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TIME & LOCATION: 6:30 pm Recreation Room 1040 Pacific St Vancouver, B.C. STRATA COUNCIL 2011 VICE-PRESIDENT Eric Starr TREASURER Tony Cheung AT LARGE Marcus Van Albrecht Larry Perras Paul Sprout Payam Kavousian STRATA MANAGER John Poon Direct Phone: (604) 714-6387 Direct Fax: (604) 592-5282 ACCOUTANT 1-877-585-4411 BAYWEST MANAGEMENT #301 – 1195 W. Broadway Vancouver B.C. V6H 3X5 24 Hour Line: (604) 257-0325 ATTENDANCE: Eric Starr Tony Cheung Marcus Van Albrecht Paul Sprout Larry Perras Payam Kavousian John Poon, Baywest Management Corporation Nick Dotsev, Building Manager GUEST: Mr. Filip Kolobara – ThyssenKrupp Elevator (departed at 6:52pm) (1) CALL TO ORDER

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by the Strata Manager. A quorum was established and the meeting was declared competent to proceed. 1.1 PRESENTATION – THYSSENKRUPP ELEVATOR

Mr. Filip Kolabara, an Account Representative from ThyssenKrupp Elevator, attended the meeting to present a Capital Upgrade Plan to the Strata Council. Mr. Kolabara explained to Council that though the two elevators are currently being maintained properly and are operating well, he would advise the Strata to consider the replacement of the door operators in the near future as they are the one component that is under the most stress, and there are signs that the number of elevator trouble calls related to the doors are trending upwards over the past 1-2 yaer(s).

After answering a few other questions from the Strata Council, Mr. Kolabara departed the meeting at 6:50pm. (2) RESIGNATION OF STRATA PRESIDENT

As he has sold his unit at Chelsea Terrace, the Strata Council took a moment to express a note of gratitude to Mr. Dan De La Giroday for all the time and efforts the past several years serving as member of the Strata Council, as well as the Strata President. (3) APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES

It was MOVED/ SECONDED to approve the minutes of the Council Meeting of July 7, 2011. CARRIED


4.1 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The Treasurer MOVED and it was SECONDED to adopt the Financial Statements for the months of June 30, 2011 to September 30, 2011 as distributed. CARRIED 4.2 ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE

The Strata Manager presented a list of owners in arrears as of the date of the meeting to Council for review. The Strata Manager explained that most of the arrears pertain to previous invoice chargebacks, as well as the current month of strata fees. 4.3 2012 BUDGET PLANNING

The Strata Manager presented a draft proposed 2012 budget to Council for review. The Strata Manager also highlighted a number of key line items in the draft budget for Council’s attention. As the Building Envelope Condition Assessment (BECA) report and the CRF Study were completed and issued by McCuaig & Associates just recently, Council agreed that it would be prudent to spend some time reviewing both reports before considering any budget planning for the 2012 fiscal year. (5) 5.1 BUSINESS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MEETING PARKING REVIEW

Further to Section 4.1 of the previous meeting minutes, Council reviewed some ideas put together by a number of Council Members with respect to possible means to further improve the management of the parkade with the ultimate goal of achieving proper allocation of parking stalls in light of continual demand. Some of the ideas include proposing new parking bylaws restricting the number of parking rentals each resident may rent from the Strata Corporation, formalizing an understanding with nearby buildings on alternate parking arrangements, as well as retaining a professional consultant to complete a parking study with recommendations. Council will review this matter further at the next meeting. 5.2 RESERVE FUND STUDY (RFS) & BUILDING ENVELOPE CONDITION ASSESSMENT (BECA)

Further to Section 4.2 of the previous meeting minutes, McCuaig & Associates has recently completed a BECA report and RFS report, along with an assessment of the structural components of the building for Council’s review. As the reports have only become available recently, Council agreed that more time is needed to review the reports and recommendations further before any planning for implementation can take place. Council also agreed that the parkade ramp, an area of concern outlined by McCuaig & Associates, must be strengthened by steel reinforcements as soon as possible. While this particular expenditure was not previously accounted for in the 2011 operating budget, Council agreed that there are more than reasonable grounds, based on the McCuaig report, to justify the urgency of the repairs in consideration of Section 98(3) of the Strata Property Act (SPA), as quoted below for owners’ reference: 98(3) The expenditure may be made out of the operating fund or CRF if there are reasonable grounds to believe that an immediate expenditure is necessary to ensure safety or prevent significant loss or damage, whether physical or otherwise.

3 The Strata Manager was instructed to forward the proposals obtained by McCuaig & Associates on the stated reinforcements to Council for review and approval via email once they become available. 5.3 HOT TUB, SAUNA & WASHROOM REPAIRS

Further to Section 4.4 of the previous meeting minutes, the remediation of the hot tub, the sauna, and the sauna washroom has been completed by Renovative Property Services. Furthermore, due to a problem discovered with the roof deck immediately above one of the washrooms in early August, Council had approved the remediation of the roof deck with a new membrane by Arbutus Roofing for a price of $10,172 + HST. This expenditure was approved based on the provisions outlined in Section 98(3) of the SPA (see quoted excerpt in Section 4.2). The Strata Manager reported to Council that Arbutus Roofing has recently returned to the building to install new flashings for the roof deck in question. 5.4 NEW POOL OPERATION REGULATIONS

Further to Section 4.7 of the previous meeting minutes, Council decided to defer consideration of the two quotes for upgrades to the drains of the hot tub from West Coast Pool Service until the new Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) regulations are fully implemented. Council also noted that West Coast Pool Service is currently working on resolving an issue with the heater element of the hot tub. 5.5 TREE-PRUNING

Further to Section 6.4 off the previous meeting minutes, the Strata Manager presented two treepruning quotes for various trees located on the exterior of the building for Council’s consideration. After reviewing the quotes, Council MOVED/ SECONDED to approve the quote of $1,800 + HST from BC Tree Services Ltd. CARRIED The Strata Manager also presented a quote from E. Cordeiro Landscaping Ltd. for various grounds improvements (such as replacement of dead grasses, planting of laurel, new soil placement & bark mulch) to Council for consideration. Council MOVED/ SECONDED to approve the quote of $1,140 + HST from E. Cordeiro Landscaping Ltd. CARRIED (6) CORRESPONDENCE

Council dealt with correspondence received as follows: 6.1 Council reviewed email correspondence received from an individual who is acting as the Power of Attorney for an owner in the building with respect to the owner’s complaints of recurring noise nuisance caused by the unit above. After reviewing the complaints, Council instructed the Building Manager to follow-up on the complaints with the owner of the unit above. The Strata Manager was also instructed to reply to the owner through the Power of Attorney to document the particulars (date & time) of the incidents if they recur. Council reviewed email correspondence received from an owner with respect to the recurring problem of inappropriate use of the exterior common areas on the south side of the building. The owner reported that residents are still using the area for access to and from their units, thus causing a nuisance to other residents. After reviewing the owner’s concerns, Council agreed to explore the idea of placing signs at the south-side common areas of the building to deter owners/ residents from accessing their units via this area. The Strata Manager will obtain a quote from a signs company for Council’s approval.



The Strata Manager reported to Council that as per Council’s approval via email, the Strata Corporation has renewed its insurance policy with Coastal Insurance for the period of October 1, 2011 to October 1, 2012. The new policy premium is $32,327, which is an approximately 4.5% increase from the 2010-2011 policy premium. 7.2 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) PREPARATIONS

The Strata Council agreed that, in light of the complexity and extent of the reports recently issued by McCuaig & Associates and the subsequent amount of time it will take to review them in detail, the AGM should tentatively be deferred to February 2012. 7.3 ROOF MAINTENANCE

The Strata Manager presented a quote of $1,860 + HST from Arbutus Roofing on providing fall preventative maintenance for the roofs of the building to Council for consideration. The maintenance services quoted are to be applied to the fifth floor roofs, the main tower roof (on the ninth floor), the elevator roof, as well as the boiler room roof. The maintenance will include, but may not be necessarily limited to, the removal of debris from all roof levels, the cleaning and caulking of vents, the cleaning and caulking of flashings as required, the cleaning out of all roof vents, the cleaning out of drain wells, the replacement of damaged any down-pipes, the checking of seams and re-torching of open seams, and the application of mastic and granules to bare spots on torch-on roofs. After reviewing the quote, Council MOVED/ SECONDED to approve the quote of $1,860 + HST from Arbutus Roofing. CARRIED 7.4 SNOW REMOVAL

The Strata Council agreed that the Building Manager will continue to be responsible for carrying out snow removal services for the front sidewalk, the parkade entrance, as well as any exterior stairways and walkways of Chelsea Terrace. Council also agreed that volunteers from the building would be welcomed on days after heavy snowfall. 7.5 LAUNCH OF MYBAYWEST

The Strata Manager reported to Council that the new version of myBaywest, an on-line tool for owners to access their account information and Strata documents, is ready for launch. The Strata Manager also explained that the new version of myBaywest will be offered to owners at no charge. The Strata Manager recommended that Council Members can try the myBaywest demo to test-run the information portal. The Strata Manager was then instructed to notify the Baywest IT Department to put VR1047 on priority sequence. (8) TERMINATION & NEXT MEETING DATE

There being no further business, the meeting was terminated at 8:25 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 6:30pm at the Recreation Room. Please keep these minutes for your files. Should you wish to sell your home you will need to provide them to your realtor. There will be a charge for copies secured through the management company.

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