The Eye is a starring Jessica Alba. It is a remake of a 2002 Hong Kong film of the same name. The remake of this Hong Kong film "Jian Gui", is basically the story a woman who receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world. Blind since age 5, violinist Sydney Wells (Jessica Alba) has a cornea transplant so that she would be able to see again. However, she got more than what she bargained for when she realized she could even see ghosts. And some of these ghosts are unfriendly. So she goes on a journey to find the origins of her cornea and to reveal the history of the previous dead owner. David Moreau and Xavier Palud directed this movie. David and Xavier has pleasured the people and scared them with their Movies like ”Ils’’ that has been nominated for best foreign horror

movie at the Golden Trailer Awards last year. They also directed the movie entitled “”Them””.

Strange things appeared to her vision when she got an operation to her eyes. She is seeing things that others can’t see. Her doctor couldn’t believe her. But that visions tells her something about. The theme of this movie is about a girl who was able to see dead people after her cornea transplant. She’s been blind since 5 years old. But the operation made her life confusing and gave her a lot of questions that is hard to explain. She needs to find the answer to what is happening to her. When strange

things happened to Sydney Wells, she suspected that there is something to do about the donor of her eyes. When she looked at the mirror, she saw a girl that she thought it was her. But the picture that her Helen took in the hospital together with Alicia proves that the girl she is seeing in the mirror was really not her. He asked Paul to tell her who was the donor. Paul refused to tell her. But eventually, He Told her who was it. They went to the Mexico where the donor lives. The movie happened somewhere in the United States. But the climax happened in Mexico at the present time. The main places that they are usually been are in the hospital, her house and on her Violin session place. Sydney Wells who played by Jessica Alba is a normal, 20 years old, blind professional concert violinist living in an average million dollar condo in Southern California. That is, until she

gets the break of a lifetime and someone gives her their eyes.Doctor Paul Falkner who played by Alessandro Nivola knows all about transplants and the weird things they do to people. Like making it hard to sleep at night and causing indigestion. He introduced Sydney to her surroundings by telling what is to avoid and how to interact with someone else. Chloe Morets played the role of a little doomed brain tumor girl in the hospital named Alicia Milstone. Parker Posey played the role of Sydney’s sister who provided the operation to Sydney. When you watch a film, you like it and become somewhat emotionally attached to it. When a remake comes out, your natural reaction is to reject this interloper that is threatening to weaken your memories of the original. My lack of detailed memories of the original allowed me to recognize this remake as slightly more fresh, and likely helped with my overall enjoyment.

There are many beautiful things in the world and we love to see it. But not all of things are pleasing to see. And sometimes, we’re wishing that unpleasant things had never appeared to our vision. Sydney Wells thought us a lesson that the sight is not important. Lots of things happened to her when she got those eyes. That causes her traumatic and thrilling experience. Things got worst because of her vision. She wouldn’t want that eye if she knew that such things will happen and appear. This has a very good story. If you watch it, You wont forget it in a long time.

The End

Directed by: David Moreau and Xavier Palud A film Review by: Mobilla, Jaysar Obor, Christian Parong, Jonald Pascual, Dale Pedrero, Marlon Quisel, Roland

Quisel, Ronald

Reyes, John Aris Sienna, Bobbie Solano, Gemcer Solis, John Galven Torres, Kenneth Villalus, Jeffrey Villamor, Edward

Submitted to: Mrs. Hernandez

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