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Will the Islamic Parties Deliver on Their Promises?

needed by those people who feel excluded in society; and unemployment amongst young people has reached historic levels. BOSNIA – 20 YEARS ON Media outlets highlighted the 20-year anniversary of the war in Bosnia breaking out this April. What wasn’t highlighted was the shameful embargo NATO forces imposed on the Bosnian Muslims (Serbs were provided weapons from Russia), the appalling siege of Sarajevo which western governments allowed to continue 3 times longer than the siege of Stalingrad, or perhaps most troubling the capitulation of the UN “protection” forces which effectively left the population of Srebrenica to be slaughtered at the hands of the Serb marauders of Ratko Mladic (more than 8,000 men and boys were executed in cold blood). The targeted rape of thousands of Muslim women and young girls, even toddlers have left an entire population traumatised. And all within a Europe that had said “never again” after Hitler. Bosnia gave us the media term of “ethnic cleansing” and it was predominantly the Muslims that were “cleansed”. The Dayton Accord perhaps epitomised all that happened best. Western interventions were late (after 100,000 died), were one sided (giving half the land to the aggressor Serbs), and succeeded in dividing the populations on nationalist grounds, creating further problems which will rumble on for decades. BRITAIN’S RIOTS IN 2011: CAUSED BY ‘POOR PARENTING’? An independent government-appointed panel, set up to study the causes of last summer's riots calls in the UK, has identified the causes for last years riots as poor parenting, a failure of the justice system to rehabilitate offenders, materialism and suspicion of the police. In 2011, another report by the Guardian Newspaper and the London School of Economics (LSE) interviewed 270 of the rioters and found a complex mix of grievances including distrust and antipathy toward police as key driving forces. Sadly, most of these factors – which are systemic - are unlikely to disappear in a hurry. The economic situation in Britain and austerity measures to control the budget deficit are likely to cut the social programs
2 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012

Furthermore, the secular nature of society, excluding religion from life’s affairs is such that it gives no fixed standards of rights and wrongs that means almost two generations of parents find it very hard to guide their children with a stronger set of values than the materialistic and individualistic ones propagated in the media. Finally, mistrust of the police – particularly amongst minority ethnic communities – is endemic. The riots started when Mark Duggan, a black man, was shot and the police escaped fundamental scrutiny on their actions. In addition, this week the British media has been filled with stories about racism in the London’s police force. Unsurprisingly, no one as yet seems to be brave or honest enough to examine the causes that seem endemic to capitalism, secularism and national identity.

Commenting on Ahmad’s BBC interview in April 2012, former US prosecutor David Raskin told journalists that the US constitution was ‘generous’ to those defending themselves against prosecution! Maybe if you’re a US soldier who murders Muslims in Kandahar or Haditha. But try telling that to Dr Aafia Siddiqui and others who have tasted the bitter reality of socalled US ‘justice’.

BRITAIN INVITES BUTCHER OF BAHRAIN TO JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS, AFTER THEIR DEFENCE MINISTER VISITS THE MONSTER OF UZBEKISTAN Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, Bahrain’s ruler, has been invited to attend the British Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, rendering meaningless the Foreign Office’s protestations about the murderous actions of Middle East tyrants. Over the past year, the Bahrain regime has not only massacred protestors demonstrating against the regime, they locked up doctors and nurses who treated the injured protestors. Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa is, apparently, also set to attend a champagne dinner hosted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace. None of this should surprise anyone – and certainly, no one should trust any British government statements opposing the brutality of Assad, Gaddafi or anyone else. In February 2012, British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond met with Uzbek President, Islam Karimov, one of the world’s most ruthless dictators and architect of the Andijan massacre of 2005, in Tashkent to discuss closer military co-operation. He and the LibDem Armed Forces Minister Nick Harvey visited all five Central Asian republics. It is reported that Mr Hammond made no public mention of widespread human rights abuses during his trip, but if he had, such visits and invites would render these mere hollow words.

MUSLIM SETS A NEW RECORD IN THE UK! A Muslim has set a landmark record in the UK. Sadly, it is not an achievement anyone would welcome. Babar Ahmad has spent over 7 years in a maximum-security prison without being charged, put on trial or even seeing the evidence against him. This is the longest time in British history anyone has been imprisoned without being put on trial. The reason is that the United States government asked for his extradition to the USA. The crime he is alleged to have committed is that he ran a website from the UK, that sits on a server in the USA. The website, it is said, was campaigning to support the Chechen mujahedeen – a struggle that was considered legitimate by the UK and USA – until their extreme labeling of jihad struggles as ‘terrorism’.

leaving some people feeling that they had colluded with SCAF in order to secure a position for themselves and. chants and blood of the beautiful people of Syria. in so doing. French Presidential elections are scheduled for April & May 2012. The victims of this election will be minorities generally and Muslims specifically. However. minds. The victims of this election are truth and civility. Dr Nasreen Nawaz’s coverage of the International Women’s Khilafah Conference offers the people of the region a different vision. highlights the failings and inconsistencies of this model. undermined the revolution. There are Presidential elections scheduled for May 2012 in Egypt. The elections in the mature democracies of Britain and France give some flavour of how the systems work in the capitalist system. and London is in the midst of a bitter electoral contest.khilafah. They have maintained their pure Islamic call. In a striking U-turn. But by contrast. Similarly. the Muslim Brotherhood – who vowed not to stand in presidential elections – have put forward not one. in their placing of power over their former principled position that won them so much respect in the hearts of the people during the Ben-Ali years. one of these received a pardon from the ruling military authority [SCAF] to pave the way for his Nicholas Sarkosy is forced to be even more right-wing than his usual hawkish self. but two candidates. Ameen n Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 3 . They are sacrificing. despite massacres by the regime and international conspiracies. to out manoeuvre the fascist Marine Le-Pen. Adnan Khan’s critique of the western-endorsed ‘Turkish model’. Sadly. And the politics may well get as unethical. May He protect them and reward them with His Victory. who will be scape-goated by all politicians to play to the basest instincts of the masses. the real hope of real change is in the hearts. inshallah. www. Similarly Mohamad Arif’s presentation of Islamic economic solutions is a step forward to presenting the ideas that are needed to introduce a new thinking into the Muslim world. based on Islam. Moreover. ABDUL WAHID Editorial Will the Islamic Parties Deliver on Their Promises? Election fever is in the air. that some seem so keen to emulate. Our article by Sajjad Khan [Principles and Politics Can Mix] highlights the similar inconsistencies of the Ennahda Party in Tunisia. The two main candidates of Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson in London have accused each other of being liars – and barely say a civil word to each other.DR. Al Tabarani narrated that the Messenger of Allah ‫ ﷺ‬once said: “Do you know what Allah says about al-Sham? Allah Ta’ala says “Al-Sham you are safwati min bilaadi (the best of My lands) and I shall inhabit you with the chosen ones among My slaves. like the Prophet ‫ﷺ‬ and his companions sacrificed before Allah brought them from the hardships and fear of insecurity to the security of the Islamic State in Medina. Egypt appears to be entering election mode accepting the capitalist democratic system and nation state model that Britain and France have.” May Allah make those brave people His chosen ones.

When it comes to applying the Islamic foreign policy. Implementing an Islamic System can be a Day 1 decision even if it takes weeks. unemployment or education are simply not correct. are now going to great lengths to demonstrate their moderation to the West now. the elections we saw in the Muslim world like 4 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 . If the people wanted western secularism. everyone knows there’s a distinction between determining a policy and when it can be executed. 4. they will face a serious revolt. not to have checks and balances. In doing so. Secondly the idea that Islamic solutions aren’t ready to solve Day 1 problems such as poverty. having been in opposition so long. they are no better than their secular counterparts. If the IPINO’s don’t deliver what they promised. Power is distributed amongst different politicians or institutions. months or even years for all the benefits to be fully seen. but to encourage division and to stop strong leadership. they have abandoned all pretence to Islamic politics. their double standards and that when it comes to sticking to principles. Yet the same parties that went to great lengths to demonstrate their Islamic credentials to the masses in the election campaign. Indeed such is their caution. Thirdly their political calculations are rooted in myths. they almost cannot believe the opportunity they now have. 2.SAJJAD KHAN PRINCIPLES AND POLITICS CAN MIX the ones we see in the West. why? Do liberal politicians ever talk about implementing their values gradually? No they don’t. Indeed in their rush to placate so called international opinion. weakness and desire to please. they cite the need to avoid scaring international investors and tourists. are deeply flawed. focussing on land reform and taxing wealth not incomes. smart and politically savvy. I n Tunisia. When it comes to applying Islamic politics they cite constitutional barriers and the need to keep minorities onside. Having multiple institutions such as lower or upper houses or constitutional restrictions ensures nothing can get done which is too radical. Secondly the IPINO’s should realise that they are not indispensable. Elections are a critical part of any political system (including the Khilafah’s). Yet they are now in danger of wasting the huge mandate that they have been given. they cite the need to show a moderate image and to appease the west. By avoiding the tough decisions. Yet all they have shown is their opportunism. The inferiority complex of the IPINO’s has no bounds. If they think this won’t happen. First they believe that an Islamic system can only be implemented gradually. The IPINO’s have thus made at least six strategic mistakes in their politics thus far: 1. they would have voted for candidates from Liberal parties. Indeed it is patronising to the tens of millions of the citizens that voted for Islamic solutions that they aren’t somehow ready to face the consequences of the very solutions they voted for. they should consult Hosni Mubarak. www. When it comes to applying Islamic economics. they have now become Islamic Politicians in Name Only (IPINO). voters in their millions have clearly expressed their opposition to secular liberal values and their strong desire for Islamic government. Indeed elections are a necessary smokescreen to allow the illusion of societal participation to cover the real reality that power is exercised by an unelected elite. Islam’s economic vision on creating a strong industrial base. what they don’t want is a diluted Islam. they think they are being pragmatic. are practical solutions that would benefit our economies today. Islam is now the word that dare not be mentioned. The people who elected them in their millions want Islam. or a diet Islam or some kind of Islam Zero. in Egypt.khilafah. Firstly the IPINO’s have locked themselves into a straitjacket by participating within flawed elections in a flawed system under a flawed framework. in Morocco. IPINO’s end up implementing the same failed capitalist solutions that have not just bankrupted our countries but brought the western world to the brink of economic collapse.

but he fully understood that international politics was treaties. than to be let down again by new politicians implementing the old politics. the dream of a more just system still lives. the challenges will not be easy. So during these dark days. Our Ummah’s history has shown us time after time that what seemed impossible became reality with the help of Allah (swt). day after day. in which was guidance and light. but a new politics which will inspire the whole world. The idea that by implementing Islam somehow would be an act of naivety because one must be cognisant of the international situation is itself an act of naivety. not just a new era. then tens of thousands. their blood and some made the ultimate sacrifice. [TMQ 5:44] n Those who pursue the right path. batons and bullets. One where people are the priority not western multinationals. Their reluctance to implement Islam in its entirety risks giving the impression that the Islamic system can’t solve the problems of the day Indeed some IPINO’s are now even ready to turn a blind eye to blatantly Un-Islamic industries. So do not fear the people but fear Me. the obligation endures and the work to reestablish the Khilafah will never stop. a new outlook and a new vision. but a new politics which will inspire the whole world. they effectively will implement a liberal secular agenda which will exclusively benefit a westernised elite. If you as a nation don’t project your values. A vision that has a leadership accountable to public opinion not to international opinion. not just a new era. As the life of our Prophet Muhammad (saw) showed prosperity. 6. PRINCIPLES AND POLITICS CAN MIX What is required from sincere politicians is a new politics. How can these people after being put in jails by the previous tyrants now seek to implement the very same policies of the very same tyrants. accept US hegemony and sit down with Israel to validate peace www. There is no easy path to progress. In the future their inability to present a coherent Islamic agenda will be used by their political opponents and western elites as evidence of the failure of Islamic politics to solve problems in the Muslim world. By doing so they have shown that naked opportunism is not confined to secular parties. achieving real political change never is. will bring in not just a new system. How can they say they stand with the Muslims of Palestine when they are not prepared to even rescind the Camp David Agreement. These people deserve better. By abandoning Islam at home. Hour after hour. So let us be clear that though some of the tyrants have gone. as did the rabbis and scholars by that with which they were entrusted of the Scripture of Allah. no shortcuts to real change and hardship always accompanies the task. The Khilafah showed it could rise up to the challenges in the past. but to the cause they purport to care about. about projecting ideological power. week after week. False in the sense that the Islamic system has a fantastic track record in dealing justly with those who don’t share the Islamic faith. Lastly the IPINO’s are walking into a strategic trap. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was not naive when he challenged the Romans and the Persians. The prophets who submitted [to Allah] judged by it for the Jews. How can they say they oppose US foreign policy. This is why the West not only implements its values at home but spends tens of billions to spread its message abroad.khilafah. their corrupt systems remain. then such a system needs to be challenged. will bring in not just a new system. We sent down the Torah. until dictators who ruled for decades were forced from power. there will be no let up. they refused to go home. the hope carries on. But true in the sense that the current international system needs a jolt. and they were witnesses thereto. jobs and helping the poor. All this is possible if the political will is present.then it is those who are the disbelievers”. A vision that focuses on increasing Those who pursue the right path. When the current world is dominated by billions in poverty. yet meekly accept US aid and hegemony. Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 5 . and do not exchange My verses for a small price. And while this remains the case. scare investors and scare international opinion is true and false. “Indeed. Egypt and Libya sacrificed their sweat. A vision that looks to bring land reform. tax reform and to ensure critical resources are owned by the state to benefit the many not the few. we believe it can rise up to the challenges today.SAJJAD KHAN 5. Over the last year. Indeed the main danger that the IPINO’s risk is not to themselves. thousands of protesters took to the streets. then millions. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed . The people of Tunisia. where wars are fought over oil and where the powerful states exploit the weak. The idea that implementing an Islamic system will scare minorities. principles and policies than other nations will. And in the face of tear gas.

[1] Furthermore. The Saudi Arabian regime together with many of its clerics continue to postulate that it is an Islamic state and thus working to remove the corrupt regime is bughat or an Islamically illegitimate rebellion. some attempt to classify countries as Islamic or not utilising criterion other than those established by the Shariah evidences. Tariq Ramadan states: “The concepts of Dar al-Islam. King Abdullah has even reported to have declared himself as Ameer al-Mu’mineen .khilafah. interestingly their narrative fits into the western campaign against political Islam. we also find some amongst the Islamic movements who claim to be working for the re-establishment of Khilafah not having a clear idea of the definition and scriptural proofs for an Islamic state. 6 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 Sadly. Electoral Parties in Egypt have argued over the semantics of the proposed constitution as to whether to include Islam as ‘the main source of law’ ignoring the Quranic obligation of making the Shariah the ‘only’ source of law. a legitimate Islamic state since the Iranian revolution by Ayatollah Khomeni in 1979. and Dar al-‘ahd were not described in the Qur’an or in the Sunna.ABU ISMAEL AL-BEIRAWI Understanding ‘Dar al-Kufr’ & ‘Dar al-Islam’ (leader of the believers). So Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s condemnation of Israel and overt stance against America lead some to argue that Iran has been Dar t is unfortunate that the Islamic concepts. Dar al-Islam and Khilafah should not just be slogans but rather a serious objective which we are practically working to achieve. Dar al-harb. We cannot pray Salah properly without knowing its pillars (arkan) and conditions (shuroot) so how can we work for an Islamic state without www. We are also seeing a trend of modernist thinkers attempting to argue away the Islamic paradigm altogether. This reality has completely changed”. One such issue is the subject of Dar alKufr (land of disbelief) and Dar al-Islam (land of Islam). distorted or in some cases totally absent. The election wins of EnNahda in Tunisia and the Muslim Brotherhood in the form of the Freedom and Justice party in Egypt has also sparked the debate of what makes a state Islamic. An oft quoted bastion of this new heretical polemic. at a moment in history. I Understanding the distinction between the two is vital when it comes to evaluating present regimes in the Muslim world and in the aftermath of the Arab spring is essential in order to determine what changes to a constitution and state are necessary to make it more than just Islamic in name. to describe the world and to provide the Muslim community with a geopolitical scheme that is appropriate to the reality of the time. They point to the implementation of some Islamic laws to back this claim. definitions and terminologies which were well known by Muslims and codified by Islamic scholarship for centuries have in more recent times become vague. In fact they constituted a human attempt.

abode.. terms that are descriptive like mutawatir. So what matters in determining whether the land is Dar al-Islam or Dar al-Kufr is neither the land itself nor its inhabitants. If the logic of the modernists was followed we would conclude that there are massive differences in the definition of Quran being the speech of God or in Arabic . If the definitions are compared. even if the majority of its inhabitants are Muslims. and whose security is not maintained by the security (Aman) of Islam. by the authority and protection of Muslims inside and outside the land. siyam. Quran. qati. preposterous. [2] Others have different definitions such as Imam Suyuti and Al-Aamidi. These terms were defined by the scholars in the early centuries of Islam for a purpose. or the Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 7 . “revelation to the Messenger compiled in the Musaahif and transmitted through tawatur means without doubt”. difference in selection of the words for defining the Quran is hence the Quran must be zanni (speculative). by other than the authority and security of Muslims. i. rather it is required that the definitions of such terms should embody. a matter which is to the Hanafi linguist Jurjani in his book on technical definitions is. the texts relating to war and peace in Islam recognise relations between states and attempt to regulate them. Scholars often differ over the details of terminologies. However. reflect and concur with divine texts. sanad. Dar alIslam is defined as the land which is governed by the laws of Islam and whose security (Aman) is maintained by the security of Islam. it is apparent there are a number of differences. the jurists as well as all Muslims did not dispute these matters and agreed that they are decisive (qat’i) due to the incontestable evidence. rather it is the laws and the security. including the inclusion or negation in the definition of the following elements: “speech of God”.Dar al-Islam is defined as the land which is governed by the laws of Islam and whose security (Aman) is maintained by the security of . residence and the land. i. the definition of the term.e. however the Sharia texts 7 :: Khilafah Magazine :: September 2010 . This doesn’t mean that the whole subject is indecisive. The terms Dar al-Islam/Kufr have not been explicitly defined by the Sharia these points are disputed necessitate their recognition in order for their implementation. Whether technical terms appear in texts or not is irrelevant. According to Shariah terminology. the Quran and Sunnah in their technical form. These comprise terms that are discussed and defined by the Shariah texts such as salat. the house. hajj. The “dar” (pl.e. ahad. diyaar) in the Arabic language has numerous meaning such as the halting place. ijma (consensus) and Dar al-Islam. For example. “in the Arabic language” and “worship when recited”. To conclude that would be like saying the term aqeedah is not to be found in any verse of Quran or Hadith so it is indecisive. For example. zanni and terms that are necessitated through textual injunctions in order to understand and apply Shariah rules for example aqeedah (belief). Islamic scholarship has traditionally focused discussion on technical definitions of terms. their core meanings are decisively rooted in the texts and their branches at times disputed. EVIDENCES The word ‘Dar’ has been used in the sayings of the Prophet (saw) and by his companions to mean the domain.ABU ISMAEL AL-BEIRAWI knowing the same? Thus it is important for the definition.. DEFINITION In Arabic terms may have a linguistic (laghawi) usage and a technical (istilaahi) usage.. even if the majority of its inhabitants are non-Muslims. zakat. according www. Dar al-Kufr is the land which is governed by the laws of Kufr.khilafah. this in no way negates the subject matter as true. It is true like most technically defined terms in the Islamic sciences the terms Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Kufr do not appear in the source texts i. meaning and evidences for Dar al-Islam and its distinction from Dar al-Kufr to be clarified.

he said. If they refuse. when the state has a border with a Kufr (state) without treaty or when there is no longer any security for the Muslim or the Dhimmi (citizens). and they wish to go for judgement (in their disputes) to the Taghut (false judges) while they have been ordered to reject them?” [TMQ: 4: 60] “Judge between them by that which Allah has revealed and do not follow their desires and beware of them lest they seduce you from some part of that which Allah has revealed to you.ABU ISMAEL AL-BEIRAWI Islamic State when used in relation to the Muslims. “Any country where the law is Kufr (disbelief) instead of Islam is Dar al-Kufr. practice of Islam (outside the state). with only some ancillary aspects being disputed. So this Hadith clearly shows the difference between those who move to the land of the Muhajireen and those who do not. namely Islam must be applied and the security of that land cannot be in the hands of the Kuffar. “Whenever the Messenger of Allah appointed anyone as leader of an army. The jurists considered texts that centred around the concepts: authority and ruling. ‘Dar al-Islam is where the Muslims go and reside and the Islamic rules are dominant. Our Imam (Abu Haneefah) said.’” [8] Qadi Abu Ya’la (died 458 AH) said. If they respond to any one of these. invite them to three courses of action. If they go out (from this jurisdiction) then the Muslims are no longer obliged to provide anything for . It is recorded in Sahih Bukhari on the authority of Ibn Abbas that once when Abdul Rahman bin ‘Awf was speaking with Omar Bin Al-Khattab (ra) who was the Khaleefah at the time. ‘Dar alIslam becomes Dar al-Kufr in three (situations).. that Dar al-Kufr becomes Dar al-Islam. In other narrations the Prophet (saw) said: “Medina is the Dar of hijra (migration) and Sunnah. “The Jumhour (majority) of the ‘Ulema say.He would say. He and his children will be entitled to this as long as he resides in Dar ul-Hijrah and Dar alIslam.." [TMQ 6:57] “Have you seen those who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you. accept it and restrain yourself from doing them harm. when the law and order becomes Kufr. Dar al-Muhajireen was the land of Islam at the time of the Prophet (saw). the Shariah: "The Rule is for none but Allah: He declares the truth and He is the best of Judges. “Do not be harsh on them (speaking about some of the Hujaaj) until they return to Madinah. “I write this to you: if any of you become old. poor or ill or his people have to donate to maintain his livelihood I will never ask Jizya (tax) of him. He will also receive a grant from the Bait ul-Maal (treasury of the Islamic state). Invite them to Islam.When you meet your enemies from the polytheists.khilafah. tell them they will have the status of the Bedouin Muslims and will be subjected to the Commands of Allah like other Muslims. If people (the Muslims) reside in one place and Islam becomes dominant. “There is no disagreement among the ahnaaf (scholars of the Hanafi Madhab). It is reported on the authority of Sulayman bin Buraydah. with all classical jurists agreeing to their core meanings..” [TMQ 5:49] We also find the usage of the ‘Dar’ terminology amongst the Sahaba.” [4] “Peace be upon you Dar (land) of the Mu’mineen (believers). This necessitated a criterion to be extracted from the texts that deal with this topic directly or indirectly. they shall have all the privileges and obligations of the Muhajireen.” [7] DAR AL-ISLAM AND DAR AL-KUFR ACCORDING TO THE ULEMA The terms Dar al-Kufr and Dar al-Islam have been derived from Quran and Sunnah.” [6] It is recorded that Khalid Bin Waleed (ra) wrote a letter to the people of Hirah (a place close to Bahrain) and he said. The famous Hanafi jurist Imaam AlKasaani (died 587 AH) said.” [5] There are various other evidences that the scholars rely on in order to extract the definition. the question of what constitutes a land or society which has submitted to Allah was discussed in detail and a core criterion agreed upon along with when this transitions to a non-Islamic land.. Likewise.. and that which has been sent down before you. if they respond.” [9] Ibn Qayyim (died 751 AH) said. accept it and desist from fighting. migration and ownership of land.’” [3] What does this Hadith indicate? It is that if they did not move from their land to the land of the Muhajireen they would not enjoy the rights of the emigrants who are living in the land of Islam. Dar al-Sunnah and Dar ul-Salaama. when the rules of Islam becomes dominant. which is Dar al-Hijrah. Then invite them to migrate from their Dar to the Dar of the Muhajireen (emigrants) and inform them if they do so. war and peace. A similar discussion ensued amongst the jurists regarding the question of what constitutes a Muslim (one who has submitted to Allah) and a Kafir (disbeliever). security and safety. and the domain where the Kuffar have the authority when used for the disbelievers.. and all other lands outside were Dar al-Kufr. such as the definitive verses of the Quran that conclusively establish that the only source of law must be the law of Allah. 8 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 www. Our brothers only dispute on how Dar alIslam transfers to become Dar al-Kufr. that is Dar al-Islam If however. Detailed discussions exploring all aspects of this criterion and its implications resulted in a consensus amongst the jurists of core criteria of what it means to be a Muslim and what constitutes apostasy that would make them a disbeliever.

Any Dar (domain) where Islamic law is dominant is Dar al-Islam. even multiple usages within a given science. sin and oppress citizens. that we should give him the pledge to listen and obey. Differences were discussed in relation to political realities outside of this domain. [13] So here he used it as Dar al-Muslimeen i. Now let’s look at a state if the Khalifah or state officials under him Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 9 As can be seen. These considerations never conflicted with divine texts and the rules thereof. and he said. Al-Bukhari narrated on the authority of Junada b. Likewise. there are only these two camps.’” [10] Ibn Muflih (died 884 AH) . there are only these two camps. Dar al-Ahd (land of covenant). appointed their children to rule after them. as-Samit when he was sick and we said: May Allah (swt) guide you. Dar al-Baghi We should also bear in mind that terms can be used in different contexts.e. Seerah (biography). and that we should not dispute the authority of its people unless we saw Kufr buwah (open disbelief) upon which we had a proof (burhan) from Allah. some extending this definition. “The Messenger of Allah (saw) called upon us and we gave him the Bai’ah.” [11] He makes this point as all other categories such as Dar al-Harb (land of war). www. and others seeking to limit it. and any domain where Kufr law is dominant is Dar al-Kufr. Dar al-Aman (land of security). It is interesting to note that the parliamentary party of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ignores this consensus as espoused by one of their greatest thinkers in the past. that it is Muslim land.” [12] different meaning therefore the attempt by some modernist collaborators to find a quote from a classical scholar that mentions a different meaning to Dar al Islam is disingenuous. the first is Dar al-Islam. of that which he had taken from us.” To simplify the topic its useful to first look at an individual and not a state – so if a Muslim commits zina (unlawful fornication) he is a fasiq however if he believes zina is permissible then he becomes a Kafir if done so with knowledge. Any Dar (domain) where Islamic law is dominant is Dar al-Islam. Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Kufr. Mandub (recommended). some jurists also contextually utilised the terms Dar al-Islam with a “There are only two. “The whole world in the eyes of Islam is divided into two. Nafl (supererogatory) etc. abi Umayyah who said: We went to ‘Ubadah b. Dar al-Islam is where the Shari’ah of Islam alone is implemented. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FISQ OF A RULER AND OPEN KUFR There is a clear difference between fisq (transgression/open sin) and ruling by Kufr just as there is between a fasiq and a Kafir.khilafah. Taa’if was so close to Makkah (at the time when Makkah was Dar al-Islam) but it did not become part of Dar al-Islam until it was conquered. He said. Dar al-Harb is any land where the Kufr law is dominant even if everybody in the land is Muslim. Jurists did not attempt to justify the rule of non-Islamic laws or creeds which the modernists do. The Messenger of Allah (saw) has informed us in numerous ahadith that the leaders within an Islamic state including the Khalifah or the Wulah (governors) may make mistakes. there is no dispute on the core understanding of what is meant by Dar al-Islam and the division of the world into two fundamental spheres. These multiple usages of a term were accepted throughout Islamic history and importantly never contradicted Shariah rules. Hadith (narrations). Inform us of a Hadith from the Messenger of Allah (saw) so Allah may benefit you from it. “There are only two. for example the term Sunnah has several technical usages across the different Islamic sciences. this is normal and common practice. and any domain where Kufr law is dominant is Dar alKufr. regardless of whether the inhabitants are all Muslims or Muslims mixed with Dhimmi (Jews and Christians) or if all of the citizens are Dhimmi with only some Muslims in power. in our hardship and ease. In multiple ahadith the Prophet (saw) ordered us to continue to obey them in this situation unless they commit open Kufr. As an example the Shafi'i jurist al-Rafi'i included in his definition that Dar al-Islam once named as such remains Dar al-Islam until the Day of Judgement. imprisoned scholars like Imam Ahmad and Imam Malik for accounting them etc. This occurred in the past when some of the Khulafah raised taxes unjustly. and the second is Dar al-Harb.ABU ISMAEL AL-BEIRAWI Islam does not become dominant it is not (considered) Dar al-Islam even if it is in close proximity to the state.” [Ibn Muflih (died 884 AH) (rebellious land) etc are subsets of the two. in what we like and dislike. It is used to refer to Masdar al-Shariah (source of law). Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Kufr. the martyr Sayyid Qutb said.

pg." [16] n REFERENCES committed zina then that is fisq. pgs. . Maktaba Lubnaan." [14] 10 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 When we apply this to modern states that claim to be Dar al-Islam. Thus we see the laws of Allah (swt) abandoned as if they were worth nothing. Let us take heed in the warning of our Messenger (saw). • Both have legalised Riba (usury) based banking. from 'Awf bin Maalik from the Prophet (saw). Iran and Saudi are also part of the riba based International [1] Ramadan. Oxford University Press. 1969. If he believes that it is obligatory to rule according to what Allah has revealed in this case. as everyone else in the fund. 276 [10] Ibn Qayyim. whilst acknowledging that he is deserving of punishment. Therefore it is clear that currently the whole world is Dar al-Kufr as no country matches the criterion for an Islamic state. then this is lesser Kufr. 98 & Abu Yusuf. Ibn Taymiyyah and many of the literalist (Zahiri) scholars who state that whoever rules by Kufr automatically becomes a Kafir. [15] In fact it was among the first 50 nations to sign the UN charter in 1945 in San Francisco. Instead of being ashamed of this the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia proudly highlights this relationship on the website of it’s Permanent Mission to the UN. 1/336-337 [15] http://www. of them. Vol. 181 [3] Sahih Muslim.khilafah. pg. the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) betrayed and the example of the Sahaba ignored by the rulers of our countries. The hypocrisy of these regimes is plain for everyone to see. 1 pg.ABU ISMAEL AL-BEIRAWI Monetary Fund. 1 pg. but he turns away from that out of disobedience. Vol. based in Abu Dhabi. Kitaab Ahkaam ahl al-Dhimmah. 7 pg. Part 1/ the Book of Knowledge in the section of Al-Taqleed wal-Qiyas [16] Also narrated by Al-Haithami in Majma' Al-Zawaa'id. They contradict Qat’i (definitive) matters in Islam. But if he believes that it is not obligatory and that the choice is his even though he is certain that this is the ruling of Allah. Ibn Abbas as well as others such as Ibn al-Qayyim and Ibn al-Jawzi who held that it can be Kufr akbar (major Kufr – apostasy) or Kufr asghar (minor Kufr) depending upon the situation. Hadith no. Kitaab al-Amwaal.saudimission. the greatest Fitna (trial) upon my Ummah are a people who measure matters with their opinion. It is as Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal said. In the Shade of the Qur’an. 2 pg. 3713 [7] Abu Ubaid. riba on its shares. the Islamic Khilafah state. Bashar al-Assad of Syria who has the blood of thousands on his hands are glaring examples of this. there is no disagreement that it would be a Kufr law. The Arab Monetary Fund. Saudi is the biggest share holder in it. Saudi’s overt alliance with America and Iran’s warm relations with the Kafir Alawite. “Kitab al-Tarifat” (Book of definitions). 82 [14] Madaarij as-Saaliheen. 874 [13] "Nihayat al-Muhtaj" Vol. Saudi Arabia and Iran we can see multiple examples of not just issues of sin but clear Kufr laws. Every accepted scholar in history would agree that if the ruler permitted zina that it would be Kufr buwah (open disbelief). Contrary to wishes of the enemies of Islam and their modernist defenders it is paramount for us to work to re-establish Dar al-Islam. depending on the position of the judge. is a huge Riba institution that was established by an agreement on 4/7/76 in Morocco. 155-156 [8] Bada’ us-Sanaai’. "The Fitna (mischief and tribulations) occurs when there is no Imam established over the affairs of the people". by the istinad (chains) of the men of Sahih. The matter which the scholars differ on is whether by doing so they automatically become Kuffar or not. Ibn al-Qayyim said: "The correct view is that ruling according to something other than that which Allah has revealed includes both major and minor Kufr. "Western Muslims and the Future of Islam". Hadith no. this is different to if he legalised zina and made it permissible under the law – it would then clearly be a law of Kufr and not just a fisq. Arabic Edition. every member of which has to agree with international law set by human beings above the laws of Allah (swt). it receives. The second view is that of the companion of the Prophet (saw). Kitaab alKharaaj. 4294 [4] Musnad Ahmad 1:372 [5] Sahih Muslim 2:53 [6] Sahih Bukhari. 366 [11] Al-Adaab al-Shari’ah. then this is major Kufr. so they make the forbidden permissible and the permissible forbidden. 8 pg. Al-Shawkani. Vol. accepting and ruling by Kufr laws in many areas such as: • Being members of the United Nations Organisation.69 [2] Ali bin Mohammed al-Sharif Al-Jurjani. 131 [9] al-Mu’atamad fil Usul ad-Deen. who said: "My Ummah will be divided into seventy-something divisions. There are two main views in this area: first is the opinion of Ibn Jarir at-Tabari. Vol. Al-Tabarani narrated in Al-Kabeer walBazaar. 190 [12] Sayyid Qutb. pg. • Both Iran and Saudi Arabia cannot argue that they only say they accept international law as some form of deception as they are both modern nonexpansionist nation states which means the abandonment of the definitive obligation of Jihad (an obligation stipulated in multiple verses of the Quran). 2004. T.

this truly historic global conference was held. The conference was livestreamed internationally and the professionalism by which the whole event was organised led to one delegate commenting that the party that organised this conference represented “a government in waiting”.khilafah. Egypt. A ground-breaking event gathered hundreds of women from across the world including leading female journalists. we could hardly believe that just over a year ago. a sister from Turkey whose grandfather had been one of the earliest members of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Turkey. Standing at the birthplace of the Arab uprisings. Turkey. and representatives of organisations to demonstrate how the Khilafah offers practical and sound solutions to the multitude of political. This unprecedented. Indonesia. Libya. legal. esteemed and unrivalled status that Islam affords women and its prescription of respect and prestige by which they should be treated. The conference was hosted in “Le Palace”. political activists. women from Yemen involved in their country’s Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 11 On the 10th March 2012. educational. Yemen. and social problems afflicting women across the region. doctors. Lebanon. and tortured thousands of members of Hizb ut-Tahrir and other Muslims calling for Islamic rule. Canada. Speakers included female members and supporters of Hizb ut-Tahrir from Tunisia. Lebanon. a sister who had been imprisoned under the Ben Ali regime for her membership of Hizb ut-Tahrir. “The Khilafah: A Shining Model of Women’s Rights and Political Role” s we touched down at Tunis Carthage International Airport. an event such as this would be unthinkable under the Western-backed secular tyrant ruler Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali or previous secular dictatorships who persecuted. NAZREEN NAWAZ Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir Organise Historic International Women’s Conference (Tunisia). Sudan. It was a packed venue and an electric atmosphere. the choice of such a breath-taking location was a significant matter for it reflected the elevated. anything is possible. Belgium. Turkey. aimed at presenting the Khilafah system based purely upon Islamic laws as a model of governance that can truly secure the dignity and rights of women in the Muslim world and stand as a beacon for the liberation of women from oppression and injustice globally. with delegates from Tunisia. writers. and Europe – united in their message that the time for man-made systems is . Sudan. www. politicians. imprisoned. university professors. economic. lawyers. UK. However. Yemen.DR. it was a clear reminder that when this Ummah stands up for truth and justice and have Allah (swt) as their support. Oman. In itself. Australia. Indonesia. and the US in attendance. the excitement amongst the UK delegation of sisters attending the International Women’s Khilafah Conference hosted by the women of Hizb ut-Tahrir was clearly palpable. the time to establish the Khilafah is NOW! There was such history in that room – a sister from Libya whose brother was executed by Gaddafi in the 80’s for his membership of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Journalists from across the globe swarmed the venue with much media coverage both before the event and following it. Egypt. community leaders. France. a beautiful five-star hotel. women whose husbands had been incarcerated for carrying the dawa for the Khilafah. Tunisia on the 6th March 2012. Saudi Arabia. Somalia. Libya. It was the first time that so many Muslim women from across the world had come together to express their devoted support for Islamic governance for the Muslim world and unequivocal rejection of all man-made forms of governance.

DR.” [TMQ Ta-Ha: 123-124] n www. “Al Ummah ureedh. These lies deserve the same fate as dictators – to be thrown into the dustbin of history. education. and judicial systems as well as its foreign policy. tested and failed capitalist. and educational rights enshrined within law have real meaning in the lives of ordinary women rather than being empty rhetoric in constitutions. gender equality and the progress of women that is often promoted by Western governments and institutions is a lie for there is nothing modern. crushing the ageold lies peddled by Western governments and politicians that Muslim women view Islam as their oppressor. nor fall into distress and misery. Allah (swt) commands: “Whoever follows My Guidance shall neither go astray. Such unsubstantiated claims are no longer acceptable. Women of Hizb ut-Tahrir from Palestine. for him is a life of hardship. The passion. illiteracy. theocracies. and fulfil with urgency this important Islamic obligation – returning a noble system that will herald a new dawn of justice and dignity for the daughters of this Ummah. the voices and opinions of the women of the Muslim world is clear. poor public services. as well as protecting the harmony of the family unit and establishing healthy cooperation between men and women within society. sidelining the views of the masses. tribal systems. liberal states in the West and East. The link between liberalization. and ignoring the ever growing call for Islamic governance amongst the region’s women. NAZREEN NAWAZ uprisings to mention only a few.for this is the only system that will bring real change in improving the lives of women. It discussed how the organisation carries the detailed principles. and Germany have tasted at first hand the authoritarian nature of secular rule that hounded them out of schools. The idea of innocent Muslim women wishing simply to join an Islamic conference on women’s rights being barred entry into the country. and that they seek liberation through the secular liberal democratic system. an independent media and judiciary. Nor is it acceptable to use the template of dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia and Iran as examples of the injustices meted out against women under Islamic governance when it is clear that such states pursue a charade of implementing Shariah while in reality rule according to the whims of Kings and despots. there was an overwhelming sense that the establishment of the Khilafah and the Victory of Allah (swt) is so near Insha is manmade law and not Islam that has been the source of their . and rape facing millions of women within democratic. including. and We shall raise him up blind on the Day of Resurrection. But whoever turns away from My Reminder (That is. Jordan. Khilafah Islamiyah”. free education and healthcare. neither believes in the Qur’an nor acts on its orders) verily. “Takbeers” erupted from across the audience followed by loud chants in support of the Khilafah that reverberated across the hall. secular. and employment simply for wearing the Islamic dress. many have spoken on behalf of the women of the Muslim world. sexual exploitation. Belgium. This is all detailed comprehensively in its extensive literature and embodied in a draft constitution for the state that has been published and is ready for implementation now. Central Asia. As speakers described how the Khilafah offered a new political vision for the region’s women and how it was through the implementation of Allah (swt)’s laws and system alone that true liberation from oppression and man-made slavery could be achieved. an elected ruler. the fair distribution of wealth. Viewing such a moving scene of hundreds of Muslim women from across the Muslim world raising their voices with such passion for the Khilafah. and it is the Khilafah that they embrace as their guardian and look forward to with longing eyes and desire with all their hearts .and will only do so through the Khilafah. secular democracies and dictatorships have failed dismally to secure the dignity and rights that all women deserve. The conference highlighted how over the past 8 decades since the destruction of the Khilafah. and Syria delivered video messages to the audience having been prevented entry to the country by the Tunisian embassies in their states. France. Turkey. policies and laws of how it will practically address problems affecting the region and a clear vision of how the Khilafah will function with respect to its ruling. Indeed. it was so evident that these were women whose desire for Islamic rule had been suppressed for so long by their dictatorial regimes – a desire though that had never been extinguished from their hearts and now in light of the developing political situations in the region they were adamant to express zealously with a vigour that was captivating. an Egyptian journalist who had attended to cover the conference in the media. The conference ended with a call to Muslim women to join and support the work of the party in establishing the Khilafah. and the obligation of the state to ensure that every citizen has their basic needs met. progressive. put down her pen and joined the takbeers. It is this that will ensure that women’s political. that they reject Islamic governance. social. it is in Islam that they see their salvation from oppression. secularization. violence. Furthermore. or liberating about the devaluing of women and destruction of the family unit caused by these detrimental values. The extensive global political activism of the women of Hizb ut-Tahrir was also presented. and overwhelming desire of women of the Muslim world to live under Islamic rule was tangible. economic.khilafah. Standing in that room at that time. explaining how this system had been sold as the saviour of women in the Muslim world and yet had failed to solve widespread poverty. Speakers and delegates unequivocally rejected the claim that a better future for women could be secured through adopting the tried. Muslim women in Tunisia. liberal democratic system. economic. and spoken with a united voice . The final talk of the day presented Hizb utTahrir as a party that embodies the qualities required to deliver real change to the Muslim world. all models of governance based upon laws from human beings. There are no lessons in women’s rights the Muslim world can ever learn from the secular democratic system! Nor can such a system ever herald a brighter future for the women of the Muslim world! The second section of the conference explained the unique Islamic laws and policies that ensure that women’s dignity is preserved always. For too long. They have spoken. secular. Presentations also highlighted the sound nature of the Islamic 12 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 political and economic systems based upon principles such as accountability and transparency in governance. whether monarchies. illustrates clearly that the real revolution in Tunisia is yet to materialise . universities. rule of law. Now with this historical conference.

Politicians parade economic growth trends and forecasts to serve their political agenda while national statistical agencies of goods and services per annum yet 46 million US citizens live in poverty (15% of the country’s population) and 50 million people live without adequate health care. This is because. the burden of which will be paid by many generations. Fundamentally the capitalist Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 13 .MUHAMMAD ARIF The Illusion of Economic Growth INTRODUCTION Economic growth is regarded as the panacea for all societal ills. Moreover. Thus economic growth does not guarantee income equality let alone the eradication of poverty.7 million people are unemployed in the UK and an additional 1m at least are underemployed and working only part-time or casually. Between 2000 and 2010 the US economy grew by over 16% in real terms yet the US Census Bureau reported average household incomes fell by 7% after adjusting for inflation over the same 10 year period (1). Why then a fixation with economic growth in the west? THE POLITICAL ECONOMY Economic growth statistics or GDP figures serve more as political tools than robust metrics evaluating the economic wellbeing of the nation. for capitalists. in spite of long periods of economic growth during the last decade income inequality actually rose in the US and Europe. Thus much of the economic growth in the west in the last 3 decades has been illusionary with: • Property booms in the 80s and 90s • The financial bull market in the 1990s • Consumer booms in the 80s. generating over $14 trillion worth www. Thus while periods of economic expansion do not guarantee livelihoods or the removal of poverty. Across the western world tens of millions are unemployed. economic growth provides a false sense of wellbeing without necessarily removing poverty. The chart of UK economic growth exemplifies this trend of quite volatile periods of economic growth followed by severe periods of contraction. 90s and 2000s • Asset bubbles like the dot. providing livelihoods or increasing productivity. In contrast in the downturn of 2008-2009 GDP fell by 7% over 6 quarters.khilafah. In reality. However. This is seen as all the more pertinent as western economies enter their third year of benign economic craze • Colossal debt expansion since 1990s It is thus unsurprising that each of these periods of strong (but largely illusory) economic growth was followed by major economic recessions in the early 1980s and 1990s and the latest in 2008 from which the western world is still to recover. the heavy costs of bailouts with trillions going in to the defunct financial system and the legacy of debt this leaves for future generations also needs to be considered when comparing the economic costs and benefits of the capitalist model of growth. Also many millions did not share in the so-called boom years except for having to pay higher prices for housing. According to capitalism with economic growth comes happiness. Heightened economic insecurity means businesses do not invest or expand and consequently wealth and job creation comes to a halt. However has economic growth delivered happiness? What is Islam’s view on economic growth and how does Islam seek to achieve a vibrant economy whilst seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT)? WHAT’S GDP? Economic growth is the rate of change in a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) or the total value of the goods and services produced from one year to the next. That’s the theory. Now 2.fell. Capitalists may well argue that periods of growth still outnumber periods of decline. goods and services. Also. in times of economic contraction business bankruptcies rise and unemployment increases. In fact before the start of the current downturn in 2008 the UK is reported to have experienced 16 years of growth in which GDP expanded by 50%. The US economy is the largest in the world. That growth was debt fuelled. Not only did the divide between the richest and the poorest in western society widen to new levels (something which is well documented) but the living standards of the middle class those on average incomes . however. but would like to work full time. A growing economy with increasing production of goods and services is said to be a healthy economy. adjust and revise highly variable estimates to an unquantifiable one decimal place to confound a statistically untrained public and to placate their political masters. peoples wants are unlimited so with ever increasing production more people are more able to access goods and services to satisfy those wants and therefore to be happy. economic growth or recession is a false choice.

n Footnote http://money. clothing and shelter are very different from “wants” i. food. All citizens of the Islamic state have the right to engage in all lawful commercial activity without interference from the state in setting prices and wages – which is expressly forbidden. The state’s role is to ensure property rights and guarantee the rule of law based on Shariah . The focus of Islam’s economic policy of fulfilling human needs ensures that at least poverty is eliminated in society and avoids a scenario in the capitalist growth model where millions do not adequately have the basics of food. CONCLUSION In summary. clothing and shelter and it is the responsibility of the husband/father to provide these. sons and e/index. A failure to do so allows wives to seek redress in the courts from the property of the father. At the same time property is not the sole meaning of life as under capitalism. no interest and a wealth tax of 2.MUHAMMAD ARIF implemented via the Islamic courts. In contrast. millions remain in poverty while wealth and income inequalities grow. Derived from The Shariah below are ten points that stimulate the economy creating a vibrant business environment which is in accordance with seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT): 1. The wealthy few get richer and fewer after each downturn while the many poor get poorer and increase in number. the capitalist drive for growth creates an inherently unstable economic environment. This chain of responsibility and accountability stretches across Islamic society to parents. There is active redistribution of income via paying Zakat (wealth tax) so the poor and needy are lifted out of poverty 9. a piece of clothing whereby he may hide his nakedness and a piece of bread and some water. The debt burden rises. Thus in contrast to the capitalist’s fixation with economic growth to satisfy human collective wants [which is in fact impossible] Islam’s economic policy actively works to ensure households do not go without food. grandparents. because without the former a person will not survive.cnn. Severe busts follow debt fuelled booms. This does not mean that the Islamic (Khilafah) state hands out food. This ensures that all citizens of the Islamic state have at least their basic needs catered for. There is active circulation of money through the prohibition of hoarding gold and silver. In Islam property is not theft as in communism. end poverty. ISLAM AND ECONOMIC GROWTH Islam recognises human needs and wants. This is according to a hadith reported in Tirmidhi: "The Son of Adam has no better right than that he would have a house wherein he may live. There are no taxes on income so work is incentivised and spending is boosted creating demand for a variety of lawful goods and services providing jobs and livelihoods. ISLAM’S ECONOMIC MODEL The economic model in Islam is integrated with individual and household Islamic rights and responsibilities which are 14 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 www.htm model of growth is inherently unstable as with ‘growth’ followed by decline. Money supply is based on the volume of gold and silver which keeps a lid on prices and creates a stable economic environment for business investment 8. Property is a means to an end which is seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT). after which they have the capacity and ability to engage in acquiring their lawful luxuries. There are no expenditure taxes which lowers prices and increases affordability 6. “luxuries”. or even remove economic inequality. Taxes are on wealth so the poor don’t pay 7.5% which encourages equity finance 10. clothing and shelter. clothing and shelter to all households or that all industries that provide these basic needs are state owned. and their requirement for satisfaction.khilafah. at least.The state is prohibited from fixing prices of goods and services or wages allowing prices and wages to fall as well as rise and thereby stimulating the economy even when overall demand is low. Businesses invest based on equity finance that encourages risk sharing and rewards profits 3. The role of the state is clearly defined with prohibitions on price and wage fixing which promotes entrepreneurship." [Tirmidhi] With respect to households want for luxuries this is left to individuals to satisfy. All economic benefits are allowed to be sought unless Shariah Law forbids them like gambling and interest. Taxation is designated and defined so the government cannot increase and create new taxes 4. clothing and shelter in spite of the wealth in society. Only when individuals are not able to be supported by their wider household does the state step in to secure individual basic needs. in Islam the imperative is to remove poverty and ensure the circulation of wealth which enables all citizens to engage in all lawful business activity. There are no income taxes so work is incentivised and disposal income is higher boosting spending 5. Meanwhile the gold and silver standard ensures price stability encouraging business investment and boosting jobs. Needs such as food. Thus for example wives and children have a right to. Borrowing is allowed and interest free which does not increase the debt burden 2. It does not provide economic stability.e. This is the criterion on which to evaluate the capitalist growth model against alternatives namely Islam.

I will not hesitate to use force when it is necessary to defend the United States and its interests”. However. Whilst addressing the 2012 AIPAC conference in March. and is in reality looking to get Netanyahu to commit to military action with US approval. for the astute political observer who is able to distinguish between rhetoric and reality. To that effect Obama and Leon Panetta (US Secretary of Defence) were both forced to justify their positions in front of AIPAC. Obama stated. To answer. www. accompanied by Netanyahu’s trip to Washington. “Iran’s leaders should understand that I do not have a policy of containment…. Netanyahu clearly highlighted that there is a disconnect between the US and Israel in handling Iran. In making false comparisons as to how the current standoff with Iran is like the refusal of the US government to bomb Auschwitz in 1944. and what are the political consequences of a display of arms capability on the scale expected. this does beg the question as to whether such an attack is an inevitability. it is evident that Israel is now seeking the green light from the US to mount a unilateral strike against Iran. However. Netanyahu was clearly alluding to the possibility that a strike against Iran’s nuclear capability was now on the political horizon. IAEA reports aside. Panetta in similar vein cited examples of US Warships passing through the straits of Hormuz. the Israelis want to act unilaterally as Netanyahu stated. “We have waited for diplomacy to work. what any such attack will involve. The EU’s latest acceptance of negotiations from the Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 15 T he clearly unavoidable media hype surrounding a possible Israeli strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities has become a key defining point around regional relations in the Middle East. none of us can afford to wait much longer….eu . without indulging the applauding pro-Israeli audience in the details of military tactics familiar to his war cabinet. the EU and the Iranian regime. For the Muslims. Israel must always have the ability to defend itself by itself”. which at the present time are being unilaterally considered. in their attempts to wipe out any semblance of regional opposition.HONAIN SIDDIQUI The reality of an Israeli attack on Iran DIPLOMATIC STANDOFF The recent AIPAC 2012 conference. fundamental questions arise as to how likely such an attack would be.khilafah. I never talk about that”. Nonetheless. in an attempt to indulge the pro-Israeli crowd as to the depth of the administration’s political devotion to Israel. The fact is however that the US favours the sanctions game. this makes for very sad reading as we could well see the possibility of yet another Muslim country attacked by the US and her surrogates. we have waited for sanctions to work. has simply compounded what has been an increasing rise in tensions between the United States. the words of Benyamin Netanyahu point to a subtle yes : “I am not going to talk to you about what Israel will do or not do.

a potential strike against Iran would be dissimilar to 16 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 the attacks in Iraq and Syria. Furthermore. The fact is that the Iranian Nuclear Facilities are multiple and (in the case of the facilities in Nantanz and Fordo) underground or buried. However. Israeli jets bombed the Osirak reactor near Baghdad. meaning this would be an enormous aerial operation given the multiple targets. it would not surprise many to see them turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Ummah in Iran. Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the past have justified their stances over Iran with sectarian overtones and have painted a picture of a ‘Shia Crescent’ developing in the Middle East. Thus Israelis will be relying on the electronic element of radar blinding and false picture generation. in September 2007. especially given the fact that they would be fighting in heavily guarded airspace and there is a chance of radiation leakage given the nature of the targets. However. present a problem to the Israelis. MILITARY DIMENSION OF ISRAELI ATTACK Whilst a recent poll conducted by The University of Maryland. which have potential for enormous collateral damage and loss of Muslim life. between assassinations. . Furthermore..HONAIN SIDDIQUI Iranians is Europe’s attempt to plug the diplomatic gap and essentially aims to assert EU leadership on the issue. it remains to be seen as to how effective the sanctions will prove to be in undermining the Iranian economy. at this point a drift to unilateral military action. Israeli planes hit a facility in Syria that Israel and the US believed was a nuclear reactor under construction. These alone are more than just the single targets in Syria and Iraq.. it should be noted. these would be carried by Israeli F-15I aircraft which would only be able to carry one per aircraft. equipped with Israeli avionics and additional fuel tanks. this would entail the use of bunker buster bombs by the Israelis. Furthermore. cities of Natanz. which were both easier to target. The Israeli operation is highly likely to target uranium enrichment sites at the Iran’s capabilities while not on par . The offer of the so called P5+1 talks come as the European Oil Embargo in July is set to deprive the Iranians of 25% of government revenue. the desired targets are approximately 900-1300 miles from Israel. it will require either the action or inaction of the surrounding states. In the meantime we are likely to see the proxy war continue. Other possible targets would be the heavy-water production plant and heavy-water reactor under construction at Arak and the uranium conversion plant at Isfahan.for Israel to attack the multiple targets it wishes to in Iran. sanctions and cyber-attacks. the attacks on Syria and Iraq came without prior warning. Israel crossed Turkish airspace to attack the suspected Syrian Nuclear facility in 2007. it seems Netanyahu is determined to unilaterally act. any air to air combat with Iran’s Russian-supplied MiG-29 and small number of US F-14 Tomcat fighters. In June 1981. reality is that facilities at Natanz are underground and the plant at Fordo is buried deeply into the side of a mountain. near Qom. the London times published an article in 2011 detailing how Saudi Arabia would allow its airspace to be used for such an attack. Whilst the Iranian government has maintained it will merely find other export markets. it will require either the action or inaction of the surrounding states. Furthermore. The fact is that.khilafah. The main weapon in Israel's arsenal is the US-supplied GBU-28laser-guided weapon with penetrating capabilities (penetration of up to 6m of concrete detonation of the warhead) . whilst this claim has since been refuted by Saudi diplomats. add difficulties with fuelling and potential targeting. near Tehran and Fordo. seems increasingly likely. showed that thirtyfour percent of Israelis oppose a strike no matter what and 42 percent would back a strike only if it had at least the support of the United States. Such an attack is not without precedence. In particular. With the enrichment facilities being definite targets and being buried. surface to air missile capability is not something that the Israelis have time to destroy. Despite the Israeli Airforce having purchased 125 advanced F-15I and F-16I warplanes. However. In the event of an Israeli strike against Iran. as they have done in Syria. and the logistical nature of such an operation was not as complex. the Israeli attack may www. is that for Israel to attack the multiple targets it wishes to in Iran. it is worth considering the possibilities pertaining to such a strike. What becomes increasingly clear from the above. such a violation of the Shariah rules is not alien to the Saudi or for that matter the Jordanian or Turkish regimes way of political thinking. which are tactical aircraft designed precisely for such a mission. as the mission is a specific seek and destroy type. even with the most accurate of intelligence sharing between the US and Israel. in the event of the P5+1 negotiations failing.

Rather it is our duty to stand with our Ummah when they being oppressed. there are those that would have us distance ourselves from our brothers and sisters in Iran. Since Iran has not directly attacked Israel and the fact the UN Security Council would never pass a resolution allowing an Israeli pre-emptive strike. What seems to be preponderant is that an Israeli strike will project Israeli military strength. there would certainly be a divide across the entire Middle East on the issue. A view from the Kitab and Sunnah Predictably even before any such attack even takes place on Iran. This being accomplished will merely cause a delay to Iran’s nuclear ambitions and by no means cripple or destroy it. However.HONAIN SIDDIQUI well resort to destroying entrance tunnels and the power cabling structure as all of these structures have high energy requirements. This is especially true in the case of Israel. breeds the chaos of foreign aggression. Pursuance of this course of action. is again in no position to aid the Iranians.khilafah. "would be destabilising and would not achieve their long-term objectives". are protecting friends one of another. would open a more regional dimension to this conflict. Mossad) claimed that the attack would lead to a regional war and that the Israeli government should focus on trying to change the regime in Tehran. General Martin Dempsey claimed such a strike. Furthermore Meir Dagan (former head of the Israeli spy agency. which is unlikely to assist Iran militarily. whilst not out of the realm of possibility. whilst not www. and make the realisation that the absence of the Islamic ruling system in the form of the Khilafah. would drive up global prices of oil in the short term. The Sajjil-2 could reach Israel but is not yet operational and Iran only has six known launchers for Ghadr-1. men and women. which has still not recovered since 2006. on the basis of an age old sectarian divide between Sunni and Shia. they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong. sectarianism and the sale of Muslim flesh and blood. and the shorter range Fajr and Zelzal missiles can also target key stations inside Israel. Hamas has stated it has no intention to involve itself in any such conflict. [Sahih Muslim].” [Quran TMQ 9:71] Furthermore. it should be remembered that the bond of brotherhood between one Muslim to another is something that Allah (swt) mandates in the Quran: “And the believers. nor does he leave him at the mercy of others”. As the Prophet’s (saw) hadith teaches us it is not for any Muslim to apathetically leave our brothers and sisters in Iran at the mercy of Western backed Israeli aggression. n . is difficult to envisage as only a very small number of Iranian missiles could actually reach Israel. Israel would be in clear violation of international law. Furthermore. but would not be considered by many as retaliation. The closing of the Straits of sustainable given the disparity between US and Iranian naval strength. Iran’s only reliable ally Syria. some of which are particularly emotive and fiercely debated. by backing groups opposed to the status quo of Iranian governance and political persuasion. The enlisting of Hezbollah on the Israeli Northern Border is a more probable scenario as Hezbollah’s SCUD-D missiles can target the whole of Israel. He does not oppress him. Jordan. although they would have some diplomatic impetus behind them if they wished to do so. Whilst true that Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 17 there are differences between Sunnis and Shias. US Joint Chiefs of staff. The effectiveness of such a strike has been questioned by both American and Israeli officials. as many are aware international law has never really applied in the case of the US or her allies. Saudi Arabia are either pro EU or US. in a sense making it a redundant figment of imagination serving only the super power states. is not in a position to support any militarised moves against Israel in light of Assad’s deployment of the Syrian Army against the Muslims in Syria. Politically the Israelis run a huge risk by not doing enough damage to Iran’s facilities and thus the shift in political momentum will go to Tehran. POTENTIAL IRANIAN RESPONSE If any such attack did take place the Iranians would have multiple options open to them in terms of response considerations. this especially in the context of American pressure on the Israeli government to avoid unilateral military action. and as such the Iranians would be unlikely to respond purely diplomatically to such an attack. Turkey’s ‘zero conflict’ policy will prevent any intervention and as is known the GCC. and at best slow the Iranian nuclear drive. The Israeli military capability to deal a crippling blow to Iran’s Nuclear capability will be drastically reduced without access to the US war machine. which has far greater firepower at its command. in that Israel would almost certainly pursue targets into Lebanon if any significant threat or damage was targeted at Israel by Hezbollah. Our beloved Messenger (SAW) said: “A Muslim is the brother of another Muslim. The use of the Iranian ballistic missiles. It is arguable that for this reason. Leaving only Egypt. Iraq whilst certainly possessing some pro-Iranian leanings in its own government. This being said we can assume that there may well be the employment of gesture politics in the form of diplomatic condemnation of Israel by some regional actors. REGIONAL DIVIDE Whilst Hezbollah would add a militarised regional dimension to this conflict. especially not by those inside Iran.

who are being kicked by Sheikh Hasina’s government and then banned from screaming. This. www. sees the army as the biggest obstacle to her. Sheikh Hasina’s government claims to have been democratically elected. it has never failed to demonstrate its subservient relationship to India and the US. and both ruling party and the opposition party are complicit. after taking control over the national politics. amongst the civilians. It is also an institution. who was unable to clarify whether it was a coup attempt. which is the first of its kind. But one thing is certain. clearly spoke like an Awami League party man. culture. Masud Razzak.MUJIBUL ISLAM Replace Sheikh Hasina's bankrupt regime with the Islamic Khilafah State Bangladesh Army is not detached from the people. It is not possible to comment on whether this is true or not as Brig. so that it is not only silent over anti-state practices but that it can be actively used as a tool by the US and India to pursue their regional geopolitical objectives. When the nation bleeds. uncles. not just for returning to power for the next term. abducted. in his press conference. The Bangladesh Army is the only institution in the country. which takes the likes of Ali (RA). Yet ever since her government assumed power. judiciary. and have not left a single stone unturned to pursue policies and agreements that are against the interests of state. and is considered to have some remnant of feeling and commitment left for the security of the nation and the people. and that this reported coup attempt will be used as a trump card to realise the goal. but even in order to continue with this term in the government. aunts etc. sisters. When their families get hurt they are hurt. which is still highly regarded. mothers. The foreign forces. Umar (RA) and Khalid Bin Walid (RA) as its role model. The BDR carnage stands as a living example of what she is capable of. the people of Bangladesh and against Islam. The people generally feel helpless as Hasina’s government rules with an iron fist. the people do not have any avenues or means to voice their opinion or demonstrate their resentments without risking being killed. the government turns to the Bangladesh Army to remove any remnant of pro-Islamic and pro-state sentiments. Sheikh Hasina's government was put in power after a 2 year foreign controlled caretaker government. brothers.khilafah. that Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League government is pursuing a dangerous plan to subjugate the Bangladesh Army to US and Indian interests. a coup plan or just them being sensitive to the fact that there are some men who are not towing their party line. It should be remembered that this would not be the first time for Sheikh Hasina’s government to turn its evil eye to the Army. Gen. they bleed along with it. or facing fabricated false accusations and labelling. the politics of Bangladesh are already polluted. whether those policies and agreements are to do with the economy. as it draws its motivation for training and fighting from the ayaat of the Qur’an and the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (SAW). S heikh Hasina’s government and the Bangladesh Army have claimed that they have foiled a coup attempt to topple her democratically elected government (19th Jan 2012). they have fathers. just as the US has used the 9/11 incident to carry out its war on Islam around the Muslim world. Sheikh Hasina’s government. replace it with subservient culture and agents of RAW and the CIA. It is an institution. The 18 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 . energy. She knows that if the army is kept intact then she will not be able to continue with her oppressive rule and pursue her anti-state goals to turn Bangladesh into a slave nation to India and the US. which has a strong feeling for Islam. or security. the Army Spokesman. detained without trial. coupled with the dire economic condition and law & order situation adds to the misery of the people. Since.

Sheikh Hasina’s regime bloodied their hand by colluding with India on 25th of February 2009 to carry out the cold-blooded murder of over 59 senior army officials along with their family members. smuggling.MUJIBUL ISLAM namely US and India. The effort on the part of India is to extend help to Bangladesh so that the present regime stays in power. It effectively bans any criticism of the government and its institutions. This is marked in the history as the “Pilkhana www. to say that anyone who stands before her would not be tolerated. Since 2009. Now. enables the US Navy to recruit agents within the Bangladesh navy and take supremacy over them. which will give India access through the roads and waterways of Bangladesh to Chittagong port. Not just by the media at large. Therefore. the lives of its citizens are not a big issue for the Awami League Hasina’s government. Agreeing to build a heavy machinery port at Ashuganj. it can be understood that in this term she was ready for compromise. Brad Adams stated in The Guardian that “India’s Border Security Force (BSF). Also. The BDR (Bangladesh Rifles). The irony was the response to this incident from Ashraful Islam. A single killing along the US-Mexican border makes headlines. Sheikh Hasina herself.khilafah. has carried out a shoot-to-kill policy – even on unarmed local villagers”.it happens now as it happened in the past . He goes on further to say “Over the past 10 years Indian security forces have killed almost 1. The whole structure and line of command of BDR was destroyed as a result of the massacre. over 207 reported killings have been carried out in the border. leaving them leaderless. and the other activities that go on are nothing new . However. The Awami League government’s other anti-state. it should be vividly clear that the so-called “democratically elected government” of Sheikh Hasina is nothing but a “democratically elected dictatorship”. who protect the border against India’s continuous killing. Effectively saying.” Less than two months into this term of government. and have been replaced with a new force. into dry land. He was stripped naked and was kicked and beaten for over 5 hours by a large group of BSF thugs in the open. including the DG of BDR. The Assam Tribune reported on 11th September 2011: “The Government of India has decided to extend as much help as BDR Massacre”. This was confirmed by Wikileaks reports and also. which will turn many rivers in Bangladesh. even during the test case. which has been viewed many times on YouTube. buses. even the media are forced to tow the government’s line and are banned from reporting oppressive practices of the government. which are vital to this agricultural society. the killing of a large numbers of villagers by Indian forces has been almost entirely ignored. running the border area into a south Asian killing field. who is at the rank of Major General. So. He stated categorically that border killing. without a structure. The world has witnessed the photo of a 15 year old girl. anti-people and anti-Islamic activities include: Remaining silent over the creation of Tipaimukh Dam. as he refused to give them his possession of TK1000 (10 GBP) and a mobile phone. In September 2011 Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League Government introduced a new censorship law to censor contents of private radio and TV programmes. where a Bangladesh cattle trader by the name of Habibur Rahman was taken by the BSF. when in parliament she categorically stated that the reasons why her Awami League party was unable to get into power during the last term was simply because they were not ready to compromise with the foreign forces. the recent video. with the title of Bangladesh Border Guard. No one has . Giving transit rights to India. by the government of Bangladesh. “Highly placed official sources in New Delhi told The Assam Tribune that though the fundamentalist groups are still active in Bangladesh. This has been reported in many daily journals and newspapers such as “Daily Amar Desh” in Bangladesh and the English “The Guardian”. but will Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 19 Therefore. they are not allowed a free run as was the case in the past. hanging for hours on the barbwire. whereby. and vulnerable to security threats from India. possible to Bangladesh to strengthen the hands of the Sheikh Hasina led Awami League Government in the interest of having a friendly neighbour as the present Government in the neighbouring country already extended help to India in dealing with insurgency”. they left Bangladesh trucks. who is also the General Secretary of the Awami League.000 people. the LGRD (Local Government and Rural Development) Minister of Sheikh been prosecuted for any of these killings. mostly Bangladeshis.and the Awami League Government has far bigger things to worry about than these incidents on the border with India. who engineered the election to bring her to power was on the basis of a guarantee that Sheikh Hasina would serve their interests and not be an obstacle to implementing their regional plan. smuggling and anti-state activities are virtually destroyed. but also. sources added. Giving open access to the US Navy to the Bay of Bengal’s waters and to the Bangladesh navy to carryout join exercises in the name of “operation tiger shark”. It was her first declaration of war against the army and the people of Bangladesh. Furthermore. in spite of evidence in many cases that makes it clear the killings were in cold blood against unarmed and defenceless local residents”. but also. Faluni who was shot 4 times and who remained dead. the Indian BSF (Border Security Force) does not have any obstacle on the border to carrying out killings. This not only creates security risks. and cars stranded for hours to enable Indian goods to pass through without receiving any significant tolls or tariffs.

Carrying out a campaign of continuous ‘Terror’ carried out by both the Awami 20 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 Continuous corruption of the Ministers including that of the Roads and Highway minister who has been highlighted even by the World Bank. Pursuing a policy similar to that of Kemal Ataturk of Turkey. Awami League MP of Dhaka-15 constituency Elias Uddin Mollah. Unable to face the party intellectually.khilafah. denying people basic rights and using thugs to intimidate and abuse any opponents. whereby any Army officials. Awami League activists Musa Mahmud. including Ministers and MPs. wipe out many businesses. who fear none but Allah. Asad and Kemal etc. Hizb ut-Tahrir has a draft constitution addressing all the political and economic problems facing the country and calls upon the educated and influential people within society in Bangladesh to reject the decades old politics of corruption and incompetence and support its work. They have become the biggest challenge and obstacle for the corrupt incompetent parties that include the BNP and its alliance. therefore it should be removed immediately. The Awami Leagues student faction. Completely turning a blind eye to the ever-increasing price hikes of essentials. businessmen. Her government should not be allowed to enable the foreign forces to steal the resources of the country and deprive the people of its benefits. teachers. Nurunnabi Chowdhury Shaon. never resorting to violence as it contradicts the Islamic method for change. Ben Ali of Tunisia and Bashar Al Assad of Syria. All are allowed to move freely. Her government should not be allowed to destroy such an honourable institution as that of Bangladesh Army. people (including members of the army) are abducted. Cancelling over 600 cases against many Awami League party members. and who have real solutions to the problems of Bangladesh. Gaddafi of Libya. which is towing the same path as that blazed by Mubarak of Egypt. commitment and sincerity unlike the current secular politicians who are willing to sell themselves for pennies. Therefore. and those are the ones whom are successful” [TMQ Al-Imran 104] n www.000 GBP). corruption and decline to worsen. and remaining on a steadfast political programme. Awami League MP Sheikh Afil Uddin. Sheikh Hasina’s government should not be allowed to play with the lives of the 150 million innocent people of Bangladesh. The sincere people at every level of society must do. but at times have proven that it is the factions of scrupulous Awami League who are benefiting from this misery of the common people. in a single cabinet sitting. Makes constitutional amendments to wipe out any Islamic values from the society and gives full immunity to Sheikh Hasina and her family. kidnapped. winning.MUJIBUL ISLAM League lawmakers and its student wing members. the Awami League has adopted the politics of fascism – with the blessing of America and India – in a campaign to attack Hizb ut-Tahrir – fabricating allegations. or have any Islamic practices. enjoying the good (ma'ruf) and forbidding the evil (munkar). The accusations against Hizb ut-Tahrir come because this party has stood against the actions of Sheikh Hasina’s government – exposing their crimes. These actions of the Awami League show their desperation and bankruptcy. The lessons from the Middle East are that decades of silence simply allow the oppression. and subjugate them to the US and India. the Jubo League and Chatro League have openly torn down the jilbab of Muslim girls in Eden College. university professors. lawyers. torture and even the beating of a Police Officer in-charge. Hizb ut-Tahrir has worked in Bangladesh for many years. large and small as well as rendering many hundreds of thousands unemployed. such as avoiding drinking alcohol. by building transmission lines in the name of power trade. We are reminded and motivated by the Hadith of our beloved Prophet (SAW) "The best Jihad is the word of truth to an unjust ruler" and the command of our Lord Allah (SWT): "And let there arise from amongst you a group. detained without trial. giving them free reign to continue with their terrorising and corrupt activities Secretly paving the way to allow India to exploit national natural resources such as gas and coal. who are willing to sacrifice their lives and property in this cause to bring real change to Bangladesh. and their collusion with India and the US. In all sense of definition Sheikh Hasina’s government qualifies as the enemy of the . Pursuing – as a terrorising policy anyone who has a beard or wears jilbab or carries any Islamic books. making them above the law. it should be vividly clear that the so-called “democratically elected government” of Sheikh Hasina is nothing but a “democratically elected dictatorship”. just for 10 lakh Taka (10. brutality. Creating a deteriorating law and order situation where a father and son are both killed. who have a beard. which has not just gone against their election promises. all they can to work to remove this regime and support Hizb utTahrir’s efforts to establish the Khilafah State in Bangladesh. AL and its alliance. people and Islam. Dhaka. who pray. who have shared power in the country for decades. Hizb-ut-Tahrir consists of honest people. are some of the few amongst many who have openly carried out killing. Banning Islamic dress codes from educational institutions. amongst others. and politicians who are well respected in society and known for their honesty and integrity. their betrayal of the country & Islam. doctors. inviting to all that is good (ie Islam). arrested through false allegations and denied access to justice and brutally tortured in secret torture cells. They demonstrate real vision. are reported and recorded.

In amongst the search for answers the Turkish model of governance has gained much publicity and notoriety. after the Ecevit government lost credibility in its handling of the Turkish economic crisis in 2001 which led to a deep recession. the new breed’s standard-bearer is Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. This model of governance has been praised by many a Western politician and secularist who believe the fusion of some Islamic rules The rise of the Turkish model of governance has been parallel to the rise of the AKP and its leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. view Turkey as a ‘model’ and an ‘example’ for the states in the Middle East and North Africa. THE JUSTICE AND DEVELOPMENT PARTY (AKP) T he Arab spring has brought to an end the post WW1 dictatorial architecture that long dominated the Arab landscape. Interestingly within the Muslim world the only model Turkey is known for is the Caliphate which turned the Ottomans – a band of fighters – into the world’s superpower. The uprisings across the Muslim world have led to old notions of political apathy and lack of political ambition being proven baseless. and would like to see across the Muslim lands. Erdogan holds the rise of his culturally conservative but economically liberal political party as a beacon for a new Middle East. The Arab Spring has seen many marches under the banner of Islam and many in the West are preparing themselves for the prospect of the Middle East achieving decisive power. in an Italian newspaper he said “The fact that it [Turkey] is a democracy and a country that is mostly Islamic makes it a critically important model for other Muslim countries of the region”. With the failing of old colonial policies of direct intervention the likes of the British Empire shifted their attention to using proxy rulers and making contacts with elites in the region. When the Refah – True Path coalition was overthrown in 1997 they both left the Refah party and formed their own party the Justice and Development Party in Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 21 www. This resulted in early elections and through the use of Islamic slogans the AKP party won a massive majority. Prior to the establishment of the AKP both Erdogan and Abdullah Gul were members of the Refah . with praise and concern of an apparent Islamic revival termed the Turkish model. For most of the last hundred years the West has carefully engineered a political status quo established upon their own interests. The questions are no longer about the Muslim world wanting change but what kind of change it is seeking.ADNAN KHAN Deciphering the “Turkish Model” of Government with secularism is something the West can work with. However Western discourse is mixed. The regimes of tyranny and dictatorship were established in the Middle East long before the likes of Mubarak and Ben Ali came to power.” This article will analyse “The Turkish Model” and assess its Islamic credentials and whether it represents a model for the wider Muslim world.khilafah. President Obama has made similar statements. Questions like: What does the region want to live by? Does the region want Western Democracy and other Western values? As well as the role of the West. Pledging that conservative Islam is compatible with individual liberties. The New York Times recently said: “More than any other figure. including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. US officials. The AKP led by Erdogan came to power in 2002.

The most obvious example of this is Erdogan’s continuation of Turkish relations with Israel which is something Islam expressly prohibits.ADNAN KHAN 2001. While Turkey purchases high-tech defence industry equipment from Israel. and Iraq and which had run a mostly statist. malls and hotels for the governments of the Middle East. ISLAM The West has been impressed by the AKP who they view as Islamic/conservative who run a secular nation. Like other National Security Councils it develops national security policy. Turkey has also been attempting to extend its role in the Caucuses where it has long competed with Russia. The AKP’s most visible policies have been on the foreign policy front. Iran.” Cooperation included: Supporting international efforts towards a permanent settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict.” from a poem during a public address in the province of Siirt on 12 December 1997. Turkish companies are the top investors in hotels. Georgia. including international efforts to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of a two-state solution. Erdogan is from a similar line of thinking as Turgat Özal. The economy and foreign policy have been the most salient features of the AKP. Özal had some clear Islamic sentiments and followed the Naqshbandi order in the early 1990’s. Turkey played a central role in ensuring the US constructed architecture came together in Iraq through a policy of maintaining contact with all groups in Iraq. and Eastern Europe. Many have termed Turkish manoeuvring in its neighbourhood as Neo-Ottomanism. The most important included: Cementing ties with the US through the Shared Vision Document signed between the Turkish and American government. Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel in March 1949. In the first three months of 2011. Whilst military ties have soured of late the underlying relationship remains. Armenia. Abdulla Gul and Condoleezza Rice confirmed: “The strategic vision document confirms Turkish-US consensus to translate our shared vision into common efforts through effective cooperation and structured dialogue. closed economy until the 1980s. The National Security 22 :: Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 Council comprises the Chief of Staff. real estate. In the name of democratisation the ruling justice and development party (AKP) introduced reforms to weaken the armies hold on the country.khilafah. Europe remains the biggest market for Turkish products. Russia and the African continent with plane loads of businessmen and women in order to promote Turkish business interests. Many of the Shi’ah and Sunni factions traveled to Turkey in order to form the Iraqi government. Prime Minister of Turkey between 1983-1989. where the Turks are among the leading producers of cars. democracy and prosperity in the Black Sea region. Erdoğan travelled to China. televisions and home appliances. Most go to Germany. India. Turkey is the world’s largest cement exporter and its construction sector is second only to that of China. amongst the goods they export are military uniforms and footwear for the Israeli army. behind only the US. The Semiautonomous Northern Iraq has seen over $5 billion in investment from . Supporting diplomatic efforts on Iran’s nuclear program. Turkey has a foreign policy premised on ‘zero’ problems with neighbors which is a big departure for a country that had long endured conflict on its restive borders – with Syria. industry and energy in northern Iraq. After six months in prison. In Israel’s largest trade partner in the region and it’s second-biggest in the world. France. On assuming power Erdogan led numerous government instituted reforms. the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…. Erdoğan’s export-focused approach has included billions of dollars of business for construction companies building universities. Reforms also included expanding the government’s penetration of the National Security Council.3 million. Since Erdogan rose to power he aligned himself with the business elite and has turned Turkey into an export driven economy. Brazil. Turkey under Erdogan has maintained close economic and military ties with Israel. Central Asia and Afghanistan. Turkey began liberalising its economy and aggressively pushing trade with Central Asia and the Middle East under Erdoğan. Enhancing energy security through diversification of routes and sources. Erdoğan established the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) on August 14 2001. including the P5+1 initiative contributing to stability. the Caucasus. Erdoğan altered the composition of this council to include civilian members.3 million to Israel and imported goods worth $397. As one analyst put it: “Turkey has long facilitated the political stability in Iraq and hereafter Ankara would play a more critical role in Iraq’s political process because Ankara’s role in Iraqi politics balances the impact of Iran on Iraq”. Erdoğan was the Mayor of Istanbul from 1994. select members of the Council of Ministers and the President of the Republic – who is also the Commanderin-chief. including from the Caspian basin. the domes our helmets. He was banned from office and sentenced to a prison term for reciting the text “The mosques are our barracks. the Middle East Turkey continues in its attempts to bring the various parties together with Israel on for a two state solution. accounting for 50% of the country’s exports. The Turkish army being staunch secularists accuse www. Cooperation includes Turkey being Islam has played virtually no role in Turkey’s foreign policy. One of Erdoğan’s earliest actions was to curtail the jurisdiction of the National Security Council to interfere in government. Turkey exported products worth $579.

Turkey has played a central role in indirect negotiations in 2011 between the Palestinian factions and Israel to bring a settlement to the issues which requires the abandoning of large swathes of land www. In fact the AKP has worked to implement US global polices and played the role of willing agent. Domestic reforms have centred on changing the composition and elections of judges and army personnel. Erdogan has made some attempts in removing the hijab ban in Turkey. supposedly meeting Turkish interests is what has driven the AKP and this largely includes fulfilling US interests. Secular states have a number of issues that are common to all of them. such as misdistribution of wealth. As the Arab spring continues to take shape. The adoption of secularism allows one to choose which parts of Islam to implement. rather than unifying with the Kurds who are mainly Muslims. The economy and foreign policy have been the main symbols of the AKP. political corruption and social breakdown.khilafah. Whilst AKP officials continue to cite the surrounding neighbours as Muslim brothers and its own region as former Ottoman territories this is where the role of Islam comes to an end. CONCLUSIONS Turkey does not represent a new model of governance. development and trade have had nothing to do with Islam but short term pragmatic polices to shore up the AKP’s support. Rather then rallying the Muslim rulers against Israel or even seeking to end the occupation of Al Quds itself – which Turkey is capable of – Erdogan has pursued a narrow set of pragmatic polices and littered them with a few Islamic slogans. All of these factors are what the West can work with and for these reasons the West cannot stop singing the praises of Erdogan. Similarly the proposals for changes to the Turkish constitution are not for the Islamic sources to become sources of legislation but to empower the role of the president. In order to shore up support for the AKP Erdogan developed economic polices to bring money into Turkey whilst enriching the business elite. THE WEST’S FASCINATION WITH THE TURKISH MODEL The Turkish model of governance is in reality one driven by nationalism and is pragmatic in nature with some Islamic slogans. it is in reality as secular and national interest driven as the nations of the West.ADNAN KHAN Erdogan of having a secret Islamic agenda which will be brought to the forefront when the AKP has completed its grip on all aspects of ruling.” Erdogan’s domestic agenda has also been mainly to weaken the hand of the army in Turkish politics rather then creating a society based on Islam. Much of the rhetoric of Islam has not come from the AKP but from those opposed to them and from the to the Israelis. Turkey under Erdogan has manufactured a sense of importance by allowing itself to become yet another tool of Western foreign policy. it has all been built on the same non-sustainable Interest based debt driven growth that is slowly choking the Western world today. and may Allah (swt) protect us all from such contemptible behaviour. The AKP has in Iraq and Palestine strengthened the hand of the US by constructing polices that aid them. Islam has played virtually no role in Turkey’s foreign policy. nationalist and interest driven polices. Turkey has also sided with Obama and NATO against Syria and held a meeting for Syrian opposition groups in Anatolia. Erdogan and the AKP have not used foreign trade to propagate Islam. Brazil or India to propagate Islam. and both are driven by factors other than Islam. n Khilafah Magazine :: April 2012 :: 23 . The killing of Muslims is something Islam expressly prohibits. Turkey’s economic growth. Since coming to power the AKP has grown very close to the US. The AKP has not used Islam in any way in its foreign policy. The praise for the Turkish model is mostly from Western capitals and this is because it is something the West can work with. Turkey’s rulers are sadly continuing down this well-worn and discredited path. however the economy has linked Turkey to the global economy and thus it is inevitable Turkey will go into recession as the global economy declines. the relations with the US have not been with the aim of weakening the US policies against the Muslim world or complicating them. what the region needs is not another Capitalist state with a few Islamic rules that cover its fundamentally secular nature. which Erdogan has his eyes on. This pragmatic model in reality dilutes Islam by making it fit with pragmatic. but for example has done nothing with regards to the legalisation of adultery or the removal of interest in banking. Erdogan in his recent trip to Egypt expressed hope for “a secular state in Egypt”. Erdogan has carried out a combination of normalisation exercises whilst carrying out military action simultaneously. In analysing the claim that the AKP represents an Islamic model of governance an examination of its key polices highlights that Islam has played no role in any of the AKP’s policies other then the rhetoric fed to the masses. Whilst there is no doubt that under the AKP the Turkish economy has developed and there is more wealth today in Turkey then there was a decade ago. Russia. he went further and outlined that “The Turkish state is in its core a state of freedoms and secularism. Domestically. This pragmatic and non-Islamic position is what gets much praise in Western capitals. neither has it used its relations with the likes of China. The most obvious example of this is Erdogan’s continuation of Turkish relations with Israel which is something Islam expressly prohibits. All of this shows that Islam plays a very small factor for the AKP. The US continues to pursue a colonial agenda in the Muslim world but this has not stopped the AKP growing close to the US. As the AKP has been successful with the economy this has given it an aura of strength. Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain. 28 Old Brompton .org. London SW7 3SS Tel: 07074 192 400 . Suite .