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Laura Urena The End of the Cold War: Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the most famous president of the United States of the 20 th. With his policy anticommunism, lower taxes and better government strategies made him appreciated by most of the Americans. Personally he was Jefferson predecessor, so he was optimistic, confident, simple and coldness which allowed him to take determined decisions and also to have his particular management style. He was the president that had to face the ideological problems between United States and The Soviet Union during the Cold War. He achieves to dismiss the Communism and the Soviet Union as well, this because he declared that Communism would be over soon. He said that he could take advantage of the technology in America and develop missiles, so that the built the military system, besides that he cut taxes and the Nation could profited by itself. He could transform an America less worried about the OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), the capitalist types of government. These reasons where the root cause why Bush and Clinton did not like him and also for his supply-side policy. The most interested part was how two major powers as Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall turned down without blood spilling after his governance. He predicted it and it happened, because it forms of government which was communist. He knew that millions of American lives would be lost if they had a nuclear war, and his dream was an America without war likewise the abolition of all nuclear weapons. Practically he rebuilt America with his a new agenda. He became famous for the restructuring measures of Strategic Defense Initiative, the banning of the abortion, and the economic policies, taxes reducing, free trade with Mexico and Canada, healthcare, capital punishment, opposition to the illegal drugs and supporter of the civil rights.    How Reagan could make such many changes that any others presidents could do and all of them were in pro and well accepted for the population? What make him to make to ensure that his policy of supply-side would be successful? Which were the reasons why he could predict the Soviet Union collapsed? In which manners he influenced?

Question 3. Hedgehogs are the thinker people who see in the universe one big thing. One the other hand the foxes are the thinkers who see multiplicity. Reagan was a hedgehog because he knew that America was a decent regime and the unique symbol of freedom for the modern world, and that the idea of a strong Americas was debilitated for the communist ideology. His three major goals were taxes cut, dismiss communism and the Soviet Union. He batted for two of three because the Soviets acquired two new client states in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua and Grenada.