Six Thinking Hats Tools for Parallel Thinking SÁU CHI C M T DUY

Edward De Bono
6/15/2010 1

‡ Objectives ‡ Evidences ‡ Introduce thinking styles
‡ Lateral thinking ‡ Parallel thinking

‡ Introduce Six Thinking Hats ‡ Blue Hat ‡ White Hat ‡ Red Hat ‡ Yellow Hat



‡ Black Hat ‡ Green Hat ‡ Six Hats ± How to use ‡ Single Use and Systematic Use ‡ Sequencing: Introduction and rules ‡ Six Hats ± Benefits and Cautions ‡ Practice Thinking out of the Box ‡ Lateral thinking tools ‡ Concept Extraction ‡ Random Word
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b n s h c cách ‡ Nhìn nh n các v n . sinh và thu hút m i ng i ‡ Gi m các cu c tranh lu n và ki m soát cái tôi c a các thành viên ‡ Khám phá các gi i pháp thay th hi u qu cho các gi i pháp truy n th ng ‡ Khám phá các c h i trong khi ng ‡ T duy m t cách rõ ràng và có ‡ t c nh ng thành qu áng k i khác ch nhìn th y m t tiêu c c ng nh h 6/15/2010 4 .M c tiêu c a khóa h c S d ng sáu chi c m t duy. gi i pháp và c h i m t cách h th ng và trên nh ng góc m im ‡ a ra nh ng sáng ki n và gi i pháp mang tính t phá ng ‡ Làm cho các cu c h p m t ít th i gian và tr nên hi u qu .

Objectives Using Six Thinking Hats. and opportunities systematically Use Parallel Thinking as a group or team to generate more. your team will learn how to: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Look at problems. better ideas and solutions Make meetings much shorter and more productive Reduce conflict among team members or meeting participants Stimulate innovation by generating more and better ideas quickly Create dynamic. results oriented meetings that make people want participate Go beyond the obvious to discover effective alternate solutions Spot opportunities where others see only problems Think clearly and objectively View problems from new and unusual angles Make thorough evaluations See all sides of a situation Keep egos and ³turf protection´ in check Achieve significant and meaningful results 5 6/15/2010 .

Pepsico. British Airways.Ví d th c ti n Prudential. Federal Express. T p oàn l n s d ng công c t duy này 6/15/2010 6 . DuPont và Nippon Telephone and Telegraph n m trong s nh ng Công ty. Polaroid. IBM.

use Six Thinking Hats 6/15/2010 7 . and Nippon Telephone and Telegraph. Polaroid. British Airways. Pepsico. DuPont.Evidences Organizations such as Prudential Insurance. Federal Express. IBM. possibly the world¶s largest company.

M i ng iên r nh t t i ng không mang tính i u và phê ng u có th góp ph n dù là v i nh ng ý t tìm ra nh ng gi i pháp sáng t o. Giám c Nhân S .³Sáu chi c m cho phép b n t duy sáng t o và tìm ra nh ng c h i trong m t môi tr phán. Chúng tôi ã c nh ng k t qu r t t t v i QSTAR (hi u qu c a quá cl pl i ng´ trình phát tri n s n ph m t ng 40%). Thành công c a chúng tôi có th nhi u l n nh vào vi c thay i ph ng pháp hành -Suzanne Wolfe. MDS SCIEX 6/15/2010 8 . nh ng thành qu lâu dài còn l n h n.

Human Resource Director. We can repeat our success over and over because of these changed behaviours. MDS SCIEX 6/15/2010 9 . we had great results with QSTAR (an increase in the efficiency of the development process by 40%). It¶s true. This means that everyone can collaborate and build on even the craziest of ideas to come up with creative solutions.Six Hats systematically provides an opportunity for creativity in an environment that¶s free of the criticism and confrontation we used to see. but the long-term impact is even greater. -Suzanne Wolfe.

T duy ± Tài nguyên quan tr ng c a loài ng i ‡ M i ng i u có th c i thi n kh n ng t duy ‡ T duy quá nhi u th m t lúc gây ra nh m l n ‡ We should emphasize what can be. not what is ‡ Vi c hi u thông su t m t v n trên kh n ng xem xét v n ch có th có cd a ó t nhi u góc c nh 6/15/2010 10 .

The Ultimate Human Resource ‡ We can always improve our thinking skills ‡ Confused thinking arises from trying to do too much at once ‡ We should emphasize what can be.Thinking . not what is ‡ True understanding evolved from the ability to examine a problem/situation from a variety of viewpoints 6/15/2010 11 .

Các ki u t duy
‡ ‡ ‡ M i ng it duy theo cách khác nhau ng

M i tình hu ng, v n ho c giai o n c n ph pháp t duy khác nhau T duy bên l (Lateral thinking)
‡ ‡ ‡

L i t duy m i You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper Không có t duy khác gây tr ng i


T duy song song (Parallel thinking)



Thingking styles
‡ ‡ ‡ People differ in thinking styles Particular situations, problems or phases need particular styles Lateral thinking
‡ ‡ ‡ Unconventional You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper Free of mental obstacles


Parallel thinking



Gi i thi u Six Thinking Hats ‡ Là ph ng pháp t duy song song n gi n và hi u qu giúp m i ng i làm vi c v i n ng su t cao h n, làm t ng s t p trung và h ng thú ‡ Có th c áp d ng ngay
Ng i àn ông này ã vi t 62 cu n sách c d ch ra 37 ngôn ng và ã di n thuy t 54 qu c gia



focused and mindfully involved ‡ Once learned the tools can be applied immediately He has written 62 books with translation into 37 languages and has lectured in 54 countries 6/15/2010 15 .Introduce Six Thinking Hats ‡ Six Thinking Hats is a simple. effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive.

‡ Tách r i các h ng t duy do ó t t c m i ng làm m t vi c t i m t th i i m ‡ i u khi n ng i tham gia chuy n duy này sang h ng t duy khác it h ng t i ch ‡ Tách bi t gi a cái tôi và hi u qu làm vi c ‡ M r ng chi ti t nh ng ý t sáng ki n ho c gi i pháp ‡ Khám pháp các ch ‡ Dành t cho s sáng t o ng c n b n thành nh ng y h n theo l i t duy song song 6/15/2010 16 .

‡ Separate out thinking so we can do one thing at one time ‡ Ask people to switch thinking from one mode to another ‡ Separate ego from performance ‡ Signal what thinking process we are going to use next ‡ Expand from one-dimensional to full coloured thinking ‡ Explore subjects in parallel ‡ Allow specific time for creativity 6/15/2010 17 .

T Duy Song Song là gì T duy i ch T duy song song 6/15/2010 18 .

What is Parallel Thinking? From Adversarial To Parallel 6/15/2010 19 .

Six Hats 6/15/2010 20 .

Vì sao s d ng Six Thinking Hats? ‡ Áp d ng ph ti n ng pháp t duy song song vào th c ‡ Ph ng pháp này mang tính tiên phong nhi u h n tính ph n ng 6/15/2010 21 .

Why Hats ‡ Convenient method of putting Parallel Thinking into practice ‡ Hats and colours are designed to make it a practical process ‡ The six hats represent six modes of thinking and are directions to think rather than labels for thinking. the hats are used proactively rather than reactively 6/15/2010 22 . That is.

Gi i thi u Blue Hat Qu n lý T duy ‡ ³Chi c m i u khi n´ ‡ S p x p các t duy ‡ L p ra tr ng tâm và th i gian bi u ‡ ‡ a ra k t lu n và tóm l m b o các quy nh c c tuân th 6/15/2010 23 .

Introducing Blue Hat Managing the Thinking ‡ ³Control Hat´ ‡ Organises the thinking ‡ Sets the focus and agenda ‡ Summarises and concludes ‡ Ensures that the rules are observed 6/15/2010 24 .

49% ng i c kh o sát cho bi t nh ng cu c h p không có tr ng tâm rõ ràng t o cho h c m giác làm vi c không hi u qu 6/15/2010 25 .T i sao dùng Blue Hat? Theo m t nghiên c u g n ây c a USA TODAY Snapshots®.

Why Blue Hat? According to a recent USA TODAY Snapshots® pole. 49% of the responders reported that Unfocused Meetings is what makes them feel unproductive at work 6/15/2010 26 .

The Meeting Scenario No Outcome Unfocused People Low Participant Argumentative Run Overtime No Agenda 6/15/2010 27 .

T i sao dùng Blue Hat? ‡ S p x p trình t công vi c ‡ Ch n th t s d ng nh ng chi c m ‡ Qu n lý th i gian ‡ Kêu g i óng góp t phía m i ng ‡ Quy t nh b c ti p theo i vào tr ng tâm khi c n thi t nh c n i dung ‡ T p trung m i ng ‡ Yêu c u tóm l ‡ Yêu c u ra quy t i tham d 6/15/2010 28 .

Why Blue Hat? ‡ Plans agenda ‡ Chooses the Hat sequence ‡ Manages the time ‡ Invites participation form all participants ‡ Decides on next step ‡ Focuses and refocuses thinking ‡ Asks for a summary of the thinking ‡ Calls for the group to make decisions 6/15/2010 29 .

‡ Tr ng tâm: t ra v n c n t duy ng pháp t duy song song ‡ Công c : Ch n chi c m ho c ph phù h p ‡ Th i gian: Xác nh gi i h n th i gian và tuân th theo 6/15/2010 30 .

‡ Focus: Decide on what you want to think about ‡ Technique: Choose the right hat or lateral thinking tool ‡ Time: Set limits and work within them 6/15/2010 31 .

V) 6/15/2010 32 .P.White Hat Thông tin ‡ Thông tin ã bi t ‡ Thông tin c n bi t ‡ Ph ‡ ‡ ng pháp ti p c n chính xác và liên quan ánh giá thông tin t phía cá nhân/t p th khác (O.

P.V) 6/15/2010 33 .White Hat Information ‡ Information we know ‡ Information we need ‡ How are we going to get that information ‡ Determine accuracy and relevance ‡ Looks at other people¶s view (O.

Câu h i liên quan ‡ Cá nhân/t p th này có nh ng thông tin gì? ‡ Nh ng thông tin nào c n bi t? ‡ Ph ng pháp nào ti p c n? 6/15/2010 34 .

V Questions ‡ What views does this group have? ‡ What information do we need from them? ‡ How could we get that missing information? 6/15/2010 35 .P.O.


White Hat ‡ Là chi c m c a s hi u bi t ‡ S d ng ph ng pháp Scanning window thu th p nhi u thông tin ‡ Không a ra quy t nh hay nh n xét. ánh giá khi ang i chi c m này: ³No evaluation is allowed´ 6/15/2010 37 .

White Hat ‡ It¶s a common sense Hat ‡ Use Scanning window to collect as much info as possible ‡ Caution: Under this no evaluation is allowed. its not a decision hat 6/15/2010 38 .

White Hat Practice White Hat with different focuses 6/15/2010 39 .

tr c giác. b n n ng ‡ Là chi c m mà c m xúc ‡ Không c n lý do ‡ Trình bày ng n g n ‡ M t trong nh ng chìa khóa a ra quy t nh c phép th hi n 6/15/2010 40 .Red Hat C m xúc.

Gut Instinct ‡ Permission to express feelings ‡ No need to justify ‡ Represents feelings right now ‡ Keep it short ‡ A key ingredient in decision making 6/15/2010 41 .Red Hat Feelings. Intuition.

Câu h i liên quan ‡ C m xúc hi n t i ‡ Tr c giác ‡ Ph n x b n n ng 6/15/2010 42 .

Red Hat Questions ‡ What are my feelings right now? ‡ What does my intuition tell me? ‡ What is my gut reaction? 6/15/2010 43 .

Temperature Gauge I am enthusiastic I like it I wish I had more info Sounds interesting I feel uncertain I dislike I hate it 6/15/2010 44 .

S d ng Red Hat nh th nào ‡ Th i l ng: t 30 giây tr xu ng ‡ S d ng m t ho c hai t ng n g n ‡ Không nêu ra lý do ‡ Có th a ra quy t trên lý trí nh nh ng d a trên c m xúc. không d a 6/15/2010 45 .

How to use Red Hat ‡ Should be limited to 30 seconds or less ‡ Best expressed in a word or two ‡ Does not require us to justify or explain reasons ‡ Can be a decision hat but made on feelings not logic 6/15/2010 46 .

Sample Emotions Exhausted Confused Ecstatic Guilty Suspicious Angry Hysterical Frustrated Sad Confident 6/15/2010 Depressed Happy Mischievous Disguised Frightened Enraged Ashamed Cautious Smug Concerned Overwhelmed Hopeful Lonely Disappointed Jealous Bored Surprised Anxious Shocked Shy 47 .

Experience the Red Hat ‡ Flexible time at work ‡ Mandatory retirement at 55 yrs ‡ Eliminating all title at the workplace ‡ Cloning humans ‡ Training in Thailand ‡ Bonus trip to Europe 6/15/2010 48 .

Phân lo i c m xúc t câu h i: ‡ Ýt ‡ Ýt ‡ Ýt ng nào b n thích nh t? ng nào tri n v ng nh t? ng nào táo b o nh t? ánh d u ý t ng b n ch n b ng d u ch m 6/15/2010 49 .

Red Hat Sorting Techniques Ask Yourself: ‡ Which ideas are most interesting to me? ‡ Which ideas do I feel have the most potential? ‡ Which ideas do I think are the boldest? Insert a red dot next to the idea to be discussed 6/15/2010 50 .

Improve Employee Attendance 2. Bonus Perfect Attendance Each Quarter 6/15/2010 51 .Phân lo i c m xúc ‡ ‡ ‡ A: Ý t B: Ý t C: Ý t ng nào có th ng nào là ý t c th c thi ngay? ng ban u? ng nào là khái ni m chung? 1. Reward Good Attendance 3.

Bonus Perfect Attendance Each Quarter 6/15/2010 52 .Red Hat Sorting Techniques ‡ ‡ ‡ A: Which ideas could we ACT on right now? B: Which ideas are the BEGINNING ideas? C: Which ideas are CONCEPTS (broad ideas)? 1. Improve Employee Attendance 2. Reward Good Attendance 3.

Practice Time Practice Red Hat with different focuses 6/15/2010 53 .

Yellow Hat ‡ Chi c m l c quan ‡ Nêu m t t t c a ý t ‡ Lý do ph i c ng a ra ‡ D a trên cái nhìn ng n và dài h n 6/15/2010 54 .

Yellow Hat ‡ The optimistic View ‡ Reasons must be given ‡ Needs more effort than the black hat ‡ Finds the benefits and values ‡ Considers both short and long term perspectives 6/15/2010 55 .

Câu h i liên quan ‡ M tt tc aýt ‡ Giá tr t ng này là gì? c là gì? 6/15/2010 56 .

Yellow Hat Questions ‡ What are the benefits? ‡ What are the positives? ‡ What is the value here? 6/15/2010 57 .

Practice Time Practice Yellow Hat with different focuses 6/15/2010 58 .

t ch c ‡ Nêu ra nh ng b t l i ti m tàng ‡ Lý do ph i c a ra 6/15/2010 59 . chi n l c phát tri n ho c các y u t khác c a nhóm.Black Hat R i ro. khó kh n và v n ‡ Là m t công c ánh giá r t hi u qu . s d ng sau Yellow Hat ‡ Chi c m v i cái nhìn không tin t ng c bi t là khi c ‡ Nêu ra nh ng v n không phù h p v i kinh nghi m th c ti n hay n i quy chung.

strategy. values ‡ Points out potential problems ‡ Is a powerful assessment tool when used after the yellow hat 6/15/2010 60 . Difficulties and Problems ‡ The sceptical view ‡ Logical reasons must be given ‡ Points out thinking that doesn¶t fit the facts. experience. regulations.Black Hat Risks.

Câu h i liên quan ‡ Thách th c hi n t i và ti m tàng? ‡ Khó kh n? ‡ Nh ng i m c n l u ý? ‡ Nh ng r i ro? 6/15/2010 61 .

Black Hat Questions ‡ What are the challenges-both existing and potentials? ‡ What are some of the difficulties? ‡ What are the points for caution? ‡ What are the risks? 6/15/2010 62 .

Practice Time Practice Black Hat with different focuses 6/15/2010 63 .

M t cu c kh o sát i v i các CEO c a Hi p h i Qu n lý ng ý r ng thành Doanh nghi p Hoa K cho th y 81% các CEO phát minh là y u t quan tr ng nh t công cho doanh nghi p c a h mb os 6/15/2010 64 .

A survey of CEO¶s by the American Management Association indicated that 81% considered that innovation will be the single most important factor to assure the future success of their business 6/15/2010 65 .

kh n ng m i ng và kh n ng m i ‡ Chi c m tìm ki m ý t ‡ Không c n tính lôgíc ‡ Lo i b nh ng khó kh n và r i ro ‡ S n sinh các khái ni m m i 6/15/2010 66 .Green Hat Ýt ng m i.

Possibilities ‡ Seeks alternative and possibilities ‡ Removes faults ‡ Doesn¶t have to be logical ‡ Generates new concepts 6/15/2010 67 .Green Hat New Ideas.

Câu h i liên quan ‡ Ph ng pháp nào khác th c hi n vi c này? c? ‡ Còn vi c gì khác có th làm ‡ Nh ng kh n ng ti m n? ‡ Làm sao lo i b nh ng khó kh n và nguy c mà chúng ta ã nêu? 6/15/2010 68 .

Green Hat Questions ‡ Are there other ways to do this? ‡ What else could we do there? ‡ What are the possibilities? ‡ What will overcome our black hat concerns? 6/15/2010 69 .

‡ S d ng Green Hat khi không th s d ng White Hat ‡ Cho phép nêu ra nh ng ý t ng khiêu khích i ‡ Nêu ra ý ki n mà không s b ph n ‡ B qua tính lôgíc và kinh nghi m ‡ Không ng ng tìm ki m ý t ng t t nh t



‡ When there is no white hat then you can use green hat ‡ Permits provocative ideas to be suggested ‡ Make suggestions without fear ‡ Suspend your logic and experiences ‡ Don¶t stop until your good is better and the better is best



Green Hat ± Quy lu t 3 Ps
‡ Positive (Thái tích c c): T t c ý t và c n c ghi l i và xem xét ng u có giá tr

‡ Prolific ( óng góp nhi u): Càng nhi u ý t ng càng hi u qu . Có th xây d ng nh ng ý t ng d a trên nh ng ý t ng c a ng i khác ‡ Playful (Tính khôi hài): i u ch nh m t ý t ng khôi hài tr nên nghiêm túc h n luôn d dàng h n vi c khi n m t ý t ng t nh t tr nên thú v



Green Hat ± The 3 Ps ‡ Positive: Every idea is valuable. the better. All ideas should be recorded ‡ Prolific: The more ideas. Build on the ideas of others ‡ Playful: It is much easier to tame a wild idea than to make a boring idea interesting 6/15/2010 73 .

Practice Time Practice Green Hat with different focuses 6/15/2010 74 .

How and When to use 6/15/2010 75 .Six Hats .

m t cu c i tho i. khi vi t m t b n báo cáo 6/15/2010 76 .Single Use ‡ i m i l n m t chi c m trong m t cu c h p.

in a meeting or during a conversation.Single Use ‡ Use of one Hat at a time in a memo or report. specifically to request a certain type of Thinking ‡ The Hats can quickly become a part of corporate culture and language 6/15/2010 77 .

Systematic Use ‡ Nh ng chi c m ‡ M t chi c m có th c u công vi c c s d ng theo m t trình t c tái s d ng nhi u l n tùy theo yêu ‡ Không nh t thi t ph i s d ng h t t t c sáu chi c m ‡ Th t s d ng nh ng chi c m nên Khi nào t ra th t cho nh ng chi c m : i tham gia có nhi u quan i m khác nhau n k t qu m t cách xuyên su t c chu n b tr c ‡ Khi nh ng ng ‡ Khi m t cu c th o lu n có v nh không d n ‡ Khi c n ph i xem xét m t v n 6/15/2010 78 .

the sequence of hats should be planned in advance When to use Sequence: ‡ When people participating have different views ‡ When there is rambling discussion that is not getting anywhere ‡ When a subject needs to be discussed thoroughly 6/15/2010 79 .Systematic Use ‡ Hats are used in sequence one after the other ‡ Each may be used as many as required in the sequence ‡ Not all hats need to be used ‡ Ideally.

M t s nguyên t c ‡ B t u và k t thúc v i chi c m màu xanh d ng ng h p ‡ Không có th t s d ng nào úng trong m i tr ‡ L p ra th t s d ng tr c khi di n ra cu c h p. h i th o ho c tr c khi vi t b n báo cáo và c g ng theo úng th t ã l p ‡ Ch s d ng nh ng chi c m c n thi t ‡ M i chi c m có th c i nhi u l n 6/15/2010 80 .

you don¶t have to use all six ‡ Each hat can be used any number of times 6/15/2010 81 .Sequencing ± Rules ‡ Start and end each session with the blue hat as bookends ‡ There is no single correct sequence of hats ‡ Plan the sequence in advance and follow it ‡ Choose only the hats you need.

Ba lo i th t s d ng ‡ C nh ‡ Linh ho t ‡ M 6/15/2010 82 .

Three types of Sequence ‡ Fixed Sequence ‡ Contigent and flexible sequence ‡ Evolving Sequences 6/15/2010 83 .

Th t c ‡ Th t s d ng nh ng chi c m c chu n b tr c nh Ch s d ng khi có m t m c tiêu rõ ràng ho c c n m t k t qu xác nh trong m t cu c h p ho c i tho i 6/15/2010 84 .

Fixed Sequence ‡ Sequence is set in advance as an agenda Use when you want a clear. uncomplicated focus and definite results from a meeting 6/15/2010 85 .

Th t linh ho t ‡ D a trên th t ã l p ra i tho i b t ng chuy n h ng ãl p ‡ Tùy vào tình hu ng có th l a ch n m t chi c m khác ‡ H u d ng khi cu c h p ho c ‡ S l m d ng b ng cách thay i quá nhi u so v i th t ra có th làm cho cu c h p tr nên r i r m 6/15/2010 86 .

the flexibility of this sequence allows you to meet the needs of participants ‡ Caution ± Don¶t let this flexibility become fluid 6/15/2010 87 . you have some flexibility to choose the next hat depending on situation ‡ When the meeting takes an unexpected turn.Contigent and Flexible Sequence ‡ With preset sequences.

Th t m ‡ Không có k ho ch ban u ‡ Sau khi s d ng xong m i chi c m . chi c m ti p theo m i c l a ch n ? ? ? ? ? ? 6/15/2010 88 .

Evolving Sequence
‡ There is no preset plan ‡ The hat is chosen and when this is finished, there is a choice of the next hat to be used









Practice Time




L p th t s d ng
ánh giá k
Blue Hat: vi t ra tr ng tâm c a cu c h p Red Hat White Hat Yellow Hat Black Hat Green Hat Red Hat Blue Hat

t k t qu c th

t qu ho t

ng ng ã x y ra

a ra ánh giá v k t qu ho t Cho bi t c m xúc v nh ng ho t

Xem l i công vi c, ch c danh và trách nhi m c a t ng nhân viên M t t t c a nh ng vi c ã x y ra i m y u và thách th c a ra ý t Dùng m t t a ra quy t ng nh m kh c ph c nh ng i m y u ã nêu miêu t c m xúc v vi c có nên ti p t c nh hay quay l i

a ra quy t nh phát tri n và c i thi n hi u qu làm vi c: Ai làm nh ng công vi c này và làm vào lúc nào?



how do we feel about moving forward Agree on next steps to support growth and performance. Who needs to take these actions and by when? 6/15/2010 92 . roles and responsibilities What¶s working well What are the challenges. weakness.Sequencing the Hats for specific Outcomes Performance Review Blue Hat: Focused Statement Red Hat White Hat Yellow Hat Black Hat Green Hat Red Hat Blue Hat Conduct a performance review Share how we feel about things are going in a word or two Review job description. concerns in the performance Generate ideas to overcome the weaknesses and create new ideas to improve performance In one word.

v n còn có nh ng 6/15/2010 93 .Six Hats ± Ích l i và nh ng i m c n l u ý ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Màu s c và nh ng chi c m t o ra m t c m giác tr c quan và làm cho ph này d hi u. d nh và d áp d ng Có th ng d ng c c p n gi n ho c ph c t p . k n ng lãnh o và làm tài c Giúp phát tri n kh n ng gi i quy t v n vi c c l p ng pháp Nh ng ng i tham gia cu c h p cùng có vai trò d n d t cu c h p và th o lu n chuyên sâu Giúp làm vi c theo nhóm hi u qu và có t ch c The Six Hats® là m t trong s nh ng ph ph ng pháp khác ng pháp t duy m i. ra quy t nh.

leadership and independencies are developed Students ask quality questions Student led discussions and projects are focused and in depth Self-evaluation is systematic Students develop confidence Cooperative groups and teamwork are effective and organised The Six Hats® is one approach to learn thinking. Cautions ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The colours and hats provide a visual image that is easy to learn. reading and writing improve with a strategy for focus Interdisciplinary connections integrate the curriculum Problem solving. in depth. sophisticated level Listening. and users should be cautious of excluding others 6/15/2010 94 . and at higher levels of critical and creative thinking The strategy can be used on a single. decision making. remember and use Thinking is visible. concrete level or abstract. speaking.Six Hats ± Benefits. focused.

Creative Thinking Do you have creativity? 6/15/2010 95 .

Olympics B c Kinh 2008 Th c t cho th y Sáng t o là kh n ng mà t t c m i ng i u có ³Sau khi nh n c l i m i tham gia thi t k ng n u c Olympics 2008. tr ng nhóm thi t k ng n u c t i Trung tâm Thi t k Phát minh thu c t p oàn Lenovo 6/15/2010 96 . chúng tôi ã r t háo h c và nhi u ý t ng iên r ã ra i´ Yao Yingjia.

chief of the torch design team at the Innovation Design Center of Lenovo Group 6/15/2010 97 .Beijing Olympics 2008 The evidence tells us that Creative Thinking is a skill that everyone can do ³After receiving the invitation letter for the Olympic torch (in 2005). our team was very excited and some crazy ideas came up during brainstorming´ Yao Yingjia.

without lifting your pencil once you start 6/15/2010 98 . with just 4 straight lines.Think out of the box Connect all nine dots.

Lateral Thinking Tools ‡ Concept Extraction ‡ Random Word 6/15/2010 99 .

t ra tr ng tâm Nêu ra m t vài ý t ng ng ó tìm ra Rút ra khái ni m t m i ý t ng giúp tìm ng ó S d ng khái ni m này nh m t ch d n nh ng ý t ng thay th 6/15/2010 100 .Concept Extraction Tìm ra khái ni m chung t nh ng ý t ra nh ng gi i pháp thay th cho ý t 1. 3. 2. 4.

Use concepts as a springboard to create alternative ideas 6/15/2010 101 . Extract concepts 4. Create your focus 2.Concept Extraction Extracting concept from ideas helps people to consider a broader range of possible solutions1. Generate ideas 3.

Làm th nào Ýt T ng l ng ng Khích l t ng tinh th n làm vi c c a nhân viên Khái ni m Th gi Th ra ng l Gi i pháp thay th ng g p r i khi làm thêm ng khi hoàn thành công vi c i th thao công ty Th sáu vui v Vui ch i Thành viên câu l c b th d c Th n tr a gi m giá hàng tháng Cân b ng cu c s ng Nhà tr t i ch Ngh th sáu th t hàng tháng Th massage mi n phí hàng tháng Chia s công vi c Làm vi c t i nhà Thay i gi làm m i ba ngày Làm vi c 4 ngày/tu n Th i gian bi u linh ho t 6/15/2010 102 .

12 hour shifts Friday Happy Hour 6/15/2010 103 .How to improve staff morale Ideas Increase Pay Concepts Incentive Alternative Ideas Time and a half overtime Bonuses for reaching performance goal Company Sports Team Fun Fitness memberships Life Balance 4-Day work week Flexible schedules Monthly Coupon for free lunch in cafeteria Onsite childcare facility Every 4th Friday off Monthly drawing for free massage Job Sharing Work from Home 3-day.

Concept Extraction Practice Time 6/15/2010 104 .

Ch n 1 t b t k t t này bên d i ch c n bàn b c Tìm hi u xem s k t h p c a c hai g i cho b n i u gì 6/15/2010 105 . 2. 3.Random Word ‡ ‡ S d ng sinh ra nh ng ý t ng c áo Thích h p ng d ng trong l nh v c phát tri n s n ph m hay grass roots thinking S d ng Random Word nh th nào? 1.

2.Random Word ‡ ‡ Used to generate really different unique ideas Great for products development and grass roots thinking How does it works? 1. Select a word Place this word underneath the subject See where the word leads your thoughts 6/15/2010 106 . 3.

Smoke them out .Smoking booths Reward program Random word PIPE .Put lead in the handset of the phones.Info line for additional help Focus How to increase revenue on public phones .Self help phone line .Aromatherapy booths at an increased cost . makes it so heavy that they get off the phone fast 107 6/15/2010 .Sell products on booth .Example .

Quá trình ‡ Ch n 1 t trong danh sách ‡ Rút ra khái ni m b t k ‡ M r ng khái ni m ó ‡ K t h p v i ch c n bàn sinh ra ý t ng 6/15/2010 108 .

PO Process ‡ Choose the word from the list ‡ Extract a concept ‡ Transfer a feature ‡ Combination 6/15/2010 109 .

‡ Think creative ‡ Think positive 6/15/2010 110 .

Sometimes we face difficulties ´Some minds are like concrete ² all mixed up and permanently setµ 6/15/2010 111 .

Think outside of the box ´I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinkingµ _ Albert Einstein _ 6/15/2010 112 .

VISA 6/15/2010 113 . but how to get old ones outµ _ Dee Hock _ Founder. innovative thoughts into your mind.Then change the mindset ´The problem is not how to get new.

Change is the only constant ´The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says that it can·t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing itµ _ Harry Emerson Fosdick _ 6/15/2010 114 .

This may not be easy but it is achievable ´The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks.µ _ Mark Twain _ 6/15/2010 115 . and then starting on the first one.

Sometimes it will not go well ´The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose.µ _ John McEnroe _ 6/15/2010 116 .

µ _ Chinese Proverb _ 6/15/2010 117 . Show me. I·ll forget. I may remember. But involve me.Include everyone ´Tell me. and I·ll understand.

« ´Dream. Believe. Doµ _ Walt Disney _ 6/15/2010 118 . Dare.Dream.

Index ‡ Objectives ‡ Evidences ‡ Introduce thinking styles ‡ Lateral thinking ‡ Parallel thinking ‡ Introduce Six Thinking Hats ‡ Blue Hat ‡ White Hat ‡ Red Hat ‡ Yellow Hat 6/15/2010 119 .

‡ Black Hat ‡ Green Hat ‡ Six Hats ± How to use ‡ Single Use and Systematic Use ‡ Sequencing: Introduction and rules ‡ Six Hats ± Benefits and Cautions ‡ Practice Thinking out of the Box ‡ Lateral thinking tools ‡ Concept Extraction ‡ Random Word 6/15/2010 120 .

Thank you for listening 6/15/2010 121 .Course completes.