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Residential Insulation and Windows Program Rebate Chart

Rebates for DTE Energy Customers

(DTE Energy must be the primary heat source, either natural gas or ALL ELECTRIC heat.1)


Rebate Amount

Required Initial R Value R 24 <R5 Not Sealed R0 R0 R0

Minimum Added R Value R 19+ R 10+ R 10+ with Air Seal R 10+ R 10+ R 10+

Required Minimum Installed 500 sq. ft. 250 sq. ft. 100 Linear ft. 200 sq. ft. 100 sq. ft. 100 sq. ft.

Attic/Ceiling Insulation2 Above Grade Wall/ Kneewall Insulation Rim/Band Joist Insulation3 Basement Wall Insulation Crawlspace Wall Insulation4 Floor Insulation4

$125 $125 $50 $50 $50 $50


Rebate Amount $15 per window / $30 per patio door unit or picture window > 30 sq. ft.

Required Rating ENERGY STAR for Northern Climate Zone (U-value .3)

Window Replacement5

These rebates and requirements are effective as of September 1, 2012. For rebate applications, complete program details, rules, terms and conditions, please visit: or call 866.796.0512

IMPORTANT NOTE: Program details are subject to change without prior notice. Please review complete program details, rules, terms and conditions prior to proceeding with work. REBATE CALCULATIONS:
1 5

Electric Heat includes heat pumps and electric resistance heating systems. Attic/Ceiling Insulation requires a starting effective value of less than or equal to R 24 (OR less than or equal to 8 of insulation). Effective R value considers framing members in the overall existing attic/ceiling R Value. A minimum of R 19 or 6 of insulation must be added. Rim/Band Joist Insulation requires the rim/band joist to be insulated with spray foam insulation with a minimum of R 10 value OR all joints must be air sealed with caulk or spray foam and insulated with a minimum of R 10 value. Rim/Band Joist minimum area is 100 linear ft. OR entire available rim/band joist area (whichever is smaller). Floor and Crawlspace Insulation requires lapped and sealed vapor barrier on unfinished crawlspace floor if deficient or absent.

Window Replacement: Windows must be rated as ENERGY STAR and/ or National Fenestration Rating Council with a U value of 0.30 or less. (For example: U-value of 0.31 does not qualify, U-value of 0.29 does qualify) To calculate window square feet: length (inches) x width (inches) divided by 144 = square feet of window.

SUBMIT REBATE APPLICATIONS WITH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS: By Email to: By Fax to: 877.663.9435 By Mail to: DTE Energy - Insulation and Windows Program 535 Griswold St., Ste 111-501 Detroit, MI 48226