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January 2013, Issue 76

Welcome to 2013!
Dear Step into Life Members, Family and Friends The team at Step into Life would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and a safe start to 2013! Have you set that New Year’s resolution yet? Here’s a thought, the latest research says that human life expectancy is approximately 80 years. So, that means 80 summers, 80 autumns, 80 winters and 80 springs, with that in mind, take 80 and subtract your current age and that is supposedly how many summers, autumns, winters and springs you have left! When you think of it that way it places a whole new angle on new-year’s resolutions. Make the most of every day as each day is precious. January is a time to set some goals for the New Year. Please chat to your Trainer about your short, mid and long term goals and they will assist you to plan ahead and stay motivated with your training. I would also like to say thank you to all our Step into Life members and our Franchise group for participating in the National Breast Cancer Foundation Fundraising initiative. As you are aware the NBCF supports the tireless research into this life changing disease which sadly affects one in eight. With your fantastic support we’ve raised just under $5000 that will go towards life saving research and assist in the foundations goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030. An aspiration that’s made possible by your generosity and support. Here’s to a healthy and productive 2013 – we’re looking forward to seeing you push your limits! Regards Larry Cohen Director

The Step into Life franchise family is growing. Share it and let your friends know that they too can take a step towards a fun, social and lasting fitness program. Step into Life - making a stand for a healthier generation one person and one community at a time! NEW Step into Life Locations
VIC Altona Reservoir* Mt Waverley* Essendon* WA Morley NSW Cronulla Gungahlin Woonona

QLD Miami
*Under new management

Timetable Changes

Comic Relief Hahaha!

This Timetable will take effect from the 1st of February 2013.


Sling bag – new style $35.00

Action singlet $25.00

Knee-length tights $49.95

Cotton Training Club Special! Only $10.00 each

Local News

Training Club
Achieving your goals at Step into Life
How close are you to your next Training Club milestone? Goal setting is a key element to gaining fitness, weight loss and improved health benefits. At all Step into Life sessions we add training points to your training club tally (you can see your total on your fortnightly performance report). Points gained are a measure of your commitment to your training. Ask your Trainer to help you set some time lines for your goals. Awards achieved in 50 points - Bernadette Laforgia 200 points - Chandel Holt 500 points - Leanne Bury, Jodie Donnellon & Petra Taylor-Smith.

A dynamic strengthening and stretching session enhancing muscle tone, core strength and flexibility. Inspired by pilates and yoga, this session will tone your body, provide postural strength, injury prevention, flexibility, balance, clear the mind and relieve stress.


New Members
Welcome! Anthea Welsh, Leisa Evans, Trisha Ranchod, Sanda Rousseaux, Bec Stalkes, Kerry Anderson, Christine Jackson & Justine Zuidema.

Test your limits! An inspiring cross training session using boot camp style drills to mould you into shape. The outdoors provides the perfect environment to use weighted bars, ropes, medicine balls and buddy drills to maximise fitness improvement, while strengthening and toning your body. Work as a team and leave feeling pumped!

Member Birthdays
Happy Birthday!
January 1st - Tass Ermidis January 5th - Stephen Penn January 22nd - Matthew Hall January 23rd - Joanna Soltys January 26th - Maya Giampa January 30th - Bec Stalkes

Coming soon!!!

Member Profile
Who is?

Where were you born?
Brisbane, Queensland.

Stephanie Salinas
Stephanie has been a member since July 2012

What is your current profession?
Environmental Advisor.

What sports have you been involved with during your life/best achievement?
Karate, Football.

Best achievement is completing TOUGH MUDDER!!!

What is your favourite Step into Life session? ,


What is happening? I’d love to join in! Coming this year


What is your favourite naughty treat when your trainers aren’t looking?
Jam Donuts and Magnums.

What are your top 3 goals you would like to achieve?
Run a half marathon by the end of 2013! Get some sexy abs! Complete TOUGH MUDDER again in Winter!

What goals have you achieved at Step into Life so far?
Increase the distance I can run and reduce my time per km.

John’s Corner
Avoiding Burnout
Written in conjunction with Kate James from Total Balance
What can you do to preserve your energy throughout the year? 1. Listen to your body Often, minor physical ailments begin to arise when we start to feel chronically stressed. Our tendency may be to brush these aside and press on. Your body is usually one of the first places you’ll notice mental exhaustion in the form of physical pain, so it’s important to pay attention. Even the aches and pains you consider to be bearable are telling you to take better care of yourself. Visit your doctor, kinesiologist, naturopath, acupuncturist or osteopath and make some time to rest. 2. Let go of some expectations Take a look at the projects and tasks you have set for the next couple of months and challenge yourself to let go of at least one thing that you really don’t need to get done in that time frame. You might discover that some tasks can be deleted from your list forever. Remember that after some time off, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle projects with a new approach. 3. Have a break before the holidays One of my favourite things to do in the lead-up to Christmas or school holidays is to take a break first. Get out of town and spend some time disconnected from your everyday life. Make sure you use this time to rest so you’re ready to hit the holidays feeling recharged. If you can’t get away this year, set aside at least an afternoon to rest with your feet up. It’s not an old wives’ tale that putting your feet up is good for you – research tells us that elevating our legs actually enhances the restorative process.

4. Ask for help Pride sometimes stops us from letting others know that we’re struggling, but remember, people often like to help where they can. Let the ones closest to you know that you need a hand. As well as being aware that now isn’t the time to impose another demand on your time, they may feel pleased to be able to lend some support. 5. Meditate Exercise as you know is invaluable to help keep your stress levels healthy, but it’s important to listen to your body and pay attention to what you need most during times of burnout. These are the times that we need to be gentle with our bodies. Meditation can lower cortisol levels and have a great restorative effect. Make it a priority to schedule at least a couple of sessions of meditation each week. 6. Over training We do not realise this important factor often until it is too late. Sometimes we are told harder and faster in our training but it must be in proportion. For example, a lot of us train 3 times per week at a Step into Life venue for up to 50 weeks of the year. This is 150 training sessions per year and the majority of them will be at a high intensity. Take the time to have a break from your training, even if it is only for 1 week over the holidays. You will be amazed how refreshed you will feel and you will even find that you come back even fitter.

Kate James is a work life balance coach, writer and speaker. She works with professional people who want to enhance their quality of life by making the right career and life choices. You can find Kate at

Boost your veggie intake in 2013

3. Soup it up Homemade soup stacked with Free vegetables is a great way to up your daily vegetables and keep the calories down. This will also help you feel full and might save you from snacking on something you shouldn’t. 4. Grate it If you don’t really like veges or are simply struggling with the amount, try grating them and adding them to mince dishes like spaghetti bolognaise. This will reduce the amount of meat you are eating and increase the vegetables, all without even noticing. 5. Go Vego Grab yourself a vegetarian cookbook and give some recipes a try. Not only will it increase your vege intake it helps expand your recipe collection. 6. Make Mega Sandwiches Instead of just adding one lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato, top your sandwiches with freshly grated carrot, beetroot, cucumber, so high that it’s hard to close. 7. Sticks Chop up some sticks of celery, carrot and carrots to dip with some homemade hummus or babaganoush – to create an all vege snack. What could be better?

Increasing your vegetable intake is a fantastic New Year’s resolution. Vegetables are high in fibre to help keep your tummy fuller for longer and your bowels regular regular and fuller for longer. They are stacked with vitamins and minerals to nourish your body. They are loaded with antioxidants to help reduce cellular inflammation that damages your metabolism. Sometimes it’s difficult to reach your Vegetable Targets so we have put together some ways to help you along: 1. Make breakfast omelettes Add in lots of vegetables like mushrooms, capsicum & onion. 2. Top your toast Rather than having just a spread or cheese on toast – add in sliced tomato, mushrooms, capsicum or even thinly sliced roasted vegetables.

Matt O’Neill BSpSc, MSc, APD, AN, Nutritionist, Sunrise & Morning Show

At Last - Guilt Free Eating!

Healthy Recipe

Steps to Jumpstart your Metabolism!
Tired of conflicting diet advice? Re-wire your appetite and re-ignite your metabolism through Matt O’Neills Metabolic Jumpstart. This 4 week program provides you with a complete metabolically matched diet plan, report & program. For only $79.95 you will receive:       

Prawn, baby spinach & walnut salad
Serves: 2 Prep: 15 mins Cooking: 5 mins
Dressing 1 tbsp olive oil Juice of half a lemon ¼ tsp Dijon mustard Freshly-ground black pepper Ingredients 200g medium uncooked (green) prawns, peeled and deveined 2 cups rocket 1 cup baby spinach Small handful of cherry tomatoes 4 small balls of bocconcini, drained, sliced 2 tbsp walnuts, roughly chopped

Body shape assessment and health risk profile Personal calorie burning times for specific foods Menu plan sample with meals and correct portions Nutrition targets for kj, calories, fat, protein and carb Daily food group exchanges Mix & match guide Motivational Pack posted to you with 8 daily targets, fridge cards, fact sheets and special offers  Access to My Jumpstart Online with audio guides, weekly checklists, faq’s and discussion posts Enhance your results with your FREE MJ Plus + program (worth $120 per year) when you sign up through a Step into Life trainer for the duration of your membership, and receive:          Weekly motivational emails and articles Motivation Planner MJ Recipes Tip Sheets Expert interviews – from hormones to intolerances Downloads – tools and templates Ongoing support & expert advice from Matt O’ Neill Access to seminars online Supermarket foods – MJ Exchanges

Method 1. Place rocket, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini in a bowl. 2. Heat a grill plate to medium-high and spray with vegetable oil spray. Cook prawns for a couple of minutes until they turn pink. 3. Combine dressing in a screw-top jar and shake to mix well. 4. Top leaves with cooked prawns, scatter walnuts over the top and drizzle the dressing over the salad.

Exchanges per serve*





Nutrients per serve
Without dressing: 992kJ (237 cals), 28.8g Protein, 11.8g Fat, 3.5g Saturated Fat, 2.8g Carbs, 2.3g Sugars, 2.3g Fibre, 455mg Sodium Dressing: 350kJ (84 cals), 0g Protein, 9.1g Fat, 1.3g Saturated Fat, 0.3g Carbs, 0.3g Sugars, 0g Fibre, 0.4mg Sodium Fibre, 0.4mg Sodium

For more information talk to your trainer.

Wear It With Pride Week
10th – 25th December, 2012
And the winner is… Albury! We received so many fantastic and creative entries from our Franchises Australia-wide for our first Wear It With Pride week. Picking just one winner felt like an impossible task, but after much deliberation, it was decided that Albury should be awarded the prize of $500 to organize a Christmas Celebration for their Franchise’s members. Congratulations, Albury! We were overwhelmed by the number of highly original responses we received to this new and exciting promotion, so we’ve decided to include a few honorable mentions as well below. Don’t forget you can access these via Step into Life’s Australia’s Facebook page if you’d like to share your pride with Congratulations to our Wear It With Pride Week winners, Step your family and friends!
into Life Albury

A big thanks to our many members who participated and wore their Training Club shirts and singlet’s along to training throughout Wear It With Pride week. Those of you that did were entered into a draw to be rewarded with some Gold Class Movie tickets for your efforts. Franchisees will be in touch with the lucky winners shortly.

Honorable mentions

Step into Life Glen Iris had a ball wearing it with pride

Step into Life Swan View

Ron Boode from Step into Life Berwick VIC taking a break at Hamilton Island

VIC members Jacquie and Sarah from Step into Life Doncaster and Monica from Step into Life Glen Waverley conducted a warm up at The Royal Walk for the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Good work, ladies!

Step into Life Coogee say hands up if you think 6.15 AM is the best time for toneup™ session with Millie!

Santa drops into training at Step into Life Coogee

Step into Life Queanbeyan member Shane Taylor in Paris recently

A Step into Life Chelsea member for over 5 years now, Jane Sadler wore four of her training club shirts to one training session. She’s earned those 2000 Training Club Points!

9.15 AM boxkick™ at Step into Life Coogee

Meta from Step into Life Kensington Gardens receiving her 5000 Training Club Points from her Trainer Mike. Congratulations, Meta!


Training Club Points!!
Bernadette Laforgia

Training Club Points! Awesome!
Chandel Holt

Petra Taylor-Smith

Leanne Bury

Jodie Donnellon

500 Training Club Points! Amazing Dedication!
The BERWICK BARBARIANS, from Step into Life Berwick, conquered their fears at Tough Mudder on Sat the 19th of Jan. They also made it into the local Pakenham Berwick Gazette!!!

Oooooooooooo Aahhhhhhhhh!!

Refer a friend and we’ll give you anything you want!
…At Step into Life® we value your patronage and the people you refer to us.
Thank you for giving a gift of good health and fitness to your friends and family by referring them to Step into Life. For each friend who joins as a result of your referral to any Step into Life Franchise nationally, you will receive a Step into Life Any Store Gift Card to the value of $25. Use your referral gift card from us to purchase almost anything provided it can be purchased from a store which has eftpos facilities.

Step into Life has a fantastic opportunity for you to become a qualified Personal Trainer. We are inviting Step into Life members that would like to learn about becoming a Personal Trainer to contact our state offices. We will tell you how easy it is for you to become a qualified Personal Trainer. Every member that decides to go ahead with a Personal Trainer qualification will have access to course discounts at various providers.

…Due to customer demand we have Franchise territories available throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you know anyone with an interest in health and fitness that would love to run a Fitness Franchise, please let them know about this exciting opportunity. $1000 referral bonus for any one you refer that becomes a Step into Life Franchisee.

Contact your state office on 1300 134 136 for more information.

Members Benefits
Discounts & Offers
…Please support our national and local traders, and take advantage of the discounts they offer to Step into Life members. Simply, show your Step into Life membership key ring to the staff of participating outlets.

Receive a 20% Discount on all Ryders Eyewear Products
To purchase Ryders Eyewear visit and quote the promo code that corresponds to your state – SIL-SA-2012 SIL-NSW-2012 SIL-VIC-2012 SIL-QLD-2012 SIL-WA-2012

Discount movie tickets from your trainer

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Members Benefits

SAVE yourself over 43%

10% OFF!

Members Benefits
every Saturday morning 9:15am!

Members Benefits
DISCOUNT of $10!! on 60min sessions Usually $80 SIL Member price

90min sessions

10% OFF!! your meal! (not
including chocolates and not valid with any other offer)

Shop 18, Parkhill Plaza, Parkhill Drv, Berwick 3806

usually $120

Members Benefits
Offering Step into

Members Benefits

Life Berwick
members a FREE 15min assessment and $5 OFF remedial Massage. Normally costs $60. $55 for members!!

10% OFF!

Members Benefits
81 High Street Berwick VIC 3806 PH: 9768 9555

Members Benefits

10% OFF!! Restaurant Dinning!

Members Benefits
Buy a natural bone & get one FREE! $10 PUPPY WASH!
(Puppies under 6 months old)

Members Benefits
Video Ezy Berwick S11/215 Park Hill Junction Plaza Park Hill Drive, BERWICK VIC 3806


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