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|UB||S||N0 |/T|. | C0UNT|Y C0||.

ConLenLs. The |s|ands, |o & See, 0o|l, |aL|ng, Bars & N|ghL||le, Shopp|ng, S|eep|ng,
|ssenL|a| |nlormaL|on, Naps
Copyr|ghL 20I2 /rr|va|0u|des /B. /|| r|ghLs reserved. |or more |nlormaL|on v|s|L.
w|Lh Lhe|r o|ue |akes oordered oy lowers, da..||ng v|ews ol Lhe sea lrom h|gh |n Lhe
h|||s, and |ush green |andscapes ol anc|enL vo|can|c craLers - Lhe n|ne |s|ands ol Lhe
/.ores, s|LuaLed |n Lhe m|dd|e ol Lhe /L|anL|c, ,usL 4 hours lrom BosLon and 2 hours
lrom ||soon oy p|ane, are a parad|se lor naLure|overs. Choose a ho||day on Lhese
oeauL|lu| |s|ands and you|| red|scover Lhe peace ol Lhe counLrys|de |n a sLunn|ng and
unspo||L naLura| env|ronmenL.
Euro, t1 = 100 cenIs
Dpening hours
Monday Io Frlday 09 an Io 12:30 pn - 2 pn Io 06:30 pn.
SaIurday: 09 an Io 1 pn. MosI oI Ihe |arger sIores and reIal|
ouI|eIs ln Ihe naln IourlsI areas nay open Ihrough |unch
hours. MosI shops are c|osed on Sundays.
Shopplng cenIres: Dal|y (lnc|udlng Sundays) 10 an - 10 pn
(Sunday Io Thursday). 10 an- 11 pn (Frldays and Sundays).
Banks: Monday - Frlday 8:30 an - 3 pn
Aorlano OrlenIa|
Dlarlo lnsu|ar
Expresso das Nove
l|ha Malor
A Unlao
Lmergency numbers
1ourisI informaIion
lnIornaIlon nunber: 1820
0ne ol Lhe oesL senLences LhaL descr|oe Lhe /.ores |s. 0ne
|ocaL|on, N|ne Un|que wor|ds. The n|ne |s|ands ol Lhe
/.ores represenL |uropes wesLernmosL po|nL, and are
|ocaLed |n Lhe m|dd|e ol Lhe /L|anL|c 0cean.
|ach ol Lhe |s|ands has |Ls own spec|lc |andscape and
characLer and Lhe /.orean peop|e lo||ow ageo|d Lrad|L|ons
comp|emenLed oy Lhe d|vers|Ly ol Lhe|r oeauL|lu|
surround|ngs. Sao N|gue|, Lhe |argesL |s|and |s renowned
lor |Ls lowers and green |andscapes, |Ls |arge scen|c |akes
and Lhe v|oranL c|Ly ol |onLa |e|gada. 0n Lhe |s|and ol
SanLa Nar|a, you|| d|scover v|necovered escarpmenLs
surround|ng Lhe s|Le ol Lhe /n,os chape| ol Ba|a de Sao
|ouren,o, where Co|umous prayed on h|s reLurn lrom
/L Lhe cenLre ol Lhe /.ores, lve |s|ands ||e very c|ose
LogeLher. Terce|ra |s|and |s sLeeped |n h|sLory, as Lhe home
ol /ngra do |ero|smo, Lhe lrsL |uropean c|Ly |n Lhe
/L|anL|c and now a UN|SC0 wor|d |er|Lage S|Le. Nearoy
|a|a| |s|and |s lamed lor |Ls o|ue hydrangeas, and |Ls
mar|na pa|nLed |n co|ours ol v|s|L|ng yachLs lrom a|| over
Lhe wor|d. 0ppos|Le |a|a| |s ||co, w|Lh Lhe h|ghesL
mounLa|n ol |orLuga| w|Lh 23bIm. |Ls s|opes are covered
w|Lh o|ack |ava le|ds and v|neyards, and |Ls peop|e
rememoer ageo|d wha||ng Lrad|L|ons. w|de green pasLures
dom|naLe Lhe |s|and ol Sao Jorge, wh||e aL Lhe oase ol |Ls
sLeep escarpmenLs, s||vers ol |and ca||ed la,as nesL|e oy
Lhe sea. The sma||esL ol Lh|s cenLra| group ol lve |s|ands |s
0rac|osa, wh|ch has a |ake carved |n dormanL vo|can|c
rock, wh||e |Ls v|neyards are doLLed w|Lh w|ndm|||s.
The |s|and ol ||ores resemo|es a garden surrounded oy
Lhe sea. |Ls charm|ng scenery |s made up ol scen|c |akes
carved |nLo Lhe vo|can|c rock. The cenLre ol Lhe m|n|aLure
n|nLh |s|and ol Corvo a|so has |Ls own vo|can|c craLer, or
ca|de|ra, wh|ch Lakes up much ol |Ls cenLre.
DD & 5LL
Those who v|s|L Lhe /.ores can re|y on a we|com|ng
NaLure. |akes and mounLa|ns, loresL reserves, naLure parks
and recreaL|ona| parks, areas proLecLed |andscape,
endem|c lora and launa, and rare ecosysLems.
Lagoa Do Fogo
|ocaLed |n Lhe oeauL|lu| and green |s|and ol Sao N|gue|,
Lhe |agoa do |ogo |s Lhe second |argesL |agoon, and a|so
Lhe h|ghesL, c|ass|led s|nce I974 as a NaLura| |eserve, as
lor |Ls naLura| va|ue and |andscape. |Ls worLh know|ng Lhe
naLura| and scen|c oeauLy ol Lh|s naLura| wonder and |Ls
ca|de|ra, where Lhe wa||s reach up Lo 300 meLers ol
s|opes. The Tra|| |omoadas |agoa do |ogo , creaLes a
sLunn|ng e1ecL lor h|k|ng where you can oeLLer ooserve
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
Lhe |nLeresL|ng lora and launa characLer|sL|cs ol Lh|s
geo|og|ca| phenomenon.
/ddress. Sao N|gue| |s|and
Lagoa Das 5eIe Lidades
SeLe C|dades |agoon |s Lhe |argesL lreshwaLer |ake |n Lhe
/.ores, w|Lh a |engLh ol 4.2 km2 and a depLh LhaL reaches
33 meLers. |ec|ared one ol Lhe 7 NaLura| wonders ol
|orLuga|, |n Lhe caLegory ol Non Nar|ne /quaL|c Zones,
cons|sLs ol Lwo |akes |agoa Verde and |agoa /.u| (green
|agoon and o|ue |agoon) ||nked LogeLher and surrounded
oy a oreaLhLak|ng scenery. C|ass|led as |roLecLed
|andscape ol NaLura 2000, Lh|s naLura| wonder |s
surrounded oy an exLens|ve green area and oeauL|lu| rocky
c||1s covered w|Lh Lrees and lowers.
/ddress. Sao N|gue| |s|and
|urnas has much Lo o1er. Th|s |oca||Ly charms w|Lh Lhe
oeauL|lu| |urnas |ake, Lhe |urnas Vo|cano and |Ls
cau|drons lrom where comes Lhe lamous oo|||ng waLer
geysers, or Lhe lamous LherapeuL|ca||y muds, a Therma|
resorL or even Lhe |nLeresL|ng Terra NosLra |ark, one ol Lhe
mosL oeauL|lu| gardens ol Lhe I8Lh cenLury. The
parad|s|aca| |urnas Va||ey has more Lhan LwenLy naLura|
spr|ng waLers and |s crossed oy Lwo sLream|eLs, one ol
Lhem w|Lh hoL waLers.
The |urnas |ake presenLs greaL oeauLy |andscapes l||ed
w|Lh peace ol m|nd. |L |s on |urnas LhaL one ol Lhe mosL
lamous de||cacy |n Lhe enL|re /rch|pe|ago |s cooked. Lhe
|urnas co.|do (a meaL or cod lsh sLew). The pans w|Lh
Lhe sLeam, alLer oe|ng carelu||y c|osed, are |nLroduced |n
Lhe vo|can|c so|| LhaL presenLs h|gh LemperaLures, sLay|ng
underneaLh lor some hours |n Lhese naLura| k|Lchens.
The lamous lumaro|as (lumaro|es) are areas ol
concenLraL|on ol Lhe Lherma| spr|ngs and oLher geoLherm|c
man|lesLaL|ons, wh|ch produce LherapeuL|c e|emenLs and
lorm a |ove|y panorama, ol rare oeauLy, LhaL can oe
ooserved lrom Lhe gorgeous ||co do |erro and Sa|Lo do
Cava|o oe|veders.
/ddress. Sao N|gue| |s|and
AIgar Do Larvo
|n Lhe |s|and ol Terce|ra an exLraord|nary vo|can|c
phenomenon happened, one ol Lhe mosL specLacu|ar ol
Lhe /.ores. The /|gar do Carvao |s |ocaLed w|Lh|n Lhe
Ca|de|ra 0u||herme Non|. and |s access|o|e Lo v|s|Lors. |L |s
deve|oped |n Lhe lorm ol vo|can|c cone. |ns|de access |s
Lhrough an arL|lc|a| Lunne| and a sLa|rcase, we can see Lhe
rouLe Laken oy Lhe r|ver ol |ava e,ecLed oy Lhe vo|cano ouL
hampered oy a Lh|ck wa|| ol sLone. The h|gh||ghL |s on Lhe
underground |ake and Lhe seL ol sLa|acL|Les and
sLa|agm|Les ol vo|can|c g|ass.
/ddress. Terce|ra |s|and
Furna Do Lnxofre
Cons|sL|ng ol a Lunne| I00 meLers deep, wh|ch ends |n a
cave w|Lh I80 meLers |n d|ameLer w|Lh a dome LhaL
reaches 80 meLers he|ghL. |n Lhe depLhs you can lnd a
|ake w|Lh aoouL I30 meLers |n d|ameLer and a max|mum
depLh ol Ib meLers. |urna do |nxolre |s worLh v|s|L|ng. The
access Lo Lhe cave |s made Lhrough a Lower w|Lh aoouL
37 meLers h|gh and a sLa|rway w|Lh I83 sLeps.
/ddress. 0rac|osa |s|and
Faj Da LaIdeira Do 5anIo LrisIo
|a,a da Ca|de|ra de SanLo Cr|sLo |s |ocaLed on Lhe norLhern
coasL ol Lhe laou|ous Sao Jorge |s|and. Th|s |s prooao|y
Lhe mosL lamous and oeauL|lu| |a,a |n Lhe |s|and. The
access Lo Lhe |a,a |s noL easy, yeL |L a||ows Lhe
conLemp|aL|on ol overwhe|m|ng |andscapes Lhrough a
work|ng Lra||, known as Lhe |a,as |L|nerary (|ercurso das
|a,as). Th|s |a,a |s a|so lamous amongsL Surlers and
Body ooarders due Lo Lhe good cond|L|ons lor Lhese k|nd ol
/ddress. Sao Jorge |s|and
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
voIcanic Landscape of ico lsIand
S|LuaLed aL 23bI meLers, Lhe ||co |s Lhe h|ghesL po|nL ol
Lhe |orLuguese Lerr|Lory. /L Lhe Lop |s a 700 meLers craLer
and 30 meLers deep, leaLures LhaL make Lh|s Lhe Lh|rd
|argesL vo|cano |n Lhe /L|anL|c. The enL|re |andscape
around Lhe vo|cano |s r|ch |n geo|og|ca| |ssues. NoLeworLhy
was Lhe oase ol Lhe mounLa|n, enL|re|y surrounded oy
v|neyards c|ass|led as wor|d |er|Lage oy UN|SC0. These
|andscapes ol Lhe v|neyards occupy an area ol aoouL
Ib4.4 hecLares, wh|ch |s delned oy a mass|ve, sLrucLured
mesh wa||s.
The c||mo|ng ol ||co NounLa|n |s an unlorgeLLao|e
exper|ence yeL noL adv|sed Lo a|| Lhe phys|ca| cond|L|ons.
/|so Lhe serv|ces ol Lhe oc|a| 0u|des are adv|sed, lor a
sale and more |nLeresL|ng exper|ence.
/ddress. ||co |s|and
LapeIinhos voIcano
|andscape ol sLrange oeauLy, ouL v|s|L|ng |s
recommendao|e Lo anyone on |a|a| |s|and. Cape||nhos
vo|can|c erupL|on oegan |n SepLemoer I9b7, |n Lhe wesL ol
Lhe |s|and aoouL I km lrom Lhe coasL, where |L was Lhe
||ghLhouse Cape||nhos. |ur|ng a year and a monLh |L has
noL ceased |Ls acL|v|Ly occurred more Lhan Lwo hundred
earLhquakes oelore Lhe vo|cano erupLs push|ng many ol
Lhe |nhao|LanLs Lo aoandoned Lhe |s|and ol |a|a|. |ur|ng
Lhe year LhaL |L was acL|ve, Lhe Cape||nhos vo|cano
Cape||nhos connecLed Lo |a|a| Lhrough an arm ol magma,
and |L added aoouL 2.4 km2 |n area. The vo|cano c||mo|ng
|s one ol Lhe mosL asLon|sh|ng and un|que Lours |n Lhe
|a|a| |s|and, presenL|ng neverLhe|ess some dangers and
d|cu|L|es. There are some predelned |L|nerar|es and a|so
oc|a| gu|de serv|ce, wh|ch |s recommendao|e Lo use.
/ddress. |a|a| |s|and
Rocha Dos Bordes
|ocha dos Bordoes |s one ol Lhe ex||or|s ol ||ores |s|and.
NonumenL ol unusua| oeauLy was shaped oy naLure over
Lhousands ol years, acqu|r|ng |Ls verL|ca| lormaL, wh|ch
sLands |n Lhe |andscape. S||d|ng oy oasa|L|c rock, severa|
r|vers end |n a waLerla||. Near |Ls oase are Lhe soca||ed
/guas uenLes, cau|drons oo|||ng su|phurous waLer.
/ddress. ||ores |s|and
|amous craLer w|Lh Lwo |akes |n |Ls |nLer|or, Lhe Cade|rao |s
Lhe symoo| ol Lhe |s|and ol Corvo. Th|s craLer ol 3400
meLers |ong and 300 meLers deep |s Lhe crad|e ol Lhe
|s|and, wh|ch was lormed oy a vo|can|c erupL|on. 0n Lh|s
s|Le Lhere are Lwo qu|eL |akes w|Lh sma|| |s|ands wh|ch
Lrad|L|on assoc|aLes w|Lh represenLaL|on |n Lhe /.ores
(exc|ud|ng ||ores and Corvo). Th|s po|nL a|so serves as a
|ookouL, w|Lh greaL v|ews over Lhe |s|and.
/ddress. Corvo |s|and
whaIe waIching
The /.ores are nowadays one ol Lhe wor|ds o|ggesL wha|e
sancLuar|es. /mong res|denL and m|granL spec|es,
common or rare, over 27 d|1erenL Lypes ol ceLaceans can
oe spoLLed |n Lhe /.ores. |L |s an |mpress|ve lgure and
corresponds Lo a Lh|rd ol Lhe LoLa| numoer ol ex|sL|ng
spec|es. The /.ores are |n an ecosysLem w|Lh un|que
characLer|sL|cs. w|Lh Lhe presence ol ma,esL|c wha|es and
lr|end|y do|ph|ns, Lhe o|ue lrom Lhe /L|anL|c 0cean
oecomes even more mag|c and o|essed around Lhe n|ne
|s|ands. /nd |L or|ngs Lo Lhe presenL, when preservaL|on |s
Lhe keyword.
Compan|es LhaL do wha|e waLch|ng.
|uLur|smo - www.luLur|smo.pL
||cos de /venLura - www.p|
5cuba Diving
||v|ng day and n|ghL, |n sandy, rocky or m|xed seaoeds, |n
caves or sh|pwrecks. The poLenL|a| ol Lhe /.ores |s
a|mosL end|ess |n Lerms ol d|v|ng spoLs and Lypes ol
d|v|ng. |L o1ers adequaLe spoLs lor var|ous exper|ence
|eve|s, lrom oeg|nners Lo proless|ona|s, and Lhe advenLure
may sLarL w|Lh s|mp|e snorke||ng |n order Lo |e|sure|y en,oy
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
Lhe aoundanL mar|ne ||le ol Lhe arch|pe|agos crysLa| c|ear
waLers. 0n Lhe oLher hand, d|v|ng |n an ocean oank |s a
guaranLee lor an adrena||n rush and lor memor|es LhaL w|||
pers|sL |n our m|nd. when we reLurn, ooLh a cerLa|nLy and a
douoL come up. Lhe des|re Lo reLurn Lo Lhe sea and Lhe
d|cu|Ly |n choos|ng a new spoL Lo d|scover.
|or more |nlormaL|on, aoouL compan|es and spoLs lor
d|v|ng, p|ease go Lo.
|nLerneL. www.v|s||enceLhea.ores/scuoa
The shape ol Lhe greens |nv|Les you Lo wa|k accompan|ed
oy a co|orlu| exp|os|on ol lowers. The weaLher oows Lo Lhe
p|ayer and a||ows you Lo en,oy Lhe Lhree courses ava||ao|e
|n Lhe arch|pe|ago |n any season ol Lhe year. The rounds
are adapLed Lo ooLh oeg|nners and proless|ona|s. |n
pasLure go|l, sw|ngs are shown Lo Lhe |oca| popu|aL|on
am|dsL pasLures and agr|cu|Lura| le|ds. / Lype ol go|l w|Lh
s|m||ar ru|es, ouL w|Lh Lhe |aoe| ol pure lun and soc|a||.|ng
around a sporL.
BaIaIha GoIf Lourse
/ddress. |ena|s da |u.9b4b234 |ena|s da |u. - Sao N|gue| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 498 bb9
|nLerneL. www.a.oresgo|ls|
Nore |nlo. |ma||. |nlo@a.oresgo|ls|
Furnas GoIf Lourse
/ddress. /chada das |urnas967b |urnas - Sao N|gue| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 b84 6bI
|nLerneL. www.a.oresgo|ls|
Nore |nlo. |ma||. |nlo@a.oresgo|ls|
1erceira GoIf Lourse
/ddress. |a,as da /gua|va/parLado Ib9760909 |ra|a da V|Lor|a
|hone. 3bI 29b 902 44 / 3bI 29b 902 299
|nLerneL. www.Lerce|rago|
Nore |nlo. |ma||. Lerce|rago|le@v|aocean|
|ood |overs w||| apprec|aLe Lhe var|ed cu|s|ne ol Lhe
/.ores. |or examp|e, |l you ||ke your lresh lsh, Lhen Lhese
|s|ands w||| make Lhe perlecL ho||day. The Co.|do das
|urnas |s one ol Lhe mosL emo|emaL|c d|shes ol Lhe |s|and
ol Sao N|gue|, cooked oeneaLh Lhe earLh |n near Lhe
|urnas |ake. Severa| |ngred|enLs are p|aced |n a poL LhaL |s
our|ed nexL Lo Lhe hoL waLer spr|ngs. |L Lakes aoouL lve
hours Lo cook Lhrough naLura| heaL LhaL seeps up,
produced oy vo|can|c acL|v|Ly. TasL|ng Co.|do das |urnas
|s an unlorgeLao|eexper|ence lor a|| v|s|Lors ol Lhe
|s|and.Na|n courses and sweeL pudd|ngs come |n many
var|eL|es, and lne cheeses are |oca||y produced,
parL|cu|ar|y on Sao Jorge |s|and. |omegrown lru|L
|nc|udes p|neapp|e and Lrop|ca| pass|onlru|L, wh||e
perlumed green Lea |s grown on Lhe |s|and ol Sao N|gue|.
when |L comes Lo comp|emenL|ng your mea| w|Lh a dr|nk,
oe sure Lo Lry Lhe |oca| red and wh|Le w|nes, p|us Lhe
lrewaLer (aguardenLe) lrom 0rac|osa |s|and, B|sco|Los
lrom Terce|ra |s|and and ol course Lhe verde|ho w|ne
lrom ||co.
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
AIInIida ResIauranI
Th|s resLauranL |ocaLed |n SanLa Nar|a |s|and |s known lor
|Ls Lrad|L|ona| cu|s|ne. Some ol Lhe|r spec|a||L|es are. 0r|||ed
squ|d cod au graL|n |n Lhe L||e, gr|||ed swordlsh, and hake
/ddress. |ua Teol|o de Braga 7IV||a do |orLo9b80b3b V||/ |0 |0|T0
- SanLa Nar|a |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 882 330
1ony's ResIauranI
|esLauranL w|Lh aoundanL doses. |l you wanL Lo LasLe Lhe
lamous Co.|do das |urnas, you have Lo order one day |n
advance, oecause |L Lakes some L|me Lo prepare.
/ddress. |argo do TeaLro b|urnas967b036 |U|N/S - Sao N|gue|
|hone. 3bI 296 b84 290
Lais 20 ResIauranI
0ne ol Lhe oesL sealood resLauranLs on Lhe |s|and ol Sao
N|gue|, Lo en,oy Lhe oesL ol whaL Lhe sealood has Lo o1er
|n Lhe /.ores. |dea| lor Lhose who ||ke Lo snack |aLe |nLo Lhe
/ddress. 2 |ua do Terre|ro 4ISao |oque9b007II |0NT/ |||0/|/
|hone. 3bI 296 384 8II
D GaIo Mia ResIauranI
w|Lh a warm, lr|end|y serv|ce and experL|se you can lnd |n
Lh|s resLauranL some ol Lhe mosL Lrad|L|ona| /.orean
d|shes. The resLauranL como|nes modern and rusL|c
decoraL|ons. The |arge w|ndows over|ook|ng Lhe gardens
are a p|us.
/ddress. /ven|da |u|genc|o |erre|ra Narques I3
||oe|r|nha||oe|r|nha96003I2 ||B||||N|/ - Sao N|gue| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 479 420
D escador ResIauranI
w|Lh a lr|end|y aLmosphere, an exce||enL and perlecL
serv|ce, |escador |s an exc|us|ve resLauranL. |ocaLed |n
Lhe Lown cenLer ol |ra|a da V|Lor|a, |L spec|a||.es |n
sealood and lsh, w|Lh a seaL|ng capac|Ly lor I00 paLrons.
/ddress. |ua ConsLanL|no Jose Cardoso, II976044I |ra|a da V|Lor|a. -
Terce|ra |s|and
|hone. 3bI 29b bI3 49b
DuinIa Do MarIeIo ResIauranI
|n u|nLa do NarLe|o, you can LasLe Lhe oesL ol Lhe |s|ands
Lrad|L|ona| cu|s|ne. Th|s resLauranL rece|ved Lhe lrsL pr|.e
|n Lhe 0asLronomy - NaL|ona| |er|Lage conLesL, among
oLher awards. |ere you can ooserve and LasLe Lhe
evo|uL|on ol Lhe /.orean gasLronomy and cu|Lure
LhroughouL Lhe cenLur|es. /|| producLs produced |n u|nLa
do NarLe|o are used |n Lhe d|shes leaLured |n Lhe
/ddress. Canada do NarLe|o, 24 - Sao NaLeus 9700b76 /ngra do
|ero|smo - Terce|ra |s|and
|hone. 3bI 29b 642 842
A LoImeia ResIauranI
|nLegraLed |nLo a charm|ng hoLe| |n Lhe hearL ol |onLa
|e|gada, Lh|s resLauranL seeks Lo engage |n |nnovaL|on and
Lhe updaL|ng ol Lhe /.orean cu|s|ne, oased on Lhe qua||Ly
ol |oca| producLs and ways ol mak|ng canon|ca| and
|nLroduc|ng new perspecL|ves |n Lhe lna| presenLaL|on ol
Lhe d|shes, so or|g|na| and carelu|, w|Lh a modern and
m|n|ma||sL decor.
/ddress. Travessa do Co|eg|o s/n|onLa |e|gada9b00046 |0NT/
|||0/|/ - Sao N|gue| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 306 6I0
veIense ResIauranI
|r|end|y space |ocaLed nexL Lo Lhe porL ol Ve|as. The menu
lavors lsh and she||lsh.
/ddress. |ua Conse|he|ro |ouLor Jose |ere|raVe|as9800b30 V||/S -
S. Jorge |s|and
|hone. 3bI 29b 4I2 I60
DuinIa Das GroIas ResIauranI
The resLauranL u|nLa das 0roLas |s s|LuaLed |n a coLLage,
wh|ch preserves |n |Ls |nLer|or a co.y env|ronmenL, gaLhers
a|| Lhe necessary comlorL lor Lhe cusLomer Lo en,oy a
un|que d|n|ng exper|ence.
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
/ddress. Cam|nho Nanue| 0aspar, 28, 0uada|upe, 9880 SanLa Cru. da
0rac|osa - 0rac|osa |s|and
|hone. 3bI 9I9 987 97I
Ancoradouro ResIauranI
|esLauranL w|Lh panoram|c v|ews over Lhe |s|and ol |a|a|,
and |n Lhe summer has an aLLracL|ve Lerrace. Skewers ol
oeel and prawns, ocLopus and r|ce w|Lh sealood are a lew
ol Lhe spec|a|L|es recommended.
/ddress. |ua Joao de ||ma wh|LLon/re|a |arga99b0302 N/|/||N/ -
||co |s|and
|hone. 3bI 292 623 490
r Do 5oI ResIauranI
|ocaLed |n Lhe parad|s|aca| ||ores |s|and, on a c||1, Lh|s
resLauranL made ol rusL|c sLone, o1ers one lanLasL|c
sunseL. The space |s co.y and serves Lyp|ca| d|shes ol Lhe
|s|and such as sausage, o|ack pudd|ng, yams, sweeL
poLaLo, among oLhers.
/ddress. |a,a.|nha9960II0 |/J/Z|N|/ - ||ores |s|and
|hone. 3bI 292 bb2 07b
A 1raineira ResIauranI
|L |s one ol Lhe lew resLauranLs on Lhe |s|and ol Corvo and
Lhe one w|Lh regu|ar operaL|on. The menu var|es w|Lh whaL
|s ava||ao|e Lhere. lsh and sealood.
/ddress. |ua NaLr|.Corvo9980020 C0|V0 |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 9I2 b00
LanIo Da Doca ResIauranI
w|Lh a |nLer|or LhaL evokes Lo Lhe |nLer|or ol a sh|p, Lhe
spec|a| leaLure ol Lh|s resLauranL |s LhaL a|| d|shes are
cooked |n a sLone. ThaL |s, Lhe cusLomer |s an |nLegra| and
acL|ve parL |n Lhe manulacLure ol Lhe d|sh, e|Lher meaL or
lsh, wh|ch are accompan|ed oy spec|a| sauces and cr|sp
/ddress. |ua Nova, 9900023 |orLa - |a|a| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 292 292 444
The /.ores have a r|ch and acL|ve n|ghL||le LhaL can
someL|mes sLay acL|ve we|| |nLo Lhe n|ghL and ear|y
Dinu's Bar
w|Lh a p|easanL env|ronmenL and greaL persona| serv|ce,
||nus oar |s a relerence ol Lhe n|ghL||le scene |n Lhe c|Ly ol
|onLa |e|gada.
/ddress. |ua S. 0on,a|o nI299b00 |onLa |e|gada - Sao N|gue| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 9I8 626 020 / 3bI 9I8 b29 9b8
Nore |nlo. |oLe| V|p |xecuL|ve /.ores, ||nus Bar
LoIegio 27
|ocaLed |n a h|sLor|c ou||d|ng |n downLown |onLa |e|gada
(where once ran a sLa|| and a sa|L lacLory) |s Loday one ol
Lhe mosL cosmopo||Lan oars ol |onLa |e|gada. The decor
como|nes |oca| Lrad|L|on w|Lh modern des|gn concepLs and
cu|s|ne has |nluences Scand|nav|an, |rench and modern
lus|on cu|s|ne. Bes|des oe|ng a resLauranL |s a|so a oar
where you can s|p a cockLa|| aL Lhe sound ol ,a...
SomeL|mes Lhey have ||ve mus|c.
/ddress. |ua Carva|ho /rau,o 27|onLa |e|gada9b00046 |0NT/
|||0/|/ - Sao N|gue| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 288 930
|esLauranL/ oar |ocaLed |n Lhe commerc|a| 0a||er|es ol
|orLas do Nar, w|Lh a decor LhaL reca||s Lhe |nLer|or ol a
deck. The area |s en,oyao|e and axed Lo Lhe lavors ol
/.orean reg|ona| cu|s|ne.
/ddress. /ven|da |nlanLe |. |enr|que 0a|er|as Comerc|a|s |orLas do
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
Nar|onLa |e|gada9b00 |0NT/ |||0/|/ - Sao N|gue| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 296 098 b46
w|Lh a pr|me |ocaL|on nexL Lo Lhe mar|na ol |orLa and
over|ook|ng Lhe oay, Lhe X| |s one ol Lhe oars lash|on |n
|a|a| |s|and perhaps Lhe ma|n one. |Ls co.y, w|Lh a
co|orlu| uroan env|ronmenL. Bes|des Lhe ma|n room sL|||
has a courLyard and a good dr|nks menu, w|Lh and w|LhouL
a|coho|. The mus|c se|ecL|on lavors ,a.., wheLher
conLemporary or lus|on nu,a...
/ddress. |ua da |ade|ra, I4|orLa9900029 |0|T/ - |a|a| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 292 392 697
eIer Lafe 5porI
|ounded |n I9I8, one ol Lhe mosL emo|emaL|c p|aces |n
Lhe /.ores |s more olLen lrequenLed oy Lour|sLs and
ooaLers. The |eLers 0|n Lon|c has |nLernaL|ona| lame and,
aL your Lao|e, you can a|ways hear sLor|es aoouL wha||ng.
/ddress. |ua Jose /.evedo |eLer 9|orLa9900027 |0|T/ - |a|a| |s|and
|hone. 3bI 292 292 327
|n Lhe /.ores you can lnd a var|eLy ol souven|rs, such as.
Ceram|c |Lems |nc|ud|ng handpa|nLed c|ay d|shes, vases,
LeapoLs, and mugs, ava||ao|e aL /.ores SLore |ocaLed aL
0a|er|as |orLas do Nar |n |onLa |e|gada - Sao N|gue|
|s|and, among oLher shops and |s|ands. 0Lher souven|rs
ava||ao|e |n every g|lL shop |n Lhe /.ores are. |moro|dery
and |ace |andwoven |Lems |nc|ud|ng o|ankeLs, sweaLers,
and oedspreads w|ckerwork |nc|ud|ng oaskeLs and
You can ouy p|neapp|es aL Lhe a|rporLs |n a|| |s|ands, aL Lhe
supermarkeL or |l v|s|L|ng Lhe greenhouses, |n S. N|gue|
|s|and. |ere you can v|s|L Lhe greenhouses aL see Lhe
var|ous sLages ol Lhe p|neapp|es and a|so ouy a var|ous
range ol producLs re|aLed w|Lh p|neapp|es.
|n Lhe /.ores, we a|so produce Lea |s a|so grown |n Lhe
/.ores. You can ouy |L aL every supermarkeL or |l you wanL
a one ol a k|nd exper|ence, we recommend LhaL you v|s|L
Lhe 0orreana |acLory s|LuaLed aL |ua 0orreana de C|ma -
Na|a - Sao N|gue| |s|and. |ere you can do a Lour |n Lhe
lacLory and LasLe Lhe d|1erenL k|nds ol Leas. The oesL
shopp|ng p|ace |n Lhe /.ores, |l you wanL Lo lnd a|mosL a||
ol Lhe souven|rs menL|oned aoove, |s Lhe modern |arque
/L|anL|co ma|| |n |onLa |e|gada, |n Sao N|gue| |s|and.
There are I04 sLores, and a g|anL supermarkeL wh|ch se||s
Lrad|L|ona| ,ams and /.orean honey./.orean w|ne |s very
0ne ol Lhe p|aces where you can v|s|L and Lry some w|nes
|s aL /dega / Buraca, s|LuaLed |n |sLrada |eg|ona|, 3b
SanLo /nLon|o - ||co |s|and.
You can lnd accommodaL|on LhaL su|Ls you |n a|mosL a|| ol
Lhe |s|ands. up Lo 4 sLar hoLe|s, lam||y hoLe|s, guesL
houses, counLry house hoLe|s, rura| accommodaL|on,
her|Lage accommodaL|on or ho||day v|||ages. C|ose Lo Lhe
sea, c|ose Lo NaLure, whaLever your cho|ce |s, |n a|| cases
you w||| lnd comlorL, qua||Ly and relned serv|ce.
Angra Garden HoIeI
|Ls pr|v||eged |ocaL|on |n Lhe Lowns ma|n square a||ows
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
/ngra 0arden |oLe| guesLs Lhe poss|o|||Ly Lo en,oy Lhe
h|gh||ghLs ol /ngra do |ero|smo, a UN|SC0 wor|d
|er|Lage S|Le. The /ngra 0arden |oLe| |s lramed oy Lhe
oeauL|lu| Nun|c|pa| 0ardens and prov|des Lhe perlecL oase
Lo exp|ore Lh|s h|sLor|ca| Lown and |Ls many aLLracL|ons
and ou||d|ngs.
0r|g|na||y Lhe lrsL hoLe| on Lhe |s|and ol Terce|ra, |n 2006
Lhe /ngra 0arden |oLe| was resLored Lo |Ls or|g|na| g|ory.
Th|s characLer|sL|c hoLe| o1ers guesLs c|ean and
comlorLao|e accommodaL|on |n a pr|me |ocaL|on. The |oLe|
has I20 rooms.
/ddress. |ra,a Ve|ha 970020I, /ngra do |ero|smo
|hone. 3bI 29b 206 600
|nLerneL. www.||Le.|nvesLacor//ngra0arden|oLe|//ngr
Nore |nlo. |s|and Terce|ra
HoIeI Do LaracoI
|oLe| do Caraco| |s |ocaLed |n /ngra do |ero|smo, |n a
pr|v||eged pos|L|on oversee|ng Lhe S||ve|ra oaLh|ng area,
lramed oy Lhe NonLe Bras|| CraLer, wh|ch oversees Lhe
enL|re oay. The |oLe| o1ers a oreaLhLak|ng v|ew, |n wh|ch
Lhe Lones ol o|ue and green harmon|ous|y o|end w|Lh Lhe
surround|ng sea and vegeLaL|on. |oLe| do Caraco| |s aL a
I0m|nuLe wa|k|ng d|sLance lrom /ngra do |ero|smo,
wh|ch Lown cenLer |s c|ass|led as wor|d |er|Lage. |oLe| do
Caraco| o1ers |Ls guesLs, on vacaL|on or ous|ness, an
unlorgeLLao|e exper|ence'
I00 guesL rooms, |nc|ud|ng I7 dup|ex su|Les and 2 rooms
lor hand|capped peop|e. /|| Lhe rooms are equ|pped w|Lh
sale, m|n| oar, TV, Le|ephone, |nLerneL, a|r cond|L|on|ng,
smoke deLecLor, lre a|arm and oaLhrooms LoLa||y
equ|pped. /|so ava||ao|e. resLauranL, oar, we||ness cenLer
and d|v|ng cenLer serv|ces.
|hone. 3bI 29b 402 600
|nLerneL. www.hoLe|docaraco|.com
Nore |nlo. |s|and Terce|ra
AIdeia Da FonIe
|y|ng aL Lhe looL ol ||co NounLa|n, Lh|s 4 sLar
aparLmenLhoLe| g|ves pr|or|Ly Lo persona||sed serv|ce and
|coLour|sm, NaLure Tour|sm and we||oe|ng. /s we|| as a
oeauL|lu|| Lrad|L|ona| ou||d|ng and gardens, |L has a
resLauranL w|Lh |nLernaL|ona| and reg|ona| cu|s|ne (week|y
Ch|nese ou1eL).
/cL|v|L|es. d|v|ng and sw|mm|ng |n Lhe sea gu|ded Lours ol
geo|og|ca|, ooLan|ca|, h|sLor|ca| and cu|Lura| |nLeresL wha|e
waLch|ng c||mo|ng ||co NounLa|n Lr|ps |n wha|eooaLs or
yachLs wa|k|ng and cyc||ng Lours ||ne lsh|ng yoga and
The hoLe| has 32 aparLmenLs. su|Les (Lw|n oedroom, ||v|ng
room and k|LcheneLLe), sLud|os (Lw|n oedroom and
k|LcheneLLe) and Lw|n oedrooms.
/ddress. Cam|nho da |onLe - S||ve|ra, 9930I77 |a,es do ||co
|hone. 3bI 292 679 b00
|nLerneL. www.a|de|
Nore |nlo. |s|and ||co
Baia Da Barca
Tour|sm aparLmenLs LhaL promoLe NaLure Lour|sm,
env|ronmenLa||y lr|end|y, and a hea|Lhy conLacL w|Lh Lhe
sea. 01er|ng panoram|c v|ews ol Lhe /L|anL|c, Lhese
aparLmenLs are nesL|ed |n a qu|eL oay and prov|de guesLs
w|Lh a greaL oase dur|ng Lhe|r sLay on Lhe |s|and ol ||co.
Bed and oreaklasL w|Lh lree w|re|ess |nLerneL access |n
rooms, sea waLer poo| and S|/. / sLr|k|ng arch|LecLure and
a comlorLao|e aLmosphere awa|L guesLs aL Ba|a da Barca.
wake up Lo Lhe v|ew ol |onLa do ||co, |orLuga|s h|ghesL
mounLa|n. |l you geL up ear|y enough you can waLch Lhe
sunr|se lrom your own oa|cony or Lerrace.
/ddress. |ugar da Barca, 99b0303 Nada|ena do ||co
|hone. 3bI 292 628 7b0
|nLerneL. www.oa|
Nore |nlo. |s|and ||co
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
FaiaI ResorI HoIeI
The |a|a| |esorL |oLe| can oe po|nLed ouL as one ol Lhe
mosL wonderlu| properL|es on Lhe |s|and ol |a|a| and |s
surrounded oy an exLens|ve green area wh|ch separaLes
Lh|s magn|lcenL resorL lrom Lhe Lown ol |orLa. |rom Lhe
ma,or|Ly ol Lhe rooms guesLs may en,oy a un|que v|ew
over Lhe ||co |s|and and sea/Nar|na.
|Ls |asL reluro|shmenL Look p|ace |n 200I and |L |s
consLanL|y updaLed and en,oy|ng modern lac|||L|es. The
|aya| |esorL |oLe| |s uncond|L|ona||y Lhe oesL cho|ce |n
Lerms ol accommodaL|on |n Lh|s |s|and. The |oLe| has I3I
/ddress. |ua Consu| |aoney, 99008b6 |orLa
|hone. 3bI 292 207 400
|nLerneL. www.||Le.|nvesLacor/|a|a||esorL|oLe|/|a|a||e
Nore |nlo. |s|and |a|a|
HoIeI Do LanaI
|n Lhe |s|and ol |a|a|, |oLe| |o Cana| |s |ocaLed on Lhe
ocean lronL ol |orLa, w|Lh a oreaLhLak|ng v|ew over Lhe
Lown oay and ||co NounLa|n. |n Lh|s oouL|que hoLe|, Lhe
h|sLory ol |a|a| |s|and characLer|.es Lhe |nLer|or des|gn w|Lh
|s nauL|ca| moL|ls ol sa|| ooaLs, hydrop|anes and Lhe
codlsh her|Lage. |oLe| do Cana| |s your porL ol ca|| |n Lhe
/L|anL|c, your home away lrom home, where you can re|ax
and en,oy yourse|l w|Lh Lhe supporL ol a lr|end|y
proless|ona| Leam, wheLher you are Lrave|||ng on ous|ness
or on vacaL|on.
|esLauranL, oar, lLness cenLre, sauna, ,acu..|, Turk|sh oaLh
and conlerence room, TV |ounge and pr|vaLe park|ng.
/ddress. |argo |r. Nanue| de /rr|aga, 9900026 |orLa |a|a|
|hone. 3bI 292 202 I20
|nLerneL. www.oensaude.pL/pag|nas/hoLe|s/hoLe|deLa|he.aspx7|d||ngua-2
Nore |nlo. |s|and |a|a|
HoIeI Marina AIInIico
/cross Lhe mar|na and Lhe Cru|se Term|na|, |n Lhe cenLre
ol |onLa |e|gada |n Lhe |s|and ol Sao N|gue|, |oLe| Nar|na
/L|nL|co o1ers a supero v|ew ol Lhe ocean |n Lhe hor|.on
co|oured oy ooaL masLs and lags. |oLe| Nar|na /L|nL|co
emood|es a sh|p, w|Lh h|gh masLs, resL|ng on Lhe shore. /s
Lhe oesL hoLe| |n Lown, |Ls decor |s |um|nous and modern,
|nsp|red oy nauL|ca| moL|ls and |nv|L|ng you Lo have a
serene and un|que exper|ence. You can |e|sure|y oenelL
lrom a lrsL c|ass |ea|Lh C|uo.
I84 guesL rooms w|Lh a|r cond|L|on|ng, Le|ephone, cao|e
TV, rad|o, saleLy oox, m|n|oar and ha|rdryer resLauranL,
oar, |ea|Lh C|uo w|Lh lLness cenLre, sauna, Turk|sh oaLh,
Jacu..|, massage and ha|rdresser, oeauLy sa|on,
conlerence rooms, w||| and pr|vaLe park|ng.
/ddress. /ven|da Joao Bosco NoLa /mara| n. I, 9b00767 |onLa
|e|gada - S. N|gue| - /,ores
|hone. 3bI 296 307 900
|nLerneL. www.oensaude.pL/pag|nas/hoLe|s/hoLe|deLa|he.aspx7|d||ngua-2
Nore |nlo. Sao N|gue| |s|and
HoIeI Bahia aIace
The |oLe| Bah|a |a|ace |s a 4 sLar hoLe| LhaL was oorn
oeLween Lhe green ol Lhe naLure and Lhe o|ue ol sea. ThaL
|s Lhe harmony we wanL Lo preserve' The hoLe| has I0I
rooms (9b Jun|or Su|Les, b Sen|or Su|Les and I|res|denL|a|
Su|Le). |ooms w|Lh oa|con|es and panoram|c v|ew over Lhe
sea and Lhe mounLa|ns. The decor emphas|.es Lhe charm
and h|gh comlorL. we o1er Lranqu||||Ly and peace LhaL our
cusLomers deserve, oranded w|Lh d|sL|ncL|on and Lhe
exce||enL qua||Ly ol our serv|ces.
|ooms equ|pped w|Lh a|r cond|L|on|ng, m|n| oar, saleLy oox,
cao|e TV, ha|r dryer, Le|ephone and oaLhroom. |esLauranLs
|.|enr|que, Jard|m and Lhe /mer|can oar where you
can have your mea| or dr|nk. 0uLdoor poo| and d|recL
access Lo /gua |/|Lo oeach. Sauna,gym, and pr|vaLe
/ddress. /gua d/|Lo 968036b V||a |ranca do Campo
|hone. 3bI 296 b39 I30
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
|nLerneL. www.hoLe|oah|apa|
Nore |nlo. Sao N|gue| |s|and
HoIeI raia Marina
Th|s hoLe| o1ers d|vers|Ly, lLL|ng your needs. Lw|n rooms -
sLud|os and aparLmenLs TI, a|| w|Lh oa|con|es. Su|Les w|Lh
a |arge panoram|c Lerrace. |ownLown, oy Lhe oeach and
mar|na, b0 meLers lrom Lhe ma|n square, b m|nuLes lrom
Lhe a|rporL and 8 m|nuLes lrom Lhe go|l course. BreaklasL
ou1eL, lree pr|vaLe park|ng |oL.
/|| aparLmenLs and su|Les equ|pped w|Lh k|LcheneLLe,
comp|eLe oaLh room, a|rcond|L|on|ng, cao|e TV, phone,
rad|o and h|ghspeed |nLerneL connecL|on a||ergy lree
/ddress. /v. Be|ra Nar, 97604I2 |ra|a da V|Lor|a
|hone. 3bI 29b b40 0bb
|nLerneL. www.hoLe|pra|amar|
Nore |nlo. Terce|ra |s|and
HoIeI ResidenciaI 1eresinha
The |oLe| Teres|nha |s 3 km lrom Terce|ras a|rporL, b00
meLres lrom Lhe oeach and mar|na, and 8 km lrom Lhe
0o|l course. |L has b0 rooms w|Lh ensu|Le oaLhrooms,
a|rcond|L|on|ng, mus|c, TV and d|recL d|a| Le|ephone.
You can en,oy Lhe gardens where you can re|ax and
sunoaLhe, |n an |nv|L|ng, peacelu| aLmosphere.
/ddress. |raceLa |r. Nachado ||res, 4b 9760449 |ra|a da V|Lor|a
|hone. 3bI 29b b40 060
|nLerneL. www.hoLe|Leres|nha.neL
Nore |nlo. Terce|ra |s|and
1erceira Mar HoIeI
w|Lh a oreaLhLak|ng ocean v|ew, Terce|ra Nar |oLe| |s a
lew sLeps away lrom Lhe h|sLor|ca| Lown cenLre ol /ngra
do |ero|smo, c|ass|led oy UN|SC0 as wor|d |er|Lage. /s
a resorL, Terce|ra Nar |oLe| |s a un|que parad|se. |ocaLed
on |ana| Bay, over|ook|ng a I6Lh cenLury lorLress and
surrounded oy a garden w|Lh a sa|L waLer |nln|Ly poo|. /||
rooms lace Lhe ocean and NounL Bra.||, and o1er an
excepL|ona| and warm aLmosphere.
|esLauranL, oar, lLness cenLer, ha|rdresser, games room,
conlerence room and ous|ness cenLre, 2 Lenn|s courLs,
pr|vaLe park|ng and lLness cenLer.
/ddress. |orLoes de Sao |edro n. I, 9700097 /ngra do |ero|smo -
|hone. 3bI 29b 402 280
|nLerneL. www.oensaude.pL/pag|nas/hoLe|s/hoLe|deLa|he.aspx7|d||ngua-2
Nore |nlo. Terce|ra |s|and
LaIoura HoIeI ResorI
Ca|oura |oLe| |esorL |s, |n lacL, a un|que cho|ce when
cons|der|ng a Lr|p Lo Lhe /.ores. Nodern lac|||L|es,
arch|LecLura||y lac|ng Lhe magn|lcenL naLura| seLL|ngs ol
Lhe souLh coasL ol S. N|gue|, Lh|s resorL |ocaLed |n Lhe
|s|ands oesL m|croc||maLe .one has oeen an
unquesL|onao|e lavour|Le w|Lh Lhose who Lru|y apprec|aLe
NaLure, |ove nauL|ca| sporLs, name|y scuoa d|v|ng and
genera||y speak|ng seek a peacelu| desL|naL|on.
Be our guesL, c||ck |n and oecome acqua|nLed w|Lh our
rooms (a|| lac|ng Lhe ocean), Lhe common areas, Lhe
resLauranL, Lhe oars, Lhe sw|mm|ng poo|, Lhe gymnas|um,
Lhe sauna, Lhe Lenn|s courL, Lhe d|v|ng cenLre and our
meeL|ng room lor pr|vaLe evenLs.
/ddress. Juo||eu, 9b60206 /gua |e |au
|hone. 3bI 296 960 900
Nore |nlo. Sao N|gue| |s|and
HoIeI Lames onIa DeIgada
The |oLe| Camoes |s a 4 sLar hoLe| |n |onLa |e|gada. The
|ocaL|on ol Lhe |oLe| |s an added va|ue, oe|ng |n Lhe
h|sLor|ca| cenLre ol |onLa |e|gada, nexL Lo Lhe ma|n
|nLeresL|ng spoLs ol Lh|s Lown. The decor sLy||ng ol Lhe
hoLe|, oased |n Lhe |orLuguese wor|d ||scover|es, w||| |ead
you Lo Lhe pasL ol Lhe |orLuguese h|sLory. |Ls 3b rooms
and I su|Le a||ow us Lo meeL a|mosL a|| demands, |n LoLa|
comlorL and w|Lh a lam|||ar and re|ax|ng aLmosphere.
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
Bes|des Lhe rooms, Lhe |&B Serv|ces ol our hoLe| are a
relerence, lor Lhey o1er our guesLs an unusua| numoer ol
opL|ons. / resLauranL, a snack oar and a oar, a|| w|Lh
aLLracL|ve and d|1erenL cho|ces lor your mea|s. we a|so
have areas ava||ao|e lor evenLs and ous|ness meeL|ngs and
/ddress. |argo de Camoes, 38, 9b00304 |onLa |e|gada
|hone. 3bI 296 209 b80
|nLerneL. www.hoLe|
Nore |nlo. Sao N|gue| |s|and
HoIeI Aores AIInIico
|oLe| /,ores /L|nL|co |s perlecL|y |ocaLed on Lhe ma|n
oceanlronL avenue ol |onLa |e|gada |n Sao N|gue| |s|and,
near Lhe h|sLor|ca| Lown cenLre. |n,oy Lhe v|ew lrom your
pr|vaLe oa|cony or Lake a wa|k across Lhe sLreeL Lo Lhe
|orLas do Nar (0aLeway Lo Lhe Sea) - a seaporL lor cru|se
sh|ps, equ|pped w|Lh a modern mar|na, shops and gardens
- Lhe |dea| spoL lor a re|ax|ng and |nlorma| amo|ance
ouLs|de |oLe| /,ores /L|nL|co. You can |e|sure|y sLro||
and oreaLhe |n Lhe ocean a|r.
|esLauranL, oar, w|||, Bus|ness CenLer, |ndoor heaLed
sw|mm|ng poo|, sauna.
/ddress. /ven|da |nlanLe |. |enr|que, II3, 9b00Ib0 |onLa |e|gada
|hone. 3bI 296 302 200
|nLerneL. www.oensaude.pL/pag|nas/hoLe|s/hoLe|deLa|he.aspx7|d||ngua-2
Nore |nlo. Sao N|gue| |s|and
HoIeI AparIamenIos GaivoIa
/dm|re Lhe panoram|c v|ew we o1er every day lrom our
oa|cony, and Lake a deep oreaLh lor Lhe new lnd|ngs |n Lhe
|aLesL expans|on .one ol Lhe c|Ly ol |onLa |e|gada, Lhe
new |orLas do Nar cru|se p|er. w|Lh |ong years ol Lour|sL
exper|ence, we masLer hosp|La||Ly, oe|ng recogn|.ed lor Lhe
sympaLhy ol our emp|oyees. |oLe| /parLmenLos 0a|voLa
has lour sLars and has a qua||Ly cerL|lcaLe |S0 900I.2008,
s|nce 2006 and we conL|nue on our |mprovemenL
process, |n order Lo prov|de our guesLs w|Lh a memorao|e
The rooms aL |oLe| /parLmenLs 0a|voLa have modern
lurn|Lure and lne wood loors. Cao|e TV, m|n|oar and a|r
cond|L|on|ng are prov|ded. 0uesLs can en,oy oreaklasL |n
Lhe comlorL ol Lhe|r room, read|ng newspapers or surlng
Lhe |nLerneL lor lree. 0uesLs can a|so make Lhe|r own
mea|s us|ng |ngred|enLs lrom Lhe nearoy commerc|a| area
and a|so useour Bar and |esLauranL. The |onLa |e|gada
puo||c poo|s and ocean poo|s are |ocaLed |ess Lhan b0
meLers away.
/ddress. /ven|da |nlanLe |om |enr|que n I03 9b00764 |onLa
|hone. 3bI 296302bI0
|nLerneL. www.hoLe|ga|
Nore |nlo. Sao N|gue| |s|and
HoIeI Avenida
|erlecL|y |ocaLed |n Lhe hearL ol |onLa |e|gada |n Sao
N|gue|, |oLe| /ven|da has an uroan la|r pa|red w|Lh a
modern and |nv|L|ng |nLer|or des|gn. wheLher on vacaL|ons
or on a ous|ness Lr|p. |oLe| /ven|da |s known lor |Ls
hosp|La||Ly, lrsL c|ass serv|ce and proless|ona||sm ol a
Leam, who caLers Lo your we|| oe|ng. Comp|eLe your
even|ng aL NercaLor Bar, where Lhe amo|ance |s re|axed
and en,oyao|e and you can LasLe a var|eLy ol dr|nks and
snack on ||ghL mea|s.
|esLauranL, oar, conlerence room, ous|ness cenLre, games
room, ha|rdresser, pr|vaLe garage and read|ng |ounge.
/ddress. |ua |r. Jose Bruno Tavares Carre|ro, 9b00II9 |onLa |e|gada
|hone. 3bI 296 209 660
|nLerneL. www.oensaude.pL/pag|nas/hoLe|s/hoLe|deLa|he.aspx7|d||ngua-2
Nore |nlo. Sao N|gue| |s|and
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
There are Lhe Lhree |nLernaL|ona| a|rporLs |ocaLed |n Lhe
Sao N|gue| (Lhe |argesL |s|and |n Lhe /.ores) Lhe
|nLernaL|ona| a|rporL |s |ocaLed 2 km (2 m||es) lrom |onLa
|a|a| Lhe |nLernaL|ona| a|rporL |s |ocaLed I0 km (6 m||es)
lrom |orLa.
Terce|ra Lhe |nLernaL|ona| a|rporL |s |ocaLed |n |a,es and |s
22 km (I4 m||es) lrom /ngra do |ero|smo and b km (3
m||es) lrom |ra|a da V|Lor|a.
To Lrave| oeLween |s|ands, you can Lake a domesL|c l|ghL
w|Lh oy S/T/ a|r||nes (www.saLa.pL ), or you can Lrave| oy
lerry (/L|anL|co||ne, www.aL|anL|co||ne.pL ) LhaL goes around
a|| |s|ands (lrom June Lo SepLemoer). Transma,or
(www.Lransmacor.pL) a|so operaLes oy ooaL oeLween
Terce|ra, |a|a|, ||co, Sao Jorge |s|ands.
|n a|| a|rporLs Lhe more conven|enL way ol LransporLaL|on |s
oy Tax| or renLa| car.
ubIic 1ransporI
/|| |s|ands excepL Corvo have ous and Lax| LransporLaL|on.
|enLa| car serv|ces are ava||ao|e on Lhe e|ghL ma|n |s|ands.
Tax| and s|ghLsee|ng serv|ces are ava||ao|e on Lhe |s|and
ol Corvo.
The Lwo renLacars LhaL operaLe |n a|| /.ores |s|ands are.
/uLaL|anL|s. www.auLaL|anL||ng/|ndex.php
||ha Verde. www.|||ng||sh/delau|L.hLm|
Tax|s are re|aL|ve|y |nexpens|ve, and Lr|ps are usua||y
meLered, a|Lhough Lhere are lxed charges lor cerLa|n Lr|ps.
1ourisI lnformaIion
|e|ega,ao de Tur|smo de Sao N|gue| |s|and
/v. |nlanLe |. |enr|que, 9b00 |onLa |e|gada
Te|. 3bI 296 28b 743 3bI 296 308 62b
|ax. 3bI 296 282 2II
|ma||. |nlo.Lur|
|e|ega,ao de Tur|smo da Terce|ra |s|and
|ua ||re|La, 70/74, 9700066 /ngra do |ero|smo
Te|. 3bI 29b 2I3 393
|ax. 3bI 29b 2I2 922
Tour|sL 0ce |n |urnas (S. N|gue| |s|and)
|. |r. |reder|co Non|. |ere|ra, 967b0bb
Te|. 3bI 296 b84 b2b
|ax. 3bI 296 b84 b07
|onLa |e|gada /|rporL (S. N|gue| |s|and)
/eroporLo Joao |au|o ||, 9b00749 |onLa |e|gada
Te|. 3bI 296 284 b69
|a,es /|rporL Terce|ra |s|and
/erogare C|v|| da |a,es, 97602bI |a,es
Te|. 3bI 29b bI3 I40
|ax. 3bI 29b b43 0Ib
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14
Tour|sL oce |n |a|a| |s|and
|ua Vasco da 0ama, 9900II7 |orLa
Te|. 3bI 292 292 237
|ax. 3bI 292 292 006
Tour|sL 0ce ol SanLa Nar|a |s|and
/eroporLo, /parLado b60, 9b80 V||a do |orLo
Te|.3bI 296 886 3bb
|ax. 3bI 296 886 3bb
Tour|sm 0ce ol ||co |s|and
0are Nar|L|ma da Nada|ena, 99b0 Nada|ena
Te|. 3bI 292 623 b24
|ax. 3bI 292 623 b24
|ma||. pL.p|
Tour|sm 0ce ol 0rac|osa |s|and
|ua CasL||ho 7, 98803bb, SLa. Cru. da 0rac|osa
Te|.3bI 29b 7I2 b09
|ax.3bI 29b 732 446
Tour|sm 0ce ol S. Jorge |s|and
|ua Conse|he|ro |r. Jose |ere|ra 9800b30 Ve|as S.
Te|. 3bI 29b 4I2 440
|ax. 3bI 29b 4I2 440
|ma||. pL.s,
Tour|sm 0ce ol ||ores |s|and
|ua |r. /rmas da S||ve|ra, SanLa Cru., 997033I SLa. Cru.
das ||ores.
Te|. 3bI 292 b92 369
|ax. 3bI 292 b92 369
|rescr|pL|on and nonprescr|pL|on med|c|nes are ava||ao|e
lrom pharmac|es (|armc|as). |harmac|es are open lrom
Nonday Lo |r|day (9 am unL|| 7 pm, |n mosL cases). There
|s a|so, a |aLe duLy rouLe, posLed |n pharmacy w|ndows.
CounLry code. 3bI
/rea code. Sao N|gue| and SanLa Nar|a |s|and - 296.
||co, |a|a|, ||ores, Corvo |s|ands - 292.
Terce|ra, 0rac|osa, Sao Jorge |s|ands - 29b.
220 vo|Ls /C, Lwopronged roundp|n p|ugs.
DesIlnaIlon: The Azores
Pub|lshlng daIe: 2012-12-14