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The Begining -- The planes are formed. (H:tBW) The baernaloths stagger forth from the mists of creation.

(H:tBW) The baernaloths spawn the yugoloths. (H:tBW) The River Styx forms. (H:tBW) A baernaloth named Apomps creates the gehreleths from dead yugoloths and is exhiled with the gehreleths into Carcerci. (H:tBW) The first ultroloth, the General of Gehenna, creates the Heart of Darkness to expunge the taint of law and chaos from the yugoloths which become the larvae of the lower planes. (H:tBW) A creature called the Maeldur Et Kavurik is told the true names of all the larvae. (H:tBW) The larvae migrated to the Abyss and Baator to evolve into the tanar'ri and baatezu. (H:tBW) The baernaloth dissappear, and the ultroloths become the leaders of the yugoloths. (H:tBW) The baatezu begin to explore the planes, eventually discovering the tanar'ri in the Abyss; as the tanar'ri stumble into Baator and find the baatezu. (H:tBW) The Blood War begins. (H:tBW) The archanaloths hire themselves out to either side of the Blood War, and betraying both. (H:tBW) The Lords of the Nine and the Princes of the Abyss (the Abyssal Lords) rise in power. (H:tBW) The baatezu and tanar'ri discover the upper planes and the celestials. (H:tBW) The celestials swoop down on the lower planes and the Blood War in a year long campaign. (H:tBW) A truce is called by the fiends as they rout the celestials back to the upper planes, leaving only 3000 alive. (H:tBW) A schism forms in the celestial on how to proceed, forming the archons and the aasimon. (H:tBW) Concurrently yet seperately, the baatezu, tanar'ri, and yugoloths begin recording their histories. (H:tBW) The fiends learn about the powers. (H:tBW) Gods of chaos and law begin to meddle in the Blood War until a power of chaos is slain and the surviving gods decided to take more subtle actions. (H:tBW) Mask of the Pit happens, as tanar'ri forces attempt to disguise themselves as baatezu and infiltrate the baatezu camp. They fail miserably. (H:tBW) The Four-Cross. Bel turns stag on the baatezu, joining forces with tanar'ri, then rejoining the baatezu, only to turn stag on his kind again for a year and a day, when he leads the tanar'ri into a long planned baatezu ambush, crippling the chaotic fiends for almost a decade. Bel is awarded Avernus, the first layer of Baator. (H:tBW) After millennia, spirits begin appearing from the prime material plane. On the lower planes, they take the form of larvae, which the baatezu learn to change into new members of their kind. (H:tBW)

PRE-SIGIL The Illithid Empire comprised many prime worlds, the Ethereal and the Astral. The Blood War pauses as the powers of the Outer Planes turn to face the Mindflayer menace. (GttAP) An enslaved human woman called Gith (named after her prime world of origin) led a revolt against the Illithids and freed her mutated people, shattering the Illithid Empire. (GttAP) The man Zerthimon spoke out against Gith's campaign of genocide for the mindflayers, plunging the freed humans into civil war. (GttAP) With Zerthimon killed in the civil war, his followers retreated to Limbo in defeat, becoming the githzerai. (GttAP) Gith led her armies into the Astral plane to become the githyanki, "The Children of Gith". (GttAP) A wizardress named Vlaakith begins counseling Gith to become allies with Tiamat in Baator. She never returns, but Ephelomon, the red dragon consort of Tiamat, visits the githyanki and claims Gith has placed Vlaakith in command, sealing the pact between the Children of Gith and red dragonkind. (GttAP) POST-SIGIL The fiends discover Sigil and the Lady of Pain. (H:tBW) The first battle over the Field of Nettles. (H:tBW) The fiends begin corrupting the prime. (H:tBW) The Dark Eight form on Baator to deal with morale lowered by balor tanar'ri infiltrators. They take over the planning process of the Blood War. Of the original eight, only Baalzephon and Fucas still live. (H:tBW) The Maw, a massive crevace down the center of the Gray Waste, opens and swallows a yugoloth fortress. It is now called the Ghoresh Chasm. The second baatezu/tanar'ri truce forms and soon disintegrates. (H:tBW) -???? The Lady of Pain entraps the soul of an immortal mage in the Labrynth Stone and casts it from Sigil into the Lower Planes. (FW) -9870 The greatest mage in all of Sigil, Shekelor, leaves Sigil and begins a quest for the Labrynth Stone that leads to Agathion, third layer of Pandemonium and ends with his death. (FW, ItC:GtS) -4020 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -4000...The prime world of Logicus is destroyed and its crystal sphere sealed. (DttU) -3873 A portal opens up in the Slags of the Hive and The Blood War spills into Sigil for six weeks. (ItC:GtS) -3731 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -3442 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM)

-3387 A group calling themselves the Champions of Rajaat begin the Cleansing Wars on the prime world of Athas (Priest's Compemplation of the 144th King's Age). (FM) -3153 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -2872 Fell, a dabus, becomes a priest of Aoskar. (Dttu, U:FoS) The Lady of Pain destorys the church of Aoskar (Power of Portals, God of Doors, Keeper of Gateways) and his head priest Imendor, resulting the the closing of the portals that will become known as the Four Doors. (DttU, ItC:GtS) Chronepsis, Draconic god of death, fate, and judgement, imprisons his proxy black dragon Argathorn on Thuldanin, in Acheron. (DttU) -2864 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -2575 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -2372 The Four Doors open, discovered by the Populace. Warp sense does not seem to work on them. (DttU) The First Door appears in the second floor room on Gray Dragon Lane inthe Clerk's Ward. (DttU) The key to the First Door is a gargoyle image and leads to a hollow cube on Acheron's second layer, Thuldanin. The key to return is a blood-red gem. (DttU) The Second Door appers in the Lower Ward, inside the Shattered Temple. (DttU) Fargullen discovers the key to the Second Door is a holy symbol of Aoskar and passes through to a sealed vault on Agathion, in Pandemonium. (DttU) The Third Door appears in Market Ward (DttU) The Third Door is the mouth of a cortelestial, which leads to the sealed crystal sphere of the prime world of Logicus, where no magic works. The gate key is to show no fear. (DttU) The Fourth Door appears in the Lady's Ward. (DttU) The Fourth door leads to the 4th level reality realm of the Mercurials, Beldarri, on Mount Celestia. (DttU, RL:tNL) 2 months after opening, the Four Doors close. (DttU) -2325 The orchish god Gruumish slays the Mulhorand deity Re (-1071 DR). (FR:CS2) -2286 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -1997 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -1872 The Four Door open (DttU) Fargullen the dwarf emerged from the Second Door and spreads prophecies about some future age and fed to the Wyrm. (DttU) 2 months after opening, the Four Doors close (DttU) -1708 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM)

-1504 Dregoth, undead dragon sorcerer-king, discovers the planar gate. After a decade of research, he uses the device to travel the Outer Planes of existence for the next 15 centuries (Githany's Slumber of the 170th King's Age). (DS:CbtSS) -1417 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -1398 The Battle of Mount Deismaar on the prime world of Aebrynis slays that worlds powers, spilling thier blood across the land of Cerilia. Their prime proxies took thier place: Haelyn replaces Anduras, Erik replaces Reynir, Sera replaces Brenna, Avani replaces Basai:a, Kriesha and Belinik replace Azrai, Nesirie preplaces Masela, and Rournil replayces Vorynn (515 Masrtian Reckoning/0 Haelyn's Count/973 Michaeline Reckoning). (BR:CS, OHG) -1372 The Four Door open (DttU) 2 months after opening, the Four Doors close (DttU) -1128 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -800....The Revered Queen, Vlaakith CLVII ascends to the throne of the githyanki in the fortress of Tu'narath. She becomes a lich, and therefore cannot sire heirs. (GttAP) -875 The Arcane sell the Astromundi Cluster to the tanar'ri, and begin collecting shadowstone to power the Darkgate. (SJ:tAC) -873 Vartus Timlin, factol of the Expansionists, is Mazed by the Lady of Pain after 12 factols congreate in the Catacombs near the portal to the Dabus' realm. (WoW, ItC:GtS) -872 The Four Door open (DttU) An unnamed Abyssal Lord sends a retriever through the Second Door. (DttU) A mercurial named Lathuraz enters Sigil through the Fourth Door from the 4th level of reality (DttU, RL:tNL) Zarulaz follows his brother Lathuraz through the Fourth Door to Sigil. (DttU) 2 months after opening, the Four Doors close (DttU) Lathuraz travels the planes and prime gaining power while Zarulaz remains in Sigil. (DttU) -855 The Fraternity of Order is organized into a Faction. (FM) -839 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -770 The Planewalker's Guild is formed in Sigil, established before most of the Factions that survive the Great Upheaval. (TftIS) -573 The first records of the Revolutionary League are made by Factol Jaretta of the Fraternity of Order. (FM) A group of bloods from Sigil travel to Pelion to investigate the remains of an ancient temple. (DG) -550 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM)

-542 Nycaloth-led Army of Darkness assaults Myth Drannor begins. (712 DR). (FR:CS2) -540 Drannor falls to the Army of Darkness. (710 DR). (FR:CS2) -500 The Great Upheaval (FM, FW) The 49 factions are ordered by the Lady to number no more than 15, and must take up positions in governing the city of Sigil. (FM) They are: At, BC, BS, Communals, Dg, Du, Fa, FL, FO, Incanterium, Mk, RL, S2, SO, TO. (PS:CS, FM, DG). Within 2 weeks, 34 factions disband, merge, or vacate Sigil. (FM) The Sodkillers and Sons of Mercy merge to become the Mercykillers. (FM) Free League memberships swells ot almost 1 million registered members. (FM) -474 The Doomguard start a street war while the factions are struggling for direction. (FW) -470 Memers of the swollen Free League ranks begin to simply die. (FM) -450 Membership in the Free League dwindles down to 20.000 by a plague that only affected Indeps. (FM) -373 The Harmonium is founded on the prime world of Ortho. They will eventually come to Sigil and replace the Communals as a true Faction. (FM, PH) -372 The mercurial Zarulaz hires bloods to defeat his brother Lathuraz by collecting artifacts. Estavan of the PTC is one of them. (DttU) The Four Door open (DttU) Lathuraz wounds Zarulaz with the hyper reality blade Sword of Lathuraz, keeping the bloods from opening the Fourth Door. Zarulaz stays behind beyond the Second Door. (DttU) Lathuraz is defeated by Zarulaz's bloods and trapped behind the Third Door. (DttU) A Nonaton modron enters the Third Door to Logicus and becomes their Logicus Prime. (DttU) Zarulaz's bloods hide the artifacts, the Rod of Mercury behind the First Door, the Cloak of Trapping behind the Second Door, and the manacles of Lesser Reality behind the Third Door. The Sword of Lathuraz is also hidden behind the Third Door. (DttU) 2 months after opening, the Four Doors close (DttU) -370 Duke Rowan escapes the Lady of Pain's Mazes to find himself in the past in the Gatehouse. The Bleak Cabal imprison him as a barmy and rename him Gifad. (FW) -344 Traban, founder of Traban's Forge, is born on the prime world of Krynn. (ItC:GtS) -271 The Demiplane of Dread appeas in the Ethereal Plane (Year 351). (RL:DoD) Zapan joins the Dark Eight taking the council's Immortal Relations duties. (H:tBW)

-270 The Planewalker's Guild leaves Sigil and sets up operation on the Infinite Staircase. (TftIS) -261 The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) -218 The dwarven blacksmith Traban's grandson, Tarholt, is born on the prime world of Krynn. (ItC:GtS) -185 Trabanson is born the middle son to the dwarven blacksmith Traban on the prime world of Krynn. (ItC:GtS) -172 Zaebos takes his place among the Dark Eight in charge of promotion/demotions. (H:tBW) -171 Orcus curses the city of Moil on the prime world of Ranais to sleep until the sun rises, the rips the city from it world and casts it into the Ethereal to become the City that Waits. (DG, GttEP, GH:RttToH) -74 A cornugon baatezu named Kas'rarlin met and fell in love with a tanar'ri succubus called Chiryn during a raid in the Abyss. Realizing thier incompatibility, they agreed to send messages via courier once a year. (WoW) -73 A group of ten unknown merchants fund Chirper's. (ItC:GtS) -23 The Ragers, a sect from Ysgard, begins building the Great Areana to becoma a faction, but are soon kicked out of Sigil. (PSMCA2) Folks once known as Xaosophiles, the Discordant Opposition, and the Ochlocrats became the Xaositects, replacing the Incanterium as a true Faction. (FW) 1 Haskar become Factol of the Fraternity of Order, replacing Lariset the Inescapeable. (FW) 7th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration The clan of Traban immigrates to Sigil from the prime world of Krynn as part of a dwarven exodus after an earthquake. (InC:GtS) 11th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Tarholtson is bort to Talholt, grandson of Traban the blacksmith. (ItC:GtS) 28th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration The Great Modron March Begins (GMM) The halfling hero Rangell Farambler dirverts a flank of the Modron Parade from the power Shella Peryroyl's blessed orchards. (ItC:GtS) The modrons sign an agreement to forever follow the established roads in Hearths Faith on Mount Celestia. (GMM) 47th Year of Factal Haskar's Administration Future taxidermist Mhasha Zakk is born. (ItC:GtS)

58th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Utadas Tensar, founder of Tensar's Empolyment service, is born. (ItC:GtS) 67th Year of Factol Haskar's Admministration Jeena Ealy, author of true-life adventure books, is born. (ItC:GtS) 77th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration The Hall of Speakers pass a tax meant to relieve the starvation in the Hive. Barely a month passes before protests are filed. The tax is repealed in less than six months. (ItC:GtS) 84th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Harys Htchis is born to two tailors. (ItC:GtS, U:FoS) 87th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Imel Brustur turns a disaster into financial success in the course of 3 days and 3 hours, and establishes Imel's Happy Tongue. (ItC:GtS) 92nd Year of Factol Haskar's Administraion F. Moskin Faz establishes the Bronze Bezants, a moneylender. (ItC:GtS) 100th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Rit'ha of the Fraternity of Order travels to the Quasielemental Plane of Steam and sucessfully communicates with the elusive klyndesi. (PSMCA3) 107th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Alisohn Nilesia is born to a thief in the cells of the Prison. Her mother dies in childbirth. (FM) Jeena Ealy writes her first book on the fashion trends of the Lady's Ward, "Hats, Hoops, and Hairpins". (ItC:GtS) 11th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration A group of primes from the world of Oerth travel to the Demonweb Pits in the Abyss in order to assassinate Lolth. (GH:Q1) 114th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration The Grand Conjunction takes place in the Demiplane of Dread (Thier years 735 to 740). (RL:DoD) 115th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Alisohn Nilesia applys for membership in the Red Death at age 8. Factol Mallin himself refuses her application. (FM) 118th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Alisohn Nilesia becomes the youngest Mercykiller ever, joining the ranks of the Red Death at age 11. (FM) The Time of Troubles takes place on the prime world of Toril, as her powers walk the lands (1358 DR or 0 PR). (FR:CS2, FR:FD&D)

120th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Orcus, tanar'ri lord of the undead, is slain by primes with the help of Kiaransalee, a drow goddess. (H:tBW) Orcus' Wand is locked away in Agathion, the fourth layer of of Pandemonium. (H:tBW, DttU, DG) 122nd Year of Factol Haskar's Administration In an effort to establish herself as the next royal bloodline, Trinth leads the Githyanki of the Astral Plane to discover a way to safely breaches the Gray and invades Athas. She is killed on the Astral, and the portal collapses (Silt's Vengeance of the 190th King's Age, or Free Year 6). (DS:BS) 124th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration While on Acheron, Duke Rowan Darkwood becomes a Prolonger. (FW) 125th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Duke Rowan Darkwood moves to Sigil. (PS:CS, FM) The tanar'ri enter the Astromundi Cluster through the Darkgate to collect ownership of Clusterspace. (SJ:tAC) The same day he joins the Fated, Duke Rowan Darkwood suggest that Factol Emma Oakwright step down and name him the new Factol. She does. (FM) 126th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Dregoth, the undead dragon sorcerer-king, returns to the prime world of Athas (the Friend's Agitation of the 190th King's Age, or Free Year 10). (DS:CbtSS) "The Factol's Manifesto" is published by an unknown editor, and is immediately banned by order of the Harmonium. (FM) PLANSCAPE Campaign Setting begins Eternal Boundary Planescape Monsterous Compendium Appendix Planes of Chaos The Doomguard form an alliance with the tanar'ri to build the Ships of Chaos. (PoX) Well of Worlds Ar'kle-mens, a red abishai baatezu, sends a group of primes into Sigil with a doomsday device that fails. (WoW) Vartus Timlin is rescued from the Mazes. (WoW) Kas'rarlin sends a group of berks to the Abyss to deliver a love letter to Chiryn. (WoW) The forces of Gallus, Cra'lingen, and Hebarlzel, pit fiend baatezu fight those of Riza (a maralith), and Henhar and Miirta (balor tanar'ri) to a stand-still on a prime world. (WoW) The spirit of Zeracuk, a dwarven sage on portals, is freed from imprissonment by a titan name Crius on Colothys in Carceri. (WoW) A nic'Epona named Myeral is rescued from a king on a godless prime world of Kellinon. (WoW) Brachalis hires some berks to travel to Plague-Mort as the gate-town begins to slip into the Abyss. (WoW) The Warden is spotted on the Beastlands avenging the death of a white hart. (WoW)

A swarm of slaadi are defeated along the River Oceanus on the layer of Olympus in Arborea. (WoW) In the Abyss Deva Spark 127th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Planes of Law Fires of Dis Kas'rarlin sends the same cutters from the year before to deliver another love letter to Chiryn. (WoW) In the Cage: a Guide to Sigil (ItC:GtS) Factol's Manifesto Harbinger House Planescape Monsterous Compendium Appendix II The gray slaad regains its stature and seeks out the cutter that bested it a year and a day ago. (WoW) Planes of Conflict 128th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Something Wild Uncaged: Faces of Sigil Hellbound: The Blood War The yugoloths decide to use the Maeldur Et Kavurik to strip the fiends of thier teleport ability. (H:tBW) Kas'rarlin send the same bloods from the previous two years to rescue Chiryn from her masters. (WoW) Planewalker's Handbook On Hallowed Ground A Guide to the Astral 1 week prior to the reappearance of the Four Doors, Garmundi starts making sense. (DttU) While Estavan is away from Sigil, Signers break into his office and steal the First Door Ledger. (DttU) Origax hires Balathzar James to break the code in the First Door Ledger. (DttU) Balathzar James meets with Lissandra the Gate-Seeker about the First Door. (DttU) Thugs from Jerkot's Imports attack Balathzar James and steal the First Door Ledger. (DttU) Balathzar James holes up in the Healing Hovel on Thistlewind Way. (DttU) Garmundi visits Fell Tatto Shop in the Market Ward and gains a tattoo of Aoskar's holy symbol. (DttU) Doors to the Unknown (DttU) Corranthol calls for Harmonium to have Garmundi arrested (DttU). The First Door appears in the offices of Balthazar James, above Paltry's Pastries. The building is owned by the PTC. (DttU) Garmundi leaps throught the Second Door as it appears in the Shattered Temple. (DttU) The Third Door appears in the mouth of a Cortesial as it migrates to Sigil. (DttU)

The Fourth Door appears on the side of the Tower. (DttU) The Society of the Locked Door ceases it passive ways and becomes violent. (DttU) 2 weeks after opening, the Society of the Locked Door destroy a portal. (DttU) Orgurr the Green Sladd enters the Third Door. (DttU) 1 month after opening, the Society of the Locked door attempts to kill Lissandra the Gate-Seeper and Fell the Fallen Dabus. (DttU) The Logicus Prime of the prime world Logicus prophosizes through the Omenotron of the early Modron March and the return of Orcus. (DttU). 6 weeks after opening, Lathuraz assumes the body of Cuth Banthor, leader of the Society of the Locked Door, killing him. (DttU) Lathuraz if finally destroyed in they hyper reality of Beldarri. (DttU) 2 months after opening, the Four Doors close. (DttU) 129th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Faces of Evil: The Fiends Bwimb, Baron of Oooze, is slain by Tenebrous with the Last Word. (DG) The Tower Sorcerous reappears after centuries back in its original location. Three days later, it dissappears. (C:GC97) Primus, the One and Prime of the modrons, is slain by Tenebrous with the Last Word. (GMM, DG) Great Modron March The Great Modron March begins over 100 years too early. (GMM) Dead Gods Five stones come to the attention of the Will of One are impossible to destory among the remains of a ruined temple, believing them to contain the essence of a dead god. (DG) The Illithid god of secrets Maanzecorian is slain by Tenebrous with the Last Word. (DG) The power of fate Camaxtli is slain by Tenebrous with the Last Word. (DG) Nekrotheptis Skorpios, proxy of Set, is slain by Tenebrous and the power of the Last Word. (DG) A proxy unknown powers named Everth is slain in Pelion by Tenebrous and the Last Word. (DG) The power of wisdom and love Tomeri is slain by Tenebrous with the power of the Last Wordd. (DG) The Five Stone are discovered to be carved from the husk of the dead god Badir, son of Nol, from the prime. Tenebrous is revealed to be the undead remains of Orcus when the Wand of Orcus is destroyed and his last priest is slain in the Astral plane upon his dead husk. (DG) 130th Year of Factol Haskar's Administration Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III A lawful evil force known as the Iron Shadow begins draining the imagination from the planes by claiming the formian city of Klictrik on Arborea, the human city of Bluphoril on the elemental plane of Air, the rilmani city of Sum of All in the Outlands, and the kyton city of Jangling Hilter on Baator. (TftIS) For Duty and Deity

A group from the prime world of Toril travel to the Abyss to bargain with Graz'zt for the freedom of Waukeen, goddess of Luck and Fortune, his prisoner since the Time of Troubles (1370 DR). (FR:FD&D) A githyanki fortress in the Astral named TorNav'roc is wiped out by Psurlon forces. (TftIS) Tales from the Infinite Staircase A group of bloods are asked to investigate the spread of the Iron Shadow by the lillendi caretakers of the Infinite Staircase. (TftIS) The Iron Shadow-infectd formian Queen Hvix'mnac travels to the Spawning Stone on Limbo and infects it. Her absences plunges the city into chaos, resulting in its flooding. (TftIS) Jazriul the hound archon begins his investgations on the spread of the Iron Shadow. (TftIS) Iron Shadow-infected slaadi travel to the dempiplane of Maelost in the Etheral and to the githyanki fortress TorNav'roc in the Astral. (TftIS) A kyton band travels to Limbo to assassinate the githzerai Cahm'Fel. (TftIS) Slaadi travel to the formian city of Klictrik on Arborea to wreak revenge for thier queen bringing them the Iron Shadwo. (TftIS) TSR Jam: The Manxome Foe Guide to the Ethereal Plane Inner Planes The Menagerie Planescape: Torment 0 The wizard Validesu discovers the Sigil spell. (FW) 1 Duke Rowan Darkwood finds the Labrynth Stone on the fourth layer of Pandemonium. (FW) Factol Rhys of the Transcendent Order abandons Sigil for a Cipher base in Elysium. (FW) 5 Darkwood peels the Harmonium and Doomguard into thinking the other is planning an attack. (FW) The Lady of pain sends Factol Erin Montgomery of the Sensates and Factol Pentar of the Doomguard to the Mazes. (FW) 7 Darkwood secretly marries Factol Alisohn Nilesia of the Mercykillers. (FW) 8 The oldest barmy in the Gatehouse, Gifad, demands to see Darkwood, who ignores him. (FW) 9 The Lady of Pain banishes Factol Skal of the Dustmen, the three leaders of the Free League, and various cell leaders of the Revelutionary League to the Mazes. (FW) 10 The Eschaton sect surfaces and begins prophesizing the doom of Sigil. (FW) Duke Rowan forces Nilesia through a portal and sells her to the fiends. The Mercykillers begin to splinter. (FW) 11 The Lady of Pain sends Factol Darius of the Sign of One, Factol Sruce of the Bleak Cabal, Factol Terrance of the Athar, and Factol Ambar of the Believers of the Source to the Mazes. (FW)

13 Duke Darkwood records his plans to destroy the Lady into a recorder stone in the Sensoriums of the Civic Festhall as Gifad the barmy tries to escape the Gatehouse. (FW) 16 Factol Sarin of the Harmonium is assassinated by the Revolutionary League. (FW) Arwyn Swan's Song announces the splinter of the Red Death into the Sons of Mercy, the Sodkillers, and the Mercykillers. (FW) The Lady of Pain banishes Factol Karan of the Xaositects to the Mazes (FW) The Faction War begins. (FW) The Lady of Pain sends Duke Rowan to the Mazes.(FW) 1 Post Faction War Warriors of Heaven Guide to Hell Vortex of Madness Zellor, a githyanki knight believing herself to be the re-incarnation of Gith, begins a revolt against the Lich Queen Vlaakith from within the Citadel of Gith Reborn.(VoM) THE FUTURE [497 Post Faction War The Four Doors open The Second Door appears in the Lower Ward, inside the Temple of Hades] -----------------YEAR 2000 Planescape 1 Post Faction War Birthright 2041 Ma, 1527 HC, or 554 MR Dark Sun Free Year 15, or Mountain's Defiance of the 190th Kings Age Forgotten Realms 1371 Dale Reckoning, Year of the Unstrung Harp, or 13 Present Reckoning. Ravenloft 754 -----------------KEY: C:GC97 Cutters: Gen Con 97 DG Dead Gods DttU Doors to the Unkown FM Factol's Manifesto GttAP Guide to the Astral Plane GttEP Guide to the Ethereal Plane H:tBW Hellbound: The Blood War ItC:GtS In the Cage: Guide to Sigil OHG On Hallowed Ground PH Planewalker's Handook PoX Planes of Chaos PSMCA2 Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix 2 PSMCA3 Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix 3 TftIS Tales from the Infite Staircase WoW Well of Worlds

VoM Vortex of Madness BR:CS BIRTHRIGHT Campaign Setting DS:BS DARK SUN: Black Spine DS:CbtSS DARK SUN: City by the Silt Sea FR:FD&D FORGOTTEN REALMS: For Duty & Diety FR:CS2 FORGOTTEN REALMS: Campaign Setting 2nd Edition GH:RttToH GREYHAWK: Return to the Tomb of Horrors GH:Q1 GREYHAWK: Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits RL:DoD RAVNELOFT: Domains of Dread RL:tNL RAVENLOFT: The Nightmare Lands SJ:tAC SPELLJAMMER: The Astromundi Cluster