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As you know, the AP English Literature and Composition exam includes essay questions about literature and literature

forms. At least one essay on that exam deals with poetry. Your task in this project is to select a poem that can be used for the essay question on an AP English Literature and Composition exam. In your presentation you must persuade a selection committee that the poem you have selected is an excellent choice for the exam. To do so, you'll prepare a presentation about the poem. This presentation, which should be facilitated by the use of PowerPoint or some other presentation medium, should accomplish the following requirements: 1. demonstrate the many layers of interpretation available with this poem, 2. illustrate the poet's use of poetic devices, sound devices and figurative language, 3. identify the poet's use of allusions to mythology, the Bible, historical events, or to other works of literature, The Process 1. Select a poet. Below is a list of suggested poets. This list was compiled based on their fame, their recognized literary merit, the frequency with which their works are anthologized, and the abundance of available resources for reference. You are not limited to the poets on this list; however, choosing to venture beyond the list will require that you prepare a proposal justifying your alternate selection. You will need to receive approval of your alternate selection BEFORE you begin the research process. Suggested Poets: Maya Angelou Matthew Arnold W.H. Auden Elizabeth Bishop William Blake Robert Bly Joseph Brodsky Gwendolyn Brooks Elizabeth Barrett Browning Robert Browning George Gordon, Lord Byron John Ciardi Samuel Taylor Coleridge Countee Cullen E.E. Cummings Emily Dickinson John Donne Paul Laurence Dunbar George Eliot Robert Frost Thomas Hardy Seamus Heaney Robert Herrick Gerard Manley Hopkins A.E. Housman Langston Hughes

You will want to provide the committee with information that will impart the importance of the poet and justify his or her selection as the poet featured on the A.uncp.htm POETRY RESOURCES . Vincent Millay Czeslaw Milosz John Milton Pablo Neruda Octavio Paz Sylvia Plath Edgar Allan Poe Alexander Pope Ezra Pound Theodore Roethke Christina Georgina Rossetti Dante Gabriel Rossetti Ann Sexton William Shakespeare Percy Bysshe Shelley Wole Soyinka Wislawa Szymborska William Stafford Pay particular attention to references to the poet's most significant works. Prepare a section of your presentation that will help you to explain this information to the committee members.virtualsalt. Lord Tennyson Dylan Thomas Walt Whitman Richard Wilbur William Carlos Williams William Wordsworth William Butler Yeats POETRY TERMINOLOGY RESOURCES All American: Glossary of Literary Terms http://www.dictionary. VOCABULARY RESOURCE Literature and Composition Examination. Use the poetry resources listed below to learn about the life and influences of your poet.Ben Jonson John Keats Galway Kinnell Yusef Komunyakaa Andrew Marvell Edna St.htm Virtual Salt: A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices http://www.P.

English Language Poetry www.loc.html HomeworkSpot High School English http://homeworkspot.english.html#enpoetry General Poetry Resources HomeworkSpot High School English Poetry http://www.htm The Poetry and Literature Center of the Library of Congress http://www.html An Online Journal and Multimedia Companion to Anthology of Modern American Poetry American Literature--Poetry http://library. Hopefully.html#ampoetry English Literature--Poetry http://library.html#gen Cornell University Library Literature Page: Poetry Resources http://www. Select one poem by your poet that is critically Poetry Resources @ Web English Teacher http://www. Literature and Composition Review the poems of that 3. .edu/litbib.scsu. Choose carefully because this poem will be your recommendation for the poem analysis essay portion of next year's A.webenglishteacher. Look specifically for poems that are frequently anthologized or referenced by literary it will be a poem that you also enjoy as you will be spending a great deal of time studying Introduction to Representative Poetry On-Line http://www.P.library.