Masthead- Entertainment weekly is displayed in big bold letters and also in a red font to attract the reader’s attention

Left third- the left third of the magazine is taken up by the actor Robert Downey jr, therefore promoting the film Sherlock Holmes.

The price of this magazine is not shown anywhere on the front cover of this certain magazine, this could be because this magazine is free or could be a special online edition. The price is usually shown in very small writing; this is because they don’t want to show how much they are selling it for.

Main image- the main image is Robert Downey jr, again promoting the film Sherlock Holmes, as this type of image is popular amongst the Sherlock Holmes films the potential reader will recognise this and if interested will purchase the magazine

Anchorage text- the yellow text that is used in this magazine indicates that something is interested to the reader, for example the word flash-forward

This magazines layout is a very formal type of layout for a magazine; this can suggest that it is aimed at more of an older target audience/ more serious reader. Other magazines tend to use bolder titles and banners across the magazine because this entices the reader. However this could look tacky to an older/ more serious reader, therefore steering away from this.

Colour scheme- the general colour scheme of this magazine is yellow, this indicates a bright image to the reader and can interpret happiness.

Direct address- the target audience are directly addressed in this magazine by them saying ‘weve read Sarah Palins

Cover lines- words such as PLUS let the reader know about the exciting features inside the mgazine

Masthead- the type of font used for the front cover of the magazine is different to most types of magazine fonts, it stands out more and therefore attracts readers. Also the fact that they have put Daniel Craig above the masthead shows that they are a well-known magazine and therefore can afford to do this.

Hyperbolic wording- ‘all you need to know’ ‘reloaded’ ‘skyfall exclusive’ ‘100%’ are all words that stand out to the consumer and are quick and snappy attracting the reader’s attention. Price- the demographics for this magazine is c1 and c2, therefore meaning that the price range isn’t too high but yet c1 and c2 would be able to afford this magazine. Layout- the layout of this magazine does look different from other magazines on the market, it’s not simple, there is a large banner at the bottom half of the magazine this is a broad statement however it does not take the attention of the main focus of the magazine away. Therefore being an effective layout. Direct address- at the bottom of the magazine the words ‘also in YOUR 140page issue’, this creates a relationship between the magazine and the reader and also makes the reader feel important because it feels like the magazine is meant for them.

Left third- James bond reloaded on the left third of the magazine, this indicates that because this film is so highly viewed by the public, meaning that more people will want to pick up this magazine when they are going to buy it. Also they have said that they are going to include 50 years of out of this world thrills therefore being something that other magazines may have not included being a further reason for people wanting to buy this magazine.

Main image- the main image of this magazine is Daniel Craig, being a well-known actor in the industry makes this magazine look all the more appealing to customers because they have seen him in previous films. This means that they have created a USP because they have put him in the middle of the page.

Anchorage text-the orange text used stands out because the colour of the background is rather dark, also the colour orange represents fire and explosions relating to the themes of a bond film

The barcode- a legal requirement right at the bottom of the magazine, this legal requirement must not be covered with any type of text