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TIME & LOCATION: 6:30p.m. Recreation Room 1040 Pacific Street Vancouver, BC V6E 4C1 STRATA COUNCIL 2010 PRESIDENT Daniel De La Giroday VICE PRESIDENT Eric Starr TREASURER Tony Cheung AT LARGE Payam Kavousian Marcus von Albrecht Larry Perras ------------------------------------CARETAKER Nick Dotzev 604.841.4560 STRATA MANAGER Peter L. Horwood Direct: 604.714.6387 Fax: 604.592.5282 for ALL ACCOUNTING INQUIRIES Toll free 1.877.585.4411 (3) FINANCIAL REPORT

Eric Starr Marcus von Albrecht Larry Perras Tony Cheung Payam Kavousian (arrived 6:45) Peter Horwood – Baywest Management Corp Nick Dotsev – Building Manager ABSENT WITH REGRETS Daniel De La Giroday (1) CALL TO ORDER

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM by the Manager. A quorum was established and the meeting was declared competent to proceed.



It was MOVED/SECONDED to adopt the minutes of the Council meeting of MAY 20, 2010 ALL IN FAVOUR CARRIED

3.1 TREASURER’ REPORT The Treasurer MOVED/SECONDED to adopt the Financial Statements ending MAY 31, 2010 as distributed. ALL IN FAVOUR CARRIED The Treasurer stated that he had not completed his review of the June statements and would defer his recommendation to adopt until the next meeting. He did have two questions of the June statements that the Manager will need to respond to. 3.2 ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE The Strata Manager reported that as May 20th the Accounts Receivable totalled $6261.29 from 33 strata lots. The Manager reported that 19 of these strata lots were in arrears of their parking fees and the balance were a combination of unpaid back charges or first month fees of new owners. The Council requests that all parking stall renters to mail cheques for parking to Baywest Management to ensure that there are received on time – the first of each month. 3.3 BALANCE SHEET As of the meeting date the Corporation had $56,287.12 in the Operating Fund bank account and $231,104.71 in the Contingency Reserve and Special Levy & Reserve Fund accounts.

BAYWEST MANAGEMENT 300 – 1770 BURRARD ST. VANCOUVER, BC V6J3G7 24 Hr: 604.257.0325



4.1 MAILBOXES The Manager reported that he had yet to apply for the City permits but would do so before the next meeting. 4.2 WINDOW CLEANING The Manager reported that a representative from Suspended Stages had visited the building for a preliminary review of the roof anchors. Before the testing can be undertaken a roof plan of the building would be required: Council member Marcus von Albrecht stated that he had a copy that could be made available. 4.3 WINDOW FILM

Council reviewed the sample submitted by Smartfilms to treat the Amenity Room east window and door. Council MOVED/SECONDED to approve. CARRIED
4.4 PARKING The Manager submitted a sample Rental Agreement to Council for their review. Council Member Eric Starr will review and modify to meet Chelsea Terrace’s purpose. Council also directed the Manager to contact the owners of three vehicles that appear not to be roadworthy advising them that insurance and a current plate tag is is required. Council also discussed the recent removal of one vehicle that remained unclaimed by the estate of a former owner. 4.5 LANDSCAPING The Manager reported that he had contacted E. Cordeiro Landscaping for pricing on the proposed cleanup and replanting of two areas on the east side of the building. This work will be scheduled for the fall and is to be funded by the $3769 remaining in the Landscape levy account. 4.6 ENVELOPE / PARKADE REPAIRS The Manager reported that this fiscal year the Corporation had spent $19,530 with EPS Westcoast to address repairs to two units and undertake sealing of the piping penetrations in the north parkade wall. As well approval had been given on June 11th to EPS Westcoast to install two drains to traverse the parkade ceiling slab to drain the area exterior to units 306 and 307 for $2700 plus tax and on July12th approval had been given to inject 116 lineal feet of cracks in the parkade structure with urethane grout for $3190 plus tax.



(i) The Manager had issued a letter on behalf of Council to a new owner who was four months in arrears. As of the date of the meeting the owner had paid a portion of the arrears; the Manager had made a follow up call and late payment penalties were being applied. (ii) The Manager had issued a letter on behalf of Council to an owner concerning a dog being kept on their premises. As of the date of the meeting the Manager stated that a response had not been received although one was requested by June 21st and as stated in the letter Council was therefore within its rights to fine the owner. Council MOVED/SECONDED to apply a $200 fine against the strata lot. CARRIED (iii) Council was in receipt of an emailed response to a letter issued concerning an alleged in-suite laundry. The respondent denied that there was a laundry and Council acknowledged that the letter had been issued in error. The Manager was directed to issue another to the correct suite owner. (iv) The Manager had issued a letter on behalf of Council to an owner reported to be allowing their cat to roam the hallway. No reports of a re-occurrence of this infraction have been received

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6.1 BUILDING MAINTENANCE ISSUES (i) Storm Sewer – The Manager reported that a four foot section of the building storm water sewer had to be replaced due to the intrusion of tree roots. (ii) Emergency Generator –The Manager has still to secure a quote to paint the emergency generator enclosure. (iii) Power Washing – Council MOVED/SECONDED to proceed with the at-grade power washing now and as determined at the last council meeting to undertake the façade cleaning once the windows are cleaned. CARRIED (iv) Parkade Cleaning – Council directed the Manager to secure a price from Atlas Power Sweep to clean the parkade. (v) Standpipe leak – The Manager reported that a leak on the fire standpipe serving a 4th floor fire hose cabinet had been repaired in June by Voltec. (vi) Domestic Water Boiler – The Manager reported that Coast Olympic had cleaned the boiler’s heat exchanger, replaced 40 burners and the flow switch for $1332.66 on June 8th 6.2 HARDSHIP RENTAL Council MOVED/SECONDED to ratify a Council decision of June 22nd to allow an owner an exemption to the Corporation’s rental restriction bylaws under the hardship provisions and lease their unit for a period of one year commencing September 1st . CARRIED 6.3 PROJECT REVIEW Council reviewed the status of the projects either approved at the last AGM or implemented by this year’s council. Of the ten projects the new mailboxes, engineering study and drain hydro-flushing remain, the balance have either been completed or are underway. 6.4 ELEVATORS (i) A member of Council volunteered to undertake minor repairs to the cab interiors for a cost of up to $100: this was supported by the rest of Council. (ii) Council discussed the elevator advertising and directed the Manager to follow up with High Rise Communications for payment and removal of the existing in-cab displays. (iii) The Manager stated that the protective pads purchased from Protex were now on site. 6.5 CARPET CLEANING The Manager stated that an owner had reported that subsequent to the hallway carpet cleaning a length of the 5th floor hallway carpet had been stained with an unknown liquid. The Building Manager will call back Carpetex to attempt removal. 6.6 LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION Council discussed the problem with the existing landscape sprinklers specifically the spray pattern at the building’s front entrance. The Building Manager will contact University Sprinkler to adjust. REMINDER THAT ALL BICYCLES MUST BE TAGGED WITH YOUR UNIT NUMBER BY AUGUST 1ST OR THEY WILL BE REMOVED & DONATED TO CHARITY.



There being no further business, the meeting was terminated at 8:30PM. The next meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2010 at 6:30 p.m

Please keep these minutes for your files. Should you wish to sell your home you will need to provide them to your realtor. There will be a charge for copies secured through the management company.
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