BU 491 Winter 2013 V1.


Name: Scott C. Ensign Room: SBE2222 E Mail: pensign@wlu.ca Phone : 884-0710 x 2622 Office hours: Name: Pat Lemieux Room: P2060 E Mail: PLemieux_WLU@bell.net Phone : 884-0710 x 2350 Office hours: M & W 11:30 to 13:00 hrs or by appointment Name: Nina Rosenbusch Room: E Mail: nrosenbusch@wlu.ca Phone : 884-0710x Office hours:

Faculty Assistant: Margaret Dilworth, SBE 2201, mdilworth@wlu.ca, Tel: 519.884.0710 ext.2041

Course Description:
This course addresses the challenges associated with business strategy assessment, formulation and implementation within the international context.

Required Materials:
1) BU491 Winter 2013 Case Pack from WLU Bookstore. 2) Assigned articles, when available electronically, can be found on MyLearningSpace.

Reference material
1) Strategic Analysis and Action, 8th edition, M.M. Crossan, M.J. Rouse, J.N. Fry, and J.P. Killing (C,F&K) (Prentice Hall, 2009)

The MyLearningSpace (MLS) technology platform will be used in this course. In addition to the email, announcement, calendar and grade posting functionality, students will find slides used by the instructor, the articles assigned for reading as well as any handouts. For more information on this technology please follow the “MyLearningSpace” link under “Resources “on the Wilfrid Laurier University home page.

Course Aims:
At the end of this course the student is expected to: 1) Demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts pertaining to:

Case preparations submissions are required to be of an individual basis. time is used to address the management issues and decisions in the case – not to rehash facts in the case. discussion of business cases. 3) Demonstrate an understanding of the various strategies available to firms in the context of international strategy expansion. factors and strategies through various business cases. During the class. This preparation work can be handwritten or typed (Electronic copy not supported) and must aim to answer the posted question for the assigned case. On four occasions during the term. 4) Have successfully applied the above concepts. you are encouraged to read and analyze the assigned material prior to class. Bonus Marks Opportunity There are three opportunities for students to gain bonus marks towards their participation grade : 1. 2) Demonstrate awareness of the factors to consider in developing an international business strategy including ethical challenges. Cases will be analyzed using the strategic management frameworks learned in BU481 as well as new frameworks covered in this course. METHOD OF INSTRUCTION The majority of classes involve a brief lecture. your instructor will randomly collect at the beginning of class your preparation work for the assigned case. In an effort to support the University and the business school sustainability objectives.BU 491 Winter 2013  The global business context as they are pertinent to strategy. Grading: Technical tests (15% Test 1 and 15% for Test 2) CAMs CAM 1 (Group) CAM 2 (Individual) Participation TOTAL 30% 25% 30% 15% 100% Exams and assignments dates can be found in the BU491 winter 2013 schedule document available on MLS.  Assessing international opportunities. while some classes will use exercises and videos. Participating in study groups prior to class can help you prepare your analysis and recommendations for class. In order to maximize learning. most handouts will only be made available electronically through MLS. Each collected preparation work will be marked on a scale of 1 to 5 and will be added to the participation mark. WLU 2 .  Assessing a firm’s readiness for international markets.

All students must take these two technical tests in order to get a final grade. The instructor will provide a portfolio of questions prior to the exam. The CAM is a business report consisting of an executive summary and a few pages of exhibits. The instructor has the discretion for determining whether your assessment is accurate. Return your assessment form at the end of class. An exemption to take the scheduled technical test is only allowed if it is supported by a Doctor’s note. Finally.BU 491 Winter 2013 2. key points of analysis that support the recommendation and a plan of action will be presented. a subsequent make up test date can be scheduled if the student has valid doctor’s note for the technical test and make up test days missed. Individual participation for the group CAM will be assessed using a "Peer Evaluation Form". 10. 5. In the event that a student is sick on the makeup test date. 8. forty one bonus points will be allocated to each of the top five best group case CAMs across all sections ( 15. Students will have the opportunity to share relevant current events with others to enhance their participation grade. Participation Assigned materials must be read prior to class and active participation is required. You will keep track of your daily class contribution using an assessment form that is made available at the beginning of each class. It will consist of two closed book tests each using short answer questions and delivered during class time. A name card is mandatory at each class in order to earn participation marks. Within the CAM is a recommendation to the situation posed in the case. The assignment will be submitted both in hard copy and as an electronic version through “Turnitin” and is described more fully in a separate handout that will be provided by your instructor during the term. Assess your participation using the scale shown on the class contribution sheets. More details will be made available by your instructor through assignment’s instruction handouts. 3) The assessment will be made by the instructors with a focus on comprehensiveness and practicality in addition to academic rigor. Aggregated participation marks will be provided on MLS by your instructor on a regular basis. Make up technical tests will be scheduled a few days after the regular scheduled one for those with a valid written exemption. WLU 3 . No extra time will be allocated for international students. While grades for the group report will be assigned on a group basis. individual grades will be adjusted either up or down if the "Peer Evaluation Form" suggests such an adjustment is appropriate at the discretion of the instructor. Exams The technical tests are designed to demonstrate student’s learning and understanding of key strategy concepts and tools covered during the term. The first one will be on a group basis (maximum group size of 5) while the second will be on an individual basis. Case You will prepare and submit two “Case Analysis Memorandums” (CAM). All students must complete the two CAM assignments in order to get a final grade.

more specifically. In the event that plagiarism is detected within a group submission. Students are encouraged to review the Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus including: WLU 4 .BU 491 Winter 2013 ACADEMIC INTEGRITY Academic integrity is expected of all members of the Laurier community. cell phones are to be turned off. submission of work generated for another course without prior clearance by the instructor of this course. all students within the group will receive a zero for their group assignment. For midterm exams. aiding and abetting another student’s dishonesty. In the event that plagiarism is detected within the case preparation submissions. Students involved in academic misconduct may receive a failing grade on the course and even a notation of academic dishonesty on their transcripts. In event that plagiarism or some form of academic integrity issue is detected during technical test 1 or 2. using another individual’s idea(s) without properly crediting them. Any act by a student or students which represents a deliberate attempt to unfairly gain an academic advantage is considered academic misconduct. plagiarism or. The “Student Code of Conduct and Discipline” in the WLU Calendar sets out related policies and procedures. affected students will receive a zero for that submission as well as a zero for all past and future case preparation submissions. and giving false information for the purpose of gaining credit. academic misconduct includes copying or use of unauthorized aids in assignments and test. “making up” facts or research findings. students will receive a zero grade for the test and they will be reported to the Associate Dean. Your instructor will advise you of the Turnitin information to be used by your class.com. Students will be required to submit their assignments turnitin. In this course. Accessible Learning Centre Students with disabilities or special needs are advised to contact Laurier’s Accessible Learning Centre (1C11) for information regarding its services and resources.

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