The Ottawa Sun n Thursday, January 31, 2013

Q: Favourite CFL team as a kid? A: The Ottawa Rough Riders. It dates back to the 1976 Grey Cup and the fact Tony Gabriel was from my hometown of Burlington.




Q: must-watCh tv show For you? A: Homeland. Q: boxers or brieFs? A: Briefs. Q: Favourite movie oF aLL-time? The Great Escape. I did a book report on it before I even knew there was a movie. Q: Favourite meaL? A: Filet mignon and steamed broccoli. Q: passing game or running game? A: Passing game ... it’s the CFL. Q: how did you meet your wiFe? A: We worked together at McDonald’s in high school. We didn’t see each other for 10 years and one day on the platform waiting for a GO Train, I kind of recognized her and said: ‘Are you Michelle?’ We sat on the train together most mornings and we started going out. We’ve been married 17 years in May. Q: Favourite hoCkey team as a kid? A: The Montreal Canadiens. My second favourite sports team would be Arsenal. Q: best vaCation ever? A: Europe. My wife and I went in 2009 and 2011. If I had to narrow it down to one place, Normandy. I not only go to the cemeteries, I get a guided tour of all the areas.

Q: athLetes you Looked up to as a kid? A: Tony Gabriel, Guy Lafleur and Skip Walker

Q: Favourite nFL team? A: I don’t have one anymore. It used to be the Buffalo Bills. When I’m watching games, I’m not watching as a fan anymore, I’m watching good players ... it doesn’t matter who’s playing.

Q: memories oF your time in ottawa? A: I was a struggling student doing an internship (with the Canada Games Council in 1993). Pretty much every weekend, I’d drive back to Burlington to play softball with my buddies and I’d leave early Monday morning to be back in Ottawa for work at 9. Q: you get onLy three songs on your ipod pLayList ... what do you Choose? A: Van Halen, Jump; Johnny Reid, Today I’m Gonna Try and Change the World; and Guess Who, American Woman.

Q: what do you think oF redbLaCks? A: It’s not my department. The team has people in place to deal with that. Q: san FranCisCo or baLtimore in the super bowL? A: San Fran. Q: your phiLosophy Coming in ... buiLd or win QuiCkLy? A: How about build and win quickly? Q: LunCh with three Famous peopLe, who do you Choose? A: Sir Winston Churchill, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Bobby Smith.

Q: best ConCert you’ve seen? A: 1984, Van Halen at Maple Leaf Gardens. I’ve seen KISS twice ... Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins, Huey Lewis ...

Q: your First Car and what do you drive now? A: 1976 Cutlass Supreme, red with a white interior; I’m driving a Nissan Murano.

Q: song you may be most embarrassed to say you have on your ipod? A: James Blunt, You’re Beautiful. If anybody asks, I say it reminds me of my wife.