PURPOSE This document provides instructions for controlling the verification, calibration, and maintenance of inspection, measuring, and test equipment to ensure proper functioning and continued accuracy.


SCOPE This document applies to all measuring equipment (mechanical, electrical and digital) used for verification of part and product acceptability. Employee owned equipment must conform to the requirements of this document.


RESPONSIBILITY Primary: Support: Quality Assurance Engineering Operations Purchasing


REFERENCES Documents (See Administrative Document Master List 05-ML-001 for latest revision.) 09-SP-003 10-SP-002 13-SP-001 11-RC-001 11-RC-002 11-RC-003 11-RC-004 11-RC-005 11-RC-06 Processes and Equipment Qualification Receiving Inspection Control of Nonconforming Product Equipment Location and Recall Database Calibration/Service Record Calibration Label Reference Only Label Calibration Recall Notice Out of Service Label


DEFINITIONS Accuracy The degree of conformity of a measurement to a standard or a true value. Calibration

torque wrenches. test software. Personally owned equipment is not used for product acceptance. vernier calipers.) Precision The degree of refinement with which a measurement is stated. but is not limited to. Measuring. automated test equipment (ATE) and plotters used to produce inspection media. dial indicators. Transfer Standard Designated measuring equipment used in a calibration system as a medium for transferring the basic value of reference standards to lower echelon standards for measuring and test equipment. instruments. and document the accuracy of the equipment being compared. products. test. or other inspection. Equipment means Inspection. correlate. Measuring. and test equipment. Equipment As used in this procedure. User The person who has operational control of equipment for the time that it is needed to perform a specific job. templates. jigs. measuring and test equipment includes all types of devices used by any supplier or subcontractor personnel to check materials. depth gages. Rev A. Reference Standard Standards of the highest order accuracy in a calibration system that establishes the basic accuracy values for that system.0 REQUIREMENTS . gage blocks. fixtures. gauge. processes. Custodian The function or person responsible for overall control of an equipment item. It is used to measure the consistency or reproducibility of measurement. or otherwise examine items to determine compliance with specifications that have been deemed critical to the control of a process. measuring. micrometers. software. (D1-9000. This includes test hardware. and Test Equipment. Inspection. and Test Equipment All devices used to measure. rectify.A comparison of measuring equipment with a standard of higher accuracy to detect. 6. gages. Equipment referred to in this document includes. adjust. "go/no-go" gauges. test equipment. Inspection. inspect. and mylars.

and other factors affecting precision measurements. 6. usage. accuracy required. the facility must comply with a nationally or internationally recognized calibration laboratory standard and will be evaluated by Quality Assurance. . purpose. will be calibrated to a nationally or internationally recognized standard. The calibration environment must be similar to the environment in which the equipment is being used or a compensating correction or equivalent technique will be identified justifying the difference in calibration conditions. the interval may be lengthened. time. humidity. Calibration certificates are required.1 Determining Measurement Requirements The QA Manager determines measurements needed. and test equipment as well as measuring standards will be calibrated and used in an environment controlled to the extent necessary to assure continued measurements of required accuracy considering temperature.2 Traceability to Standards All equipment. 6. vibration. 6.4 Environmental Considerations Inspection. cleanliness. and the selection of appropriate equipment and methods. the interval will be shortened. Regardless of the location of the calibration. The QA Manager on the basis of stability. If the equipment remains accurate during successive calibrations.5 Outside Calibration A commercial standards laboratory is used for calibration and repair that cannot be accomplished in-house. If the equipment requires frequent adjustments or repairs. 6. If the equipment is used infrequently.6 Work Instructions Internally created work instructions for in-house calibration where the equipment manufacturer has not supplied procedures will be the responsibility of the Engineering and/or Quality Assurance departments. 6. it may be designated for calibration prior to use instead of establishing a set schedule for calibration. The schedule can be adjusted based on the calibration history of the item. measuring.3 Calibration Schedule Quality Assurance Department controls all Calibration. or is found to be nonconforming in successive calibrations. and/or the manufacturer’s recommendation will create a Calibration Schedule. that is used to accept product to specified requirements.6. The system provides for the prevention of inaccuracy by detection of deficiencies and timely implementation of corrective action.

The Calibration/Service Record (11-RC-002) will contain the date. Preservation. 7. or tampered with.1 PROCEDURE Equipment Qualification Equipment used for inspection. measuring. Only equipment with a current label is used.2 Calibration Records The QA Manager maintains records of the custodian. reworked. and storage is accomplished in such a manner that the accuracy and fitness for use is maintained.0 7. 7.8 Unscheduled Calibration Calibration is accomplished earlier than schedule if there is any reason to suspect that the equipment needs recalibration (erratic readings. A number is assigned to each equipment item for control purposes and is marked on the item. as-received condition. damaged. repaired. They also safeguard the equipment from adjustments that would invalidate the calibration settings.). including where appropriate. If the equipment is inaccurate. gauge is dropped. 6. measuring and test equipment. or modified equipment is calibrated before use in production or test.6.3 Labeling Equipment Each piece of equipment will be marked with the most recent calibration date and the date for the next scheduled calibration. etc. test devices and tools supplied by the customer is maintained by Quality Assurance in the computer. the user and/or the custodian is responsible for notifying the QA Manager that an unscheduled recalibration is necessary and the reason for it. and test must be qualified in accordance with the procedure for Qualification of Processes and Equipment. A list of inspection. and Storage The user and the custodian of the equipment must ensure that handling. 7.7 Handling. . and result of all calibrations. status. The QA Manager insures that all new. and history of all equipment used for the inspection or verification of product. preservation.

8. The Purchasing Manager verifies that the supplier will comply with the requirements of this document and include the requirements in purchasing documents.2 Notification The QA Manager is responsible to notify the Custodian of the degree of nonconformance of the equipment if it is found to be out of the calibration specification. the label can be placed on the storage case for the equipment. 8. If the item is too small for marking.The Calibration Label (11-RC-003 or Laboratory Label) is invalid if it is incomplete or illegible. Measurements cannot be accepted from uncalibrated equipment or equipment that has exceeded its calibration date. The Custodian is responsible for delivery of the equipment to the QA Manager (Tool Control) before the specified time.6 Control of Outside Calibration The QA Manager directs or initiates a purchase requisition for outside calibration and maintenance.5 Current Calibration The User is responsible for assuring that the equipment has a current calibration date prior to use. . 7. 8. Out of Service equipment is dispositioned in accordance with the procedure for Control of Nonconforming Product (13-SP-001). 7.0 NONCONFORMING EQUIPMENT Unserviceable equipment that cannot be immediately corrected is identified with an Out of Service label and placed in a secured location to prevent its use.1 Labeling Out of Date Equipment Any equipment found with an expired calibration due date is identified with an Out of Service Label (11-RC-006) and removed from use. 7.4 Calibration Recall The QA Manager notifies the Custodian verbally or through a recall notice that calibration is scheduled prior to expiration of the current calibration.

product that has been verified with it is suspect. than the letter “R” is inscribed in a conspicuous place on the equipment.3 Reference Inspection. measuring or test equipment that is not used for verification of part and product acceptability is identified with a “REFERENCE ONLY” label (11-RC004) label. Corrective action is performed as necessary and the customer notified. Previous inspection results must be assessed and documented. . If the equipment is too small for a label. 8.When equipment is found to be out of calibration.

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