Adidas ads( sky is the limit ) "Some people listen to themselves rather then listen to what other say

these people don't come along very often but when they do they remind us that once you set up in a path even though critics may doubt you its okay to belive that there is no can't, woun't or impossible they remind us it's okay to belive impossible is _nothing_"

Description of advertisement:The Long Run” features 7 of today‟s top athletes (David Beckham, Tracy McGrady, Laila Ali, Haile Gebrselassie, Ian Thorpe, Zinedine Zidane, Maurice Greene) who join a young Mohammad Ali on one of his famous morning runs in 1974. Ingenious post-production seamlessly merges new footage with original film shot in Zaire.
Adidas is one of the top brands in promoting personal achievement. They make beautiful and memorable ads/commercials with some of the most legendary athletes in the world. Their shorts are so powerful that it is almost impossible to not get motivated. Adidas “Impossible is nothing” ad titled „the long run‟ featuring Muhammad Ali, his daughter Laila, Ian Thorpe, Maurice Greene, David Beckham, Haile Gebrselassie, Tracy McGrady and Zinedine Zidane. Impossible is nothing: Muhammad Ali

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1. Consumer BehaviorMore Retail Store, Forum Mall Observational Study 2. Target Group ObservedWomen – Aged between 30 to 55 (75% of the total footfall in the store)Men – Two categoriesAged between 21 to 25Aged between 32 to 45

3. FMCG BehaviorBehavior on goods like soap, detergent, shampoo.Women tend to search for their products in the shelves and pick their Women were seen searching for Surf Excel powder (Ariel and Tide detergent powders were on the top shelves)Most of the men from both categories were seen picking up goods which were on the top shelf itself.Very few men tried searching for a typical product in the store.

4. FMCG BehaviorBehavior on products like soap and shampooWomen were seen having a close look at all the products and then selecting their

The consumer behavior suggest how individual.Less than 10 people went to the medical/ chemist section even during peak hours.  8. Thank you~Aditya Mahagaonkar  conclusion:The first and most objective of our study is comparative study of consumers buying behavior in retail mall. many of them opted to buy shampoo sachets instead of the big bottles. pencil cells. devising channels etc. toys (Hot Wheels Car models) were placed in shelves right next to the billing counters. services.productsYounger women picked more of sun silk and dove shampoo. LiquorNo women seen in this section. these men entered the liquor section. The study of consumer behavior is the most important factor for marketing of any goods and services.Note: All the above mentioned products had their own sections in the store.Two types of consumers found in this sectionFirst: Men who were there to buy their brands and quickly made their billing. use and dispose of goods.  6. While the better half shopped for the daily grocery. (Observed duration – 30mins)The people who did come to the medical section bought not more than 2-3 tablet strips. It also clues for improving or introducing products or services.Assumption: Impulsive purchases seen in this category. The marketers always look for emergent trends that suggest new marketing opportunities and here in India a lot of opportunities are available. soft drinks.Men opted for shampoo and soaps after checking the free-bies.  7.  5.Also. chips. setting price. ideas or experience to satisfy there needs and wants. .Parents were the customers and the kids along with them were the consumers. Medical Section/ ChemistVery few people going to this section.This could mean that people still prefer going to the general chemist stores and not the ones tied with the retail chains. Billing CounterVaried products like chocolates. buy. groups and organization select. chewing gums.1 out of 4 customers picked up one of the products from the shelves. sweets. Second: Men who were along with their wife/girl friend.

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