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Thank  you  so  much  for  looking  over  my  resume.  It’s  exci9ng  to  consider  what  doors  may  be   opening.   I’ve   been   serving   in   voca9onal   ministry   since   1995.   My   wife,   Kris9n,   and   I   have   been   married   since   2001   and   have   been   blessed   with   two   wonderful   children.   Kris9n   has   served   in   full-­‐9me   ministry,   leading   a   team   of   paid   staff   and   volunteers   prior   to   her   current   role   as   stay   at   home   mom.   She’s   a   high-­‐capacity   leader   and   con9nues,   as   a   volunteer,   overseeing  and  teaching    our  leadership  track  for  students,  leading  a  girls  small  group,  as   well  as  orchestra9ng  events  and  counseling  girls.  Ministry  is  a  life-­‐long  calling  for  our  family   and   so   we   seek   the   wise   council   of   our   life   coaches   and   mentors   as   we   navigate   God’s   path   for  our  life.  We’re  always  thrilled  at  the  prospect  of  serving  along-­‐side  folks  who  share  our   passions  and  purpose.  Thanks  so  much  for  your  considera9on  and  prayers.  May  God  guide   your  steps  and  direct  your  decisions  as  you  chart  out  a  course  for  your  church.       In  Him,                                                              

To  grow  in  my  own  rela9onship  with  Jesus,    to  serve,  first  and  foremost,  as  the  leader  of  my   own  household;  cul9va9ng  the  growth  of  my  wife  and  children,  and  for  me  and  my  family   to   serve   the   local   church   out   of   the   subsequent   overflow   of   all   God   is   doing   in   our   own   lives.   In   serving   the   church,   to   see   students   and   parents   make   Jesus   Christ   Lord   of   their   lives,  being  developed  as  fully  devoted  Christ’  Followers,  and  living  for  His  glory.  

-­‐  Commission  &  Innova-on  -­‐  

As   an   experienced   Student   Pastor   I’m   deeply   rooted   in   basic   purposes   that   are   achieved   well  in  the  context  of  progressive  approaches.  My  drive  is  reaching,  discipling  and  caring  for   students   and   parents   in   such   a   way   that   they   are   becoming   fully-­‐devoted   followers   of   Christ.  This  begins  with  providing  clear  presenta9ons  of  the  gospel  message  in  grace-­‐filled   environments  of  inclusive  community  where  new  believers  can  be  trained  to  make  much  of   Jesus   in   their   schools,   their   communi9es   and   around   the   world.   The   result   is   perpetual   growth,  both  spiritually  and  even  numerically.  This  is  what  we’ve  been  commissioned  to  do.   An   innova9ve   approach   is   key   in   fulfilling   these   basic,   life-­‐giving   purposes   in   such   a   fluid   culture.     -­‐  Student  Leadership  -­‐  

Students   are   valuable   tools   in   the   hands   of   a   God   who   is   exceedingly   passionate   about   reaching  a  lost  world  with  a  message  of  forgiveness,  freedom,  and  fullness  of  life  in  Christ.   Developing   students   as   leaders   in   their   own   ministry   and   in   the   church   as   a   whole   is   essen9al.  The  development  of  student  leaders  should  be  inten9onal  and  well  mapped  out.   My  heart  is  to  develop  and  train  as  Christ  followers  who  aren’t  afraid  to  rise  up  as  leaders,   growing  in  righteousness  and  in  confidence  to  make  a  strong  impact  in  the  world.   -­‐  Leading  Leaders-­‐  

Team-­‐building   rocks   my   socks!   I   enjoy   developing   leaders;   teens   and   adults   alike.   I   inten9onally  pour  into  leaders  to  ensure  that  my  9me  and  efforts  don’t  end  with  my  mere   accomplishments   but   that   I   mul9ply   myself   through   those   who   serve   with   me.   God   has   given   me   a   knack   for   discovering   giYedness   in   others   and   employing   a   network   of   giYs   and   resources   to   accomplish   forward   mo9on   in   the   big   picture.   I   do   this   through   con9nuous   group   training   opportuni9es   and   frequently-­‐scheduled   one-­‐on-­‐one   shepherding   &   leadership-­‐tweaking   9mes   with   core   leaders.   It’s   incredible   what   a   trained   and   growing   team  can  do.   -­‐  Vision  Cas-ng-­‐  

I  am  a  visionary  leader  and    lovecast  vision  for  the  ministries  I  lead.  I’m  giYed  at  taking  big   vision  and  breaking  it  into  steps  and  benchmarks  with  measurable  goals.  I  know  that  God   honors   submission   to   authority   and   so   I   pride   my   self   with   submi[ng   to   the   overarching   vision  of  those  under  whom  I  serve.      

-­‐  Current  –  COTES  (Church  On  The  Eastern  Shore)  –  Fairhope,  AL  

Student  Pastor  –  Serving  as  Student  Pastor  of  a  growing  church  with  a  mul9-­‐site  strategy,   I’m   responsible   for   every   aspect   of   ministry   to   students   and   parents   including   teaching   weekly  services,  one  for  middle  school  and  one  for  high  school,  speaking  at  Chris9an  clubs   and  schools,  and  planning/execu9ng  events,  trips,  camps,  leadership  classes,  small  groups,   and  mission’s  projects.  In  order  to  reach,  disciple,  and  care  for  students  and  parents  in  the   church  and  in  the  community  more  effec9vely,  I’ve  restructured  student  small  groups  to  be   the   driving   force   and   pastoral   care   arm   behind   our   student   ministry.   Small   group   leaders   are   equipped   with   online   curriculum,   complete   with   handouts,   supplemental   video   illustra9ons,   maps   and   9melines,   students   workbooks,   journals,   and   weekly   family   devo9ons   that   are   made   available   on   the   our   Facebook   parents   page   each   week.   In   addi9on  to  teaching  and  facilita9ng  discussions,  small  group  leaders  do  many  of  the  things   a   small   church   youth   minister   would   commonly   do   such   as   follow-­‐up   with   first   9me   visitors   and   those   who   are   not   in   a^endance.   Most   local   events   are   carried   out   as   small   group   events.  From  concerts,  pool  par9es,  paint  ball  excursions,  bowling  nights,  and  bonfires  to   Christmas   par9es,   sleep-­‐overs,   ice   cream   socials,   and   local   missions   projects,   individual   small  group  leaders  partner  with  parents  to  provide  enriching  experiences  for  teens  in  their   groups.   Larger   events   like   camps,   retreats,   DNOW,   and   mission   trips   are   s9ll   large   group   experiences.   At   COTES   I’ve   set   up   a   leadership   track   for   students   called   Breakline   1.3.   Students   involved   in   this   leadership   track   serve   several   9mes   a   week   in   venues   and   ministries   throughout   the   church   and   par9cipate   in   leadership   development   classes   and   conferences.   I’ve   recently   begun   to   offer   the   Landing   Recovery   program   for   teens.   The   Landing  is  a  52  week  discussion  based  program  for  those  struggling  with  hurts  habits  and     hang-­‐ups.  This  program  tackles  issues  from  anger  to  drug  abuse  and  addic9on.     -­‐  Des-ny  Worship  Center  –  Miramar  Beach,  FL  

Small  Groups  Pastor/Student  Pastor   This  is  an  extremely  progressive  interdenomina9onal  church  with  a  mul9  campus  strategy.  I   was  the  Small  Groups  Pastor  for  all  of  the  campuses  and  the  Student  Pastor  for  the  largest   satellite  campus  where  I  also  lead  our  guest  services  team,  which  includes  our  coffee  bar,   guest   central,   children’s   check-­‐in,   greeters,   and   ushers.   I   filled   in   from   9me   to   9me,   facilita9ng  services  at  our  satellite  campuses,  preaching  on  Sunday  mornings,  teaching  our   Growth  Track  for  adults  and  leading  worship.  As  the  Small  Groups  Pastor,  I  was  responsible   for  recrui9ng,  developing,  and  shepherding  small  group  leaders  at  all  campuses.  I  marketed   groups   in   various   ways   such   as   our   website,   small   groups   catalogs,   and   our   Small   Group   Expo.   As   the   Student   Pastor,   I   lead   a   team   of   adult   leaders   to   orchestrate   weekly   gathering   for   students   as   well   as   various   events,   trips,   camps,   retreats,   and   service   opportuni9es.   I   personally  taught  youth  services  and  the  IN-­‐Mo9on  Growth  Track  for  teens.  I  was  excited   and   yet   humbled   that,   without   fail,   hearts   were   won   to   the   Lord   every   week.   *My   wife,   Kris9n,  was  the  Preschool  Ministry  Director  for  the  main  campus  and  oversaw  the  directors   of   each   of   the   satellite   campuses.   She   lead   a   team   of   paid   staff   and   volunteers   in   developing  one  of  the  most  progressive  and  effec9ve  preschool  ministries  I’ve  ever  seen.    

-­‐  Good  News  UMC  –  Santa  Rosa  Beach,  FL  

Student  Pastor  -­‐  As  the  first  Student  Pastor  of  this  church,  I  developed  a  strong  small  group   bible   study   program,   a   Sunday   night   large   group   program,   and   a   Wednesday   night   youth   service.   I   took   students   on   mission   trips,   summer   camps,   music   fes9vals,   weekend   conferences,   and   various   other   events;   both   local   and   non-­‐local.   I   assembled   and   led   structures   of   student   and   adult   leaders   through   training   and   development,   programs,   large   and   small-­‐scale   fundraising   opportuni9es,   and   huge   community   based   outreach   events.   I   worked  very  close  with  the  public  schools  to  provide  valuable  life  shaping  opportuni9es  for   students;  both  during  school  and  outside  school  hours.  Most  importantly  I  built  produc9ve   rela9onships  with  students  and  adults  that  were  the  basis  for  healthy  ministry  in  the  church   and  in  the  community.   -­‐  Gateway  Community  Church  –  Oldsmar,  FL  

Worship   Leader   -­‐   I   recruited,   trained,   and   con9nuously   developed   a   group   of   musicians   who  planned  and  played  worship  sets  for  various  events  including  church  services,  par9es,   and   community   events.   I   set   up   and   maintained   sound   and   ligh9ng   for   such   events   and   designed   media   presenta9ons   to   compliment   the   music.   I   structured   programs   that   flowed   seamlessly  incorpora9ng  music,  videos,  screen  shows,  speaking,  and  drama.  I  taught  classes   regularly  ranging  from  adults  to  teenagers  and  children.   -­‐  Westridge  Church  –  McDonough,  GA  

Student   Pastor   -­‐   I   developed   the   en9rety   of   a   new   ministry   to   students   at   a   brand   new   church.   I   established   weekly   gatherings,   an   exci9ng   loca9on,   a   student-­‐   led   band,   camps,   events,  and  student  involvement  in  the  church  as  a  whole.   -­‐  Cypress  Meadows  Community  Church  –  Clearwater,  FL  

Student   Pastor   -­‐   I   served   as   Student   Minister,   planning   and   leading   student   ministry   services,   mission   trips,   prayer   retreats,   recrea9onal   events,   outreach   events,   summer   camps,   visita9on   and   winter   ski   retreats.   I   led   separate   middle   and   high   school   ministries   and  filled  in  for  the  worship  leader  as  needed.   -­‐  Tabernacle  Assembly  of  God  -­‐  Decatur,  GA  

Assistant  to  Student  Pastor  -­‐  I  worked  closely  with  the  Student  Pastor  to  develop  a  middle   school  ministry  which  included  a  large  group  worship  gathering,  a  full  student-­‐led  band,   and  various  events  and  trips  outside  of  the  weekly  worship  gathering  and  bible  studies.  This   was  a  successful  mul9cultural  church  in  Atlanta  and  this  new  middle  school  ministry   reflected  a  unique  approach  to  reaching  students  in  lower  income  areas,  students  involved   in  gangs,  and  students  from  a  broad  range  of  ethnici9es.   -­‐  Eagle’s  Landing  First  Bap-st  Church  –  McDonough,  GA  

2yr  Intern  /  2yr  Associate  Student  Pastor   I   organized   church-­‐wide   outreach   events,   planning   for   visita9on   as   well   as   community   outreach   programs   targe9ng   the   en9rety   of   one   of   the   fastest   growing   coun9es   in   the   state.   I   assisted   the   student   minister   in   developing   a   new   middle   school   ministry   and   led   the  student  worship  band  that  played  during  Wednesday  night  services  and  various  camps.  

•  •  •  •  •  • 

Stockbridge  High  School  -­‐  Graduated   Mercer  University  –  2  years   Mul9ple  Leadership  Camps  &  Seminars   Sound  Reinforcement  Seminars   Training  courses  on  Financial  Securi9es   CDL  Drivers  License  

Taken  from  a  team  quarterly  evalua-on  ques-on  “What  is  Brian’s  top  strength?”  

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“Knowledge  of  The  Word”   “Approachable”   “His  walk  shows  in  everything  he  does.”   “Commitment,  encouragement,  and  communica9on”   “A^en9on  to  detail”   “Excellent  teacher  of  The  Word”   “Compassion  and  grace”  

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Evangelism   Teaching   Shepherding   Vision  Cas9ng   Event  Planning   Crea9vity   Graphic  Design   Video  Edi9ng   Wri^en  &  Verbal   Sound  &  Ligh9ng   Marke9ng/Branding   Systems  &  Structures   Leadership  Development   Recrui9ng  &  Training  Volunteers