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Greetings, this document is issued on behalf of

Leatha Warden

As an Ecclesiastical body it is hereby declared that the above named

brother/sister has been examined by us, and found to be
equipped and prepared to serve in the ministry of Chaplain.
Upon further inquiry and in light of his specialized training and
experienced we find h/she is well equipped and ready to
serve as a Law Enforcement Chaplain.

It is our earnest belief that Leatha Warden will perform in a manner of

excellence, in and through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is hereby declared that our Ecclesiastical Body, issues our Endorsement

to our said brother/sister. He/she remains under our covering of
Spiritual Headship, and Oversight. Furthermore he/she shall present
annually to us for Permanent Record the highlights of his/her duties.

This declaration is hereby made this 1st day of July

In the 2006 year of Our Lord.

I do hereby affix my signature as having authority to do so

in the matters at hand. May God be with you all.


Dr. Rick McClure

Official Title : Senior Pastor

Organization: Abundant Life Church

Address where records are kept.: 1120 Belle Plain, Brownwood,Tx. 76801