Tips shared as of now1) What is flaxseed?

Flax seeds may be tiny but is mighty as it carries a high nutrient load . It is rich in omega3fatty acid which is a key force against inflammation in our bodies be it in heart disease ,arthritis,asthma,diabetes,& even in some cancer,the inflammation is believed to enhance if omega3/omega 6 balance is not maintained . fish is a big source of omega3 but for vegetarians it is only flaxseeds & walnuts. Flax seeds have 3fold benefit High load of fibre both soluble & insoluble High load of anti oxidants Maintenance of omega3/6balance To get the full benefit ,It needs to be ground otherwise they just pass through. The body as waste. & the powder can be mixed with practically any vegetable salad or fruit chat or smoothy etcto make the nutrients available . The oil is not as good as it does not contain fibre or antioxidants. 2) When preparing medhuvada. many of my friends make the mistake of soaking the dal for a longtime .This makes the vada soggy.uraddal should ibe soaked for not more than one hour . & ground for about 45 min in the grinder with just sprinkling of water whenever needed . If mixie is used,then grind the dal at intervals not allowing the moxie to get hot. For the sprinkling ice can be used . After grinding vadas have to be prepared immediately . 3) Recipe for medhuvada Whole uraddal dehusked 1cup Rice 1tbsp optional Green chillies 4 Whole pepper a few Salt per taste Oil for deep-frying Curryleaves A few Wash well & soak dal for an hour Drain the water. Grind for about 45 min Mix salt, pepper & curry leaves . Deep fry in hotoil to a golden brown color

deepfry one by one in a littleoil pouring some oil over it to a golden brown color RAWA VADAI Rawa 2cups Mustard seeds Cashewnut Ginger Gchillies Coriander . curry leaves Asafoetida Sour buttermilk 1cup Salt & oil Prepare uppuma first & then vadai out of this around 30 vadais SPECIAL RAWA VADAI Fine Rava .fry mustard seeds & asafoetida & add 4. This vadas will be crisp and can be kept 2 to 3 days. Squeeze & knead well 2. . curry leaves salt & oil 1.chillies.add grated coconut.2 cups Thick and slightly sour curd .Aval kola vadai Aval 2cups Coconut 1 small cup Ginger green chillies Mustard Asafoetida Coriander. coriander & curry leaves 3. finely chopped ginger . roll into small balls & press into vadais 5.2 cups Other ingredients same as in rava vadai except butter milk Tie the curd in a thick white cloth and hang it for 6 to 7 hours till all the water is drined. Then add Rava and other ingredients mix well into a thick dough. Prepare and deep fry Vadas.soak riceflakes for 2 hours.

Lunch should be packed in food safe containers. burfi. masal dosa. Because that is the time when kids would be hungry & ready to eat . 5) For eg idli batter 6) Other than making different types of idlis you can make different doosas like plain dosa. A fruit juice (not tetra pack) or a bottle of water should always be available. you can also prepare Thavala adai. Lunch portions are small &manageable The kids should feel proud that they have finished whole lunch. brownie . kaldosa. pidi up puma.cupcake or fruit jelly. Lunch should be presented in such a way that it looks appealing to the kids. With the same . So Would try to dodge the lunch.This is especially important for vegetarians who do not consume any meat . pastry. For eg A piece of milk cake . Aloo paratha /any other veg paratha/pander cheese paratha Cheese sandwich/ paneer sandwich/veggie sandwich Peanut butter sandwich/ egg sandwich Vegetable idli Cold pizza sugar coated paratha Noodles with vegetables &paneer Tortilla with cheese spread Dal kichdi Vegetable rice /mixed rice Tomato /dal sevai Hummus with pita bread Katti rolls/wraps with spinach &corn Akki roti /raagi roti with butter Parents should take care that the.puli up puma. paper roast. A simple dessert can be added to motivate eating . School lunch for toddlers School lunch is the best opportunity to ensure that the kids get one Nutritious meal atleast everyday.Cooking dry curries in a iron kadai (irumbu chatti) provides iron Which s a very important mineral for the purification of blood in the body . Gravy stuff should be avoided as the kids would find it messy to eat. A pudding& fresh fruits. 4) AGreat point in south Indian cooking is that you prepare one batter or dough Make a variety of dishes with different tastes.kunukku 7) 8) Common ingredients 9) Broken rice 2cups 10) Toordal& channadal together 1cup to be broken coarsely (You can keep this as a readymade dry instant mix for a longtime) Grated coconut 1cup Salt & . Parents should use this opportunity to steer the young kids towards good choices in food. othappam. kuziappam etc same with arisi up puma preparation. A few lunch options can be. The kids should be explained how a nutritious lunch will give them energy to finish the rest of the schoolday &participate & enjoy extracurricular activities after school hours. There would also be peer pressure to eat as all the friends in the school would be having lunch so they are also compelled to eat.

C OMPLETE DISH with carbs.. cook rice mixture only for a few min . Keep covered. asafoetida. 21) Turn over the vadas cook till both sides are golden brown & crisp. coconut .oil as per taste For seasoning Mustard seeds. 12) Continue cooking on a low flame till up puma is done .broken dals & salt . 20) Heat a dosa tawa.flatten it into small vadas . Cook on a reduced flame .channadal. 19) THIS IS A. 13) PULI UPPUMA instead of plain water use dilute tamarind extract. protein. 16) Divide &roll into small cylinder balls 17) Arrange the rolls on idli cooker & steam for 10 min till done VEGETABLE PIDI UPPUMA recipe is the same as above 18) Add1 cup of grated snake gourd or bottle gourd when boiling.bring to boil. green chillis 4.fibre & minerals etc THAVALAI ADAI After preparing small balls as in PIDI UPPUMA . 11) Mix the rice well cook for 20 to 25 min stirring well . 14) PIDI UPPUMA with the same recipe as in uppuma. Let it cool to room temperature. 22) . 15) Remove from fire. Arrange 4 to 5 vadas on it pour a little oil around the vadas . uraddal . dry red chillies4 curry leaves ARISI UPPUMA season the given ingredients in a little oil Add 4cups of water .

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