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Leading retailer leverages database maintenance and advanced performance tuning service to reduce cost, improve efficiency and

availability. Yash Solution’s remote infrastructure management services enable major retailer to reduce database maintenance & support costs and enhance customer satisfaction. The Client: Fortune 100 major retailer, headquarter in Minnesota operates multi billion dollar retail business. Spread across all 50 stated in US serving millions of customer across the country. The challenge: The Enterprise Infrastructure Management (EIM) team provides support and maintenance of multi terabyte very large warehouse databases using UDB LUW V 9.7 FP 1 on AIX V 5.3.2 running on IBM p-series. The Enterprise Business Intelligence warehouse consists of DEV, TEST, STAGE and PRODUTION warehouse database servers totaling over 200 TB disk space. The team also supports Human Resource application (HRS), Stores BI, Campaign and Marketing warehouse application databases of around 35 production, 15 pre production and 45 non production databases. Having been the central normalized foundational as well as reporting database supporting large number of ETL and reporting user database was growing very fast. With continuous growth of number of database objects, users and concurrent database access requests workload in the database was growing very fast and was becoming difficult to manage. Several unplanned outages and query performance degradation was creeping into the system. With several outdated manual methods of database monitoring and maintenance techniques it was becoming almost unmanageable to meet SLAs and performance and availability was becoming concerns for the leadership. The resolutions: Database support team was given this project to address all of these above mentioned problems. Considering Yash Solutions expertise the DBA team took up the challenge and developed an automated process for continuous and proactive database health monitoring, health checks, threshold alert mechanism for optimum performance and improved availability. DBA team has modified existing scripts and wrote many new database monitoring and maintenance scripts using latest UDB V 9.7 features like SYSIBMADM snapshot and database monitor views. It also improved Reorgs and Runstats with new options and improve database backup performance, added new methods for tracking database resource usage thresholds, troubleshooting techniques, improved database configuration and object design in order to get scalability and performance. It also used best practice of DB2 row compression to save over 10 terabytes

The complete solution was provided with proper documentations in a very cost effective way The Benefits: With improved performance of the database total cycle time for ETL operation cut down considerably and query performance improved remarkably for end user reporting need.of disk space and improved performance by reducing I-O cost. Thanks to years of expertise of Yash Solutions DBAs. Savings of space through compression gave better utilization of space among different subject areas. Reduced database backup time by 3 hours. Reduced total used disk space by 10.5 TB including all databases.25 hours. streamlined database management tasks and increased operational efficiencies. Automated database maintenance process and timely alert system cuts down downtime by added proactive measures and tuning. It has avoided immediate unnecessary investment. trust and goodwill from leadership team at client site. . Average saving of query performance was 1. Some of the highlights of achievement were: • • • • • • • Improved ETL performance reduced cycle time by 5 hours. Yash solutions expertise helped client to control its infrastructure management functions eliminating day to day duplicate and mundane high labor and maintenance cost. their hard work and versatile skill set that added value to the system and earned high applaud. health checks and reduced monitoring time by 7 hours. Well documented guidance developed by Yash DBAs provided step by step guidance for on-call support for troubleshoot. Automated database monitoring. Unplanned outages come down to 2 hours from 12 hours monthly average in a year. SLA report for last three months came as 100% satisfied.