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TIME & LOCATION: 6:00 pm Recreation Room 1040 Pacific St Vancouver, B.C. STRATA COUNCIL 2011 VICE-PRESIDENT Eric Starr TREASURER Tony Cheung AT LARGE Marcus Van Albrecht Larry Perras Paul Sprout Payam Kavousian STRATA MANAGER John Poon Direct Phone: (604) 714-6387 Direct Fax: (604) 592-5282 ACCOUTANT 1-877-585-4411 BAYWEST MANAGEMENT #301 – 1195 W. Broadway Vancouver B.C. V6H 3X5 24 Hour Line: (604) 257-0325 ATTENDANCE: Eric Starr Tony Cheung Paul Sprout ABSENT: Marcus Van Albrecht Payam Kavousian Larry Perras

John Poon, Baywest Management Corporation Nick Dotsev, Building Manager (1) CALL TO ORDER

The meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by the Strata Manager. A quorum was established and the meeting was declared competent to proceed. (2) APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES

It was MOVED/ SECONDED to approve the minutes of the Council Meeting of January 5, 2012. CARRIED (3) FINANCIAL REPORT

3.1 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS The Treasurer MOVED and it was SECONDED to adopt the Financial Statements for the month of December 31, 2011 as distributed. CARRIED 3.2 ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE

The Strata Manager presented a list of owners in arrears (totalling $5,963.23) as of the date of the meeting to Council for review. The Strata Manager explained that most of the arrears pertain the current month of strata fees, as well as parking rental, while for a few units the arrears pertain to charge-back of invoices. 3.3 2012 BUDGET PLANNING

The Strata Council reviewed and finalized the proposed budget for the 2012 fiscal year with an emphasis on CRF contribution that is to be compounded incrementally on an annual basis in order to ensure the Strata Corporation is in an optimum position to consider various capital items noted in the CRF Study on a long-term basis. (4) 4.1 BUSINESS ARISING FROM PREVIOUS MEETING PARKING REVIEW

The Strata Council reviewed and finalized a proposed bylaw amendment on limiting parking stall rental to one stall per unit, with the stipulation that owners/ residents who are currently renting more

than one stall would be exempted from the bylaw. The proposed bylaw amendment will be included in the agenda of the Annual General Meeting. 4.2 RESERVE FUND STUDY (RFS) & BUILDING ENVELOPE CONDITION ASSESSMENT (BECA)

The Strata Council reviewed a number of proposed ¾ vote resolutions drafted by the Strata Manager pertaining to a number of capital projects which will be proposed to owners at the coming Annual General Meeting. The Strata Manager also presented a proposal from McCuaig & Associates for providing project management services on the capital repairs in question for Council’s review and consideration. After reviewing the proposed resolutions, the Strata Manager was instructed to follow-up with McCuaig & Associates for clarification on some of their recommendations so that the ¾ vote resolutions can be refined accordingly. 4.3 HOT TUB MAINTENANCE

The Strata Manager presented a quote of $450 + HST from West Coast Pool on preparing a safety plan for the hot tub in the building as per Vancouver Coastal Health regulations to Council for consideration. After reviewing the quote, Council approved the quote of $450 + HST from West Coast Pool. CARRIED 4.4 ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION

As there are other more urgent capital repairs that the Strata Corporation will need to consider in the 2012 fiscal year, Council agreed to forego the consideration of elevator modernization, both with respect to the controller & the interior of the elevator cabs, until the completion of the other items that are of higher priority. 4.5 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) PREPARATIONS

Further to the discussion from the previous meeting, the Strata Council confirmed that the AGM is to be convened on Tuesday, February 28, 2012. The Strata Manager was instructed to revise the ¾ vote resolutions and proposed 2012 budget as per Council’s directions earlier in the meeting. Council will then review the final draft of the AGM notice package so that it is issued in full compliance with the notice requirements of the Strata Property Act. 4.6 LAUNCH OF MYBAYWEST

Council Member Payam Kavousian has requested to the Baywest IT team to provide access to myBaywest for the other Council Members so that they can provide their input and suggestions on customizing the on-line portal for Chelsea Terrace. Once Council has provided feedback to the Baywest IT team, the final version of myBaywest will be launched to all owners of accordingly. (5) CORRESPONDENCE

Council dealt with correspondence received as follows: 5.1 Council reviewed email correspondence received from an owner with respect to dissatisfaction with the performance and responsiveness of On Side Restoration during the course of the insuite repairs in their unit. Council is satisfied that the concerns noted have since been addressed by the restoration company. 2 Council Meeting Minutes – February 1, 2012

VR1047 – Chelsea Terrace


Council reviewed email correspondence received from an owner with respect to a request for reimbursement for repairs of a bathroom sink blockage in the unit. After reviewing the request, the Strata Council denied the request as the repairs pertain to an in-suite condition which is a homeowner responsibility. NEW BUSINESS HOT TUB HEATER

(6) 6.1

The Strata Manager presented a quote of $668 + HST from PML for the replacement of the flow switch of the hot tub heater. Council MOVED/ SECONDED to approve the quote of $668 + HST from PML. CARRIED 6.2 LOCKER CONTENTS

The Strata Council reviewed a request from an owner for reimbursement for storage locker contents that were damaged by water ingress. The Strata Manager was instructed to advise the owner to submit a formal written request for Council’s review and consideration at the next scheduled Council Meeting. (7) TERMINATION & NEXT MEETING DATE

There being no further business, the meeting was terminated at 7:35 p.m. The next meeting will be the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 28, 2012 at 6:30pm at the Recreation Room. The date of the next Council Meeting will be determined by Council after the Annual General Meeting.

Please keep these minutes for your files. Should you wish to sell your home you will need to provide them to your realtor. There will be a charge for copies secured through the management company.

VR1047 – Chelsea Terrace


Council Meeting Minutes – February 1, 2012