadvantages in the in the text with the definitions (1—6). T/F processor? Which word processor? 3 What are the differences between 4 Improving your writing is more difficult with a word processor .T/F handwriting. 3 Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false(F). 2 the way a program organizes data ______________________ 3 a program used for simple text files ______________________ 4 the code that e-mail uses ____________ 5 things that a program has.4 – Word processing:for & against Before you start 1 Work in pairs and discuss the questions. T/F 2 You can change your documents easily 1 Do you like writing by hand? Why?/Why on a word processor. Use the following ideas to help you. T/F not? 3 Printed documents look better than 2 Have you ever used a typewriter or word handwriting. 1 by hand. Which of these documents would you write by hand and which on a word processor? Say why. or can do ______________________ 6 a program used for text and graphics ______________________ Speaking 5 Work in groups. typing and word processing? 5 Word processors work well with e-mail. Write the number of each. 1 You can store letters on a manual typewriter. Add any other ideas you may have. Writing 6 Write a short paragraph about some of the advantages of writing with pen and paper.

How would you organize them so that you can find them easily? Add more files to the list.5 – Storing data Before you start 3 Write short answers to these questions. Write the number of the diagram?________________________ 4 What is the hard disk called in Apple the paragraph that tells you about: Macintosh computers? ________________ 5 Where will you find My Videos in the Windows OS ?_______________________ 4 Match the questions (1—5) with the answers (a—e). c____________ 1 What information can you store on a a_____________ b_____________ d____________ computer? Where can you store your 2 Name the open folder in the diagram. 1 Name four ways you can store computer data. IN: Information Technology – Workshop . documents or files? ___________________________________ 3 How many folders are in My Computer in Reading 2 Read the text quickly. Look at the files below. Vocabulary 5 Find the words in the text that mean: 1 computer information (paragraph 1)_____ ___________________________________ 2 when computers stop working (1) ______ ___________________________________ 3 a second copy of a file (1) ____________ 4 to put in neat order (2)_______________ 5 a list (2) __________________________ Speaking 6 Work in pairs.

the window will cover all of the computer screen. 3 The ____________________ shows you where to type on the screen. 2 You will find the Undo command in the Edit ________________ menu. 6 Clicking_________________changes the size and location of the window. 4 The mouse controls both the __________ and the cursor. 3 Match the diagrams (a—d) with the instruction numbers from Exercise 2. Reading Vocabulary 2 Read the text quickly. 5 If you click ______________. from Exercise 1 to make a folder? 1 Double-click the _____________ to view a list of folders and files. What do you use 4 Complete the sentences with words from Exercise 1.6 – Creating a folder Before you start 1 Match the icons (a—i) with the words (1— 9) below. Writing 5 Write down the instructions you need to operate one of the following: IN: Information Technology – Workshop .

3 Graphics programs save files without names as__________________ by default. 2 I need a __________________ camera because I want to save my pictures on my computer. Bring to your class six photographs of your family. T/F 6 Most word-processing documents use ‘Untitled’ as the default name. friends. Speaking 5 Work in pairs. 6 Click ___________________ in the Save As dialog box to change the file format. C: drive or D: drive. 5 Programs have ____________________ settings for all kinds of functions. T/F Vocabulary 4 Complete the sentences (1—6) with the highlighted words and phrases in the text. but try to keep the names short. 4 You can save existing files in more than one place on your computer. Before you start 1 How is it possible to lose files on a or a format when you save a new file. the Save As dialog box appears.T/F 2 Read the text quickly and match the headings (a—c) with the paragraphs (1—5). T/F 7 The Save As command cannot save existing documents. 4 Clicking __________________ will let you go to the A: drive. T/F Reading 3 You can save files in one format only. Decide on file names to give them. Use the most important part of the photograph. T/F 5 The 5ave command only saves existing documents. T/F 8 Thinking of names for your files is easy. IN: Information Technology – Workshop . city or pets that you would like to store on your computer. 1 If you do not choose a location.7 – Saving files 3 Decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). I’d call this file ‘Dad Sleeping 50’ because I took the picture on his 50th birthday and he’s sleeping in a chair I wouldn’t call this ‘Picture 27’ because the file name doesn’t describe the picture. 1 You can make back-up copies of__________________ files on a floppy disk by using Save As. the computer will do it for you. T/F computer? 2 If you click Save on a new file. a name.

create. 1 Some people spend too much time playing __________games on the Internet. locate __________ T/F 5 originate. 2 You can sometimes have a computer ______________ that is not connected to the Internet.8 – The Internet 3 Find the correct word or abbreviation in the text. 4 Match the groups of verbs below with their general meaning from the box. transfer ________ more addresses. Say which of the following ideas about the Internet are good or bad. 3 It is easy to ________________ around a screen with a mouse. navigate. view ________ 4 One file on the WWW can have two or 2 download. 7 When you surf the Internet. T/F 1 browse. invent __________ 5 Complete the sentences (1—7) with the highlighted words from the text. 6 People use the Internet to ___________________ information from one place to another. T/F 2 The Internet and the WWW are different. 5 Some people surf the Internet at ___________just to see what they can find. link _________ 5 There are 40 million Internet users today. 4 Berners-Lee discovered how to ____________________ links between computers in new ways. surf. 1 The Internet first started in the USA. 1 an address for Web pages Before you start 1 Have you ever surfed the Internet? Which 2 a coding system that creates links 3 this finds and shows Web pages websites did you visit? 4 rules for transferring files 5 a group of computers joined together Reading 2 Read the article. IN: Information Technology – Workshop . T/F 3 connect. Decide if the sentences Vocabulary are true (T) or false (F). T/F 3 Berners-Lee invented the Internet. you are travelling in ________ Speaking 6 Work in groups. 4 discover.

libraries. 2 What are the advantages and disadvantages of finding information from these sources? Books. newspapers. television. Vocabulary CD-ROMs. the Internet. 5 Find the words and phrases in the text that mean: Reading 3 Read the text quickly and choose the 1 clear and exact (paragraph 2) _________ correct answer. IN: Information Technology – Workshop . • information on cheap hotels in the UK • what the weather will be like tomorrow • an essay on the history of the European Economic Union • mobile phones that connect to the Internet • a nice present for your mother’s birthday. friends or family. 1 telephone -> mobile phone -> Nokia ____ 2 mother -> family -> humans ____ 3 writing -> essay -> sentence ____ 4 Big Ben -> London -> UK ____ 5 cars -> vehicles -> transport ____ 6 cars -> German cars -> BMW ____ Speaking 7 Talk about the keywords you should use to find information on the following topics. encyclopaedias. 2 put into similar groups (2) _________ 3 to bring back (2) _________ 4 make smaller (4) _________ 5 mathematical words (4) _________ 6 does not use (4) _________ 6 Are the words in the groups below listed from general to specific or specific to general? Write G ->S or S->G. teachers. radio.9 – Research on the Internet Before you start 1 Where is the best place information on these topics? • European history • the price of mobile phones • your favourite pop star to find 4 Tick (x) the good things to do to find information on the Internet. magazines.

phone calls and letters you make/send and receive each week. Tick (x) the features of each type of communication. 3 Read the quotes again. Writing 6 Write a paragraph describing the advantages and disadvantages of e-mail or telephones or the postal service. How do you feel about getting these unwelcome messages? Why? Add other types of unwanted communication to the list. Which one do you most agree with? Vocabulary 4 Which of the words in the box do people usually think of as positive? Which do they think of as negative? Speaking 5 Work in pairs. telephones & the post Before you start 1 Compare how many e-mails. Reading 2 Read the different opinions.10 – E-mail. IN: Information Technology – Workshop .