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CHESS - the symbolism of the game of Chess

Written by Editor VOPUS


The history of this game is lost in the mist of time. Already present in the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs, known in the Nordic cultures, there are a lot of artistic representations about its presence in different civilizations. It is said that rajah Balhait asked the wise Brahman Sissa to conceive a game in which the power of the mind should be prevailed and not that of fortune. More, he wanted it to develop the intellect and to have educational valences. Sissa invented a game in which different pieces had to be moved on a square-checkered board formed of 64 squares and it is obvious that this was a forerunner of chess. The word ‘CHESS’ derives from the Persian ‘SHAH’ meaning King, the original word is supposed to be ‘ASHA’, the Cosmic Order. The legend says that King Vishtaspa of Persia became extremely bored by life because he had accomplished everything he had wanted: he was full of triumph in wars, sick of hunting, tired of the intrigues and the pleasures at his court. The King suffered of boredom and finally he offered an unlimited reward to the one who had made him recover his interest for life.

Zarathustra prophet, religion coordinator in archaic

Zarathustra told him that he doesn’t want the wheat and that he only wanted to teach the king a lesson and then he retired back to his forest. The elephant. until Zarathustra appeared with the original game board. he proved to the king all the rules of the universe and of life. After that he told Zarathustra to ask him everything he wanted and promised that his wish will be accomplished. He sent for Zarathustra and he told his how ashamed he is. He was surprised when. That is why it is interesting to discover – through the keys of gnosis – that this game transposes cosmic archetypes. He told his men to calculate the quantity of wheat and to send it to Zarathustra. Even if they had would have amassed the entire wheat in the entire empire it would have been the hundred part of the hundred part of the quantity promised to Zarathustra. 4 on the third and so on doubling the previous quantity until the 64 squares will be filled with wheat grains. considered sacred in the Hindu culture. who models his destiny. 2 grains on the second. Zarathustra said to the king that he wants a simple and modest thing: A grain of wheat on the first square of the board. He taught the king the rules and how to play it and. truths about the initiatory road and talks about the .Iran No one managed to. He interpreted them like no other. through it. after a couple of weeks they came and told him that they should send a quantity of wheat that wouldn’t exist in the whole empire. is used here as vehicle carrying the Man. In the Orient there are several types of Chess. but the principle is the same. The king laughed and promised to Zarathustra that he will send him the wheat in a couple of days. The King was shocked to hear this one and realized that he cannot keep his promise. different from the chess board nowadays. Like this he becomes more than a simple game. Zarathustra wanted to teach the king a lesson through which he would stop being a megalomaniac so as to think that he can really offer someone anything he wishes for. An interesting form of chess can be found in India. thinking that he was stupid to ask for some wheat grains when he could have asked for gold and a real treasure. like no chess player nowadays could and the king was very satisfied and his interest for life reborn.

And if we pass through a period during which an aspect in us moves. Example: if we work on a flaw. good-evil. . The black and white squares that alternate on the board and on which we move the pieces show us that step by step we find ourselves in the position to take decisions. Being-Nonbeing. were transmitting this symbol through the model of the floor. This way the whole life transforms itself in a land of decisions and fights. temples. we will take into account our adversary’s steps. it is very possible that he feels threatened and to retire for a period. values-ego. We must decide ourselves every moment if we choose the Being or if we deny it. our work must orientate towards this Ego. The Game Board resembles to the esoteric life – each step made will determine the adversary to move according to our move and contrary. There is the vertical way crossing with the horizontal one.ingredients necessary to efficiently fight against the Ego. It also makes the synthesis of the interior work outline inside us and it has the capacity to develop faculties useful to this one. The board game symbolizes the eternal fight against Spirit and matter. The old Cathedrals.

10 ‘The Wheel of Destiny’. The pawns represent the neophytes of the road – men and women that launch themselves to conquer the soul. they make the first step (exception – the knight). 6+4=10 that is the arcane nr. the initiatory tests. 8 arcane comes in our way – the sword and the balance. .Watching the board game from a Cabalistic point of view we discover that there are 8 squares in one direction and 8 in the other that give the Cabalistic number 8x8=64. PIECES 1. The Master reveals us the initiatory steps and tells us that in the first stage there are 8 great tests – 7 fire serpents and the Initiation in Tipheret. THE PAWNS The 8 pawns are the fighters in the first line. Then 8 light serpents follow dissolving the evil and the created vehicles and later to definitively eliminate the root of the flaw the 8 years of Jove are lived. Like this it is definitively freed from the danger of the iron teeth Wheel that grinds the souls. THE FIGHT BETWEEN WHITE AND BLACK The fight we must take is given in the interior and in the exterior – white and black combat. they conquer the first – they make us remember the 8 virtues necessary to the awakening of the sacred fire. In order to defeat the Samsara the nr.

2. profoundly hidden inside us – represented by the black king. 3. On the board the pieces are disposed symmetrically – they indicate us the order in the . There are no battles without defeats and sacrifices. has full freedom of movement in any direction. or diagonally when they conquer. THE QUEEN The Queen. He is anyway capable to take only a single step in any direction. (The Inner and Particular Divine Mother of each one) is the most powerful on the board game. is the most valuable – like it is shown in esotericism: the Fire of the Divine Mother. The Black King (Beast) – counterpart of the White King (Being).They can make only one step forward. without which we can’t destroy the evil in us. they have to earn them. They don’t have powers. Its counterpart is the force and the intelligence of the Beast. which distributed the powers in its derivations. THE KING The King represents our being for which the battle is given. all these must be regained step by step. Through this is shown that in order to reach the being. Protected (as any valuable thing) in the second row are the valuable pieces. Many times they are sacrificed in order to defeat or protect a more valuable piece.

lex. lege) The Knight represents the Divine Law which we have to take into account in all our actions. in the use of the Being. THE ROOK The rook represents the fact of watching. (example: the way ancient fortresses were built – strategic points in order to be able to observe everything). It must be piercing. THE CASTLING MOVE The only move in which the King can move more is called Castling – big or small. THE KNIGHT – ‘L’ (ley. We could interpret this as a symbol in which the Being and the auto observation demonstrate their co-operation. The rook also appears as a symbol of the vertebral column (the wise men’s stick). It makes a ‘L’-shaped move – is the Divine Law that is the only piece in the game that can leap over other pieces. and here he makes a change with the Rook. It moves linearly – back-forth or left-right: We see here two types of observation: the one oriented towards the exterior and the auto observation (oriented towards the interior). the knight and the bishop indicate us very important aspects on the road. According to their order the rook. 4.interior work. of observing our inner world. (We recognize the aspect of the piercing Divine Law of . lav. law. 5.

the fight is equal – it makes us realize the fact that everything depends on us. The two opposite forces dispute their fight outside and inside us. TIE We can win. (St. What are we transmitted through that? That it is possible that nor the Being. Its counterpart. 6. THE BISHOP The bishop represents the erotic force. neither the Beast wins . we can lose or there is a third possibility: dawn called TIE. CHESS PIECES – PARTICIPANTS IN THE GAME But the forces are equally divided.W. The Cross or the X calls us to crucify the egotistical wishes – as the Apostles of the Gospel wrote. on the way we move. – the Great Beat. A wrong move can jeopardize the whole work. Andrew crucified in X shape). It can cross the board diagonally and its moves form the symbolic X.which we cannot hide). the egotistical powers – all those forces that feed on sexual energies badly canalized. the Kundartiguador organ. THE BLACK PIECES The white and the black pieces are face to face.A. We are familiar to our allies’ antithesis from the Works of Master S. are the mechanical laws and rules that condition us more as we move away from the Father.

and that happens when we devolve. Totally it is possible to retrieve 8 queens (8 fires of light). when we descend in Hell. This happens in the interior worlds – the fight and the efforts are rewarded by the gift of the Divine Mother – the Sacred Fire. we will be able to keep it in ‘CHESS’ by controlling it. we still continue with the discovery and the understanding on the Ego. This doesn’t mean victory but this aspect is worth analyzing: when we attack the enemy’s peak. and the Beast loses because it will disintegrate in Hell. 2x16 . This way this will be hard to defeat. Among the many fighting modalities. for example when we work on an Ego but the law doesn’t yet allow its elimination. the Beast will again become step by step human. only a new game will decide the victory of one of them. This is how things are in our interior work – once a strong nucleus created and controlled in the centre of the physical anatomy and of the ether (the sexual centre) will make the interior work more efficient. one of the strategies proves to be very efficient: forming a nucleus of pieces that defend one another and which to occupy the centre of the board. the Being gives up the Soul because it is irrecoverable. We lose the soul. 32 PIECES IN THE GAME. The new evolution of the essence will be very far from the Father and in the same time with the reintegration in the human kingdom. CHECK MATE Check . THE PAWN AND THE QUEEN The aspect that appears regarding the pawns is interesting: easily and hardly they can reach to the last row but if they get there they retrieve the Queen – they transform in a piece with the greatest power. Meanwhile we work on new strategies. So the great fight returns on the board.

. offers infinite possibilities.. knowledge about the structures above us and underneath us. according to transfinite mathematics ∞+∞=5 (the book ‘Tarot and Kabala’. Arcanum Nr. We must recognize that the interior fight between good and malign intelligent forces is found also outside us. . on what side we work To be or not to be. the board and the pieces the same.that is why let’s understand that each one of us is nothing but a pawn on the board of life. Even if the rules are the same. objective. through training became real athletes of the Chess – named it a sport because it makes the ‘muscles’ of our mind work.16 pieces – allusion to 32 pieces = 5 auto realisation. in the world.. 5). who transmit through it (Chess) cosmic truths. in Cosmos. and they combat ceaselessly. and it is urgent to define ourselves to which force we serve. .. The purpose is one: TO WIN – this is all. every game is different. Many. This shows us that the road is particular for each one even if we all have the same flaws. eternal. It is important to understand that we have an ingenious instrument. keys that we can use for our own salvation. left by the old wise instructors of humanity. we are governed by the same laws etc.

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