Tough/draft/Treaty Halfbreeds 01 2013

31 January 2013

Tony Belcourt Here is some input, if you think it might be of interest. Best wishes for your Internet Town Hall. Frank Tough
Treaty Indians who withdrew from Band Membership signing a form to withdraw from Treaty were tabulated officially under the Heading of “Treaty Halfbreeds.” Some Treaty Halfbreeds were allowed to return to treaty after receiving scrip certificates. Not any/ever Treaty Indians were allowed to with draw. Treaty Commissioners Goulet and Cote stated: “… only those that satisfactorily showed they would not need any government assistance were allowed discharge from treaty.” Some “Treaty Halfbreeds” were readmitted to Band Membership; this aspect of the scrip/treaty relationship is not well known and in need of research. Similarly, those that were doing well might not be readmitted to “Treaty.” With respect to the community of Grand Rapids, Manitoba, McColl decided that applications from “able bodied Half-breeds, whom the Hudson’s Bay Company, the Fish Companies and other parties employed at good wages, in cutting cordwood, packing ice, fishing … should not be entertained.” SOURCE: Frank Tough, ‘As Their Natural Resources Fail’: Native People and the Economic History of Northern Manitoba, 1870-1930 (Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 1996 [reprinted 2000 and 2008]).

SOURCE: LAC, RG15 vol. 1330, Mary Norris. See http://metisnationdatabase.ualberta. ca/MNC/

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