From last few years an epidemic is erupting in pakistan , it is the epidemic of ‘long march’, usually it is middle class which

use to suffer from this epidemic .symptoms are ‘inqilaab’ , ‘change’ , ‘revolution’ .one come across with these words and express grief ,’poor soul is suffering from the epidemic’ Rhetoric of change and revolution mobilize masses, and desire for change last for some days and then some ‘sage’ from the backchannels exorcise the curse and the epidemic cease in a peaceful manner. From the long marches of nawaz shareef , imran khan and now tahir ul qadri. All started with the promises of revolution, change and ‘inqilaab’. Middle classes looked towards them as saviours . media projected them as revolutionaries and at the end they only bring disappointment and disillusionment for their supporters. Promises of ‘new world ‘ and ‘new pakistan’ never came true , recently such a long march was carried out by tahir ul qadri , a islamic-cleric famous for his fierce oratory who knows how to mesmerize his audience, self proclaimed ‘sheikh ul islam’ who called his long march parallel of world famous long march of chairman Mao Zedong. Furthermore, he also made his followers believe that they are fighting for the same cause as that of imam hussain, who called the present government of Pakistan people party ‘yazeedies’ and call Islamabad ‘kerbala’ . media gave full coverage to this façade of revolution, but no one as far as I know bother to present some parallel to the long march of chairman Mao (which qadri was quoting again and again) and some scientific analysis of the term ‘revolution’. Therefore, let me shed some light on the long march of Mao. The year was 1934, the communists were girdled by the nationalist forces of 50,000 strong chiang kishek’ troops for more than 2 years, they were advancing step by step. The plan was to strangulate the red army of peasants and thus the very existence of Chinese communist party. Communists had lost 50% of the territory they had controlled in 1933, and 60,000 red army soldiers were killed. Backed by the American and british imperialists, the nationalists had the clear ability to fully destroy the Communists. This was the time when Mao Zedong decided to retreat towards safe sanctuaries of Yenan province to evade complete annihilation of Chinese revolution. Thus on October 1934 some 86,000 people, in the Jiangxi-Fujian border break through the nationalist lines, the caravan included red army soldiers, women and administrative staff, the women in long march gave birth to babies, and then left them to villagers in countryside and majority of them was not able to see them again. They were butchered, impaled by the nationalists, abandoned or sold by the frightened villagers. Fathers saw there young sons being lynched in front of their eyes, the long marchers lived on straw or on grass or just die of starvation. They were buried in tons of snow, treaded under tanks or simply shot by the nationalists, the man leading them Mao Zedong also lost his wife (Yang Kiahu), son (Mao Anhong) and brother (Mao Zeten). In the meanwhile, they covered more than 10,000 kms and passed through snow covered mountains, rivers, marshes on foot in 1 year. Out of 80,000 who started this march, only 10,000 were able to reach in sanctuaries of Yunan province, this is called a ‘long march’. Same is the case with the word ‘husaniyat’ the way in which qadri had played with this term has detonate the whole legacy associated with this term. Hussaines never embrace yazeedies, Imam Hussain taught us to struggle till last breath of your life. It doesn’t matter if your brother been lynched in front of you, your 18 year old son treaded under the horses, your 6 month infant took his last breath in your hand, and then your own body has been cut to pieces, your sisters and daughters beaten by the oppressors .... whatever the circumstances be, Hussain could never embrace yazeed. Hussanies never surrender to their principles. Then question arises why our middle class gets mesmerized with these mimicries of ‘revolution ‘ every time, i think there is a huge vacuum which is been filled by these sort of rightist-forces in order to perpetuate the ongoing brutal plunder of Pakistani masses and divert there anger from the real issues of roti, kapra, makan. The ruling elite launch such sort of tendencies, bourgeoisie media use to cover them and thus the rage of masses disappear after some time. In such sort of conditions, it is up to us the socialists to de-class ourselves, to come out of the dogmatic and sectarian tendencies of the past and as been taught by chairman Mao, ‘learn from the masses and then teach them’, adapt ourselves with the requirements of 21st century. We need to change our tactics and methodology in accordance with the requirements of our objective conditions and then tell the people what revolution really means, to change

نمایندگا ناااے اپنی اپنیتنظیمواااں کی طرف‬ ‫ن‬ ‫ اساٹیج پر آ کر طلبا کو درپیش مسایل کی نشانداہی کی اور کاااے کااا لیاااے نصف کیکوششواااں کوسرااہا‬JKPNSO. how to propagate the message further and establish units in to further colleges . The agenda of the meeting to assess the convention . Degree college satellite town.along with the suggestion of comrade sikander naem decided to build units in gordon college . In simple words in the system in which commodities are produced not to meet the necessitates of humans but to generate profits simply cant bring salvation to masses and as long as this economic model exists. to work in clandestine manner in private . To tell masses that it is economy which matters not political structure. and to tell them that the root of our problems lie not in political dysfunction of parliamentarian democracy but in the economic structure of semi-feudal /semi-capitalist market economy. ‫رکاااھجااااے گا،یاہ دناسااوالااا ساااے ایکااہم‬ ‫ہ ے‬ ‫ا‬ ‫٨ دسمبر ٢١٠٢وو تاریخ ی دن جسے ستان یہ طلبا سیاست میں ہہمیش‬ ‫ہ‬ ‫ک‬ ‫پاہک‬ ‫دن ہے کیوں کے اس روز پاکستانی طلبا میں ترقی پسند اور سوشلسٹروایت کی امینسواناااااٹ تنظیم نیشنلسوااا ناٹس‬ ‫اٹ ڈ‬ ‫اٹ ڈ‬ ‫فیااڈریش ناااے ٠٢ سال بعد اپنا کنونشن منعقد کیا ، ' تعلیم سب کے لیے ، روزگار سب کے لیے' کے بینر کے نیچے ٠٠٢ سے زیادہ‬ ‫ن‬ ‫طلبہ ،طلبات استاتذہ اور دیگر شعبہ ہاے زندگی سے رکھنے والے حضرات نے شرکت کی . Russian revolution /chinese revolution/Cuban and Vietnamese revolutions are called revolutions because power was transferred from the hands of feudal/capitalist/ nobles to the working classes.HSF. To tell them that privatization and leasing our resources to foreign multinationals would not solve our problem. مقررین نے طلبہ سیاست کی اہمیت‬ ‫کاااے منشور اور مقاصد پرروشنیااا ڈالی اور یاہ ثابت کاااے آج طلبا کوکیوااا اپناااے حقوق کیجدوج اہد‬ ‫ں‬ ‫کیا‬ ‫اور نیشنلسوااا ناٹسفیااڈریشن‬ ‫اٹ ڈ‬ ‫کاااے لیاااے پلااااٹ فورم ضرورتاااا ہے ، تقریب کی صدارتکامریااڈ باب ناااے سر انجام دی ، نو خیز ترقی پسند شعاعر‬ ‫ر‬ ‫کی‬ ‫ایک‬ ‫جناب اتا تراب نے اپنی مشور نظم 'بلشفمے' اور '' گل ہی کی ڈائیری کا ایک ورق سنااااےی جس کا بعد دوستتنظیمواااں کا‬ ' ‫کاااے جذبات کا اظہار کیا‬ ‫ساااے خیرسگالی‬ ‫. to teach them that democracy cant function in presence of feudaltribal structure.faces is not a revolution it is the changing of class relations which is called ‘revolution’. French revolution is a revolution because power was transferred from the feudal / clergy /nobility clique to the new emerging middle classes.PYF ‫ساااےکامریااڈ عاصم سجا ناااے طلبا تحریک کی تاریخ اور اسکی محنت طبقااا کااا ساتااا جاااڑت‬ ‫کش ے ے ھ‬ ‫د‬ ‫عوامی ورکرز پاراٹی کی طرف‬ ‫پر روشنی ڈالی ، کامریڈ سکندر نعیم )آرگنائزر ( نے سویلین آبادی کے لیے مختص تعلیمی بجٹ پر بات کرتے ہوے طلبہ‬ ‫یاااا ہے اسکے بعد طلبا میں‬ ‫کاااے حکومت کس طور تعلیم جسیااہ شعبااا ساااے کوتااہی برتراہ‬ ‫م ے‬ ‫کو اس حقیقت سی روشناس کروایا‬ ‫سے ہی کچھ دوستوں نے علقائی موسیقی پیش کی جسے بہت سراہا گیا ، تقریب کے آخر میاااں مش اہور سنگر اریب اظہر نی‬ ‫اپنی دلکش آواز سے طلبا اور حاضرین کو اپنے سحر میں جکڑ لیا اور اپنی شاندار پرفارمنس پر حاضرین سی داد وصول‬ ‫کی‬ ‫اس تقریب کے موقع پر نیشنل سٹوڈنٹ فیڈریشن راولپنڈی ڈسٹرکٹ کی آرگنائزنگ باڈی باااھی ترتیب دی گی اصغر مال‬ ‫کالج سے فراز اعوان صدر اور کومسٹس یونیورسٹی سے فہد رضوان جنرل سیکریٹری منتخب ہوے . general secretary of the national students federation rwp/Islamabad district. district president .. the economy tied to the fluctuations of market is bound to collapse and recessions will come. نیشنل سٹوڈنٹ‬ ‫فیڈریشن پاکستان کے صدر کامریڈ عرفان چودھری نے تمام عہدیدران سے حلف لیا جس میں تمام عہدیدران نے نیشنل سٹوڈنٹ‬ ‫کاااے دستور پر کرتااااےواااے کاااے حقوق کی خاطرجدوج اہ کرناااے کااعادااہ کیا‬ ‫د‬ ‫ہ طلبا‬ ‫عمل‬ ‫فیااڈریشن‬ 17 December 2012 First meeting of newly elected NSF district body (Rawalpindi /Islamabad) was held on Sunday. ‫حل ے‬ ‫اس‬ PSO . Similarly..the economy tied to IMF and world bank can’t deliver. Government Degree Commerce College satellite town and Govt. revolution is tantamount to mayhem … Fahad rizwan is a social activist . JKNSO.

a study circle with the friends of NUML university was also decided to be held .colleges by our comrades was also decided. members express confidence that they shall be able to achieve this goal till the end of february . it was also agreed that next general meeting shall be held after 15 days (on 30th december).

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