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Newmark 1 Janae Newmark Mrs. Light English I Honors Per. 5 30 Nov.

2011 The Power of Jealousy The play Othello by William Shakespeare is an exemplary case of how characters become victims of jealousy. Jealousy has the powerful ability to corrupt a person and control their actions. Two main characters that are victimized by the power of jealousy are Othello and Iago. When the two men are overcome with jealousy, it manipulates them and changes their state of mind. Iago seeks revenge on Cassio, for he got the lieutenancy position Iago desperately wanted. While Othello is envious over the false innuendo Iago divulges about Desdemona. Both men are taken over by raging jealousy which overpowers them and causes them to commit unlawful actions. Iago, the first character presented as a victim of jealousy, is envious when he finds out Othello has given the lieutenancy to Cassio instead of him. The covetous Iago secretly plans revenge as the jealousy is too powerful for him to control. '''I have already chose my officer.'/And what was he? Forsooth, a great arithmetician,/One Michael Cassio, a Florentine,/ That never set a squadron in the field/This countercaster, he, in good time, must his lieutenant be (Oth.1.1.1735). When Iago discovers Cassio has been given the position, he is outraged and plans to get Cassio removed from the job. When he rants to Roderigo, you can tell he is angry and that he clearly thinks Cassio is not the right man for the job. Iago feels like Othello has diminished his accomplishments by giving a person with no experience the job. The supremacy of the jealousy overpowers all other feelings and controls his thoughts. Not only is Iago a victim of jealousy, but he tells others to beware of its destructive ability. O, beware, my lord, of jealousy!/It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock/the meat it feeds on (Oth.3.3.195-197). Iago, who has concocted his plan, is telling Othello about the capability jealousy has on a person. When Iago is actually taking revenge on him and Cassio due to his jealousy. His plan leads to the death of Cassio, Roderigo, Desdemona, and Emilia. Iago knows about envy from his experience with its

powerful ability and how it has control of a persons actions. Iago understands the power of jealousy, yet he is still a victim of it. Newmark 2 Othello is another victim of the power of jealousy, when he believes false accusations spread by the envious Iago. His jealousy takes control Jealousy can influence a persons thoughts, and has the ability to manipulate actions. Othello and Iago both are victims of this powerful envy and it leads to them perishing and causing others to die as well. Envy has the power to make you commit vicious acts and do things you normally would not do. Othello and Iago learn from jealousy after they experience its power.