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FOR. THOSE OF YOU WT{g NfiJLYHQT SE to spend your life. Most MBA programs are tralnlng str'r-
FAMltlAn UlltH frfiY pnEViClUS BStlKSu in dents for high-paying iobs in the corporatewodd as an E,
RichDad'sCASHFLOW Quadrant, bookin the
the second not a B.
RichDad series gointowhysome people
tinQricheasier Network Marketing! The Industry for
People Who Want to Ghange Their Lives
\fhat if you're in the E or S quadrants and you want
to change? \7hat if you want to be in the B quadrant?
\(here do you find the education that trains you for that
quadrant? I recommend a network marketing business'I
recommend the industry for people who want to change,
and get the necessatyskills and attitude training to be suc-
cessfulin the B quadranr.
Being an entrePreneurand building a B-quadrant busi-
nessis one ofthe toughest challengesa person can take on'
The reasonthere are more people in the E and S quadrants
is simply becausethose quadrants are less-demanding
than the B quadrant. As they say,"Ifit were easy,everyone
would do it."
I had to learn how to overcome my self-doubt, shy-
nessand fear of rejection. And I had to learn how to pick
myself up and keep going after I failed. These are some of
the personaltraits a person must develop if they are to be
RichDad'sCASHFLOW Quadrantis the mostimportant successfulin a B-quadrant business,whether it is a net-
of my booksfor peoplewho want to makechan$esin their work marketing business,a franchiseor an entrepreneurial
lives.Someof the termsusedherewill referto the lettersin staft-up,
this dia$ram:

E - standsfor emPloYee

S - standsfor small-businessperson,
self-employedor sPecialist

B - standsfor big-businessowners
such asDonald TrumP

I * standsfor investor

Why Network Marketing?

\7hen I first heard about network market-
ing, I was against it' But after opening my
mind, I began to see advantages that few
other businessopportunities offer. Long-term
successin life is a reflection ofyour education,
iife experienceand personal character. Many
network marketing companies provide per-
sonal-developmentlraining in those key areas' An important personal skiil required for any B-quad-
Most schools train people for the E or S quadrants, and rant businessis leadership.Are you able to overcomeyour
that is great if those are the quadrants in which you want fears and have others overcome their fears to get the job

Volume3 lssue4 SUCCESS FROM HOME 107

done?This is a skill tl'reMarine Corps taught rne. As Marine Corps ffietworlc Marketing !s a S.Suadrant Eusiness
ofllcers, it was imperative thar we were able to lead others into Building a B-quadrant businessis nor an easytask. So you need to
battle, even thor-rghwe were all terrified of dying. ask yourself, "Do I have what it takesi' Am I willing to go beyond my
I meet many people in the S quadrant, rhe specialistsor small-
comfort zonesi'Am I willing to be led and willing to learn to lead?Is
business owners, who would like to expand, but tl-reysimply lackthere a very rich person insicle me, ready to come or-rtl" If the answer
leadership skills. No one wants to follow them. The employeesdo is yes, start looking for a network marketing businessthat has a grear
not trust their leacler,or the leader does t-totinspire the employees
training program. I r.vill fbcus lesson the products or the compensation
to better themselves. plans, and more on the eclucationand personal development program
Forbesclefined a big-business owner, a B-quadrant business the company offers.
owner, as a person who controls a businesswith more than 100 A network marketing businessis a B-quadrant businessbecause
employees.This dehnition is why leadersl.ripskills are vital for the
it meets severalcliteria I look lor in a br-rsiness or investment.Those
B cluadrant. criteriaare:
\flhere can yolr find a business that will invest the time in .1" .l-everage;Can I rmin other people ro work firr rnel'
yor-rreducation, yollr personal development and br-rilding your 2. Conu:ol: f)r: I have a prorectecisystem rhat beiongs ro me?
own business?The answer is most network marketing br-rsinesses. l. (,reativity: lrX/illt.]reitusinessalkrrvme lo be creative,and

Mlarketing? giving
your$elf enough time"
These areg00dpoints t0ccnsider.
0nnald's Trurnp'sResponse I agreethatleadership qualities
areeritical forsuccess" You
MarketinE is a powerful tooi,andnetwork marketing can definitely haveto havea take-charge. can-do attitude.
increase thaipawelproviclecl you're self-motivated.
lna simple As withanyotherundertaking, knoweverything youcan
visual, seea Brsduct andremove theadvertisingagsncy frorn about whatyou're doingbeforeyoubegin. Neiwork marketing
it. lt'supto youto dcthernarketing andadvertising. hasBroven itselfto be a viableandrewardinE s0urce0f
That'sa bigjob,butit canbe doneif you're income, andthechailenges cnuldbejustright
pa$si0nate enCIugh to getgoing0nyourOwn, andi0 fnr ynu.Therehavebeensomeremarkable
keepthemomentum andmotiuati*n goingat a high exampies 0fsuccess,andthssesuecesses have r€quire$ anentrepreneurial spirit,andthat beenearned through diligence, enihusiasm and
means focusandperseverance. i don'trecommend therightproductcombined withtiming. Aswith
networkrnarketing tn peaple whCI arenothighly s0 manyissues, therearetangibles andthe
self-motivated. intangibleslnvoived,butsu*cess is nota total
Another impcrtant aspect 0f network marketingis mystery, andthatapplie$ to network marketing,
thalit'sinherently $ocial, s0if you'renota social0r aswell.
outgoing psfson, I'dthinktwiceabnutgoingintoit. Mostpeoplehaveheard0f focusgroups, a
Sociability is a requiremnnt. researchtonladvertising agenciesu$e.Whenthey're testing
Justlikein advertising, there'sn0pointin having a fantastic a newpr0duct theygoto different locations andsimplyask
advertising campaign if theproduct isunequallyfantastic.
Alsc, everyday pe0pie whattheylikeanddon'tlikeab0utnew
keepinmindthatif youdecide tobecome yorl'll
a distributor, be pfoducts. 1t'sbestif yuucant<eepthefocusgroupideaclose
legaily responsible fsrtheclaims youmakeabout theproduct, at handwhendeciding abouta product. Justbe*ause you
thecampany andtheavailable opportunities.Butaboveall, likeit doesn't meaneveryone elsewill.Finding a common
makesuretheproduct isworthyourenergy andtotaldevotion. denominator inproduct appeaiwillmatter.
0therwise, youcouldbeenergeti*ally spinning
]rourwheels. Myadvice aboutnetvt'orkmarketing isto doyourresearch,
Robert mentions theimpcrtance ofSCIing
beynnd y0urc0mfort andputeverything you'vegutintoyourproduct. Genuine
zonewh6nit csmesto network marketing. Healsomentions enthusiasm is hardto beat,andtheoddswillbewithyou"

108 S UCCESS FROM HO M E Volum e3 ls s ue4

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clcvtlop nly ()w1lpersonirlstyLeand talents!' A true network marketing businessis the exact oppositeofa tradi-
4. Ilxpunclability':Can my busincssgrorvincleiirritelvi' tiontrl businessmodel. The network marketing businessis designedto
5. ii: I clorvhtrtis
Predictrbil.itl,:Is nr-vitrcrimepreclictalrie bring yor-rto the top, not keep you at tl-rebottom. A tnre network n-rar-
cxirecredot'r-nc/lf I rm sttccessfitl, keting businessdoesnot succeedunlessit brings peopleto the top.
my busincss,.,vill nry inclmc increarservitir my suc(rssrll(i
hartl lvori<l Additional Points Worth hllentioning
1. Tax breaks increase. By starting a network marketing business
Isn't Hetwork Marketing a Pyramid Scheme? in your sparetime and keeping your regular job, you begin to gain
I am often askedif network marketingis a pyramidscheme.My reply the tax advantagesof the rich. A person witl-ra part-time businesscan
is that corporationsare really pyramid schemes.A corporationhas only take more tax deductionsthan employeescan. For example,you may
one person at the top, generally the CEO, and everyoneelsebeiow' be able to deduct car expenses,gasoline, some meals and entertain-

V o l u m e3 l s s u e4 S U C C E S S F R O M H OM E 109