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Volume 19 Issue 1

January 2013

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
The Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Association of Canada (CMAAC) would be greatly honoured if you and guest would join us in celebrating our 30th Anniversary on Saturday April 27th, 2013. Over the past 30 years, CMAAC has worked diligently to have Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (TCM/A) regulated, to ensure the safety of the general public and to promote TCM/A. We are proud of our successes, especially Newfoundland and Labrador and Ontario’s recent regulation and establishment of regulatory Colleges. More Canadians than ever before are reaping the benefits of this ancient form of health care. CMAAC is delighted to celebrate its achievements during this 30th anniversary year. Joining the celebration are two distinguished representatives of the World Federation Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies (WFAS), President Prof. Deng Liangyue and Secretary-General Prof. Shen Zhi Xiang. The WFAS is the only acupuncture association recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and CMAAC is delighted that President Deng and Secretary-General Shen are able to attend the 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Inside This Issue:
1. CMAAC 30th celebration 學會 30 周年慶典 2. CTCMPAO Update – 3. January 20 Safety Program Chinese Seminar 1 月 20 日安全手冊中文講座

加拿大中医针灸學会诚挚地邀请您参加我们于 2013 年 4 月 27 日 (周六)举办的三十周年庆典。在过去的三十年里,加拿大中医针 灸學会积极地配合中医和针灸的立法工作,以确保公众的安全和促 进中医针灸事业的发展。我们对我们所作出的成绩感到骄傲,尤其 是在纽芬兰省以及安大略省近期的立法及管理局成立工作。愈來愈 多的加拿大人正在享受这一古老疗法所带的益处. 加拿大中医针灸學 会将在 30 周年纪念上欢庆我们所获得的成功。此次盛典将有两位尊 敬的来自世界针灸學會联合会代表出席,分别为主席邓良月主席和 秘书长沈志祥教授。世针联是世界卫生组织唯一认可的國際性针灸 組織,CMAAC 此次非常荣幸地邀请到邓主席和沈秘书长前来参加我们 三十周年的庆典活动。


Saturday, April 27, 2013 (2013 年 4 月 27 日星期六) Regal Chinese Cuisine Restaurant 富都名宴 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough, Ontario M1V 1V2 (Finch & McCowan) Tel: 905-477-1188 Reception 5:30pm (下午五點半恭候) 6:30pm (下午六點半晚宴) $35.00 會员 $40.00 非會员 Entrainment and Lucky Drew 歌舞表演,豐富禮品,抽獎

2013-1-20 (Sunday)
Safety Program Handbook Seminar – Toronto Public Library – Agincourt. CMAAC will be holding a seminar to review the translated Safety Handbook. 學會將在 1 月 20 日舉辦中医针灸师安全课程中文 講座,只接授本會會員. DATE: TIME: LOCATION: Sunday, January 20, 2013 (星期日) 1:30 p.m. –4:30 p.m Toronto Public Library - Agincourt 155 Bonis Ave., Toronto, ON M1T 3W6 (Sheppard and Kennedy ) 416-396-8943


Time: Dinner Ticket:

Please mail cheque to: CMAAC 請將支票( 抬頭寫 CMAAC 〕寄到總部 154 Wellington St. London, Ont. N6B 2K8 Or in Person at the following Offices 或本人親自到下列購票處: 東區: Ming Fai Chan, C.M.D.陳明輝醫師 WELLNESS CENTRE 4465 SHEPPARD AVE. UNIT #8 SCARBOROUGH, ONT. 416-292-0108 FAX: 416-292-8682 中區: Quan De Zhou, C.M.D.周權德醫師 476 Dundas St. W., 2 Floor (near Spadina) Toronto, ON (416) 977-1905

查訊請電: 陳明輝公關副會長 416-292-0108 Free for CMAAC Members ﹕學會會員 (免費)

Safety Program Test Available - January 26, 2013 IMPORTANT UPDATE If you have completed study of the Safety Program Handbook, available at, we invite you to consider applying for the Safety Program Test. Successful completion of the Safety Program is one of the requirements to be eligible to apply for the Certificate of Registration with CTCMPAO. Transitional Council is pleased to announce that the first Safety Program Test to be held on, Saturday, January 26, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario. The administration and scoring of this test is being conducted for transitional Council by Curriculum Services Canada. For more information, please visit: ents/20130126_Toronto_safety_test.html

通告 Note:
一、<法律体系课程>考前(国语)辅导班 时间:1 月 13 日(周日)下午 5:00 一 9:00; 地点:学会附属学院(加拿大安大略中医学院) ; 地址:7130 Warden Avenue, Suite 507 Markham, Ontario,L3R 1S2 电话:905-604-8855; 905-604-6776 费用:会员费用全免 备注: 坐位有限,敬请提前预约。


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